Ride Home

I was driving home from  where I was working as a maid for a chain of motels. It was about 11:00 pm cause I work the second shift and it was pouring down rain so there wasn't a lot of traffic out. I was about 2 miles up the street from the hotel when I felt the front of my car start to shake so I pulled off the road. Getting out in the rain, I could see that my driver side tire was flat. I got back in the car because I was getting soaked. As I sat there contemplating what I could do, a car slowed down as it went by me and then pulled in ahead of me. As I watched the driver get out, I realized it was Rick, the maintenance guy from where I work. He walked back to my car and as I rolled the window down, he said "Looks like you have a flat. Do you have a spare?" I knew I didn't so I answered " No, last time I had a flat, I just got that tire fixed." He smiled and responded " Well that isn't gonna happen this time of night. Pull over in that vacant lot and I'll give you a ride." I started the car up and as he guided me over the curb, I managed to get it of the road. By the time he finished helping me and we go into his car, we were both soaking wet. "Sorry about your interior Rick." I said. He just waved his hand and smiled saying " Hey, it'll dry. Just show me how to get to your house." 
         Rick was always such a sweetheart at work. He was a fairly large black man with a quick smile and a soft voice and because we were the only two on second shift, we spent many lunch breaks talking and after a year or so, we knew quite a bit about each other. When my husband, who was a full time musician, decided he didn't want to be faithful I had vented my hurt and frustration to Rick and when his wife abandoned him for a younger man, he told me about it with at least a few tears. So we had a little bit of a bond. Many nights when things were slow at work, we would sneak out on the loading dock behind the kitchen and share a joint. 
       When we got to my house, I said "Why don't you park and come in for a few minutes so I can at least get you a towel and maybe some hot coffee to take off the chill." He looked at me a little uncertain and said "Are you sure that's alright?" I smiled at him and replied " Look, Sam (my husband) won't be back for another three days. I'm the only one here. Just come on in." With that, we both hopped out of the car and sprinted for the front porch. I made it to the top of the steps and just as I turned around, he slipped in the mud and went down on his knees in the yard. He jumped back up quickly but when he got up on the porch, I could see that his work pants were a muddy mess. I unlocked the door and told him to go into the bathroom and get out of those wet clothes and I would get him something to put on. He said maybe he should just head home but I cut him off, saying "Look, I would still be sitting on the side of the road if it wasn't for you. Let me clean up those clothes. It won't take that long and what else do you have to do?" So I pointed down the hall and he headed to the bathroom. Going into the bedroom, I grabbed my husband's robe and standing outside the door, I hollered "Here you go." When he opened the door and reached around it, I could see his reflection in the mirror and I almost lost my breath as I spotted his thick, black cock swinging lazily. Turning my head quickly so he wouldn't know that I had seen his impressive member, I said rather shakily " I'm going to change myself. Just make yourself at home."
       Because of the situation with my husband, I hadn't had sex in months and the sight of Rick's cock had an immediate effect on me. I could feel my clit becoming erect and the outer lips of my pussy swelled with excitement as I became wet between them. I needed to fuck so badly that I felt like I would have to have that dick. I heard Rick come out of the bathroom and head for the living room and as I glanced out of my bedroom door I saw him take a seat on the couch. My bedroom door was in full view of the couch so I left it open and acted like I didn't know he could see me. Unbuttoning my wet top I dropped it to the floor. Looking in my dresser mirror, I could tell that I had his attention. He was staring at me sheepishly. Still pretending that I didn't know that I had an audience, I unhooked my bra and dropped it to the floor, moving my hands up to my chest and massaging my tits. My nipples were rock hard as I moved my hands to the waist band of my uniform pants. Pushing them down to the floor, I stepped out of them and bent over to pick them up, giving him full view of my ass. My panties were almost as wet as my pants so I slipped them down and stepped out of them as well. Moving my feet outward, I spread my legs and bent down to pick up the panties, giving him a nice glimpse of my pussy from behind. Straightening back up, I grabbed my robe and wrapped it around me, tying it loosely at the waist. 
