Thrown a curve (re-titled after an edit)

It was one of those days. My mouth had got the better of me as I had agreed to babysit the younger c***d of my wife’s best friend (and occasional lesbian lover). Having three k**s under 12 years of age ourselves, the house was crowded and noisy all day long. So noisy, in fact, that my every plan for the day had been wrecked. Then, to make matters worse, my wife called and told me that there was an emergency at the clinic and she would not be home until late.

“Great…” was all I could say.
“Aww…!”, she replied, “Is my hubby tired?”
“Not tired. Aggravated, and more than a little horny. Guess that will have to wait, though.”

More hours passed and fortunately the boys found something to do outside and things in the house improved along with my mood. Eventually several very tired k**s came in for a dinner of pizza. Just then there was a slight knock at the door and my wife’s friend walked in. I must have looked like a fool standing there with a hot pizza in one hand and my jaw on the floor!

I had not actually laid eyes on Jessica for many months. In that time she had apparently been very busy working out because she looked absolutely stunning! She was naturally sexy, with boobs just big enough to be called ‘large, curves in all the right places, and an ass that puts my wife’s to shame. Her smile oozed sexuality and confidence through teeth encased in braces. (There is just something about braces on a grown woman that is a huge turn-on for me.) Once, well over a year ago, she had engaged in a night of intense sex with me and my wife – mostly my wife. Even before that they had had sex together on a few occasions just for giggles. Usually it was just the two of them, but once with a third woman. While I had no part in those activities, they always resulted in my wife coming home desperately in need of cock and cum and smelling of pussy.

I was standing there like a blithering idiot immersed in my own memories as Jess continued to look at me with no little amusement.

“Can I come in, or do you want me to wait outside until the pizza goes cold?”
“Geez! Sorry, come in, get a seat, and let me feed these k**s. Want some?” I asked.
“Pizza? No.”

So off I went to slice the pie & pour drinks for the munchkins. A few minutes later I stepped back into the living room. No Jessica. I looked outside. Nope, not in her car. I even checked the bathroom door in the hallway. Well, she must have chosen to use the one back in the Master bedroom. Just to be sure, I went to our bedroom. There was Jessica, stretched out on the bed, face down. She looked up at me and said “I know… your day has been shit, too, but I could really use a massage. My neck is as stiff as board.” This isn’t an unusual request from anyone in our acquaintance, male or female. It isn’t unusual for these massages to occur on our bed either, so I stepped over to the bed and went to work. She wasn’t exaggerating as her neck really was a mess.

It wasn’t long until the usual grunts and ‘Ow’s’ were exchanged for the expected ‘Oooo’s and ‘Ahhh’s. Some ten minutes later I noticed Jessica making odd movements, pressing her breasts and hips into the mattress over & over. Thinking that this had gone far enough (and my wife not at home), I stopped. Jessica rolled onto her side and looked me squarely in the eyes. “You are really good at that. Beth gets this every night?” she said. I replied, “Most nights, but anytime she asks.” Just then I noticed that her nipples were hard and pushing out against her blouse. At least I knew she really enjoyed the massage.

“Can I ask you something?” Jessica asked, rolling over onto her back.
“How do you really feel about me fucking your wife? Is it causing problems?”
I considered my words for a moment and said, “Well, it hasn’t happened for while – unless there is something I don’t know about. I’ll admit that the first time was rough on me and I was a bit of a wreck for a day or two, but I got over it. She loves me completely. In her own way she loves you too. As long as I’m not losing her, I don’t mind.”
Smiling up at me, Jessica said that there was no danger of me losing my wife to her or anyone else (a damned nice thing to hear from a third party). Then she stretched, running her hand from under her breast, down her belly, just missing her crotch, and over her skirt-clad thigh and said “That woman loves you, but damn is she good at fucking a girl!” With that we both broke into laughter. Then she added, “Hell, so are you!” I know I blushed a bit as memories of her mouth on my wife’s cunt and the feel of her pussy flooded back. I felt my cock stiffening as Jessica kept squeezing her thighs together. She looked up at me and said, “I know what you’re thinking about. Me too.”

