Mindy’s Story… An Apology

To all of you... To you frequent readers and contributors to xhamster… I owe you an apology for not following the examples I’ve noted in many of the posts on these pages… a sincere effort to record a fantasy or the memory of an event… and write about it in the best way possible for that contributing individual to express the pent up sexual arousal achieved by these memories or fantasies. I have enjoyed a stimulation or two from your stories… and applaud your sharing with any and all who would open your story and read your thoughts and desires. Many other posts are just so much noise… easily closed and forgotten.

I discovered this blog by accident… when a friend sent me a video of an excellent blowjob and a caption… “Wouldn’t you appreciate the economic recovery act if one of these were included?” and of course I had to agree… everything came together for me at that moment and I saw the stories section on the Home Page and discovered all of you… and a chance to write and share all of my pent up feelings of frustration and powerlessness… posting those thoughts onto a blog that was designed for the profanity and blatant sexual depravity I often use to describe just how I feel today.

All of the characters in Mindy’s story are compilations of thousands of people… perhaps even hundreds of millions… Especially sweet Mindy… whom I believe to be me and most of you… A trusting, intelligent, capable person who only realizes that she lives in a shark tank... but realizes that fact only after she reaches the age of becoming a tender morsel. I felt that her story was constructed to dipict her discovery that she could be betrayed by anyone, at any time… She sought out some answers from Brad (who represents the Law, the media, and every sympathetic voice of similar and like concern against the wholesale release of more sharks into the tank) Brad was as understanding and consoling as he could be… but he too was powerless… except when it came to jumping at the chance to become intimate with Mindy and forget the reason she was seeking justice… The result of seeking justice usually ends in the same fucking you would have receive from her father… f***ed, powerful... and mercilessly brutal...

Mindy’s father represents our political officials and the tycoons of the world market… the more power a political figure… the more they want you to surrender yourself the them as if they were the “parent” and knew what was best for you in all things… Participating with them is like a constant Trust Exercise that will ALWAYS result in a fucking… ALWAYS… The more powerful the person… the more they can be counted on to not only fuck you… but then demonstrate to you their POWER by subjecting you to as much domination over you that they can… their sexual appetite will only “Rest” when you are completely u*********s and spewing their seed and evidence from every orifice you have.

Mindy’s mother represents the persons who have all the evidence and the knowledge of the political leaders and yet remain silent about them and their true agenda and perversions… It will always seem that these people are so afraid that the Gaze of the Powerful will fall upon them that they will procure some fresh new victim to take that focus away from them… even if the fresh new pussy is that of their c***dren… no sacrifice is too great to keep out of the reach of the powerful… but recognized as being in their "camp"… Mindy's mother realised a little power derived from her relationship with the "Father" that was her payment... enough for the “Mothers” of the world to keep quiet and assist in procuring fresh meat for the powerful.

Rick is the hapless boob…. The world is full of them… you know the kind… the mindless masses that are content with just being able to “Party” whenever they want and to live without having to think about anything… just as long as they can find a way to get along and still get that piece of ass they chase… they are happy… "Ignorance is Bliss" until they get older…. Them they will be happy to clean up after the parties… sniffing an occasional abandoned pair of panties and recalling the days when they would have been able to sniff the owner of them with complete willingness… Living a life of past glories... Rick goes along with what and whomever is in power to employ them… his type can’t think beyond their meals and drink, and the world of their personal pleasure and the thousands just like them are all willing to randomly flit about and pollinate without regard for any final outcome.

That is my apology, I hope you can accept it and understand that this blog did help me to vent and get my frustrations released into the world... or at least to be carried along the gutters of this highway… hopefully to be read and then to be understood… and eventually, with this post… to be a seed of thoughtfulness toward the hapless Mindy… she was fucked consciously and u*********sly… until she finally decided to work within the world of Global Industry and just settle down and try to enjoy the fucking she knew she was going to get from any and everyone… The Brad types (law and media)will continue to go on their merry way and on into a life they will construct right in the middle of the shark tank… they are oblivious to what kind of world we all actually live in... (maybe I need to consider that line of work??? LOL)

As Mindy might have said…. “It’s only unfair if you think about it! So don’t think about it… learn how to take it in the ass and enjoy the pleasures where you can and them... and learn to seek them where they may be hidden within the pounding… buried in shit.”
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4 years ago
the lite is on & yes i do agree with you
4 years ago
I don't think you really ned to apoligize for anything, but thank you for explaining everything with the characters
4 years ago
Power and politics - lots of sex involved.
Thanks for explaining your characters.