My second time ...

As the days passed by my desire to once again visit the toilets overcame the disgust that i felt for wanting to experience more pleasures whilst in the company of another man. Every time that i now masturbated the image that i wanked to was me with a man, or a couple and i can tell you that some of my thoughts whilst masturbating bordered on the depraved ! Anyway lust drove me to once again enter the toilet block that looked even more derelict in the daylight, i had decided to visit it in the daytime because in the darkness or early evening the place was a little scary and it kind of spooked me. I entered the toilet and went straight into the cubicle that i had used last time, don't know why but i imagine that it was because it was somewhere that i knew. I waited and waited and then heard footsteps, they stopped outside my closed door and then i heard them move away. I strained my ears to see if i could hear any kind of movement from the other side of the cubicle door, but there was nothing. I was now wondering if the person who had entered had left or were they just standing there waiting. I pressed my ear to the door and thought that i heard something but wasn't sure, again my nerves were kicking in and i berated myself for being there and putting myself into a situation that made me nervous. Time to leave i said to myself, and i eased open the door and looked out, there was no one there and i wasn't sure if i was disappointed or not as i made my way to the exit. I left the toilet block and walked away from it, i had only gone a few steps when something made me turn around and i noticed that two men were entering the block that i had just left. Damn i thought, if i had just waited a minute or two more then i would have been inside when they entered. I continued walking away and after a while something made me turn around and retrace my steps. I was nearing the toilets and my pace slowed down, i went into the block and again there was no one there, but one of the cubicle doors was closed. I hesitated before going into the cubicle next to the one with the closed door and made sure that i made some noise as i pushed my door closed. I listened and heard muffled voices and movement from the next cubicle, i crouched and put my eye to one of the holes that had been bored through the partition and saw, not too clearly but clearly enough that the two men both had their trousers down and that they were embracing and kissing each other on the lips. I watched as they continued to kiss, they obviously had heard me enter but the kissing continued as did the pushing together of their hips. I carried on watching and moved a hand to my undo my zip and soon i was masturbating as i watched the two men in the next cubicle kiss and move against each other. I realised that they knew that they were being watched as almost in unison they turned towards the wall that divided us and each of them waved their stiff cocks at me. Now what should i do, get up and leave, stay and continue watching or ... the decision was taken out of my hands as i realised that my own door was open and standing in the opening was a man. He looked at me and asked me if i liked what i was seeing, he was non threatening and for some reason i felt that he could be trusted. I nodded as i fumbled with my stiffening cock to put it away. He was well dressed and certainly had an accent that could be described as upper class, i stood and looked at him a little embarrassed at how he had caught me and what i was doing, he reached into his jacket pocket and removed a small card which he held out to me, i took it it and saw that all it had on it was a telephone number. Give me a call sometime soon he said, if you would prefer somewhere nicer than this. As he spoke he was looking around the toilets and shaking his head, i too looked around and saw how awful the toilets truly were. He turned and walked away and out of the door, i watched him leave and saw the toilets through his eyes and realised that they were disgusting. I followed in his footsteps, and when i reached the exit there was no sign of him, i made my way home holding his card tight determined that i would not lose it.
I arrived home and went to my bedroom, sitting in a chair i looked at the card that i held and wondered about ringing it right now, but i didn't, not because i was unsure of the man who had given me the card, in fact for some reason i trusted him, but because i didn't want to seem too keen or too desperate. I told myself that i would call the number tomorrow and see what happened, as it turned out it was a decision that would determine more than i realised.....More to come.
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12 days ago
Loved the story, it was a bit of a roller coaster for me ,I was scared in case you got beat up ,then my cock was throbbing when you were looking through the hole in the cubicle.
6 months ago
mow that was erotic hope you call him soon
7 months ago
Can't wait got so horny reading your story
8 months ago
Yes there is more to come Cat, but i have been a little busy of late, but i will get around to writing more, and thank you for your interest xxx
8 months ago
Anxious to hear the rest of the story!
1 year ago
Yes i was pleased to call the man, but you will have to wait until the next part of the story to see what happens xxx. Seeing two or more men together certainly is exciting isn't it, i wonder why you weren't invited to join the two that you saw ? Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment Pauline, really appreciate you doing so xxx
1 year ago
So was pleased to call this man then?
watching the other 2 men together, i know what you mean about turning you on. Saw 2 in one of my local toilets, they were naked from the waist down in the open urinal part and they were kissing and fondling then the one went down on the other and that got me so hard. Unfortunately I wasn't invited to join