OHGirl & Velvet: The Saga Continues

Mikey was mine once again, as we fell back into our f****y routine of taking care of our 4 babies and my grandc***d. It felt great to be a mom again and we had much more time together, since Mikey had semi-retired. The money from his business and my career as an e****t allowed us to live a luxurious life if we wanted, but we lived fairly comfortably and invested wisely for our future. Mikey had controlled our finances when we got married and he kept me from blowing my money when I was younger and more impulsive. I had been a d**g addicted hooker for a few years and had birthed all five of my older c***dren, while living the lifestyle of a prostitute and frequent d**g user, but Mikey had always been the stable part of my life and that’s why I loved him. He was always there for me and even though our life may have seemed strange to others, it worked for us. It felt so good to lie in his arms at night and I always showed how much I cared as we made love every day. Even with all the k**s in the house, we still found time to have sex and spend quality time with one another. He really had no choice in the matter though, since I was going to fuck him no matter what he thought. I was always horny and not being active with other men, via my e****t service, my amateur porn site or just from being a promiscuous whore, his cock found its way into my mouth, pussy or ass at least once or twice a day.
I had just updated my contract, after discussing my decision with my manager, Rudy, and my impulses had already been tested as I was bent over Rudy’s dining room table, my tits smashing the papers I had just signed, while Rudy pounded my cunt from behind. We had ripped off one another’s clothes and I had sucked his long, white prick, until it was rock hard, before I had bent over the table and guided him into my wet twat from behind. I was moaning and cursing as he slammed his retired, porn star cock into my dripping slit and begging for him to fuck me harder. I had only just landed in LA less than two hours ago and I was already fucking someone. Of course, I had been fucking Rudy since he had recruited me over two years ago, to sign exclusively for his porn film company, and not only him, but hundreds of his friends and co-workers had stuffed their cocks into me since then. Even though he was in his late 60’s, he could still bring me to an orgasm and fuck my pussy and ass with the best of my lovers. “Here’s a little baby batter for your fuckin’ hole.” He grunted into my ear as I felt him explode inside of me. I began to cum just thinking about how I had already had my cunt filled with cum earlier in the morning, by Mikey, and now I was getting it filled again, not more than 7 hours later, after a cross country flight. It felt so good, but I knew it was so wrong.
I was on the set the next day shooting a scene with two of my co-stars. It was a double penetration scene and both of them would be cumming in my mouth for the finale. It was a time consuming shoot, as the director tried to get as many angles as he could of their cocks in my gaping holes. On a couple of occasions, I allowed them to enter my vagina without a condom, in order to facilitate a shot and not have to put on a rubber, just to take it off a few minutes later for another shot. It excited me to feel their bare cocks inside of me and the more I tried to be good, the more difficult that it was. Thinking about being exclusive to my two lovers, Mikey and Nelson, made me want to fuck others even more. I couldn’t get it out of my head and that helped the scene out quite a bit as I came twice during the fucking I was getting. I fell to my knees on my queue and caught both of their huge cum shot in my mouth and all over my face while I swallowed for the camera and played with their cum and still erect poles. I was still horny after the director ended the scene and on my way back to my dressing room, I led one of my co-stars along with me, by his swollen rod. He drove his dick deep inside me as I sat on the bathroom sink, my legs spread wide to accept his white cock. His fingers found my asshole while he spread my butt cheeks and he stuffed three of them into my behind while he continued to fuck my wet hole. I took a long deep breath when I felt his warmth inside of me and let out a long, low moan and growl as I slid off of his large tool and sucked it clean. His cum dripped from my spread lips while I squatted in front of him and it felt so good. What a whore I was and I loved it.
Two more scenes in the next two days kept me busy and also filled with cum as I fucked another of my co-stars, after accepting a date later that night, and at the end of the week when I took on four different friends of Rudy at an after film party. I was a porn star and this is how I lived, but I still felt guilty. The guilt just made me feel dirty and I liked it even more. I was a dirty little slut and all of the guys that had fucked me made sure to let me know when I begged them for their cum. Rudy loved every minute as he filmed them with a small hand held camera and then had one of them film himself when it was his turn. I was gasping at the end of the amateur flick, fingering my jizz filled hole and sucking on my fingers as I tasted all of their spunk. We watched the film three times that night and it made me even more excited as I watched all four of them, plus Rudy, dump their loads into my waiting pussy. Their bodies jerked and spasmed while they filled me with their semen and I watched as I pulled them closer to me, my legs wrapped around their waists to squeeze them deeper into my slippery cunt.
