I didn't even know I HAD one!

April, 1989: I pick up some slut (turns out her name was Evelyn) in a bar, take her back to my place, fuck her. She asked me not to cum inside her. I ignored her request and shot my load into her cunt anyway. It had been almost a full month since I'd had sex, so, as you can imagine, I pumped half a fucking gallon of jizz into the bitch. Thank you very much, whore, have a nice life!

Fast forward: Three weeks ago, my doorbell rings. I answer it. There's a gorgeous redhead on my front step.

"Daddy!" she exclaims, wrapping her arms around my neck, snuggling into me. "I finally FOUND you!"

I invited her in, my predatory mind already thinking what I was gonna do to that luscious young body. (Hey, it's not like we bonded or anything: Here was an eager young woman in my house, gushing over me. My dong began to stiffen.)

She had photos and documents. And she looked exactly like my s****r Amanda, except for the red hair. (Amanda is blond. Naturally blond, carpet and d****s matching delightfully.)

So. I have a daughter. My reaction, of course, was to start stroking her spine with my left hand.

"That tickles!" she laughed.

"Well," I said in my most earnest tone, "this papers and pictures seem to be legit, but I'm gonna have to inspect you, just to be sure."

"Inspect me?" she asked, with a puzzled look on her lovely young face. "What do you mean, Daddy?"

"Well," I replied, "you probably are my girl, but I'll have to see all of you to be sure."

"Okay. What do you want me to do?"

"Stand up," I instructed. She obeyed. "Now, step back a couple of feet, so I can get a full view." She did so.

My dick was almost fully erect now. "Take your clothes off," I told her.

She gasped, seeming shocked that her father, the man supposed to protect her, wanted to make her expose herself, make herself totally vulnerable and helpless.

But I saw the look of unconditional, daughterly love in her eyes. Right then, I knew I had won.

Slowly, hesitantly, she began fumbling with the buttons of her denim shirt, undoing them one by one, occasionally looking me in the eye as she did so, hungry for her daddy's approval. My cock was now fully engorged.

Her shirt was off, revealing an incredible torso, her 22-year-old breasts barely restrained by a snow-white, virginal bra.

"Okay," I said approvingly, "now let's see those tits!"

She gasped again, her lower lip beginning to tremble. I thought I saw her lovely blue eyes tearing up a little. She was beginning to realize what was about to happen to her. I was ready to leap up off the couch to block the door: At this point, there was no turning back for my meatstick. She was going to be fucked, willing or not.

But my concern was misplaced: Sniffling a little, she reached behind her back, unfastening her bra. It dropped to the floor, and I was staring at a truly glorious pair of boobs, large, firm, and---despite the distress and dismay on her pretty face---with nipples erect.

"That's great, hon," I encouraged. "Now lose the rest. I want you totally naked. Now!"

At this point she began sobbing, her breath hitching as she unzipped her jeans. She pulled them down, kicking off her sneakers in the process, then, one by one, she removed her sparkling-clean white socks. There was my daughter, standing before me, wearing only her (you guessed it) pearly-white panties.

"Remove them," I ordered.

And now she began crying openly. Her Daddy was just another man. He was going to fuck her. But she did as she was told: She took down her last piece of clothing, her final protection against being penetrated, stepping out of the panties when they fell to her feet.

To be continued.....

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2 years ago
2 years ago
please continue
2 years ago
Good opening, and who better to teach her than her dad, perfectly natural and right.
2 years ago
Good start!
2 years ago
mmm nice start!!!