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My 53 year old Fucktoy wants more continued

I asked her stand up and turn around, I did like the look of this old pig her legs were still ok and her dimpled ass poking out from her Asian patterned top did look like a micro mini skirt, which gave me an idea. Ok granny we are going for a ride, what she said, I want to stay here, again I was surprised that she still had some attitude so I said again, if you want to go, leave now or shut up and do as you told. This time she looked down and said ok. Right then go to my car (a ten year old Toyota land cruiser) and I will be there in a minute " but my pants she cried Someone might see me" shut... Continue»
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[Story] My 53 year old Fucktoy wants more

After my first session with a 53 year old, I really didnt know if she would come back for more or if I wanted her to come back, I sort of enjoyed the fact that she was so submissive and that because I didnt really care if she stayed or left I had no reservations in how I treated her after all she was old enough to be my mother and no beauty queen.

Anyway it wasnt long before she rang me, exactly 3 days to be precise, things sort of went along these
Hi its Sal she said (Wow I realized I didnt even remember her name) I left my shoes at your place, she said in a rather subdued voic... Continue»
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My 53 year old fucktoy story first pics

first pics posted in Hamster photos under My 53 year old fucktoy
I will keep adding pics if real comments and interest.
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[Story] True Story/ My 53 year old fucktoy

Hi I am single 27 year old male and somehow have gained the use
of a 53 year old Slut.
I first met her at a Christmas party 2 years ago at my bosses house.
She was a friend of his wifes, I didnt even notice her during the party as I
am not attracted to over 50 yo women, and she was no beauty.
I had had a lot to drink and was leaving the party when she approached, she reminded me of an old Aunt of mine (She was about 5'3" a bit chubby, blonde, starting to get some deeper lines on her face, smallish tits, she was wearing a purple print mini skirt which did look a bit odd on her, howe... Continue»
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