OHGirl & Velvet: Surprising Changes

The nanny, whom we had hired, had made my job at home much easier, especially with the constant feeding and cleaning. I seemed to always have one of my three newborns attached to my tit or sometimes two of them hanging on to my massive, still full breasts. They were still tiny for their age, but were growing rapidly. I continued to stay home to take care of them and my soon to be one year old and my granddaughter, whom I took care of while my daughter, Velvet, was working. The nanny kept the house and laundry at bay while I chased the k**s and my husband, Mikey, who was now semi-retired, also stayed home to take part in his c***dren’s upbringing. We were a nuclear f****y once more, even if one of the c***dren belonged to my former lover and my grandc***d belonged to my daughter and her father. They were still lovers when she returned home to spend time and we shared her father individually and sometimes together.
My sex life had taken a huge turn from my previous career of promiscuity to one of stay at home mom, but I was enjoying it and found time to still get wild when I had the rare opportunity. I also had more time to get back into shape, since the nanny had taken over the household duties. I was using our home gym daily and had even managed to quit smoking once again, very rarely sneaking a cigarette after a mind blowing round of sex or if I found the chance to satiate my slutty side. It was difficult, but I felt much better without the d**gs, alcohol and cigarettes and regretted my choices when I did slip back into my old habits, which were actually becoming less often as of late.
My long list of lovers from the past had dwindled due to my availability and time with the k**s, so I found myself being mostly monogamous with my husband, only on rare occasions fucking my son, James, my long-time neighbor, Gerald, or my former web site manager and Velvet’s former college boyfriend, Marvin. Eventually the c***dren would be too old for their mother to be having sex in front of them while they played. At a certain age they became more aware of what I was doing and sucking off their father or b*****r, the neighbor or a stranger, in the same room in which they played or slept, wouldn’t be appropriate, even for me. I had been an e****t for a long time and my ability to have sex anywhere was earned over years of practice, but I still had some rules to follow, even though I did break them occasionally.
I had begun lifting weights, adding the routine to my work out of aerobics and running, and had gotten permission to hire my old lover and bodybuilder, JJ, to train me once a week at home. We hadn’t seen each other in years and I had found his personal training info and contacted him for his services. He had originally been one of my regular customers, when I was younger, and then we had begun to date. He was a testosterone induced mass of muscles when I had last been with him and when he arrived for our first session, he hadn’t changed much. He was still ripped and huge and his cocky attitude hadn’t changed either. He had always been a rough lover and had taken pleasure in using his extremely thick, black cock to pound many of his women’s cunts into submission, including mine. I had thought that one of my first two c***dren may have been his, since we had fucked a lot, but it wasn’t so, and I had never determined whom the father may have been. He had wanted to be with me and we were lovers for quite some time, even after I was married. I had gotten used to his hard fucking and driving thrusts as he jammed his thick cock into each of my holes, but it had been some time since he had done so. When he moved up closer, over my head, while spotting me on the bench press, I knew that he was planning on giving me a hard first workout.
JJ pulled his small running shorts to the side and his long, thick, vein covered cock dangled over my face while I pressed up the weights on the long bar. He squatted down to follow my lift and his black dick fell across my face, throwing off my concentration as I was unable to grab it and pull it to my lips. His hand guided it instead and soon I was looking up at him with my blowjob eyes while I tried to take his wide hunk of meat deep into my throat. He placed the bar onto the rack, allowing me to take his sausage into both hands while I pumped it and sucked it greedily. I hadn’t fucked anyone else, other than my husband, in just over a week and I was wet with excitement. “Look at them big ass titties. All swollen and bigger than ever, since you had them babies. Damn, I’m gonna fuck them and that pussy of yours til you scream baby.” He told me as he pulled his swollen head from between my lips and smacked his quickly stiffening shaft across my face and mouth. “You gonna let me fuck that black ass too, baby?” he asked as he stuffed his prick back into my mouth, nearly gagging me while he began to fuck my face. “Mmmmhhhmmm.” I grumbled in answer, while I opened wider to take his penis farther into my mouth. He leaned over me and his hand slipped into the top of my shorts as he rubbed my pussy and his other hand pulled down my workout top, exposing my huge breasts and erect nipples, so that he could squeeze them.
