first anal experience.

Jade had slumped down onto his legs, six inches of his half-hard cock still in her pussy and wondered if she was relaxed enough to fit this wonderful a****l cock into her hungry ass.

Now Jade had never had a cock in her ass, or anywhere else. We had talked about various different ways to cum and so she had learned the pleasures of fingering her ass when masturbating. So, she knew with all the lubrication covering Mike's cock there might be a chance she could get it in there. Mike's head has still full of stars when he felt Jade lift her ass up and his cock plopped out with a noisy slurp of released vacuum. "God, what a tight pussy you have" he said as he opened his eyes.

What he saw was Jade's perfectly round ass in the air. Below it was her tiny pussy dripping thick creamy cum. The silky black hairs were wet with her own cum and her thick pussy lips were glowing pink on the inside where they still remembered his penetrating cock. But where Mike's eyes went was a little higher up because Jade's anus was being fingered with a cum soaked finger as she got herself ready for the next stage of her lust filled adventure.

Jade had slipped her finger into her pussy and then into her ass several times getting more excited each time. Now she felt his cock lurch under her and it began to poke against her stomach. "Would you like some more?" she asked while looking back over her shoulder. In answer Mikes cock jumped to it full length and his eyes got that same glazed look that Jade was getting herself.

"Ok, lets see how you like this" and she grabbed hold of his cock with both hands and started to lower her ass down onto him. Mike couldn't believe his eyes as he saw first the thick mushroom head of his cock probe the tiny cum smeared opening and then watched it gently part and allow the tip inside. "Uwwwwwww" she breathed at the first penetration.

Jade felt ripples of pleasure running up her spine as her anus opened and the thick cock entered her back door. She began making slow circles with her hips, holding onto his cock tightly and allowing her ass to stretch around the ever-swelling cock head. One more gyration and her anus clamped down just behind the rim of his huge helmet sending pre-orgasmic shudders all the way to her toes.

"Shit, I never thought this would feel so good" she groaned as she sank her ass farther and farther down with each rotation of her hips. The crest of her anal orgasm approached more and more rapidly now and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She tried to scream but no sound would come out as the waves of pleasure swept over her from head to toe.

Mike had never seen anything so erotic as Jade's round ass circling above him, slowly swallowing his cock. Then she stopped with maybe six inches in her ass and started a rhythmic sucking spasm on his cock that began at her tight little opening and expanded all the way into her depths. It was all he could do not to shoot his load as she came and came on his half-buried cock. Then just when he thought it would end he heard her take a deep breath and then Jade drove her ass all the way down until it slapped against Mike's tightening balls.

Even as Jade felt her toes tingling and her eyes throbbing with pleasure, she wanted more and sent all of her weight down on Mike's stiff cock. It all happened so fast that she felt everything at once. The breath got knocked out of her with a big whoosh. She felt his balls slap against her swollen and twitching clit sending it into its own orgasm. Her anus stretched to receive the thickness of his cock base and went in convulsive spasms of its own. But all this was over shadowed by the searing pain / pleasure of his cock stretching her ass muscles 12 inches deep.

Her voice finally freed Jade screamed first high a pitched "Eiiiii" then a guttural "Uuugggggghhhhhhh" as the bl**d rushed to her head and she thought she would faint from the pleasure. Her ass involuntarily lifted up and then sank down on his cock and the orgasm continued. Jade lifted her ass still higher and then slammed t down and she came still harder. Up higher yet and with an a****l like grunt she speared herself down yet harder on his now pulsing cock. Faster and faster higher and deeper Jade pounded her ass down on Mike's waiting cock, driving herself mad with the never ending orgasm. The spasms were continuous now throughout the depth of her rectum and now her pussy, feeling the pressure though the separating wall, was cumming too. Slipping a finger down to her clit Jade sent herself into one final over whelming clitoral orgasm. With her head in the clouds Jade could hear a voice that sounded like hers screaming and grunting like an a****l when Mike's cock finally let loose.

Mike held back as long as he could but he had never felt anything like this. It wasn't just the tightness of Jade's ass or the constantly sucking muscle spasms trying to pull the cum out of his balls. But the wild abandon of this cute little Asian woman was more than he ever imagined. As her ass went high up into the air and his cock head came part way out stretching Jade's ass to its maximum Mike felt his balls suddenly pull up tight and the base of his cock pulsed with heat. As Jade slammed her ass down on his cock with complete abandon Mike's cum rushed up the shaft to greet her. Both of them froze now in ecstasy as Mike pumped her ass full of cum and Jade sucked every last drop out of his cock.

Once again Jade fell over forwards in exhausted release, feeling Mike's spent cock slowly deflate and then her anus had one last little spasm pushing it all the way out before they both fell asl**p completely spent.
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4 years ago
wow thats great but needs details & what came before & after