      When I walked out into the living room, Rick was searching around for the TV remote, trying to act like that had been his focus for a while but I could see the outline of his erection at the front of his robe. Sitting down beside him, I pulled a little box out from under the coffee table and said "Here. There's papers and a little sack in this. Roll us up a taste while I get your clothes cleaned up." I got back up and headed to the bathroom where I gathered his muddy clothes and took them out to the laundry room. Rinsing most of the mud off in the sink, I plopped them into the washer and added some soap before starting it up. By the time I got back into the living room, he had the TV going and there was a nice little joint sitting on the coffee table. I sat down right beside him and lit it up, taking a nice long drag and inhaling deeply as I passed it to him. We sat there on the couch passing the joint and slowly getting stoned as we watched an old movie on the television. 
       After a while it occurred to me that I had snuggled up against him and we were getting pretty cozy. My robe had started to gap open at the top and when I realized that a good portion of my boobs were exposed, I decided not to draw attention to them by covering them up. Watching Rick out of the corner of my eye, I noticed him sneaking a peak down the front of my robe every once in a while and I could see his erection straining at the front of his. I could feel myself getting even more wet between my legs as the lust grew inside of me. Making it seem like an u*********s move, I lifted his arm and settled into his side. As I lowered his arm around my shoulders, I casually placed his hand on the front of my robe, right on top of my left boob. His hand began to twitch, squeezing my tit ever so slightly, as if he was testing the waters. I was just stoned and horny enough to just throw all my inhibitions out the window. I reached up and pulled his face down to me . Closing my eyes, I kissed him passionately. As he slipped his tongue into my mouth, returning the kiss, he fondled my tit in earnest. Moving his hand up, he pushed my robe open and softly pinched my achingly hard nipple. Pushing my hand down to his lap, I slipped it into the front of his robe and wrapped my fingers around the thickest cock I've ever felt. His erection was not terribly long, maybe eight inches, but it was so thick that my fingers didn't reach all the way around it. As I moved my hand up and down, he moaned and moved his hips with in rhythm with my stroke. As I worked my hand up and down his hard dick, I feel the precum oozing down the shaft. 
       Kissing his way down my neck, he pulled the robe all the way open and began licking and sucking my tits. As his hand moved down my stomach, I spread my legs and lifted my ass to meet his fingers as they reached my throbbing clit. Sliding a fingertip into my slit, he smeared my moistness up across my clit, sending a shock through my pussy. He had big hands and fingers and when he pushed one down to probe my wet hole, it felt like a small dick moving in and out of me. As I spread my legs further apart, he slid another finger down and began working both of them in and out, opening my wet pussy even more. As he finger fucked me, he moved his thumb back and forth against my clit. I was on fire and knew I was damn close to coming. Squeezing and stroking his big cock, I realized that I just had to have it inside of me. Pulling his face back up to mine, I kissed him again and whispered "Fuck me Rick. I want you to fuck me!" Needing no further enticing, he moved to the floor on his knees, pulling me to the edge of the couch so that he was kneeling right between my legs. Reaching his right hand down to his hard cock, he started moving the bloated knob up and down in my slit, spreading me open until the tip of his dick rested at the mouth of my wet cunt. Pushing forward, he started to ease the head of his thick cock into me. I could feel the inside of my pussy beginning to stretch as he went in just slightly. After getting just the tip in, he pulled almost all the way out before pushing in again. As he rhythmically moved the fat head in and out of my pussy, he began going just a little deeper with each stroke. Moving his other hand across my mound, he started gently massaging my clit with his thumb. I was so turned on and I could tell that I was quickly approaching orgasm.