Milk sprayed into the air from my nipples as JJ squeezed and pinched them and then three of his long, wide fingers slid deep into my slippery cunt and began to stoke my wide hole. I moaned out more while I continued to suck his saliva covered, vein encrusted shaft. I was in heaven as he rubbed my clit while he finger fucked me and I just kept sucking until he pulled his wood hard log from between my lips and then sprayed my face with a huge load of cum. Over and over large streams of jizz shot across my face, landing into my open mouth and pasting my right eye closed as he grabbed his ebony tool. He pumped it in his hand and my hair was sprayed and a few shots made it past my face, up over my chin and landed onto my breasts. I reached up and rubbed his semen into my nipples and I began pinching my own tits as I swallowed the load that had filled my mouth. It tasted so good and I wanted more.
“Damn baby, you got me horny with those big tits and tight pussy. Didn’t mean to cum, but you just keep sucking me and I’ll get up deep in that pussy real quick.” His cock slid back between my lips and I began to suck the rest of his premature release from the tip of his semi-erect cock and then he began to grow again. His fingers returned to my pussy and I began to cum after he rubbed my clit with his thumb while he plunged the rest of his fingers between my labia. JJ moved from above my head and was soon pulling my legs apart as I laid on the bench. He held himself up above me with his huge, muscular arms and then drove his long, thick cock hard into my waiting hole. The sound of his pelvis slapping against my wet groin was loud as he pounded my twat with his thick piston. His hips were thrusting at a rapid pace and I began to scream as his tool drove deeper and harder into my vagina, the thick head pounding on my cervix with each thrust.
JJ fucked me for nearly an hour and I screamed for more. Mikey had gone in to his business to do a little consultant work and the nanny had taken the c***dren with her to run errands, while I spent my time with my personal trainer, so nobody heard me. We were both covered in sweat and milk from my breasts, as I lactated heavily, from his large hands squeezing my tits hard, while he fucked me. We were both totally nude and he was fucking me from behind on a yoga mat when my nanny returned and ran downstairs to my screaming. She just stared at us as we continued to fuck and then she slowly returned up the stairway to where she had left my c***dren. My moaning and begging continued for another 25 minutes as JJ pulled out and then stuffed his meat between my ass cheeks and anally pounded me into the ground until I begged him to stop. My asshole was sore and gaping and his hands were around my neck. I was red and out of breath when he finally pulled out of my gaping asshole and returned to my cunt to unleash a huge load.
I laid there on the floor spent, my pussy dripping with cum, dried cum still covering my face and streaking my hair and milk running down the sides of my breasts, while JJ dressed and then began to pack up his gear. He left and the nanny came down again to see me still lying on the mat in the middle of the workout room, exhausted from a wild workout. I winked at her as I reached between my legs to scooped up some of the cum running from my slit, then smiled as I licked it from my fingers. She looked bewildered and asked if I was fine. I answered with a satisfied “Mmmmhhhmmmm.” While I sucked my fingers thoroughly, devouring the cum dripping from them. She left again, confused, and I sat up, and snuck out to the patio to enjoy a nice long smoke. I sat there naked on the steps to the upper deck and inhaled deeply while I contemplated the fucking I had just enjoyed. That was when my neighbor, Gerald, had decided to visit and found me naked outside, blowing smoke up into the air.
“You look happy.” He said as he came down the stairs toward the patio and stopped on the step on which I was sitting and smoking. He smiled down at me, staring at my open slit as cum dripped onto the wooden step. “You little whore.” He said and then opened his pants, his cock now in my face and who was I to say no. I began to blow him and after some time, he was sliding into my recently fucked cum hole and pumping it full of more hot jizz. Apparently the nanny had not found me on the workout room floor, when she had come looking for me once again, and came out onto the patio to find me on all fours, holding myself up on the first 4 steps, being banged from behind by my neighbor. We both heard her gasp and I looked over my shoulder to see her scurrying into the house, but not until she had probably watched us through the window for the next 30 minutes. Gerald left after filling me with his seed and I decided to smoke one more cigarette before I returned to have a talk with my nanny, which I hope she understood.
