Lucious Lacey Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Items Returned

At about 5pm Lacey’s phone rang and the caller ID showed it was Jon. He was calling to tell her that Donnie was going to be returning some things that he had borrowed recently and that he intended to be by the house at about 8:30pm. Lacey was glad to hear that her outdoor furniture would be returning as she missed relaxing in the yard after her hours of working around it.

At 8:05pm Jon arrived home from work to find that Lacey had gone out shopping and picked up some new clothes. How did he know? She was wearing them and he approved. When he walked into the living room he took a step backwards as his eyes opened wide and his smile grew wider and wider. What a vision of loveliness she was in her new clothing, sexy, alluring and hotter than hot! Lacey stood on the threshold that separated the kitchen and living room, her left hand on her hip, her right reaching up to touch the top of the header. He took his time to look her over starting at the top and working his way down. Her red lipstick was a bright as any he had ever seen her wear in the past. The white sheer button down blouse had the top 3 buttons undone, revealing a bit of the black bra she had underneath. But the blouse was so sheer her lacy bra was easy to see even underneath the material of her bright white blouse. Continuing down he felt a twinge in his trousers as he looked at how the short black cotton skirt hugged her body. She was barefoot and her toenails and finger nails were painted a shade that matched her lipstick.

Jon walked up to Lacey, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a kiss. After the kiss he told her “You look frigg’en hot”! She smiled her thank you at him and he reached under her skirt to feel her panties, he groaned when he found them to be satin. Stroking her satin clad ass he asked “Did you forget Donnie is coming by tonight”? Her response was without words as she shook her head “No” and reached between the two of them to rub his growing cock through his polyester pants.

Jon now reached down between them, unzipped his fly and took his cock out and placed it in Lacey’s hand. He kissed her again before whispering in her ear “Pull it, feel how hard it’s getting. It’s hard for you. Jack off my cock” Lacey was only too happy to oblige, rubbing and stroking his dick in her hand as she nuzzled up to his neck and nibbled on it as she played with his flesh toy. Then she stopped, but still holding his cock in her hand she started to lead him down the hall saying “Come on, change clothes cause Donnie will be here soon”. Jon walked right behind Lacey, he was in tow with his hands on her shoulders and her hand reaching behind her still holding on to the object of her desire. Jon slowed her pace a bit, still walking, he began to work his hips, humping his cock in and out of her closed hand. Lacey only squeezed a bit firmer until they made it into the bedroom

On the bed Lacey had laid out a pair of black cotton shorts and a black sleeveless T-shirt. “Get those on and meet me in the back yard” Jon fell backwards on the bed and started pumping his cock with his fist and said “Lick this for me before you go” Lacey faked disgust with a loud “Hmphhh” as she kneeled on the bed and started licking his cock. Jon was moaning in pleasure and as Lacey was about to pull away Jon grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down, parting her lips with the head of his cock. Once in her mouth he began working his hips up and down, making love to her sweet mouth. Finally Lacey pulled away, jumped off the bed and as she was walking out of the bedroom she looked over her shoulder and said “Just wear what’s on the bed, nothing more and nothing less”.

Jon did as requested and was soon back out in the living room just as Donnie was pulling up. Lacey said “You help him unload the stuff, I’ll meet you in the yard”. Jon nodded and went out the front door. They worked pretty quickly and Jon didn’t say anything about the way Lacey was dressed or what had transpired in the few minutes since he had gotten home. He was not sure what Lacey had in mind for the rest of the night or if Donnie would be included in her plans, whatever they may be.

Just as the guys had set up the table and put the chairs around Lacey came out with a tray of drinks. Rum and Coke for Donnie, Whiskey and Fresca for Jon and Amaretto and Diet Coke for Lacey. As she served Donnie his drink he said “Wow, that’s a great outfit” Lacey only said “Thanks” as she gave Jon his drink and the three of them sat down at the table. For the next 20 minutes there was small talk about what had been going for everybody over the past several days. As they finished their drinks Lacey offered to make some more and Donnie gleefully accepted. She grabbed the empty glasses and retreated into the house. It was already dark outside and the light from the kitchen window was subtle but more than adequate.

The guys were talking about boating when the door opened and Lacey came out with the tray of fresh drinks but she was not dressed the same, or should I say as much. Now she was wearing just her new black lace bra and the satin panties Jon had appreciated earlier, they too were black. The guys were in awe, Donnie managed to mutter “Holy shit” under his breath. Lacey served the drinks as before but this time the guys felt her satin covered ass as she set their glass down in front of them, then she took her seat and held it up for a toast. Jon and Donnie raised their glasses and Lacey said “Here’s to me having to dicks and two horny old bastards all to myself”. The guys both said “Here, here” as they all took a drink. After Jon set his glass down he stood up and peeled off his clothes, tossing them on the patio. Donnie was now showing some signs of nervousness asking about the neighbors being able to see. Lacey said not to worry because the one in the back was gone, the one to the south was gone and the one to the north couldn’t see as long as we stayed on the patio.

Donnie took another drink of his cocktail and stood up saying “What the hell” as he got completely undressed. Then Lacey got up and said “I’ll be right back” as she headed back into the house. Donnie asked what was going on and Jon could only shrug his shoulders. Lacey came back out carrying a large bowl of water, a washcloth, a towel and some soap. “You guys have been working all day and I thought it might be fun for me to wash you before we have some adult playtime”. Both guys shrugged their shoulders to say okay by them. She had them both sit their naked buns on the table and stood in front of them. First she washed Jon, taking her time and enjoying the four hands all over her still partially covered body. As she washed they were fondling her thighs, ass, hips, tummy, back and of course her tits, enjoying both the bare flesh and material that covered some of it.

