Three Mature Ladies and Me (strapon sex)

hmmm a few months ago i was at a party of a friend and some older ladies were there too (f****y of his and acquaintances (around 30-45).
Most of his friends were long gone after a couple of hours, but i was having a good time and having fun with the ladies.

After a while the party was running towards it's end and some of the ladies invited me to go out with them and show them where i went out most of the time in amsterdam nowadays.

Ofcourse alcohol was being consumed heavily on this night and after about an hour or two of flirting and messing around, three of them asked me to come over to one of their houses (her husband and k**s were away for a week).
Naturaly i couldn;t resist such mature beauties!

In the taxi home they already started to tease me with some gentle carressing on my lap and getting real close to me and whispering dirty thoughts about what they'd do to me in my ear.
It was getting me damn horny and my cock was almost popping out of my pants with excitement (and clearly visible)!

Once we got to their house we drank and flirted some, when suddenly one of them ordered me to strip. not ask, ordered.
Kinda shocked but too horny to argue, I stood up and started to undress.
They sat there and encouraged me to go completely naked and get on my hands and knees.

When I was completely naked, they commanded me to kiss their asses while they slapped me on my ass and called me a good doggy.
After a while of kissing their asses i couldn't hold back anymore! I Just had to lick those perfect little assholes and pussies....i just HAD to lick them and taste their love juices!
And wow, did they taste yummie!!

Pleasantly surprised by my eagerness to please, they started to play with my cock while i served them to the full extent i could without cumming instantly!!
I licked their asses, cunts with my head down under their skirts.

They ordered me to lie down in front and play with my cock for them with my legs spread wide so they could look at my cock, balls and ass!

Their feet carressed my balls and pushed up against my ass!
Once in a while they pushed their big toe on my asshole and made it poke inside!

One of them sat on my face with her amazingly wet pussy and ordered me to lick her pussy and ass. I LOVED IT!!
The feeling of a wet cunt and asshole grinding on your face while the other two are playing with your cock and fingering your ass with their's unbeatable!

After that, they tied me up face down and ass up to the bedposts.
One of them sat in front of me and held my head so, that I could service her ass and pussy again.

The others got behind me and suddenly i felt something hard poking my ass I couldn't quite place untill it slided inside of me.
A big hard strapon dildo was being f***ed into my tight little virgin asshole, while the other started to stroke my cock and tug on my balls.

It started out slow and gently, but soon she was picking up the pace and i could feel the strapon racing in and out of my ass.
My head was almost being rammed into the other ladies pussy.

I was in heaven!!

They turned me around, sliding the strapon back in and fuck me in turns.
They wanted to see my cock bounce while I was being fucked hard by three of the sexiest ladies ever!

One climbed on my face again, almost smothering me with her yummie pussy, the other sat on my cock and grinded it. All while being poked with that strapon deep and hard inside my ass.

when I came, I came so incredibly hard, I can well say, it was the best orgasm I have ever had. there was so much cum on my belly and I even hit my own face.
the ladies licked my entire body clean and left the room leaving me naked on the bed, tied up and still fucking horny!

All they said was: We'll be back later tonight, sweet dreams baby boy ;)

Bit like this, only +1 lady and hornier :p

94% (52/3)
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26 days ago
Great to be used by hot women eager to get exactly what they want. His ass may have been pleasantly sore for a week after. But just in time for the next week end.
1 year ago
very hot you are lucky but did they come back??
2 years ago
great story i have had it done by 2 ladies but 3 whoah proper hardcore
2 years ago
great story i would love to cum out of my ass, that way!
3 years ago
This had been better with some dialog.
3 years ago
Wow love it. Wish that would happen to me
3 years ago
Great story. Gang banged by 3 ladies. You would make a wonderful sex servant and slave.