Jill, my nanny, was a wonderful woman who worked tremendously hard and was great with my c***dren, but she didn’t feel comfortable knowing that my husband and I were swingers, when I tried to explain the two strangers fucking me today. I didn’t want to lose her, but she made it clear that she was worried today when she heard me screaming and that it all, just wasn’t right. She told me that everyone had a right to lead their own lifestyles, but she didn’t have to agree nor get caught up in it. I understood and now we had to begin the interview process all over again to hire another nanny. I wasn’t going to be getting fucked like that again for a while, so I soaked it in and explained it all to Mikey when he got home later that night.
I shot my new movie, three scenes with 5 different men and it was great to be back. I was still worried about my missed period, so I was able to get in to see my OBGYN. He ran a series of tests and gave me a thorough check up, even taking care of my AID’s test for my porn career obligations. I was happy when he called me up three days later, on my flight back home. I wasn’t pregnant and my period had been off due to my starting and stopping of my birth control tablets. I was told to continue using condoms until I began my period and finished my next packet of pills, but I was going to be with Mikey this weekend, so I didn’t care.
My little girl was growing quickly and I was going to be celebrating her first birthday this weekend and two weeks from then, I would be turning 22 years old. It was great to be back home and my new schedule of two weeks home and two weeks gone seemed to be working. I helped my mom when I got home, after hearing about the recent loss of her nanny, and my new b*****rs and s****rs were not only fun, but a serious challenge. I’m not sure how my mom had raised 5 of us k**s and now 4 more, but it was amazing. Half way through the week she had interviewed three different replacements, but none had been hired. Mikey and I made love every day and it felt good to share the bed with him again. I brought up having more c***dren with him, but he hinted that maybe I might want to think it over more. Maybe I should, since I couldn’t hope to guarantee that the c***d would be his, considering that I was fucking a dozen men a week, all with no protection. Maybe I should begin using condoms? It was my choice, but I just loved cum so much and as I sucked Mikey’s cock that night, I swallowed his sticky load and wondered what it would be like to not feel or taste anyone’s cum.
My daughter and my s****r both turned one year old on the same day and we had a little party to celebrate. It was so much fun and after a few drinks, my mom, Mikey and I all shared the bed on the final weekend before I returned to my career. It was a wild two days of uninhibited sex as we each pleasured one another and I renewed my internal thoughts on more c***dren. I loved Mikey and my mom seemed more than willing to share him with me, at least it seemed that way. She was still unaware that I wasn’t his biological daughter and I wasn’t sure when we would bring that subject to the forefront, but until then, my mom and I remained happy in our perspective situations. I was the mother of Mikey’s c***d and she was his wife and my mother. I did truly want him for my own, but I also knew that it would never happen.
I flew back to Vegas at the end of the week and spent the next four days with Nelson at my condo, before heading to LA for my new movie shoot. Nelson had just returned from a shoot in LA himself and after describing the sex scenes from his film, I was ready for a good stiff fucking from his massive tool. I thought that Hondo and James were big, but Nelson edged them out slightly with his length and girth, which all came in the form of his throbbing, white uncut prick. I had licked and sucked his giant toy for quite some time before he filled my moist cavern with his bl**d filled sausage and fucked my brains out. I was left panting on the floor when he was done with me and my cunt was a sloppy, gaping mess with cum running down my inner thighs afterward. I could get used to this, I thought, as I lit up a cigarette, finished it and then fell asl**p. It was the first time in a long time that one man had physically satisfied my sexual appetite and I could definitely get used to that.
After our fourth day together, I pulled myself away from my bedroom and caught a flight to LA for my shoot. Rudy met me and I spent the night at his house before beginning my film the next day. Rudy had planned to throw a huge party for me after the shoot, which would correlate with my 22nd birthday. I had found out that I had been nominated for five awards AVN awards at the beginning of the year and I was ecstatic. That would bring many more contracts and work and it meant that my porn career was in high gear. I was now a legitimate porn star, shooting mainstream porn films with my contract company and even though I was well known for my kink and fetish films, I was still mainstream. Surprisingly, my nominations had come in best orgy/gangbang, best oral sex, best anal, best new starlet and best ethnic release, for my video “Cum Loving Whore”. My fan base was really huge too and was a reason that I was up for 3 fan awards with Best Female Body, Favorite Female Porn Star and Most Promising Female Starlet. I wasn’t sure if I’d win at all, but if there was one girl that could take on a large amount of men, it was me and I just assumed that I would win best orgy for my 48 man gangbang bukakke in “Cum Loving Whore”. I could have won all three awards from that one scene, considering that I had taken all 48 men in each of my holes before they filled my mouth with their cum to swallow.
