Continuing Story for a Special Friend Pt4


“Now jane I want you to roll over and lie onto you back, yes master is my reply and do again has instructed to do...”
As you lay down on the bed you feel the pressure in your ass from the ass-plug more keenly, you cannot decide whether to rest your ass on the bed and completely accept the feeling of your ass plugged, or try to move to lay slightly to one side, so that you do not feel it so much. While your mind is trying to decide, you then feel my hands on your wrist,
“Well as we have your beautiful breasts bound, lets continue with the bondage theme, don’t you think Jane?”
Taking your wrist you feel a cuff encircle your wrist, then hear a click as your wrist is moved to the top of the bed, there is another metallic click. Out of curiosity you move your arm and find that your arm is secured to the bed, the realisation that you are blindfolded and being tied to your bed, is partly scary but so much more arousing, so much so that you have already moved your other arm into a similar position, wishing it to be secured also.
“See you like the thought of being bound to your bed Jane, are you looking forward to being unable to move or resist?? “
“Yesss Maaaster” your reply is stilted as the fear and excitement of what is actually happening has made your breathing increasing shallow and quick, and there is a anal-plug deep in your ass.
“What did I say about breathing Jane, control...take a deep breath, slowly exhale.”
As you follow your instructions and slow your breathing, even maintaining it when I secure the cuff on your other wrist, and bound your other arm to the bed. Now naked laid on your bed, with your breasts bound and beginning to colour nicely, from light pink to dark pink, the colour is also an indicator of sensitivity, and I know your nipples will be so delicious sensitive now.
“Well Jane this part is going to hurt some, to begin with...but remember your breathing.”
Then you feel the slight pain as the nipple-clamp is fastened to your right nipple, a shot of pain as it closes on your nipple, then the lessening pulses as you become used to the pressure.....though it is not the applying of nipple-clamps or the numbing from wearing, what you think of now is how long it will be attached and the rush of pain when it is removed...leaning over I place a nipple-clamp on your left. Another moan comes from you as your nipple is clamped.
“Relax and remember to breath slowly Jane..” my voice has moved from the side of you and now sounds below you, then you feel the bed move as I move onto the bed between your legs. My hands grip the inside of your thighs, opening your legs, as your feel my breath on your sex, which despite or because of the pain and bondage has become very wet....laid as you are you crave to be fucked, to feel Master’s hard cock push deep into you, to give yourself for Master’s pleasure while bound to your bed, with your breasts bound and clamps numbing your nipples...but it is lips that touch your pussy. First a kiss then Master’s tongue caressing the lips of your pussy, but not into, just slowly covering your pussy, then moving to your clitoris....Master’s tongue working around but not touching, then with out warning your clitoris is between my lips as I suck and flick my tongue against your clitoris....the sudden pleasure brings a greater moan than the spanking or applying of the nipple-clamps.
But that is just the beginning of the pleasure, but also the painful-pleasures you are yet to experience.

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