I had never really watched many of my films in full, but as I did, it turned me on and now I had a new outlet for my sexual cravings. When I got back to Vegas the next day, I put it on for Nelson and we fucked five times that day, while we watched a collection of both of our films. He loved my early amateur porn stuff and seeing me take on large groups of men made him even harder. At the end of the day, my cunt was fucked raw and I had been filled with sperm. It was such a good feeling, so I sat on my balcony and smoked a cigarette, all the while sexting Mikey with selfies of me, while I masturbated on my balcony furniture. I was still horny, but too sore to do anything about it. Nelson was shooting a film the next day, so I let my mind race about who I would hook up with after my early scheduling appointment. I would be on the road soon, pushing my new films, and I would have quite a few opportunities to fuck more strangers and the thought made me wetter, while I fingered my erect clit and sent the pics to the father of my c***d. Now I was wondering whom might be the father of my next c***d. It made me feel bad, but I just kept rubbing away.
I had driven into town, to my condo, to drop off my little girl to her father, for his visitation. He had met me there and we had talked, while I put her down on the couch to finish the nap she had begun on the drive. Now I was lying in bed naked, my cunt filled with fresh, sticky jizz as I lit up a cigarette and stared over at my baby’s daddy. We had been hooking up occasionally, since he had split with his most recent girlfriend, and I was enjoying the benefits of his huge, white cock once again. It had felt good to feel him driving it deep into my wet cunt and I had begged him to unload his semen into my spasming hole. This was only the second time that we had made love, since our own split over a year ago, but it made me quiver again as I inhaled deeply on my cigarette. I had once again fallen off of the no smoking wagon, but it was worth the fucking that I had received. After I finished, I showered and put on a sheer black robe, returning to check on my baby, whom was just awaking from her sl**p. Her father came and took her from my arms and kissed me before they both left. He would be bringing her back at the end of the weekend and if all went well, I would be able to get round 2 of our love making.
I cleaned up the condo while I was there, dusting, sweeping and changing my just recently soiled sheet. I wasn’t using it as regularly as I had, when I was working as an e****t, so I would stop by once a week to do so and to also hook up with Marvin, my cam site manager. We still fucked whenever possible and I was debating on whether to call him when the door opened up and my son, James, came down the hall. He was going to be turning 21 in the next week and he and Mikey had discussed flying to Vegas for him to celebrate and for them to surprise his s****r, while they were in town. I hadn’t seen James since the debacle with my older daughter’s boyfriend, so it was nice to see him again. My nipples hardened as he came up to hug and kiss me hello. He was such a wonderful son, but he had also been a sexual partner of mine for almost three years. It was horrible to think that I had allowed it to continue, but he was a sex addict like his mother too and we often gave into our lustful feeling and indulgences.
I was still nude under my untied, sheer robe and I knew that James was looking at me. I had gotten back into pretty good shape after giving birth to the triplets and even though my breasts were still huge, I had lost the majority of my weight and returned to my previous size. It became a little uncomfortable as we just stood there, so I brought up his birthday trip before turning around to continue my cleaning. I was wiping up the kitchen counters when I felt his arms wrap around me and his hands grip my breast, squeezing them as he whispered in my ear, “I know what else I want for my birthday.” My son had never been the aggressor in our sexual relationship, except on a couple of occasions, when he had taken me roughly during a mother and son confrontation about our continued sexual incidents. His huge erection pressed against my ass and I pushed back as his tongue licked my neck and ear. My emotional thoughts struggled about what we were doing, but the excitement caused my breasts to squirt milk onto my just cleaned granite. He squeezed and pinched my nipples, causing me to lactate onto the counters and floor, making more of a mess for me to clean up later. “Your tits are so God damned huge. I want to fuck them.” He told me, my lust nearly making me choke as my nipples grew more erect and my pussy began to drip. James had never acted quite like this and it didn’t help that I was loving it.
I spun around in his arms and went down to my knees. I tore at his pants and finally unleashed his long, black ebony pole. It was so hard and my hungry lips devoured it. My head bobbed like a woodpecker as I sucked his smooth, black tool, trying desperately to get the entire length into my mouth and throat. It was impossible, but I tried as I gagged and slobbered on my son’s enormous penis. His cock was lubed with my spit when he pulled me up from the floor and bent me over the table, sliding easily between my parted and swollen labia. I began to grunt as he pounded me from behind, his cock driving deep into my vagina with each hard, uplifting stroke. He was fucking me hard and long stroking his gigantic cock over and over into my slippery canal and I gushed on his shaft as I came, making another huge mess on the floor for me to clean up later. His cock slammed me for what seemed like an hour as James fucked me like a cheap whore on my kitchen table. I love being taken like that and being the slut that I was. I creamed on his cock like he was fucking a tub of butter. His pole was drenched in my white, natural lube and it coated the full length of his weapon and dripped from his large, round balls as he continued to drive it into me with youthful exuberance.
