Me, my friend, his s****r and her panties.

]My name is Sean and I would like to tell you the tale of how I became bi-sexual, it allstarted when I bumped into a old friend from school, he was called Phil and we used to be really close, any way we agreed to meet up for a drink and catch up on old time’s

The following saturday we were having a great night out Phil borought up the time’s we used to jerk of together as his s****r watched and frigged her tight young pussy, and how much he used to enjoy timeing it so we cum together. I laughed and told him the were some of my best memories, and some how we decided to meet at his the next day and watch some porn,

We sat next to each other on the sofa and his s****r came and sat with us in the chare opposit us,and Phill asked me what kind of porn I liked, truth is any thing turn’s me on, so we ended up watching a crossdresser in a pink bra and sexy pink panties getting his cock sucked by a really sexy young girl, when reached his climax he shot it all deep in her mouth. Phill said to me that men in sexy panties have all way’s turned him on, to which I confessed that I wear lady’s panties most the time and was actually wearing a very sexy pair of black silk panties as we speak. Phill & his s****r insisted I let them see and I just had to them, I dropped my jean’s and stood there in just a red t-shirt and my sexy silky black panties hideing my semi-hard cock. What followed was us jerking of like we used to only Phill never took his eye’s of my panties, and his s****r looked on and all the time her hand was rubbing her clit through her sexy panties.

the next time we met I had not put on my girl panties and was just in my boxer’s, this wound Phill up and he went to his s****r’s room and brought me a pair of her’s, they were really hot, a tiny red g-string that felt great in the crack of my ass, again we jerked of to a porno only this time when Phill was about to cum he aimed his cock at his s****r’s thong and cum heavy all over me and the little red thong, For some reason this turned me a great deal and I soon shot my load all over myself,

This became the norm and I would turn up with no panties and wear a pair of his s****r’s and Phill would cum over them every time, then one day as I sat stroking my cock with a pair of his s****r’s white cotton panties on Phill told me he was close and instead of cumming over me as normal he pushed his cock into my open mouth and for the first time in my life I tasted another man’s cum, and as I swallowed his hot load my cock erupted and I shot five rope’s of cum all over Phill’s leg, which he made me lick clean after ward’s as he called me his cock sucking whore and his s****r climaxed.

None of what as happened has bothered me in fact I found it all a great turn on, but now Phill is talking about my ass not being used and this scares me a little...x

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1 month ago
so naughty yet so hot
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
nughty storie
2 years ago
Very hot, more please.