me and my girlfriend

Iv been with my girlfriend for two years and a bit now so far things have been good real good i love the sex its great but shes the only girl iv ever slept with and i keep thinking am i missing out? i love this girl and its not only the sex that is good she is smart funny loving but i do feel abit weird knowing shes the only one iv done it with shes had sex with one other boy (well she says lol) but i belive her i dont wana cheat on her cos i know she'll leave me but i gota see wat its like with another girl please give me some advice someone!
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4 years ago
I am in the same sitiation. I am with my girlfriend for 4 year and she was the first I slept with and I was also the first fer her. I love everything of her but I to want to know how it is to sleep with an other woman. so we are with two here who can use some advice