She left the room... Her flats didn't.

My girlfriend brought our friend Tiffany over after work. She came over to vent about her day not going so well and stayed for dinner. As we all sat around the living room somehow we got on the subject of feet, I'm not quite sure what sparked the topic now that think about it. Tiffany told us the other day Dan was making fun of people with feet fetishes. He joked about what would she do if he had one and how stinky and gross he thinks feet are. I quickly protested of course. Then she told us how she works 9hrs a day barefoot in her flats (the flats she was wearing!) and that she that she'd understand if her feet weren't appealing. ugh. I begin salivating I'm sure while defending the foot fetish thereby proclaiming mine. My eyes completely mesmerized by her barefeet in front of me as I resist the urges to drop to my knees and pounce on them and do every delicious act of foot fetishism that she brought up. I had to even admit that I like the scent of a woman's feet sweat. I did so because she told a story about a roommates bf that had terrible foot odor. I had to let her know that we give off different smells and womens feet sweat smell completely different. And delicious. I cited my girlfriend's feet as an example.
Conversations went on and subjects changed. Her feet were all I wanted to think of. And those flats. I prayed for the opportunity to dive my nose inside them. The anticipation gave me an erection. I looked her in the eyes with longing horny eyes. And back to her feet. I wonder if she picked up on my vibe... if she could read my body language somehow? Oh those beautiful, perfectly manicured, tan skinned feet!
Finally, she goes to the kitchen. She leaves the room but my girlfriend stays. Whatever, I casually fidgit around the carpet by her shoes and sneak my way to them with my back turned to her. I put my nose to the insole of her black slip on ballerina flat and inhale deeply the sweet pleasant greeting of her warm flowery chamomile like foot musk enhanced by the leather it was preserved in. I looked up over at my girlfriend. She's engulfed in her phone. All clear I dove back in savoring each sniff, knowing ill only be able to get a few in. They smelt sooo good.
I heard her coming back so I pick myself up. I call the cat over which works to my advantage bc he shares my fondness of her shoes. So I'm able to lean in and sneak a quick sniff as I play with kitty right near the couch she's sitting on.
After a lil while both Tiffany and my gf leave the room and go to the kitchen. They're barely gone before I pounce onto her shoes. I cup them around my nose and face, breathing them in. The insoles are still a lil warm. I sniff the heck outta of them and taste them, licking them lightly in case she had to put them back on soon.
They aren't gone long enough and I have to jump up and act casual. They sit down together on the sofa. During the rest of her visit I fantasize and daydream about being servicing my gf and Tiffany's feet. I wish they would have turned me into their foot bitch.
So it comes time for Tiffany to leave and I'm not wanting to say goodbye, hoping to get one more sniff. Im in luck. They both leave the room and she leaves her flats behind. I quickly pick them up and put them over my nose, one in each hand. A few more seconds of heaven. I must've lost myself bc she returned and I almost didn't hear her coming. I only had time to drop the shoes out of my hands, they were still bouncing on the ground in front of me as she walked in. Then this happened. She walks up and stands right in front me and gently works her left foot and then her right foot into her shoes. My eyes locked on them as they wiggled in to them. We made brief indecipherable eye contact and she turned and left the room.
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4 months ago
I found out about my friend's fetish. Im flattered. I let him indulge. He throbs.
Wearing nylon footies with flats all day makes a fetish guy explode. He buys me flats.
I wear nylons with my pink converse then once my nylons are sweaty i switch over to
The flats to break them in, my black flats have my foot imprints. Salty taste.
Watching him gush smelling my shoes. Feet. Nylons or socks. Makes me feel sexy.
I even have flats i only bring out on special occasions. Sexy
8 months ago
Love it!
1 year ago
I wish I knew how to edit this. It's my first story post that resulted from me being so excited after an experience I had the other day I just had to share it.
1 year ago
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