I found myself on my back after being flipped onto the table and soon my legs were wrapped tightly around James’ back while he rode me. My cunt was soaking my kitchen table and we were both sliding all over the slippery, wooden top while we fucked like a****ls. My son picked me up on his prick and pressed me against the wall, pushing my back against it while he bounced me on his throbbing rod. I was screaming in ecstasy as I came again, my vagina spraying his groin and splashing the floor with more of my natural lubricant. The neighbors would have thought I was being killed if they had not heard the same noises from their local hooker’s residence in the past. James carried me to the bedroom and began to ravish me on my new, clean sheets and soon they were soaked with our sweat and my soaked pussy. I was on all fours and a handful of hair gripped by my son as he continued to dominate me from behind. He cock was wearing me out and I nearly fell forward onto my face when I began to tremble and cum once again. Each hard thrust pressed against my G-spot, driving me insane with lust and pleasure. I wanted another cock and begged for it in my asshole. James stuffed both of his thumbs into my behind as he gripped my ass and continued to fuck me like a dog.
My son’s large cock drove me wild for hours on end as I felt him cum deep inside of me, then continue to fuck me with his multi-orgasmic tool. Toward the end, his slippery, dark and swollen prick found it’s way between my large, milk filled breasts and he titty fucked me before covering my face and filling my mouth with a huge cumshot. I was in heaven and I licked and sucked his meaty schlong clean, milking it for more sticky jizz, while I ate the spunk that covered my face. He watched me devour his pools of semen, enjoying the site of his mother licking up his sperm that he had just deposited on her cheeks and across her forehead. My hair was covered and my left eye was pasted shut while I stroked his cock and continued to clean up his massive ejaculation. “Now it’s my turn.” I said hungrily, as I pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips, sliding down the full length of his nearly 14 inch long, black, thick cock. I rode it slowly and for quite some time before I slid off and rode him reverse cowgirl with his enormous prick stuffed into my asshole. It felt so good, but not as good as it tasted when he was ready to cum once again and I took him into my mouth and swallowed him down with each blast of warm jizz.
The afternoon was over and it was creeping into late evening when we finally finished fucking and sucking one another. My hair was matted with cum and I was still covered in sweat, saliva and sperm. My pussy and asshole were worn out and gaping back at me as I laid looking at the ceiling mirror, listening to the shower in the next room, while my son cleaned up the mess from our rendezvous. He had gotten his birthday present and had given me one of the top 10 fuckings of my life. I lit up a cigarette and smoked half of it before I put it out and then joined him in the shower. We weren’t done yet. I just knew I could coax out another load or three from James. He was still young and my soon to be 21 year old son was going to find out what it was like to fuck a real whore and sex addict. I was going to fuck him unitl he couldn’t get it up again and I would teach him what a real birthday present is.
I looked down on James’ naked, muscular body that night, as I came out of the shower and dressed. It was time to get back home to my hubby and c***dren. I would have to return to clean up my current mess on the following day or two. James’ cock was limp and lying across his abs, spent from being sucked and ridden for the last few hours. He had cum another four times before he fell asl**p, exhausted from my constant sexual attack. He had inherited his father’s sexual appetite, big dick and stamina and that was one of the reasons that I had fallen in love with Shawn and had his c***d. Now I was fucking him and it brought back old memories. I kissed him on the forehead as he continued sl**ping, then moved down and kissed his lips, before I made my way to his long, thick, flaccid tool, much larger than most of the men I had been with, during my lifetime of being a hooker, when they were fully erect, and kissed it goodnight. He groaned and shifted in his sl**p and I smiled as I walked out the door, knowing that he had truly enjoyed my present and that I had truly enjoyed giving it to him. This was going to have to be our last time together. It was time that I became his mother again and not his sexual surrogate, allowing him to fuck me whenever he got the urge or when I did too.

