I miss you.

At that time we only had first base, but upon four months into our relationship, he wanted to spend the night at my place. We waited for my parents to go upstairs so we could sneak into the basement. My parents knew we were dating and expected us to have some action, but we promised it won't exceed the first base.

And much like any good teenagers today, we lied.

As soon as my parents were asl**p, we locked the basement door. We sat side by side and put blankets on ourselves. I turned on the TV to maintain our innocent impression and set the volume very low. I was on my period but I realized what we were going to do, so I took a quick visit to the bathroom to prepare and freshen myself. At first we made little kisses here and there which eventually transformed into passionate making out sessions. He leaned lower to my shoulder, swept my long hair aside and continued kissing lightly around my neck. I took a deep breath.
As he continued to kiss my neck more heavily, he made a sucking motion in between as well. I took a long deep breath and softly moaned. He put his right hand on my left tits and he started to rub my nipple. He noticed I began to feel stimulated, as my nipple hardened as he rubbed it more. He slipped his right hand down into the blankets and placed it around my left inner thigh. He then began to rub it with a little more pressure. "Ahhh babe..." I moaned softly.

He moved back from kissing my neck. Still in a sitting position, I laid my back onto the wall and he's kneeling at my side, with his left hand still pleasuring my inner thigh. His left hand reached my polo shirt, unbuttoned all three of them and dragged down my shirt to reveal my right tits. He pushed down my bra just enough to reveal my nipple and then he sucked on it very hard. "Oh my God babeeee..." as I arched my back and softly moaned in response.

At this point I'm already horny as it is, and he made it even worse. He moved his hand from my thigh and placed it on the soft mound of my pussy, which he proceed to rub intensely. My clit pulsated in answer. My right nipple is being treated with deep kisses and strong sucking, while my small pussy is rubbed all in the right places. Everything felt so good and so hot, my moans got louder and I started to sweat a little.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I told him to get up and right away I noticed his bulge. I got up as well, taking off my shirt, bra and both my sweatpants and panties. And then I put my back against the wall. First he only took off his shirt and shorts. I know he's not necessarily an athlete but his "sex muscles/v-lines" were visible, his arms were sculpted and his tummy had nothing but six pack. Looking at that, I became insanely aroused. I slid my hand on top of my wet pussy and let my fingers run my clit gently for a couple times. I can't, I had to. Finally he took off his underwear and my eyes lit up:

"Oh my God, babe, you're pretty freaking loaded. I know you've sent me those pictures but... Wow, I didn't know you're... Like that."

As his erected cock arches up in a slant angle, I could tell he's only average in length, but his thickness... Oh God. He's incredibly thick, and wide--more than I expected. My phone clearly have fooled me.

"Babe fuck me..." I plead.

Without a second thought he walked up to me and rubbed his cock around my pussy. I felt his cock and it was as hard as a brick. I want it though, I want it bad, real bad. I can't deal to be teased anymore, so I grabbed his cock and guide it to my pussy. Now he gets the memo and he pushed in his cock inside me.

It entered rather slow and I'm sure glad it did because honestly it hurts quite a bit. Frankly my pussy was not prepared to receive two inches wide of hard, heavy cock. Few seconds later I managed to take everything. I felt my pussy massaging his thick shaft as he began to stroke his cock in motion. And as expected, that girth drove me crazy.

"Ahhhh don't stop baby... Don't stop..." as I whispered, sighed and moaned repeatedly.

Oftentimes we made out as he kept thrusting his hip faster into me.

I put my arms around his neck, I leaned back, then he took my left thigh and raised it above his arm. Right now I'm being pounded hard by a very broad penis that's hitting every upper part of my pussy. I'm beyond horny or excited; this felt so very hot the sweat comes off even more from my body and I was unable to control my moans anymore. Both my nipples and my pussy perks up and my body frequently shook getting fucked so good. I started to have short breaths and loud whimpers.

After long consecutive minutes of the slapping between my clit and his pubic bone, our sex nearly hit finale as he told me he was ready to cum. "Cum with me..." I whispered. I wanted him to slow down and wait for me. He slowed down, step by step, to help me get where I need to. I felt it, I began to reach my climax. My plan was to savor the build-up and ease my orgasm but apparently, he didn't want me to. He pushed his cock halfway inside and started to make grinding movements. The soft, sensitive spots in my pussy are filled up with a thick head and shaft of a firm cock. I will cum very tense, I knew it.

Soon after, I gave him the go sign.

"Babe, cum inside me..."


"You can cum inside me, I'm on my period."

He was on the gist of release and so did I, so we railed it through without holding back and both of us cum almost collectively.

"Awhhhh!" I squealed and my hips tightened up.
"Ahhhh... Ahhhh... Aaaahhhh..." as I shook and moaned.

A couple seconds later the tense moment lessen, so he put my foot down and pulled out his cock. His cum dribbled a little bit onto the carpet, but it was no trouble for us, as the carpet itself is already white in color. He also had some cum coated in his cock, so I kneeled and sucked his cock a little. He smiled and said, "Oh my God, babe, hahaha..."

I smiled in reply and told him to clean up together.

We went to the bathroom and he cleaned up faster so he got out and get dressed. I was still inside, thinking; I knew there's still a chance of pregnancy even if a sexual encounter was done on period. I was quite worried about it. I sat down on the toilet and peed, and wow did it hurt. A cock like his, rough sex like that and the orgasm I had will most likely result in this--that's why I had a plan to ease up.

A couple weeks later I found out I'm not pregnant and thankfully, I'm in a healthy form. Both of us were virgins so there was no disease but my doctor told me it was a gamble on our part. He also forbid me to have sex in such way again and advised to use condom. I agreed to his term and followed his advice ever since.

As far as the boy, well, we broke up two months later. I still have him within my contacts but we barely talk. But looking back he's definitely four out of five, because until this day, sometimes I still miss our sex.
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4 years ago
Maybe you should meet him just to get fucked like the whore that you are.
4 years ago
wow :) very good xxx