i've been experimenting with multiple men at once. I invite groups of friends over to fuck sometimes. One in my mouth, another in my cunt, a third in the hand. It works out best if two of them find a comfortable position (I'm 28, they're 19, college boys, still inexperienced enough to train unemotionally) and eventually I pick the two biggest and challenge them to see if they'll fit in me. I love it best after they manage to slide that meat in, slide into my cunt at the same time, balls slapping on each other, one fluttering with his fingers at my engorged clit and the other one playing with my asshole, the two big boys are so good when they're stuffing me full, cramming their big cocks inside me, battling inside me for dominance, their cocks kissing each other at my swollen cervix, pouring pint after pint of hot cum directly into my birth canal, sputtering as oh and how they cum, shuddering and humping without stopping, now well lubed with their own baby batter, God I'm late on my period they came in me so much ah, but no, now the best part, as these young men drive their uninterrupted raging cocks against one another in my cum soaked cunt, I never stop cumming after they go off inside me the first time, it's like warm liquid fire, it's so weird isn't it, that I keep cumming as they pound into me, all sloppy and sweaty buried to the root, painful pleasure, all the while attempting to concentrate on sucking off the thicker shorter dick bobbing in my face as the bug guy's cram it into me, thank God the cock in my mouth is managable, another huge dick would kill me when I do this, and I need to be black out d***k when I do, but sometimes I let them fuck me in the ass, they maneuver two in the pink, one in the stink as the saying goes and moan and sputter and hump and hump and hump Christ I wake up sticky, soaked in their cum some Saturdays. I swear, some semesters my friends will surprise me.
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4 years ago
very nice Daddy likes a lot ;-)
4 years ago
loved the story
4 years ago
Love the story and have been in a similar situation with an ex girlfriend. But spin the story out. Love to hear it in detail!
4 years ago
like ur story , got me hard .. damn