3way squirting

I had a neighbor who lived right across the street from me she had a man who got locked up all the time so on one of his stints to the prison I asked her if she smoked trees and she said yes she did so I made plans to see her later.I went to her spot as planned and we smoked an started foolin around well I made he squirt like a broken water main!!!the tongue and dick had her bustin off like crazy ...fast foward a few week later my neighbor arranged a 3sum with her an another woman I knew from the hood her baby daddy locked up but for a long time any ways we burned some bob marley to set the mood and these 2 women began to suck on the head of my dick on both sides !!!!! Oooo man that was the shit !!!!the neighbor was light skinned cap verdian her friend was darker and there was my chocolate stick be tween these womans mouths !!when they would meet at the tip they d kiss deeply...sorry was driftin off that memory !!lol well need less to say with in 5 mins I had the neighbor squirting all over her girls face while I was pumping her from behind!!and the friend was on her back underneath my neighbor licking her pussy an my shaft and nuts...well me and the friend ended up hookin up a fews days later and on the strength of my pleasuring her so well she invited another friend that I bagged years ago:) well I had the new friend in a 69 me on top with my left hand 4 fingers deep to the top knuckles pumping in an out at a furious pace she. Was leakin spittin an squirting gallons it seemed!!while I had the other friend on her knees squatting on her feet and me playing with her pussy and her squirting at the same time this went on for like 10 15 mins the first friend I drained her and she collapsed in a heap at the foot of the bed !!:)one down one to go!!the new friend her stream was endless or it seemed I finally drained her as well she was tired I could ve went on but both women. Were knocked out!! Wen they awoke I fucked the both ate them some more they sucked me then I finally got to bust my nut all over their faces !!! It was a mother load !!befor the new friend had to go home to her man and I left I had to flip the matress over !!!it was soaked badlythe stain was like 6 feet diam!!any was ill tell you of another sexcapade I induldged in!!
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very nice