Mindy...Chapter 4

Mindy’s Trip with her Father

Mindy knew she woke later than her usual morning hour… but this morning she was aware of the electronic buzz of an alarm clock that wouldn’t stop… Mindy reached out blindly toward her nightstand and felt someone else in her bed… which startled her to near consciousness...forcing her to open her eyes and try to focus...the person next to her slowly took an identifiable form, it was her father, and he was sl**ping. She could now hear his heavy deep breathing and he was un-phased by her movements or the buzzing alarm. Mindy looked wildly around at the unfamiliar bed and room surrounding her and slowly remembered that she and her father were on a business trip at a five star hotel in New York. What she couldn’t remember was why she was in bed with him and why she felt so nauseous… and where in the heck is that damn clock?

She spent the next minute surveying the two nightstands before she realized that there was no alarm clock, nor an alarm… the buzzing was in her head and related directly to her feeling so, so… Mindy bolted from the bed and ran to the bathroom, luckily just steps away from the bed, to where she was able to hover over the toilet just in time to vomit the contents of her stomach and what felt like many feet of her intestines. After she heaved she leaned on the toilet seat for another minute and welcomed the coolness of the tiles on her naked body. “Oh damn!” she thought… she was in bed with her father and naked… she suspected that meant only one thing… “But why can’t I remember anything?” she thought to herself.

She stood up and looked into the huge mirror over the sink without turning on the bright vanity lights… only the single light over the toilet was enough for her to see herself and the extent of her disarray… she tried to smooth her hair back but there was a stiff residue in most of the hair around her face… and that was when she noticed the patches of white flakey crusts on her face like her nose and upper lip and chin, her forehead, both cheeks and ears… she wet one of the wash clothes and began to wipe the crusts but instead she just opened the cool cloth and covered her whole face with it for an instant of soothing cool relief.

Mindy has never been beaten or abused in her life, but at that moment she felt as if she had been knocked down repeatedly and felt bruised on her ribs, shoulders, neck and her buttocks and thighs… even the tops of her feet felt as if they were stepped on many times. While taking an inventory of her mysterious injuries… Mindy also became aware of a discomfort deep in her groin, not related to the sickness in her stomach, but one that she could remember from another time… a battering she had taken once before… when her father had fucked her hard and mercilessly on his desktop. She believed with certainty that her father had fucked her again last night and perhaps a lot of the injuries she was feeling was from his brutal assault on her, perhaps not intentionally… because he was so much larger than her. She then reached between her legs and found that not only was every inch of flesh on her young pussy sore to the touch, but her pelvic bump was so battered and sore that just touching her trimmed patch of hair hurt as much as the rest of her injured body, “But why don’t I remember anything?” she asked herself, aloud this time… and noticed that even her mouth and throat hurt, her lips felt bruised and the corners of her mouth were raw and cracked... or torn… even her tongue felt bruised and like it was coated... not just with her vomit but something else... stale and vile. She rinsed her mouth with the complimentary mouth wash on the sink and tried not to think about the flashes she had of her father fucking her mouth with his massive cock…

She made her way to her own room, shielding her eyes from the bright sunlight in the main suite, and felt her way to her bathroom where she also turned on the single light over the toilet… she felt nauseous again and sat down hard on the toilet. She took that opportunity to let herself pee and felt her urine flow through a raw and burning urethra… she remembered that all of her tender flesh down there was raw and sore. She sensed a need to vacate her bowels but when she made that effort, only gas and a liquid were evacuated. Mindy used a wad of tissue to wipe, and felt her anus scream with rawness. She withdrew the tissue from under her to inspect it and the liquid residue and saw pink bl**d streaks on the delicate paper and shimmering clear fluid that reminded her of the mucus running down a c***d’s nose, but then realized that it probably wasn’t mucus... not wanting to believe that she would have consented or actually experienced a fucking in her ass… especially by her father and his cock… All the evidence pointed to that fact though and Mindy sat on the toilet for a few more minutes sobbing with confusion and a sense of violation and betrayal… She was now feeling thatbshe may have been brutally ****d by her father, and used in a way that was coarse and abusive and as if she were nothing more than one of his whores who would do anything for a price… Mindy recalled after the fires sex with her father he had compared her to the whores he had known telling her she was the best of all of them... she cried then and now cried aloud with sobs of shame, frustration and disbelief.

After a few minutes she was composed enough to want to clean herself and she stepped into the shower where she intended to let the water run over her and wash away the hurt and the crusts that she also found around her breasts and stomach and thick in her naval, ans well as thickly matted in her pubic hair, and all over her inner thighs. Because it was a five star hotel she had a shower wand and new loofa that she made full use of… She showered for an hour because the running water did help her feel better… less nauseous and battered… but no less confused.

Once showered and dried sufficiently, she dressed and began to pack her bags for the return trip home, debating if she would wait for her father of leave on her own...she needed to return to her fathers room for her shoes, dress and underwear from last night and saw that he hadn’t stirred from when she left… it was now 10am and she nudged him softly to rouse him from his sl**p.

“Morning princess,” he told her groggily, “Did you sl**p okay?” he asked…
Mindy snapped with a quick response at that question, “You should know?”