I sat in bed between my two occasional lovers and fellow gang members, Luiz and Big Poppy, my gaping crack leaking the current load of jizz with which Luiz had filled me. He was inhaling a joint and handed it to me while I stroked and lubricated his cousin’s, wrist thick, Latino cock. I had been sucking it while Luiz had been fucking me and now it was Big Poppy’s turn to have his fun. I inhaled deeply and held in the reefer smoke before blowing it out onto his hard, slippery prick. I smiled as I handed the joint to him and let him take a drag before he grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed me face down onto the bed. He mounted my ass quickly and drove his plump rod deep into my ass, nearly splitting it open as he pushed it in as fast as he could. I groaned out while he held onto my neck and pressed my head onto the pillow, pile driving his hard pole into my tight ass. He had always enjoyed butt fucking me and he was going to tear up my asshole for sure today.
I had met up with my two Hispanic lovers shortly after setting up my schedule, for my upcoming road trip, and they had met me greedily at their apartment door. It had been a month since they had last fucked their black, pornstar piece of ass and fellow gang member, Putita, and they were happy to see me arrive. Luiz had pounded my wet cunt good before he had cum and I had done a couple of lines of coke off of his erection while I had sucked him hard. Now my Big Poppy was plowing his dick into my backdoor while he held me down submissively and I screamed for more. “We need to take you back to the building and have a party with you baby.” Luiz said to me as he pressed the joint between my lips and let me inhale. The smoke escaped my mouth and nose in spurts that coincided with each of Big Poppy’s thrusts. The thought of being fucked by a large group of Las Vegas, Latino gang members turned me on, but I had to return to my condo when I was done here. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t been gangbanged by the group in the past. My initiation had been a test of me being able to take on over 68 members in one night and that was how I had earned my nickname, Putita, which meant Little Whore.
Luiz was filming our sexual hookup and sending small snippets to the rest of his friends and members and many had urged them to bring me back for a party. “My b*****rs miss you as much as we do baby and they want to party hard. We got lots of weed and coke for you Putita.” Luiz said sweetly. “Come on baby, say yes.” He pleaded as he filmed me. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes”…..I grunted and screamed out as Big Poppy began to fuck me harder and then pulled out and came on my face. I licked his cock for the camera and a large amount of texts began to stream to Luiz’s phone from his friends. My cunt was going to get stuffed all night and I was looking forward to it.
I had arrived cleanly showered after fucking my two lovers, but now I was sweaty and naked, lying on an old couch in a run down and abandoned building, while a line of Hispanic men took their turns using me. I had danced for them and had two quick drinks, a line of coke and a bong full of weed before the first guy made his move and led me to the couch to ride his cock. As the night progressed I had a group of 25 to 30 Latino men fuck me in every hole and position they could. When the night was over and they were done with me, my labia were swollen and spread open, oozing semen from at least 15 or 16 of my lovers. The rest had filled my well used asshole and fed me their cum when they ejaculated into my mouth or all over my face. A cigarette hung from my lips while I sat on the couch, sore and tired from the gangbang. I had two lines of cocaine in front of me on a tray and I quickly snorted both as I leaned back and took a deep inhalation to relax. Luiz was going to drive me home in a short while, but first he wanted a blow job. I took him between my lips and in between puffs on my cig, I sucked him off until he filled my mouth with hot spunk. Putita had been a busy girl tonight and it was time to rest.
Luiz drove me back to his apartment after we left the warehouse and I showered to clean off all of the spunk and sweat. I was worn out and still buzzing when I walked back into his bedroom and fell into his bed. He began rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples as he sucked on them. “Hey baby, I can’t drive you back home tonight, since I gotta get back to my homies.” Luiz told me, “But my little b*o and a couple of his friends said they would take you.” He said as he kissed me and slid off the bed to answer the knocking at his front door. He brought in four young guys, one whom he introduced as his b*****r, Bennie. I was still naked and sprawled on his bed, lighting up a cigarette, when they entered. “Take good care of our little porn star, b*o.” he told Bennie while he got ready to go. Bennie and his three friends stared at me as Luiz grabbed a handful of his things and left the apartment. Once Luiz walked out the door, Bennie sat on the edge of the bed and introduced his friends. They all eased into the room and Bennie began to ask a few questions about where I lived and if I really was a porn star. By the time that I was almost done with my cigarette, all of them were on the bed and asking me questions, while they broke out a bag of pot and began rolling a huge spliff. They lit it and asked if I wanted to get high, so I told them yes and we passed it around between us while they all stared at my naked body every time the joint made its way to me. We were almost done when they began to roll a few more and before you know it, we had smoked two more and I was buzzing out of my mind.