After she washed Jon she turned her attention to Donnie, both guys were easy to wash as they were already hard. While Lacey slowly washed Donnie’s cock and balls Jon jumped off the table and dried himself with the towel. Then he positioned Lacey so she was between Donnie’s thighs while she continued to wash him. Donnie reached around her back and undid her bra, peeled it off and then played with her tits and nipples while Jon was now enjoying her satin covered ass again. When Lacey was Jone washing Donnie she took the towel and she dried Donnie’s cock and balls thoroughly, more thoroughly than Donnie had ever Jone for himself. It was then that Jon pulled Lacey’s panties down to the patio and she stepped out of them. Jon then gave the panties to Donnie who brought them to his nose and inhaled the sweet aroma deeply and noisily. This made Lacey even hotter than she already was, she bent her head and took Donnie’s cock all the way into her mouth, burying her nose against his hairy pelvic mound.

Donnie’s moan from the sudden deep throat could have been heard for miles around if anyone was outdoors. Jon stepped to Lacey’s right side and watched as his beautiful and bountiful wife sucked Donnie’s cock. Jon’s fingers found their way between Lacey’s thighs and he did not have to work for penetration as she was already very wet. Jon was enjoying not only the show but he loved how wet Lacey would get when truly turned on. Then Jon had an idea as he slid his fingers out of her wet love basket, he plopped his ass on the table so he was sitting next to Donnie, well leaning back next to him. Stacey didn’t need a map or a picture as this was something both these two horn dogs have been talking about for a long time.

She shifted herself so that she was standing between Donnie’s left thigh and Jon’s right, this way she could get her mouth on either cock. She shifted her cock sucking skills to Jon’s meaty tool while she stroked Donnie’s extended flesh. Then she shifted back, now sucking Donnie while stroking Jon. Lacey was loving this almost as much as the guys, knowing they were completely at her disposal. She, or more correctly her mouth, hands and tits was now the center of their universe for the two guys. She was in complete control, the boys would have done anything she asked. Jon was enjoying it but he wanted to change the pace. Getting up from the table he instructed Lacey to keep on going and he would be right back, leaving her to sucking Donnie’s cock.

Jon went into the house and when he returned less than a minute later, it was just as he had left it, Lacey standing at the table and sucking Donnie’s cock. Jon went onto the grass just outside the hedges and spread out a blanket. Then he called the other two over, Lacey lay down on the middle of the blanket as Jon and Donnie knelt on either side of her. Jon said to Donnie “Pay close attention” as he started to play with her still wet pussy. Lacey moaned and closed her eyes, reaching down with both hands she grabbed a cock in each. While Jon played, Lacey stroked and Donnie watched. Jon knew how to push Lacey’s button, circling her clit with his finger while Donnie was eagerly learning. Soon Lacey was close and Jon said “Get ready to take over”. Donnie nodded and as soon as Jon said “Now” Donnie’s finger had replaced Jon’s and Donnie was now gently making circles around Lacey’s love button while Jon had inserted two fingers deep inside her. It didn’t take long before Lacey was breathing hard and arching her back. Her orgasm was powerful as she literally soaked the blanket and clamped her thighs around the two hands that were giving her pleasure and squeezed very tightly the two cocks in her hands

Finally she could take no more and pushed the guys hands away. As soon as she did this Jon got on top of Lacey and spread her thighs with his legs. Once her thighs were parted he drove his cock into her very wet velvet cock sleeve. Donnie leaned back on his knees and watched as Jon fucked Lacey as hard and as fast as he could. It didn’t take long before Jon was telling Donnie to get ready and then moaned out loud as he came hard, filling Lacey with his hot white goo and still pumping his cock in and out of her honey hole. As soon as Jon was done getting the last of his cum from his balls he rolled off of Lacey and Donnie took Jon’s place. His cock went into her depths with ease as he was now fucking her already cum filled and wet candy hole. Donnie too was not far from cumming, but he held off, biting his lower lip and saying “Man I Don’t wanna cum just yet” Lacey responded with “Just let go, fill my pussy with your boy butter” Well that was all it took and Donnie was once again cumming inside Lacey, something he had come to enjoy and truly appreciate, almost as much as her dick sucking skills.

With Donnie spent, his limp lizard slid out of Lacey’s over lubricated man milking machine. The three lay on the blanket looking up into the night sky, no one talked, Lacey had an arm around each of their heads and each of the guys was gently sucking and playing with Lacey’s tits. The boy’s sure loved her tits, but then again any man would.

Lacey broke the silence by telling them she was leaking like the Niagara Falls and Jon laughed as he said “Ya but that ain’t guy goo and gal grease running down the Niagara Falls in New York”. The trio laughed aloud and it was decided that this had better end now or it may go on all night. Lacey hugged Donnie, picked up her bra and panties and went into the house. Jon and Donnie got dressed and the guys went to the front yard together, Donnie could only say “Thanks”, I mean what else do you say to a guy who has just shared the fruits and passions of his super sexy wife? Donnie Drove off thinking about how lucky he was to have his good friends share themselves with him and how lucky Jon was to have such a sexy and sensuous woman. Jon returned to the house to find his super sexy and hot wife, which he did, laying on her back on the bed with her thighs spread, still flowing.
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