Our first Bi MMF

Our first FFM
We had been chatting for a while on here and loved chatting about all of the things we would do should we ever meet. We organised to meet at a local bar nice and quiet so we could get to know each other even better ;b Angel was wearing a short thin pink sundress and she looked fantastic. we met said all of our hellos and then orderd some drinks and after the initial akwardness wore off things really started to get interesting ;b
After a few drinks i needed to use the restroom so i excused myself and left i took my time getting back so Angel had plenty of time alone with you. When i got back Angel had her foot in your lap rubbing your visibly hard cock through your pants "ill get the car then shall i?" i said with a smile not even waiting for an answer. By the time i pulled the car around the two of you hsd emerged from the bar and hurried into the back seat. No sooner had the doors shut before Angel was bent over busily freeing your cock from your pants. I was treading the thin line between getting us home quickly and getting us home safely wanting to both get home as fast as i could but having trouble keeping my eyes on the road with all of the noise in the back seat. Hearing you moan as she took you deep in her mouth, hearing her moan with a mouth full of your cock it was almost unbearable. As soon as we reached the house we went straight to the bedroom Angel going to the bathroom saying "ill be right back" We both stripped off our clothes you lay down on the bed and i put some porn on the big screen we have at the end of our bed, some gangbang, then join you on the bed as the movie gets going we both start to stroke our hard cocks watching the movie but each other aswell.
Just then Angel walks back in wearing red heels, stockings, corset and red satin gloves. With a big smile on her face she climbs between us an takes both of our cocks in her hands and starts to stroke. She leans over and takes your cock in her mouth you moan as she takes almost all of your big hard cock. Not wanting to miss out i move closer, Angel sees me and pulls my head closer to your cock. I take you into my mouth running my tougue all over the head as Angel licks and squeezes your balls. i take you all the way into my mouth feeling your cock at the back of my throat then out and spitting all over your cock as Angel rubs it up and down the whole length of your shaft. I move so that im stradling you and with my spit i lube my ass and slide your big hard cock straight into my tight little ass. we both let out a moan as my asscomes to reston your lap. Angel wasting no time taking my cock in her mouth, I was in haeven as i bounced up and down on your lapwanting to cum but not wanting it to be over i stopped and slid off your cock Angel taking my place. i stood up and moved my cock closerto Angels face taking it into her mouth and sucking my swollen head. I know this is a big turn on for her listening to her moan i believed it ;b My cock slipping from her mouth as she came.When she stopped shuddering she said "I want to suck both of you at the same time." we moved so that we were both on our backs our legs intertwined so that our cocks were right next to each other our balls resting against each others. She started to lick both of our cocks and rub them against each other spitting on them to make them all wet and sippery she tried to get them both in her mouth but they were just too big ;b
Angel climbed up and straddled us so that she was facing me and slid your hard cock into her tight little pussy and rubbing mine all over her clit "I want both of you inside me" she said then spat on my cock an kept riding and rubbing i sat up and slowly start to work a finger in along with you cock both of you start to moan so i keep going sliding another and another until i have three fingers inside feeling your cock sliding in and out "I want you both now" she cried sliding back and moving my cock to slide in aswell slowly bit by bit sliding down untill both of our cocks were inside of her. slowly she started rocking back and forth it felt amazing both her pussy and our cocks all sliding and rubing together. It didnt take long before Angel came louder and harder than i had ever seen before covering both of our cocks in her juice, she slid off and shook and moaned for about a minute after ;b I wasted no time and stradlled you and slidyour big hard cock deep into my ass. When Angel recovered she came over and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I felt your cock start to throb and i knew you were close I started to ride you harder and faster Angel doing the same As you came you grabbed my hips and pushed your cock deep inside. Feeling you shoot deep in my ass and your big cock throbbing and Angels expert sucking made me cum seconds later Angel swallowing every drop and looking up at me and smiling. We all collapse on the bed all covered in sweat and cum and pussy juice. After a minute or two Angel hops up and says with a devils grin "That was a great start ;b how about we start round two in the shower? .........
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1 year ago
Fantastic story, really rather hot!
1 year ago
very hot!!
1 year ago
I've read this a few times now and each read is as arousing as the last! ;)
1 year ago
mmmmmmm... this is soooooo HOT!!
1 year ago
The double vaginal part was awesome. I've done that with my wife and a previous boyfriend. The feeling is so intense, and if you can all come at the same time -- incredible!
1 year ago
Awesomely sexy
1 year ago
1 year ago
Your story got me rock hard
2 years ago
yum, what a juicy story
2 years ago
Beautiful story.
2 years ago
I love to see men fuck each other. When I watched my uncler sucking guy's cock while my aunt was licking my cunt. I was shocked also happy to see uncle take that 7" cock in his mouth. Then the uncle lay on bed to get fucked by man. I was a site that made me wet. I said to aunt lets watch them fuck/ mmmmmmmmmm