parcel left at neighbours

got home to find a card through my door 'parcel left at Number 14' five doors away so went to go get it. got to the gate opened it up and saw my neighbours wife sat there on her own in a low cut maxi dress, J***t is 53 the same age as me but doesn't look no were near that she still got a great body unlike me. as I walked over to were she was sat my eyes were fixed on her tits which were squeezed into a bra that was to small for those big tits of hers, every step closer I got to her the harder my cock got. J***t told me to sit down and she will go get my parcel. as she got up and turned around I could see write through her dress, not only could I see the shape of her legs all the way up. didn't think she had any knickers on (panties) at first then saw a little black triangle of thong disappearing between her gorgeous ass cheeks (don't think my cock can get any harder) I looked up from her ass and she smiling at me, I watched her go into her she came back with my parcel, she bent over to wards me and what a great view of a great pear of tits. J***t then asked if I would like a cold beer I said yer why not (if its keeping me here) and again she sees me looking at her ass but this time j***t bent over to tidy a garden ornament up she looked around while still bent over and asked me how it looks, and the words that came out of my mouth 'it looks fucking great to me' while thinking I bet she takes it up her ass. we sat drinking and talking when out of the blue she said 'I know about you fucking V*n for a long while (neighbour 3 doors away) but how long you been fucking Sh*****n (next door neighbour) she's only lived here about 18 months. who told you that I said, V*n told me said J***t, what as V*n said then i asked, with that j***t reeled off a lot of the things V*n and I have been getting up to (very detailed it was to) I can't belive she told you, you wil be surprised what us ladies talk about with a few bottles of wine and a big cock porn dvd on the go. 'I'll have to come here with V*n next time 'oh wouldn't you like to come round on your own said J**t well am on my own now i said, she more or les dragged me into her house.

behind that locked door she turned wild she ripped my jeans down looked at my rock hard cock and wrapped her fingers round it got on her knees and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. i got her to sit on the sofa, spread her legs open and licked her sweet wet pussy fuck me she tasted good, i knelt and eased my cock into her cock hungry hole i sucked on J***ts big tits while i fucked my hard cock into her for a few minuets, then got her to bend over and fucked the life out of her from behind then another way then another way till my balls could not hold back any more 'fuck me J***t am cummin' J***t gets on her knees 'got your cock in my mouth and fucking cum.she sucks the shit out of my cock and i fill her mouth with my cum, i watch her gargle with it then swallow the lot. i look at her and say 'your one great fuck and one hell of a great cock sucker' J***t looks up at me and says your pretty got fuck yourself and your spunk tastes good too i'l get us another beer. while we sat there drinking the beer she told my that's the first cock she had in 18 months your husband hasn't fucked you in 18 months i said, No he hasn't been in me for over 2 years she said.i looked at J***t and said well got that thong off and get up stairs and i'll fuck your brains out again she couldn't get het thong off and ran up the stairs. we fucked our self's senseless all afternoon and i was write she takes it in her ass i flooded all her cock hungry holes with my cum. now i just need to J***t and V*n whos 46 yo in the same bed happy happy days to follew (or Sh*****n whos only 27 with any of them two) mory to follow.
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5 months ago
there will be a part 2
6 months ago
great vid can not wait for the follow on:)
6 months ago
AWESOME I love looking at buns under skirts and wild tits hanging down and hot
6 months ago
Is there a part2