Lucious Lacey Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Caught Red Handed

Seeing Donnie's truck in the drive Jon parked on the street and they slid out of the Suburban Jon held his finger to his mouth indicating they should be quiet. Jon and Lacey snuck into the garage and pushed open the door into the basement. There was Donnie sitting at the computer, his shirt off and his pants down around his ankles. He was jerking his cock while looking at our "Private" pictures on the computer. He spun around in the chair and smiled saying "Hi guys" and never missing a beat while stroking himself. Sitting on the couch Lacey said "That seems like a waste, come here" as she motioned him over with her finger. Donnie didn't need a written invitation, he shuffled over with his pants around his ankles and soon he was standing in front of Lacey, his hard on aimed at her face and leaking some precum. She grabbed the base of his cock and rubbed the precum onto her right cheek before opening her mouth and slowly taking his throbbing bone deep into her mouth. They both moaned, he from the sensation of her soft lips and hot mouth and her from feeling his stiff flesh in her mouth. Lacey grabbed onto his ass with both her hands and slowly fucked him with her mouth; he had to hold onto the top of her head for balance.

Jon watched the show for a bit before he peeled off all his clothes and tapped Donnie on the shoulder as if cutting in on the dance floor. Jon’s dick was still soft because it had been drained twice already today but that didn't matter, he wanted some of her magic mouth too. Donnie stepped aside and while Jon took his place he got his pants and shoes the rest of the way off. She opened her mouth and took Jon’s limp cock into her mouth and began sucking on it, licking it while it was held between her lips. While her magic mouth worked Jon’s cock slowly back to life he put his hands on my hips and just stood there enjoying watching her and the feeling that was coming from tip of his baby maker and spreading throughout his entire body. On his own Donnie began to unbutton Lacey’s blouse, got it off of her and then going for her bra saying "We need to set these puppies free". Once he got her bra off her tits hung down brushing Jon’s thighs; Donnie wiggled in behind Lacey on the couch and was crouching, he was pinned between her and the back of the couch and his cock was pinned between himself and her back. Reaching around Donnie played with both her tits and spoke in her ear "Suck that dick, fuck him with her mouth". Lacey began to pick up the pace as his talk was causing her to moisten up and her mouth continued to please me.

Donnie then let go of her tits and with one hand he f***ed his way between her ass cheeks and his finger found her honey pot and he said to Jon “She is soaking wet” as he slid a finger into her moistness. Jon could hear how wet you were as Donnie played with her pussy and Jon continued to enjoy her mouth. “Spank her” Jon said to Donnie and he began to gently and lightly spank her ass, his hard cock now brushing against her ass and leaving precum all over it as he did.

Dick in her mouth, finger in her pussy and a gentle spanking all caused Lacey to moan her approval as loud as she could with her mouth full of a hard shaft. After a few more minutes of this, Lacey backed off Jon’s cock and said, "I need to be fucked, who's going first"? Jon said “I am going first” and Donnie and Jon both watched as Lacey took off her shorts yet again today. Naked she lay on the couch with her left leg over the back of it and Jon climbed on and slid into her already slippery wet love canal. Before kissing Jon Lacey said "I liked the way your cock tasted with our juices on it from our wayside break", then she pulled him in for a kiss and he began fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. With all his weight on her he lifted his ass up and down as high as he possibly could, bringing it down each time with as much f***e as he could muster. Jon broke the kiss so that he could enjoy her fleshy mountains and took a nipple in his mouth while still working his fuck stick in and out of Lacey’s ultra wet cock runway. When Jon let her nipple go to get another kiss he saw that her mouth was otherwise busy as Donnie took the opportunity to get some more head.

"Man this is the best blow job I have ever had… AGAIN!" he said to me as Lacey sucked hungrily on his cock, making those fun noises as her lips brought pleasure to his cock like no other woman can. About 10 minutes later Jon was there, at the point of no return, grunting out several heavy strings of cum. As he was releasing his seed into Lacey Jon said "Get ready Donnie", he pulled out of her mouth with a "Popping" sound and shifted down towards her waist. As soon as Jon was sure her thick and soft pussy lips had milked him dry he pulled out and got out of the way. Funny, he didn't think Donnie could move so fast, but he had his dick stuffed inside of Lacey before Jon got his leg off the couch. Jon wiped as much of their juices from his cock onto her left tit as he could before he slid his limp and spent cock into Lacey’s mouth. Donnie propped himself up a bit as he worked her pussy with his cock. Jon took her right hand and placed it over her pubic mound and Lacey took over from there, working her clit while everything else was going on.

Jon’s cock was not going to get hard anymore today because of the expert loving Lacey had put forth since they left Eagle River, but it did stretch out a bit and her strenuous and deep sucking was causing Jon to have small, none cum producing orgasms, like electric charges surging through his body. Then Donnie came, he didn't announce it but he rolled his eyes back in his head and let out a slow and groaning "Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk" as he let go of the goo spewing forth from the pee hole at the end of his piss rod. As he was still propping himself up a bit Jon said "Cum for us baby, wiggle her clit til her orgasm". Just then Lacey sucked in deep and hard, nearly pulling Jon’s cock off by its roots and she shuddered out an amazing orgasm, moaning very loudly with Jon’s dick still held captive in her mouth. Donnie then fell onto Lacey fully, his face finding her cleavage. Jon stood there, enjoying his cock still in her mouth and stroking her hair while Donnie was catching his breath and snuggling deeper into her cleavage.

They stayed like this for a few more minutes until she released the lip lock on Jon’s cock and finally spoke saying "That was fucking amazing"! Donnie and Jon could only show their agreement by nodding their heads. Then Jon needed to lighten things up when he said to Donnie, "Get your face of my wife's tits and your cock out of her pussy". They all laughed at that and Donnie rolled off of Lacey as he commented on the river of cream now flowing freely from her kitty. He couldn't resist trying to stop the flow by inserting his fuck finger into the cavity created by his exiting dong. Lacey moaned a bit while Donnie finger fucked her, working all of their juices around inside of her, creating a bit of LJR stew. When he tried rubbing her sensitive clit she pushed his hand away from her and Jon could hear his finger sloshing out of you.

About 5 minutes later Donnie was dressed and Lacey thanked him for keeping the house safe while they were away. Donnie left with shaky knees and Jon and Lacey went up to bed with the same affliction.

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3 years ago
She sure likes to suck and fuck, doesn't she? Hard to find a good woman like that.