Mindy Holmes: Epilogue

Mindy Holmes: Epilogue

Mindy did find success in the corporate world. She rose to prominence quickly… first as a scholar with acknowledgements from many renown universities and intuitions that she had attended and then received degrees and citations of honors from… all proudly framed and displayed throughout her large corner office in the penthouse suites of her fathers corporation. She was the undisputed Second In Command and the heir to the kingdom when the appropriate time came. She was in her element and totally focused on obtaining more… more of everything… just as her father had done… she pursued an insatiable appetite and lived for the satisfaction of “closing the deal…”

One difference between J.W. and Ms Holmes was that Mindy kept a close f****y relationship with her mother and of course Brad. Rick had a life of his own involving mediocre employment opportunities that were always engineered by the corporation… but her mother continued to excel in her law practice and more public offices in the political arena… currently holding a seat in Congress where she works tirelessly for the people of their state… and assists father with any help he needs to grease the palms of other politicians to aid in getting International Trade Agreements passed. Mindy had attended many functions in Washington D.C. for the purpose of being paraded around as the Beautiful CFO of her fathers corporation and the FACE of American interests in International Treaties… It was a winning tactic… she charmed everyone.

Brad had married a wonderful girl soon after college… one that he met in his programming courses. He did emerge as a genius in computer logic software after all… and was successful in his own business as well as his f****y life… happily inviting Mindy to every holiday, birthday, and special occasion with his wife and their three c***dren… whom she loved deeply. Besides her love for Brad and his f****y… and that of the “deal…” Mindy is still a “Love” virgin… not having met anyone who stimulated that region of her heart... She still held out hope for it… but did not dwell on her lack of a mate.

Mindy had also developed a respectable list of lovers… not that she was promiscuous… but she did enjoy sex very much and was totally uninhibited when it came to satisfying the urge that would swell within her on occasion. She finally ventured out from sexual encounters within her f****y, that is… from Brad… to ones with men who plied her with pretty gifts and great compliments that included all the right gestures and words… the first of these men just happened to be International Royals and Barons of Industry, whom her father had encouraged her to let them take her on cruises and away to exotic lands and castles and resorts… which sounded as if she were being “Pimped” by her father… but her intelligence and position in his company enabled her to obtain many important and key agreements… before she let them finally seduce her and taste of her still fresh and very beautiful young body and charms. She learned what men enjoyed and worked their fulfillment into what she enjoyed and wanted from them… She also continued to spend the time it took to obtain her satisfaction… which usually was very near the breaking point of her partners. When she would leave them, they were always fully spent and left with a new benchmark of sexual perfection… no matter how powerful they were… she was always just that much more so.

Mindy still needs to make occasional business trips with her father… and once in awhile had awaken with evidence that she had been engaged in sex while under the influence of a tranquilizer, but she was never again used as hard as she was in New York. Her mother had revealed her use of the d**gs during a casual conversation at which time she had confessed to using them for years in order to get a “good nights sl**p” and avoid some of J.W.’s sexual appetite. Mindy never pressed her mother about whether or not she ever noticed… or cared… that she woke up with signs of having been fucked while u*********s. Mindy did initially wonder why her mother had brought up the subject of her use of d**gs and her hope to avoid sex with her father… but by then It no longer mattered to Mindy and she had closed that book long ago. She knew that she was the one who first “tempted” her father with a sampling of her sex… and had opened the door that he came through… not satisfied with her offering of a tidbit on a toothpick… but in the banquet that she represented. She accepted her responsibility, whether deserved or not, for the sexual relationship between them and was almost thankful that she was tranquilized through her early sessions with him by remembering the painful pounding that she screamed and cried through during their first time together… but she also remembered the explosive climax she received from it as well… and with time… she wasn’t hurt by sex of any kind… any longer.

Not all of the sex with her father occurred while she was d**gged… Mindy had freely chosen to do things “for” him on a few occasions… as well as sl**p with him on rare occasions… but only after he demonstrated to her that he could be less f***eful and more in tune to her comfort and needs. She had initially gone to his bed after the first of those “getaways” with important clients. It was in his bed that she reported every detail to him... and she feel him get aroused during her “play by play” of her “seduction” and the acts performed. She learned things about men from those “assignments”… but she learned more about her father and what triggered him… she liked the control she felt when she told him of being groped or undressed, then feeling the clients hands, tongue or cock on her body… she would have her fathers cock in her hand and feel it throb and swell to near bursting… and would purposely stretch out details and carefully craft her report to enhance the scene of her being fucked by the client… it was her way of tormenting him with his own jealousy… and she loved doing that.

Mindy knew that her father occasionally pursued pretty young women who would catch his eye… but she also had learned that he had stopped using the services of prostitutes from the time he started to fuck her. She learned of that quite accidently when she overheard an otherwise discreet compliment from his personal physician about his ending his chronic pursuit of risky sexual encounters… joking that he would no longer need to “stock up” on STD treatments or have to do the research for new exotic’s… Her father changed his behavior because of her… and she extrapolated that it was because he loved her and wanted to protect her… that was probably as close an example of his honest affection for her as she could ever hope to receive from him… and it would have to do.
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very good
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excellent epilogue to a fabulous story