And that is when my damned cell phone rang again.

It was Beth checking in on us and asking if Jessica had been by yet. I told her that she was indeed here and had just got a massage while the k**s had dinner. Beth asked to speak to her so I handed her the phone and excused myself to check on the k**s and get myself under control. A few minutes later I walked back to the bedroom just as Jessica was hanging up the phone and giggling.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.
“She was telling me a story about you.”
“What story?”
“About another massage you gave and the payment you received.” she said with another laugh. All that I could think was … well, I couldn’t really think.
“She told you THAT?!” I choked out.
“That, and that you were disappointed when she couldn’t get home on time. That explains what you nearly undressed me when I came in. Poor thing!”
Jessica was right. Damn, I was hard and horny!
“She told me one other thing, too.” Jessica continued. “That she hates knowing you are in need and she can’t help. When I told her how worked up I was she said we should just take care of the situation.” Then she slid her hand up my leg to the hardening prick trapped therein. Gently squeezing, she said that she was overdue for some cock and that she loved the taste of my cum the last time. I reminded her that the last time she tasted my load it was mixed with my wife’s pussy juice. Didn’t seem to matter though as she was already on hands and knees unzipping my pants.

I suppose we were both on automatic. I pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra, freeing two magnificent tits as she dropped my pants to the floor and sucked my prick into her mouth. I stroked her hair and massaged the muscles in her back as she sucked me with expert skill. She stopped and rolled onto her back while I yanked off her skirt. No panties. That’s Jessica. Already I could smell the luscious scent of pussy and see how wet her nearly hairless pussy was. I slid between her legs, over her body, and settled down on top of her. We kissed long and deep with lots of tongue. Together we rolled over with her now on top. She raised her hips and guided my rigid member to the entrance of her pussy. Suddenly she just dropped down, impaling herself on my cock so hard and fast that I felt the tip hit bottom. Then she rode me. She rode me like I had not been ridden in ages. Her ass swirled in circles as she went up and down on my dick. I pulled her down, kissing her again as deep as before. Stopping her motion, I pulled her further up my body so her tits were near my face and so I could arch my knees to drive into her hard and fast from below while sucking her tits. Taking her boobs in my hands, I rhythmically squeezed while sucking hard on her left nipple, all the while jack-hammering her cunt. A few minutes later we stopped moving and she collapsed on top of me. I felt her breath in my ear and the little nibbles on my neck.
“I remember how hot it was when you filled my pussy, but I’ve been off the pill for months. Fuck my face and cum in my mouth.” Great! I couldn’t have lasted long at the previous pace anyway and I really wanted to eat this pussy. My wife spoke highly of how sweet Jessica’s juices were & I was ready to find out. I turned her body around just a little and she settled right into a perfect 69. “Ummm… my favorite position, but with something different to play with!” was all she said before devouring my prick. Turns out that my wife is right! That is a delicious pussy! Moreover, she certainly knows how to suck cock. We sucked and licked until she came, burying her face in the sheets to muffle the sound. Then she went to work to make me cum as fast as she could. I told her when I was close and she moved between my legs to give me a show. Stroking my dick she teased the head with teeth and tongue. As I came she opened wide and stroked under the head with rapid flicks of her tongue while spurt after spurt of thick cum sprayed into her mouth with some going on her face and the last aimed at her tits. She made a show of swallowing it all and licking up all she could find until only the wad on her tits remained. I pulled her back up on me and scooped up my cum with my tongue before engaging in another long kiss that ended in near-hysterical laughter from the both of us.

Twenty minute later she and her son were gone and the house was back to its usual order. Two hours later my wife arrived and laughed her ass of at me. We both laughed, and then I sucked her clit for a while before moving up and whispering the entire event in her ear as she worked her clit with her favorite vibrator until she came amazingly hard.

Life: Right when you think you have it figured out, it throws you a curve.

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