The guys had searched Luiz and Big Poppy’s pile of movies and had found a pile of 10 or 12 of my porn flicks and had put them into the dvd player, in the bedroom, to watch them as they asked me more questions about my career. They were cracking up as I told them about certain things that had happened during some of my films or scenes and as we all moved closer together, to share the pot, they began to rub and touch me. I was extremely horny from the pot, the night’s previous d**g binge and from watching my movies. I began to touch them and moved over to begin seducing Bennie first, as I worked open his pants and began to blow him in front of his friend. Bennie and his friends were still in high school, but they were old enough to drive, so I didn’t even think about it as they all removed their clothes and my mouth found its way to all of their hard cocks. I guided Bennie into my pussy from behind while I sucked his friend’s brown dicks, one after the other, feeling his stiff prick pumping me while I pushed back into his groin. He came quickly and filled my slit with his seed, but he kept on stroking his penis inside of me and he remained erect as he continued to pound me harder and harder.
Bennie came again and then each of his friends took their turn. I spent the next 2 hours fucking each of them, as they took turns, sometimes double teaming me as I sucked them off. They kept the movies playing and decided to try a few things that they had watched. I found myself mashed between two of them as they worked their cocks into both of my holes to double penetrate me. I also took two facials during that time. Their youth kept them hard and each of them came at least three times, filling my wet cunt and mouth with jizz. None of them came in my ass, because they all seemed to enjoy cumming deep in my pussy. It felt so good and I screamed out on a number of occasions when I felt them ejaculating inside of me, making me cum hard. I showered once again after we finished and Bennie and his friends took me back to my condo. I contributed to their delinquency a bit more when I invited them up for a drink and more pot. They ended up spending the rest of the evening with me, fucking me when ever they were able, especially when I used my mouth to get them worked up. I was spent when they left and fell asl**p full of their semen, after I finished a good night smoke.

My hubby and our son, James, were going to surprise our daughter, Velvet, in Las Vegas. James was turning 21 and Mikey had agreed to take him to Vegas. Velvet had been gone for two weeks and I knew that Mikey missed her. She was supposed to be at her condo for the next week, before her road trip to promote her porn movies. They hoped to stay there with her, while in town for a few days. Luckily, we had just hired a couple of new nannies, to help me around the house, with my four babies and my granddaughter. If I were lucky, I would get a little bit of time away while they watched the k**s, but we would find out noon enough.
Mikey and James flew out early in the morning and my nannies arrived, to begin their day, about the same time. It took a lot of work to feed three, nearly 4 month old, triplets and two little girls that were only 14 months old. I would have been swamped by myself, but I took time to breast feed my triplets, while the nannies began feeding the older c***dren and cleaning the house. We had been working together for the last week, so we had a good routine going. Once the k**s were all cleaned up and I got dressed, I drove into town, leaving the triplets and my granddaughter with the nannies. I was going to take my little girl to see her daddy and maybe have a little fun if I was lucky. Hondo knew that I’d try to seduce him, since it had been a couple of weeks since we last fucked.
My young lover and I had worked out our problems when he had broken up with his girlfriend and now we were able to spend more time with one another, especially when he had visitation with our daughter. I knew he had always loved me and I had loved him too, but I just couldn’t leave my husband for him and it had hurt our relationship, after I had given birth to his daughter. I had nine c***dren and most of them were to different men, so I had never worried about my relationships with the men whom had impregnated me. I guess when you’ve been a hooker for over 30 years and had been with over 16,000 different men in your life, you didn’t think about things like that. My daughter had fallen asl**p on the drive to my condo, so when her father arrived, we immediately fell into bed to have our fun, before she awoke. I just hoped that my groaning, grunting and occasional squeals wouldn’t wake her up, while I was getting stuffed with Hondo’s foot long, white cock. We laid in one another’s arms like old times, after he had filled me with his hot cum, and I was almost asl**p when my baby woke me up after her nap.
I had slept for nearly 24 hours after my gangbang and d**g binge, so when I woke up, I was in need of a nice relaxing soak in my Jacuzzi. After I finished, I ate a protein bar and, because it had been a while since I had been to the gym, I decided to use some of my extra energy for something other than sex. I was dressed up in my yoga pants and fitness bra when the doorbell rang. The door opened while I made my way across the room and, since only two other people had a key to my condo, I was surprised to see Mikey and my b*****r James. I thought that it would be my boyfriend, Nelson, who was due back in Vegas in the next couple of days. He had been off shooting a few porn films, for which he had been hired, and I just assumed that he had finished early. I jumped into Mikey’s arms and we shared a long, wet kiss before I realized that my b*****r was staring. I gave him a quick kiss and hug and then they gave me the news of their secret trip to Vegas. Mikey had brought James to celebrate his 21st birthday and they were going to be staying with me for the next few days. I hadn’t expected them, but I was glad that they were here.