Rick moved his hands under my legs and lifted them up, spreading them as he pushed his big dick up into me, his girth stretching my pussy deliciously . Gently he slid deeper into me with each thrust as his huge cock plowed my aching cunt. I gasped as I looked down and saw my pussy tightly wrapped around his thick shaft. My cunt lips were pushed so far open that my stiff clit stood up like a little erection. As I started to speak, wanting to tell him to fuck my harder, my orgasm hit me . I felt a sudden intense explosion in my pussy as I started to climax. I don't think I ever came that hard in my life, I could hear myself gasping for air as my pussy spasmed around his big hard cock. My head was spinning as the amazing pleasure swept over my mind and body. As his huge dick massaged the inside of my cunt, wave after wave of wonderful sensations ran through me until my first orgasm slowly subsided. He moved his hands down my legs and under my ass and as he squeezed it sensually, he raised himself above me and pumped in and out of my pussy harder and faster. My cumming really made my cunt wet and he was now able to get his big dick all the way inside of me. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass as he pumped my pussy full of hard cock. Letting out a loud grunt, he buried the head of his dick all the way up inside of me and as I felt it swell even more, he started to cum. His thick, hot spunk shot into me like a fire hose going off and as I could feel it spraying the bottom of my cunt, I shoved my pussy up to meet him, cumming again, even more intensely than the first time. As we bucked up against each other, his hardon slipped out of me and, as I stared down at it, he shot several more spurts of thick white cum onto my belly.
Reaching down, I caressed his cock as it softened slightly. He smiled up at me, grinding his balls against my cum soaked pussy as I moved my hand up and down his shaft. I could feel him still throbbing as I whispered " God, I love your big dick." He moved back up beside me on the couch and I slid down to his crotch, slipping the head of his cum oozing cock into my mouth. As I sucked the salty cum from his dick, I could feel it stiffening once again between my lips. Moving a hand down under his sack, I gently rolled his egg sized balls in my palm as I worked my tongue back and forth across his fat knob. I pumped my other hand up and down his shaft and very quickly he was fully erect again. Pulling me up from his dick, he stood and moved me around until I was on my knees on the couch with my ass facing him. positioning himself behind me, he slid his cock into my pussy doggy style. Even though my cunt was already slick with his cum, I could still feel my insides stretching again to accommodate his thickness. He placed his hands on my ass and began pumping that wonderful big dick in and out of my pussy, sending me quickly toward another orgasm. Running his long arms down my sides, he grabbed my swaying tits and started rubbing my stiff nipples as he plowed my cunt from behind. I felt a hugh climax building inside of me as I could hear myself moaning " Oh fuck! Fuck me baby, fuck me good! God fuck me!" Suddenly he buried his big hard cock all the way up inside me and I felt it swell as he began to dump another hot load of thick cum into the deepest recesses of my aching pussy. The sensation of his cock erupting in my cunt was too much and I was overtaken by the strongest orgasm that I had ever felt. Bucking my ass back against him, I shoved my face down to the the back of the couch, screaming my ecstasy into the cushions. My pussy shuddered with pleasure as each stream of his cum shot into me. Our climax seemed to go on forever even though it was probably only a minute or two.
As his cock softened, slowly it slid out of my spent pussy. I could feel his semen running out of my gaping cunt. We collapsed on the couch where we snuggled for quite awhile. I got up once to move his clothes to the dryer and when I came back he was erect yet again. I straddled his lap, lowering my pussy onto that big dick and laid my head on his shoulder where I dosed as he moved his hips up and down. I was too pooped to pop but as he moved his hands down to my ass, squeezing it gently, I felt him shooting off a third time inside of me. I don't think I moved the rest of the night and in the early morning hours he rolled me over and got up to dress. He kissed me on the forehead and crept out the door quietly. Neither of us mentioned it the next night at work and I would like to say it never happened again but that will have to wait for another story.


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1 year ago
great story..
1 year ago
1 year ago
very erotic
1 year ago
Great story...making the best of a rainy night...like it
1 year ago
nice one
1 year ago
Nice story....it make me think of how I met my ex-gf, Ginny Mae.
I get a hard-on every time I think of our "FIRST ENCOUNTER", this woman was 39 yrs , handful of boobs, small waist and a huge APPLE ASS.
But what a tease, it takin me a while, but I got it...oh boy...an it was worth it.
Ginny Mae was single, had no kids, biggest flirt and the tightest pussy you every want.........omg .....
1 year ago
Nice story - hope for your sake it was true!
1 year ago
Very hot,,,