Story for Sandy

I took the job because I needed one quickly thinking it was a stop gap as it happened it lasted two years
I did production work assembling components in a controlled enviornment room In the adjacent room four women did the preparatory work then handed on to me Three were nice respectable ladies of a certain age the forth was called Jean in her thirties and very hot indeed .
We began flirting sending notes through the servive hatch -remember this is before mobiles etc We talked innocently at first about f****y and things Her husband came home worse for wear on Friday did the deed and went to sl**p In other words sghe was ready for an affair The notes became warmer until the subject of hobbies came up I was interested in photography would I like to look at her snaps OK said I thinking on the beach out of focus How wrong The first batch were polaroids She was being fucked from every angle with every possible household object fruit and vegetable everything except a cock
She was posed in the street wearing a long overcoat with just stockings and suspenders underneath She was in the pub her skirt raised and a fine shaven pussy on viwe for all to see Each day a few more each day I took them to the toilets and wanked myself silly over them One morning she called me to the service hatch bent forward to show she was braless Follow me up the corridor in a minute she whispered
I did just that as I passed the store room she called my name I turned and there she stood her overal held open with nothing but sheer black stockings and a thin suspender belt beneath .Reaching down she put a finger between her pussy lips rubbed gently then held it out to me Want a taste ? I didnt need to be asked again I took her finger in my mouth and licked every drop off .She pushed me away saying Not now Lunch time Ill meet you .We arranged to meet near the factory in a cul de sac I had a Landrover then When I met her she went to the back and opened the door and indicated for me to sit beside her She reached over and unzipped me deftly pulled my rapidly stiffening cock out and took it in her mouth She was an expert between her nimble fingers caressing lips ane agile tongue she made me cum in a few moments Im sorry it was quick she said but we havent much time and I want you to lick me out She raised her hips slightly pulled up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side'I knelt on the ground my mouth at exactly the right height to reach her pussy
She parted her lips to expose the pink moist opening and her erect clitoris .Leaning forward I pushed my tongue into her slightly open hole tasting the salt sweetness of her juice .Travelling up, my tongue tip found her clitoris and started to flick it gently her back arched slightly and she pushed against my mouth I increased the speed of my licking bringing a finger which I slid into her now open pussy the combination of licking and finger fucking lifted her up pushing harder against me suddenly she made a soft noise shuddered and fell back My mouth was full of her delicious moisture Drawing my finger out I leant forward and kissed her letting her wetness trickle into her mouth After a moment she straightened her knickers and taking a tissue from her handbag wiped her lips .Did you enjoy that she said .If you can find a comfortable private place we can explore each other some more It must be a proper bed this is just a sample outdoors. If you want to fuck me properly it must be in a warm comfortable bed So I found a wamr comfortable bed for the next encounter
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tasty i'd say...
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Very hot,,,thanks