The room was dark, but not pitch-black, due to the light from the seven large candles on the bed table, and the almost full moon shining throught the western facing thin lace-curtained windows. The room was tastefully furnished; the bed, a four poster with curtains; thick shag carpets colored a rich mix of green and blue; red oak vanity table and chair; closets faintly showly marvels of fabric designs.
All this... and she still wanted just one more thing, to make the room complete.
The man who knew how to rub her, like no other.
She laid on the bed, and closed her eyes....

Hearing the sound of the bedroom door opening, she opened her eyes slightly, with her face cradled in her soft pillows. She felt the sheet covering her slowly pulled from off her nude frame, felt hands start at her ankles; soft gentle touches that moved the muscles just the right way. She sighed, and shifted her hands downwards to her waist.
The hands continued up her calves, following the curves and hollows of her frame, like water finding its own streambed. She moaned silently, and spread her thighs apart as those soft hands, those skilled hands moved in circles around her knees; moved up farther like confident snails to rub the back of her thighs, then move up and around the firm flesh, touching curled hairs, stroking hipline and perfect ass.
She shifted on the bed, her left hand now moving onto her breasts, pinching her nipples poking out of the webwork of her bra, as the hands below moved closer to the outskirts of her heavenly gates, lifting her hips up off the satin sheets.
She reached downward underneath her body, spreading her thighs farther apart, and she spread her pussy lips apart to show the wetness hidden inside; a right hand carressed her sweet spot, rubbed the folds of her cunt, moved in tandem with her thoughts, urging her to release the pent-up tightening tensions. She felt warm breath on her ass; skilled tongue sweeping like humming bird wings over her clit.
She felt a soft finger touch her ass, then her hot, sweet pussy folds are licked and sucked; she moves her hands faster now, as she searches and finds a hardness; enfolding it with her soft fingers.
Her lover's cock...hard...smooth...perfect.
She slowly, smoothly turns over, and reaches upwards to hug the form hovering over her hips; she licks her lips and pulls him forward softly, gliding upwards; guiding this warm, loved cock deep into her cunt; she feels the thick head kissing the inside folds. She pulls dowhwards, and moves the head over her clit, then back inside; moves up and back as her hands shift to her tits; the other hands enfold her hips, and a ocean forms in the bed, like man and mermaid, they sweep away all cares; lovemaking perfected into art, she moves faster against the hips driving heaven into her cunt.... her hot, wet cunt wildly sucking tighter; wonderful cock sliding deeper and deeper inside her; her pussy opening and softly swallowing it farther inside her; the curtains shift, light changes as a cloud covers the window... his hands cover her tits, as she gasps out her man's name; cumming like a racehorse winning a million dollar jackpot, she moves fast and hard to the finish line, her jockey hanging onto her mane; voice urging her onwards; her screaming softly...explosion...bells falling....

... she lifted her head from the pillow, and heard the garbage truck outside the window start forwards. She looked at the clock, and sighed, ".. still an hour before he gets home.."
She shook herself... and curled back into her dreams....
... dreams she knew would be true ones.

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