True armature interracial MMF threesome. This is

This is an absolutely true story. I have just changed the names to protect ourselves. The places and events are factual and true.

Deandre and I are typical black boys that grew up in inner city Detroit and have been close
friends since our early teens. Our families lived in the same area but not the same
neighborhood and were affected by the same dysfunction and crime that plagued the city.
We both had church going mothers that tried to do their best. Mostly because of them we
stayed in school, graduating from Ford High School in Detroit.

Opportunities were scarce in Detroit so we joined the US Army following graduation from High School. We both went through Basic Training together in Fort Benning. We were then sent to Fort
Campbell for our 1st assignment at the same unit with the 101st Airborne. We spent three
years there and we were now both 21 and had gotten partying out of our system and were
thinking long term. We wanted to make the army a carrier and were also thinking about
starting families.

We reenlisted after 3 years we were sent on to Korea. After a year
there, Deandre met a Korean woman named Lii-en and after about another year of dating they were married. They made a bit of an unlikely couple as Deandre was 6.1” and muscular and was dark. Lii-en as about 5’3’ really fair and slender. Regardless of the racial, cultural and physical differences they obviously loved each other. Meanwhile I was dating Esther, who was the daughter of a senior soldier stationed here in Korea. We got married about two months after Deandre and Lii-en. We were a bit of an unlikely couple too as I am 5’8” and “blue black”. Esther was a light skinned brown haired big beautiful Latina at about 190lbs and 5’4”. Even in the multi racial US Army community we stood out and were quite unique when travelling around in Korea as two couples.

More than a year later we were given change of station orders back to Fort Campbell. Dendre and Lii-en had their 1st c***d and Ester was pregnant with our 1st c***d. Esther’s retired from the Army and her parents were living in Arizona. We got to Fort Campbell and a month later was in the field for our train-up to deployment to Afghanistan. Esther (now 5 months pregnant) left to stay with her parents as I would be gone for a while. Lii-en’s parents came to visit from Korea and decided do a bit of travelling. They took their grand-daughter with them. When our training time was finished and we got back to our married quarters in Fort Campbell, I came back to an empty house. Deandre came back to Lii-en with no toddler.
As I was alone, Deandre and Lii-en asked me to stay over and have dinner with them. We had been out in the field for almost 2 months and were glad to be home and have a warm shower and a warm meal. We had dinner and I slept in the guest bedroom.

In the middle of the night I woke up and headed over to the toilet to pee when I hear muffled slap, slop, slap, slap, flip, flop, flap, flap, flap, slap noises coming from the master bedroom downstairs. This was unmistakably the sound of sex and against my better judgment I went downstairs. The master bedroom at the end of the hall was ajar and I could see Deandre pounding Lii-en missionary style. His head was buried in her black hair to one side of her face and he was thrusting deep and fast. Her legs were up and her heels were digging into his ass. She was letting out occasional gasps as he kept on pounding. Her hands were white knuckled as she gripped his shoulders hard and she was starting to dig her fingers into him. Her face was turned towards the door but she obviously saw nothing as her eyes were glazed over and her entire body was shaking with Deandre’s pounding. After what seemed an eternity, Deandre slowed down his pounding and let out a satisfied grunt, which was followed by a shuddering gasp by Lii-en. Deandre began to slowly grind instead of thrust his head buried in her hair and neck. Lii-en’s feet were quivering and her toes were curling as she was obviously having an orgasm.

I was taking all this in feeling hot as hell and completely forgot where I was. Lii-en slowly recovered from her orgasm and as her glazed over eyes cleared she saw me at the door to which I beat a very hastily retreat to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I could hear the two of them talking and heading into the kitchen and sit down at the table. I had to go past the kitchen to my bedroom and they were making chamomile tea. Deandre asked if I wanted some chamomile as well and I awkwardly said yes looking away from his direct gaze. As I sat down at the kitchen table, they both started to laugh. They both now looked at me and said don’t feel bad man, its ok, shit happens, and we sat at the table, had our tea and talked. The conversation came around to 3 some’. Deandre and I talk about sex when we are out with a bunch of soldiers and the conversation does get quite graphic. But here we were talking the same way with Lii-en in the room, and turns out that they had a fantasy on doing a MMF as well as FFM threesome. They didn’t feel safe doing this with just anyone and had never done one.

Well the conversation didn’t just stay a conversation as we looked into each other’s eyes. Soon we were out in the living room and two sets of black hands and black lips were all over Lii-en. Deandre carried Lii-en into the master bedroom and I was told to lie down on my back on the bed. I have the smaller dick between us. Lii-en got on top of me squatting on the bed facing me and slowly slid my 7” blue black pole up her wet sloppy gash. Deandre got behind her and started to finger her pussy while I was inside. He was attempting to stick his dick in Lii-en’s pussy while I was also inside. After several failed attempts at two dicks in her pussy, Deandre slowly started to work his 9” and thick dick into Lii-en’s ass. It took work but he ended up balls deep in her ass and I could feel the pressure of another dick inside her as they both started to rock and thrust on top of me.

The extra stimulus made Lii-en have multiple moaning, shuddering orgasms and as she contracted for what seemed the hundredth time, Deandre gave a growl and came inside her ass. I could feel him twitching up a storm, filling her up as he came inside her, through her vaginal walls. I was drenched in sweat as I spewed 2 months of buildup inside her. I felt like a dam breaking and a river gushing out with cum squirting out of her, running down to my balls. Completely spend I just lay there as Lii-en pulled off me and lay down on the bed between us. I have no idea how many times we had sex that night, but we lost count. This was several years ago. A lot has happened since then including Esther my wife becoming part of all this but that is another story.

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