Mikey and James were ready for lunch after their long flight, so I went to my room to change into a little summer dress. Mikey followed me after a subtle wink, while James got something to drink, and when the door to my bedroom closed, I stripped quickly to seduce him and get him out of his clothes. I hadn’t made love to my baby’s daddy for over two weeks and I had the urge to eat him alive. His cock was in my mouth as I slid off his cargo shorts and I was pulling him on top of me once he was fully erect. James found out soon enough what was taking me so long to get dressed when I began screaming out from the multiple orgasms that I had over the next 45 minutes. I was starving too, once we finished, and I didn’t even bother to clean up as I slipped on my dress and left my lover’s cum deep in my cunt, leaking out slowly over the next two hours as we went off to enjoy a nice lunch.
We made plans to take James out to a few clubs on the following day, but Mikey told me to take him out, since he wasn’t really interested in hanging out in the techno type nightclubs. It would be fun and I could call up a few of my porn star girlfriends to join us. We wondered the strip that evening and showed James the Vegas skyline, until late into the night, and when we returned, James stayed in the guest room while Mikey and I spent the night together in my bedroom. We made love until early in the morning and it felt so good to fall asl**p in his arms once again. I loved him so much and hopefully our time together this weekend would be the special occasion that would lead to another c***d for both of us. Since I had stopped taking my birth control once again, over three weeks ago, I had engaged in unprotected sex with nearly 100 different men. I had gone wild, my sexual addiction driving me to be more promiscuous, even though I had added a condom clause to my porn contract. It didn’t seem to stop me from fucking my co-stars on the side or engaging in gangbangs and sex parties on my off time. I hoped for the best and talked myself into believing, that since I had been more sexually active with my main two lovers, that if I did get pregnant, it would hopefully be by one of them.
When we woke up the next afternoon, we made love again and then we showered and went shopping for some hip outfits to wear out to the club. We spent about 4 hours shopping and eating before we returned to my condo to get ready for the evening out. Two of my girlfriends, Nina and Tracy, were going to join us and hopefully they would give my b*****r a nice treat for his birthday. I called a limo to pick us up at 10 pm that night and James and I went down to get our ride and to meet my girlfriends at the club. When we got into the limo, James began asking me a lot of questions about working in the porn industry. I answered quite a few of his questions and then he told me that he had been thinking about getting into the business. I explained how difficult and low paying it was for most of the men, but in the end, I agreed to introduce him to my agent, Rudy. My b*****r was a good looking, muscular guy and he had one of the biggest dicks that I had ever had, so he was a natural for the job. I just hoped that he would be able to live the lifestyle. He was going to be graduating from OSU in another year and I hated to see him waste his time and not use his diploma for a good job. Of course, I had taken a hiatus from my college classes, after two years, and had become a porn star. I did plan on finishing my degree at a future time though and actually thought about taking classes once again, full time, if I got pregnant.
Traffic was bad on the strip that evening, so we had plenty of time to discuss his potential career in porn, but it also gave my b*****r and I more time to be alone together, and that was not always a good thing. We had been drinking a couple of mixed drinks from the bar in the back of the limo and after two rum and cokes, we became a bit turned on from talking about porn. It seemed to all move so smoothly as James leaned over to kiss me and soon his long black cock was in my mouth and I was deep throating him. I lifted my dress and straddled his lap after about 10 minutes of blowing his giant ebony pole, then slid down on his throbbing, rock hard organ. I was squealing loudly as he bounced me on his stiff prick and when the limo came to stop and the driver opened the window to let us know that we had arrived at the club, I motioned for him to close the window and I continued to ride my b*****r’s penis until he exploded deep inside of my wet cunt. It felt so good to fuck him again and I would have loved to bring him to another 2 or 3 more orgasms, but my friends were waiting and my pussy we filled with jizz that needed to be cleaned up. Apparently, my bother did care though, and as I crawled across the seat toward the door, after sliding off of his massive shaft, he grabbed me from behind and lifted the bottom of my dress back up and slid back into me from behind. I fell forward onto my elbows, my face pressing down onto the leather seat as he began to pound my twat from behind. I was screaming and cumming all over the seats after about 15 minutes and in another 10 minutes, he painted my cervix with another gusher of warm semen. I used my hand to catch the cum from my slit, after we finished, and I licked it from the palm of my hands before we exited the limo. I savored the taste and texture of his sticky load and it made me even more horny as we entered the club and I saw all of the hot guys and girls partying the night away.
