She reaches around and tugs him out of his boxers.
“Uh, Crowley’s Books… do you, what are ah… excuse me… what…”
“Really!” She wraps one leg around. “I used to work there. I was a leftover for a while, you know, a call-in? Fucking Simon, wanted to fucking castrate him sometimes. Does Barak still work there?”
And he’s unable to follow her words, following her smile, and strange figures emerge from her lips, a lipstick formed from the bl**d of saints and martyrs to her causes and it’s coming loose of her lips,
Forms a pattern and
begins to
eva p o r a t e. . . \\\
parts his shirt to kiss his chest. ///
appraises muscle tone. \\\
licks a nipple. ///
bites. ///
“You’re beautiful,” he says with a thick tongue.
She snorts. “Try again.”
Bites harder.
He hisses.
She tugs him until he’s fully erect. “Ah, that’s better.” She speaks through a smile. Pulls away. Takes off her hoodie and wraps it around his head, blinding him. He gropes at her, she guides his hand, a slick patch of curls.
Bends over the sink, spreads wider, backs up to him, locks eyes with her own reflection in the lavatory mirror and smirks, leans back to nuzzle his neck with the back of her neck, muttering “Do what thou wilt”, his hand flailing by intoxicated instinct alone, opening her up, an engorged hood swells.
Breathing heavily through the fabric. Blind. Eyes open. She leans forward again, face first staring into a sink someone used as an ashtray once too many times. When she leans forward, the hoodie falls from his face to the floor.
There is a symbol tattooed on her lower back.1
It seems to glow redblack. When he looks at it he feels like a fly, he feels like a mouse, claw web teeth scr****g rock, she’s a spider a cat
his cock her cunt
runs along the turgid edge, plum head parts petals
until it
almost notches.
Starts to pull away, senses not yet fully clouded, a sudden spark,
///this isn’t why is
this is
“There is no is,” she hisses\\\
Halfway in then
Pulls out with an audible
Pushes against again she’s smiling
As the hook is sinking deeper.
In the mirror, rocking reflections blend with a fevered urgency.
67% (2/1)
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2 years ago
very interesting way to do it
4 years ago
Wow thats very different but also very hot thanks