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Two years ago (18 at the time) there was a hot summers day, a real scorcher, so I thought id crack on with some gardening, I grabbed the the lawn mower from the shed and plugged in the extension and proceeded to mow the lawn. I was getting awfully hot from the heat so I got a drink of water and I took my top off and continued to mow the lawn.

I got half way through when I heard a female voice calling my name, I thought for a second, realising I did not recognise the voice, I turned around to see my neighbour showing quite alot of skin, she is in her early 40s, she had a gorgeous low cut top on showing her cute pierced belly button, I had never spoken to her before although I had seen her on numerous occasions coming in and going to work and I always did think I dont care how old you are, she is a very hot woman for her age, a perfectly curved ass, the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen.
I walked up to her and got straight straight to the point and said, how can I help you? As well as staring at those lovely breats, I couldnt help myself.
She started to explain how her lawn mower had died and was wandering if she could borrow mine, I instantly said of course and happily joshed how lovely the weather was and how a BBQ would just go down brilliantly.

She took a step forward, I froze, she stepped into my personal space which just made all my defenses go down with my submissive personality.
I was wearing thin tracksuit 3/4 lengths, She grabbed my cock and balls and I instantly went hard, I was just about to panic and back off when she said you want to fuck me, dont you? in the most irresistibly sexy voice ive ever heard in my life. My mind was racing and I could feel my heartbeat fly through the roof, she turned around and started to rub her ass against my hard throbbing cock.

I got the irrisestable erge, the - I want to fuck now urge, I think you know the one. It all happened so fast, whilst I was taking my 3/4s off she was tugging on my arm, pulling me to the nearby garden table.
I didnt even notice her taking her cute little skirt off and she had bent right over the table showing her bare pussy and ass. I was just about to penertrate when she lent back up and took her top and bra off, I was totally amazed.

I lent over her and took good grip of her huge tits and slowly penertated her, her pussy swallowed my cock in one go, her legs trembled, my cock was fully hardened after 5 or 6 pumps, she was so hot and bothered her pussy must have been dripping juices. I heard her whisper I want it hard and fast.
I pounded that pussy for a good 10 minutes until she said she wanted my cum in her ass, I was overjoyed, i had always wanted to do anal. I pulled out, my cock was purely covered in juices and rock solid, I pushed about an inch in when she pushed her whole body back, my cock went all the way in, I had never felt something so tight around my cock it made me turn on so much more.

I started pounding her tight ass so hard that I thought she was in pain from the the moans I was hearing, I was so rough with her ass, I was close to exploding, my cock tingled and throbbed very hard, I wanted to cum but she pulled out and grabbed hold of my cock sucking and jerking me very firmly. I wallowed out in sexual forfillment, im gonna cum. She stopped sucking and wrapped her huge tits around my cock throwing them up and down, I came so hard all over her tits and neck. She jumped up with the most amazing smile and said thanks for that and thanks for lending me your lawn mower. I replied, any time to help a neighbour :)

She grabbed the lawn mower, and I watched her waggle that cute ass out of my garden.

I never did the other half of the lawn

I should be getting the lawn mower back tomorrow

I wonder if anything else happen :)
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3 years ago
Very sexy story and lucky lady ;)
3 years ago
great story!!!!!!!!!x
3 years ago
very good