I introduced my friends to James and they took a quick liking to him, dragging him onto the dance floor. I cleaned up in the restroom and then joined them, glad that I never wore panties and feeling wet and ready for more cock as all four of us began drinking and celebrating my b*****r’s 21st birthday. We had a table in the VIP section and there were a few celebrities in our area. I recognized some of them and a couple of young, cute guys must have recognized me, stopping by our table to introduce themselves and let me know that they were fans of mine. James, Nina and Tracy were hitting it off, so I sat and had drinks with my two new, Hollywood, C list stars. One had been a bit actor in a couple of films and the other had been in a cable show and I did recognize him. They pulled me onto the floor after a few more drinks and soon I was sandwiched between them as they ran their hands over my body and ground their packages into me from in front and in back. I had a history of fucking guys in the music industry and in mainstream films, so I’m sure they were hoping to get lucky. I had made the tabloids quite a few times before I had gotten pregnant and it had done wonders for my career. Any type of publicity is good publicity and I was going to need a little more as I began my promotional movie tour in a week. I figured that the paparazzi would have a field day when they saw the three of us leave the club and from the selfies that the guys were taking with me and posting on their twitter sites, as we all partied.
I left James with my friends after about an hour of dancing and I went with the guys as they took me back to their hotel. We got quite a few looks when we left the club and many of the patrons recognized me from my porn career and them from their films and TV shows. We posed for a few pics and had others taking some with their cellphones until we got to my limo and I had the driver take us to their room at Caesar’s Palace. I made sure that the driver returned to the club afterward, but once I got into the back of the stretch limo, I had both of their cocks out and was sucking them off. Back and forth I went between them, bobbing my head in their laps, while I wrapped my lips around their hard cocks. I had fucked a lot of people in Hollywood and they wouldn’t be my last. They used me for easy sex and I used them for the publicity of being a whore who got paid to fuck. One of the guys came in my mouth before we got back to the hotel, but I promised to get him hard, when we got to their room. He had loved watching me swallow his spunk and I had loved feeling it explode in my mouth and run down my throat.
We passed a few fans in the hotel and elevator before we got to their room, where they stripped me out of my dress and threw me on the bed. I sucked on the limp cock, that had fed me a load earlier, and I felt my other young, Hollywood lover fuck me from behind while I did so. Before long, they were each taking turns in my pussy, fucking me hard and long into the night. I came at least twice while they boned me that early morning and I took two huge loads in my cunt and one in my asshole before I showered and smoked a cigarette in their room. They were on the verge of passing out from drinking and fucking all night and it was time for me to leave, so I walked down to the lobby and exited to get a cab. When I got back to the condo, Mikey was still asl**p and James wasn’t even back yet. It was almost 7:30 am when I slid into bed next to my lover and reached down to stroke his sexy penis. He woke up and smiled at me as I slid down to blow him and then rode him to an orgasm, before I fell asl**p with his dick still in my gaping hole. We both woke up in the late afternoon, when James finally got back home, and went to bed. I later found out that he had fucked the shit out of both of my girlfriends, whom expressed their wishes to make sure to be in a movie with him once he got into the business. He had worn them both out with his big, black prick and fucked them silly with his multi-orgasmic, always erect, missile. I knew just how they felt.
Another night passed before Mikey decided to return home and James asked to stay for another few days. He was having fun partying with my friends and he wanted to fly to LA with me when I began my tour. He wanted to meet with my agent Rudy and I had told him about my b*****r’s porn ambitions. I got a text from Nelson and he wouldn’t be back for another day, so everything seemed to be working out for all of us. I made love with Mikey for one more day, before taking him to the airport and hugging him goodbye. I had loved his visit and couldn’t wait to go home again, in another two weeks, to see him and my daughter. When I got back to my condo, loud screams greeted me as I found my b*****r fucking another porn star friend of mine. He must have met her from either Nina or Tonya, but when I peeked into the guest room, James was driving his cock deep into her vagina and she was loving it. It made me horny to see it and I found myself in the room standing near the bed and watching them when they noticed me. Jame’s new lover’s name was Tina and she motioned for me to join in and soon I was licking my b*****r’s dick as it slid into her crack. She came as I licked her clit and sucked on Jame’s cock in between his strokes. The menage-a-trois went on for nearly two hours as we shared my b*****r’s big, black pole between us. He fucked Tina hard before cumming in her mouth and then pumped my pussy like a jackrabbit until he filled me with another load of jizz. Tina licked my pussy afterward and then we all fell asl**p until the next day.