Without removing his arm from covering his eyes she saw him smile and he said, “Oh yeah, I guess we did have a long night together, didn’t we!” his voice was almost suited to the smirk on his face. “What time is it sweetheart?” he asked

“It’s 10am” she responded just as bluntly.

“Oh princess…” he moaned, “I always get a late checkout so we don’t need to rush baby.” He explained. “We have until 2pm before the limo picks us up… why don’t you get back into bed and lets sl**p until at least noon, Okay?” he whined.

Mindy left the room with her clothing, noting that her beautiful black gown felt damp and was stained with a slimy glistening fluid and the same white crust that was on her body... it felt “dirty” to her so she stuffed it into a plastic bag along with her equally damp underwear and jammed it into the bottom of her suitcase. She checked the rest of the suite for any other items of hers… she made sure she went into her room and messed the bed up as if had slept in it, feeling the shame of having slept in his bed with him. She returned to her fathers room only long enough find his coat and after removing three one hundred dollar bills from his wallet, she left the suite and went to the lobby to get an egg white omelet and toast, and some strong hot tea. She lingered over breakfast trying to recall the events of the previous day and especially the last night.

Most of the details became vivid to her but almost all the night after returning from dinner was just a series of fuzzy flashes in which she seemed to see and feel some of the events of her sexual experience with her father. Something happened between the champagne toast in their suite after dinner and her intended good night kiss before going to her own bed. She tried to remember details… but just couldn’t and that was very puzzling to her and beyond her ability to understand or accept. In one moment of self examination she wondered if her father had knocked her u*********s and had his way with her then… but she waived off that explanation as ridiculous and for the most part, may have been unnecessary… Mindy just couldn’t remember.

She spent all of the money she took from her father on gifts and memento’s for her mom and Brad… she wished she could talk about her lapse of memory with Brad… although she doubted that he was sophisticated enough to come up with an answer, he was a comfort to be with and she did love him. Her mother may have answers… but she couldn’t share most of the details with her… heck, she couldn’t share most of the details with anyone…

It was nearly 12:30pm when she slipped her key card into the door lock of their suite and entered to find a room service cart in the room with plates and set-ups on the table. A variety of fruits, breads and sweet rolls were in baskets and small silver cups held a variety of butter, spreads, jams and jellies. She could see that her father had eaten a plate of eggs and something… and she reached to his plate and took one of the strips of bacon from it and bit off a third of it in one bite. An occasional taste of bacon shouldn’t destroy a persons health… which made her laugh at herself considering the behavior she has been demonstrating lately.

Mindy sat on the balcony and took a few photos with her cell phone camera… and texted them to a couple of her friends and Brad. She added messages to all of them and a cryptic one to Brad saying that she wished he had made the trip with them so that they could have run around New York while their father conducted his business. She knew that if she had wakened beside him… she would have remembered the night and would not have been so physically beaten. She wasn’t dreaming of getaways with Brad, but of her two sexual partners, he was the one with the sweetest memories… Her father has left her feeling like a whore, both times, and he had already compared her them. He had given her regret that she ever chose him to experience. Funny to Mindy was the fact that she never thought of her father before the day he called her to his study… meaning… that her father was a busy businessman and absent from sight and most special events of her life… since the day she chose to “entertain” him she has wished that she had known him before she allowed his “intimacy” because what she has learned since would have insured that she would have never let him near her. Her father is the “other” kind of dog that a man can be… besides the bragger… he is the selfish, self centered, abuser of intimacy and of the poor girl who mistakenly invites him into her. Mindy has learned so much in so few encounters, and with only two partners. She has also made up her mind to visit with Dr A again to get a good check up and see if she has suffered any permanent injury or damage from the large cock pounding inside her.

Her father walked out of his room with his business suit and luggage and looking as crisp as if he were going to his office. “Hi princess,” he cheerfully cooed, “did you have any breakfast.” And motioned to the table…

“I took three hundred dollars from your wallet and had breakfast downstairs and picked up some gifts for mom and Brad.” She fired back, still fuming about the events she suspected, but was unable to swear to.

“Oh!” her father replied, “Is that all you need?” he asked and put his hand to his coat breast over the inside pocket where he keeps his wallet… Mindy wanted to tell him that she wasn’t the most expensive whore he ever had, just the best… but bit her tongue before she said anything like that. “No! I’m good, thank you.” And she left it at that.

The limo ride to the airport was long and slow but it gave Mindy a chance to see some of the New York she hadn’t had the chance to see had they made the plans to do something fun like tour the city and see a show or something. She had heard her mother report on those kinds of things just about every time she made a trip with him. When he made trips by himself they were either a week or more, or a single day… only trips with mom seemed to be for a couple of days and always include some activity… Mindy couldn’t really blame her father for this trip… he gave her the responsibility for booking it and she was the one who handled the reservations and itinerary… she had only focused on her understanding of the purpose of the trip and not on anything extra she may want to do… her father had approved her plan and it obviously met his expectations for what he wanted to do.

Mindy pouted over her thought that if she made anymore trips with her father… he would be planning on her being his entertainment and activity and she would have little to remember… and nothing to report about the cities they visited.
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yes what actually happened
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so are we going to find out what happened to mindy did she get drugged and gang raped or what