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I'm an average guy who used to be very muscular but now middle age is catching up with me.Still fairly fit.
I've been flashing my cock to women since I was around 15 years old.I just love to flash my cock.I won't say my cock's big but It measures around 7 to 8 inches long,more long then fat so It's about average I guess.
Most women I've flashed either get all upset or they just enjoy the show.
I've flashed for over 20 plus years with hundreds of women. I love to flash my cock to women but now I'm looking for some women who would be open to some web cam flashing cause that's all I do any more.
I wish I would have videoed some of my more ballsy flashings but It wasn't heard of back then plus I don't own any video recording equipment and even If I did I doubt I'd record my adventures because It would distract from my flashing too much.Now I see all these guys on here that take way too many chances with their freedom.
I learned from my mistakes I made when I was younger.
I just don't risk my freedom like that any more.
Looking to hear from the ladies on my profile.I've been fairly honest hear so no games and no bullshit please.I just love to flash my cock to WOMEN!!
Warning to all who post on my profile:
Be an adult about your comments or I will delete and block you.I just had some guy mistake my profile for some other dudes that is not valid any more!
I'm not here to take shit from all these ciber bad asses that in real life couldn't back up there shit If they had to, If you post a comment then keep It friendly or else your just showing how immature you are.I'm state raised If you want to know where the attitude comes from and I CAN BACK UP MY MOUTH so all you other lames out there, quit talking out the side of your neck and fuck off! I shouldn't even have to post some thing like this but for some wise ass!
and If you don't know what state raised is then you definitely don't want to be talking shit to me!
Keep It nice or stay off my lawn!
One more thing: Ladies If you have a story about being flashed I'd love to hear about it so please write to me and tell me what happened and how It made you feel.
Thanks! Side note: If you don't like a comment I've made some where on this site to a picture,video or any thing else..TOO FUCKING BAD! No one's hear to pretend they walk on water.You don't like a comment I've made then fuck off and move on!Don't leave bullshit comments on my profile page. This is for all you Cyber wanna be bad asses!Fuck you punks,be happy we can't meet in person cause I'd teach you about CQC gladly.

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1 month ago
just saw your comment in a japanese bukkake video... love the way you think, also, great favorite galleries
3 months ago
Amazing and horny galleries. vids/photos/blogs. Terrific. Please send me an invite
4 months ago
hey can you add me please also i would like to talk about how to get in to this
5 months ago
Hay I would like to talk with you on some flashing topics. I'm not gay and I'm not about the bull shit. I'm a new flasher. I just found the fun in it and would love to pick your brain on some advise on the spot of it. Add me.
5 months ago
top vids mate can you please add me
7 months ago
Yep I been arrested twice second time she stood and watch me cum then reported me Grrr,
9 months ago
You 100% right, i'm done recording my flash videos.
9 months ago
Most places have cameras now a days,wish It was like the older days when there were no cell phones yet. It was easier to flash back then still there are places, you just have to hunt for them. Speaking of flashing outside in parkinglots, have you tried to flash from some of these shopping centers that have two buildings close together with maybe an outside atruim or what not with parking in the back so any one parking has to walk through this small alley like opening to get to the front of the stores, great place to flash from just don't hang around too long and always keep a look out for roving security, some on bikes.
10 months ago
Wow, Great advice in your profile. I too have been arrested 3 times for my past activities. I am so glad I got caught before the sex offender registry was created. Maybe because of all our flashing that they decided to curb the future flashers.
I would spend about 6 hrs a day scoping out the TJMaxx/Ross/Old Navy stores because they didn't have cameras in the parking lots back then. Target was good until they put up camera's like WalMart. I always looked for the consignment stores as well, full of young CoEd's looking for beer money.

Keep doing what you enjoy
10 months ago
would like to be friends
10 months ago
I like you favorites
11 months ago
Damn! I wish I lived near you. We'd be flashing each other all the time! :)
11 months ago
Nice vids add me
1 year ago
hi Onedickflasher, I am into public nudity and flashing although I also dont post vids on here either for the same reasons you dont. I would like to be friends and share vids and pics on here please.
1 year ago
It amuses me how many so called flashers on here block me after I've made a few commits about how in all their videos they really don't flash because no one but them ever sees their dick plus they don't like to hear how stupid they are for trapping themselves on any public trans.When I first joined this site I'd try to pass on advice on how to flash with out getting caught but quickly found that most men on here are very immature . tried to pick fights with me because I'm not videoing my flashings even after I've explained I'm not into providing evidence for the police. They can all learn the hard way for all I care.All II know is I've continued to flash in public for over 25 years with only four arrest, all of which was when I was a teenager so If no one wants to listen to sound advice on how not to get arrested then Fuck em.Go trap yourselves on public trans, end up in jail and be some one's bitch
1 year ago
Great profile
1 year ago
I love your favorites, especially the flashing ones! Nothing wrong with seeing a guy jerk off, as far as I'm concerned.
1 year ago
Love your favorites and some of your comments, we seem to share an interest in flashing and teens. Found some good stuf in your favs, thanks.
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment
1 year ago
love the vids....friends? want to pm
1 year ago
Thank you for your comment ;-)
1 year ago
I want you to flash me your dick
1 year ago
fuck me baby!
1 year ago
I tried to add you but I didn't get it.
Could you add me as your friend? I loved your videos.
By the way. Take a look at my videos and pics. If you like something there, feel free to make comments or rating, ok?
Greetings from Brazil.
1 year ago
Hi Thanks for the invite!
1 year ago
thanx for the invite takin me a while to get through your fav's.
1 year ago
thanx for the invite love your fav's
1 year ago
Nice your comments on my video, thanks Daremo!
Glad you liked it,greetings from Italy:)Luca..
1 year ago
Glad You Like My Profile

Kisssss Mag
1 year ago
Thank you for a hot comment!!!

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