Tina had left early and she kissed me before she left, thanking me for introducing her to my b*****r and then secretly telling me that she would fuck her b*****r too, if he was as hot and well hung as James. We slept together until noon and James woke me up by sliding two of his fingers into my vagina and rubbing my G-spot. It felt good and I spread my legs wide and let him mount me. He drove his rod into my wet hole for an hour before we were both startled by the unannounced arrival of my boyfriend, Nelson. “So, who’s your new friend?” he asked, over Jame’s shoulders while he was holding my legs spread wide and stroking his long prick inside of me. “This is my b*****r, James. It’s his birthday.” I said with a smile. Nelson knew I was a freak, so he didn’t even blink as he dropped his drawers and told James that he was going to need some help to wear me out. His thick, limp cock found my mouth and was soon engorged with bl**d. I was moaning out loud while James fucked me and I sucked Nelson’s giant tool. When it was fully erect, even James was surprised. Nelson was the biggest cock I had ever seen or had and James was a close second, the biggest at one time, before my trip to OZ. Now I was in bed with two awesome, horse-sized cock lovers, and it seemed like it was my birthday. They both fucked the living daylights out of me for the rest of the afternoon and once we had cleaned up and gotten dinner, were back in bed again, driving their enormous cocks into all of my holes.
I had never screamed so loud or cum so many times during a session of hot, wild sex in my life. Their giant rods shared my ass and pussy at the same time, stretching my openings to their limits as they fucked me in every position and combination that they could. They double penetrated me and fucked me in contortionist positions the entire night, both of them cumming multiple times inside of me. When they were finally done with me, I walked bow legged out onto the balcony of my condo and enjoyed a long, well-earned smoke. I chain smoked three cigarettes before I returned to their bed and fell asl**p between them. All three of us spent the next two days fucking constantly, barely taking time to clean up and eat between our record making sessions. My vagina was sore and so was my ass, but I continued to take their huge cocks and the pounding that they were giving me. I was a sex addict and the thought of being used by my b*****r and boyfriend while they plunged their enormous organs inside of me, with wild abandon, and filling me with, what seemed like an endless supply of hot, sticky semen, drove me wild. I loved it and took it as best a porn star, who had been with over 6000 different men in her life, could. I was only 22 years old and my pussy had been fucked more times and by more men in my life than a group of 50 or 100 women could claim in their lifetime and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
My mind was buzzing along with my body, as our sexual orgy drove me over the edge. This was the peak of my addiction and it was ecstasy as I came over and over again for nearly three days of sex. When we finally finished, it was the evening before my return to LA, so we took a break to pack and get ready for our early morning flight. Of course, James and Nelson just couldn’t let me be and they both fucked me until four hours before our flight the next morning and barely gave me time to clean up and dress before leaving for the airport. I was exhausted and slept during the short flight to LA. I was so sore and I didn’t know if I’d be able to have sex for another couple of days. When we arrived at Rudy’s, I introduced him to James and we spent the rest of the day discussing and talking business, but as the evening arrived, Rudy told us to get ready for an intimate dinner at his place with him and a group of friends. I knew what that meant and when the guests arrived, my b*****r got to see me in my full porn star mode as I mingled with the group of 25 guests that had joined us. As the evening grew later, James watched me smoke pot, drink and do lines of cocaine with men and women that wanted me. When the party got to its peak late that night, he watched as Rudy and five or six other party members fucked me by the pool. Five loads of cum filled my cunt and one filled my asshole before I took myself inside to clean up and return to get high again.
A couple of the women were fucking my b*****r when I returned and I joined in to blow him for a few minutes before Rudy took me to his bedroom to film me fucking three new potential male actors that he had just hired. They pumped me for over an hour before spraying my face and cumming in my cunt and ass once again. I had been fucked so much in the last week that I thought my legs would fall off, but that was what being a porn star was and since I actually enjoyed it, that made me one of the best. Once Rudy ended the party in the early morning hours, I fell into bed with him and we slept until the afternoon. We made love when we woke up and then we got to meet with James again for a late lunch, where Rudy offered him a contract. I was happy for James and wished him the best. I would be leaving the next day to go on tour, but until then, Rudy had one more party to celebrate with my b*****r and I. Another night of multiple sex partners, including my b*****r, filled my cunt with more jizz and as I laid naked on a lounge chair by the pool, smoking a cigarette, I thought about all of the potential fathers of my next c***d and worried that my decision to try to get pregnant again was not the best thing I could have done. I only hoped that the odds would go my way. I wiped away a tear that slipped down my cheek, put out my cigarette and thought of Mikey and my daughter while I was led to a room to fuck one of Rudy’s guests, before the party ended. Another load of cum for my cunt just made the odds even worse.

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