I fucked two new, stud, porn stars during my first scene and both came on my face and in my mouth after double penetrating me for most of the afternoon. I was thinking about the fucking I had received as I rode back to Rudy’s, after my shoot, and wondered why I wasn’t up for best double penetration scene for last years orgy movie, since I had been double penetrated by quite a number of the men in my 48 man gangbang. Maybe this year my last scene would make the grade. It had turned me on quite a bit and I had even squirted as I was being fucked. I wasn’t even thinking about anything else as I walked into Rudy’s house and was surprised by the large group of people whom had arrived earlier for my birthday party. The house was filled with many of my porn star friends and co-actors and actresses. Rudy also had a lot of his friends from the industry present and many of his friends, some of whom I had met and fucked before. I just knew that this night was going to be wild and I started it off by doing a double shot off of two muscular guys stomachs and proceeded to suck both of their cocks for everyone to see.
As the night progressed, I made my rounds to say hello to everyone and snuck off with quite a few others to get high and to have sex. By the end of the evening, I was stoned and nude on Rudy’s leather couch , in his living room, getting fucked by a line of men, some of whom waited and others who joined in to fill my mouth as I was pounded by another cock. My cunt and asshole were sore the next morning when I awoke in bed with two men I had never met. I made my way to the kitchen, still naked and covered in dried semen to grab a coffee and head out to the pool to smoke a cigarette. There were others still awake, some having sex around the house and others recuperating like me. I was able to relax until I finished my cig and then was pulled into the swimming pool, where three athletes from the LA Football team passed me around and stuffed me with their cocks, taking turns feeding me their cum when they were ready to explode. My birthday party went on for two more days before Rudy sent everyone home, so that I could rest for my next film, which was to be shot in two days. I definitely needed two full days after being fucked by nearly 50 different men over a three day party.
I did a boy/girl, internal cum shot scene for my next film and then flew back to Vegas for two days to spend with Nelson, before returning home to my baby and her daddy. Nelson and I made love for hours on end when we finally got together at my condo in Vegas and my pussy was nearly worn out when it was time to go home. His huge cock slid in and out of my wet twat constantly and I felt like I was going to be split in half after our time together had come to an end. I was walking bow legged as I made my way to my departing flight and for a girl that had fucked over 6000 different men before the age of 22, said a lot about my new lover and boyfriend. He knew I loved cock and cum and he kept me full of not only a lot of hot, sticky jizz, but with the biggest cocks that I’d ever experienced.
I had interviewed 20 people over the next two weeks, for the nanny position, before I finally hired a new one. I actually hired two different people to fill the position, since I definitely needed a lot of help with my four babies and my granddaughter. One of my nannies took care of the home and cooking chores, while the other helped me with the c***dren. Both had begun working when Velvet had returned home and after throwing her a belated birthday party, with her little girl and new siblings, I left them all at the house while I took off to get some me time. Mikey and Velvet were going to be alone for the next few days with their c***d and I needed a rest, so I left everything to them and the new nannies to arrange. That evening I actually drove to Marvin’s apartment to film my first cam show in over 4 months. My fans had been alerted to the event and I had over 5000 hits on my site as I took on three different guys. I dressed up as a lioness, or cougar, and let my fans watch their favorite MILF as she was fucked hard and fed three huge cum shots. I reveled in my return to amateur porn and smoked my first cigarette in two weeks as I sucked off my camera crew and Marvin for my fans during my post show interview. I nearly came when I felt the first blast of warm spunk in my mouth and my body spasmed in ecstasy a while later when I was fed another load of semen while I was being fucked from behind. Being an amateur porn star had never felt better and I even spent the night at my condo before waking up the next day and going back home to my husband and k**s. Of course, I kept it a secret that Hondo, my baby’s daddy, had spent the night with me after I had called him up and seduced him when he came over. It didn’t take much work, but I screamed out loud when he finally began fucking me with his huge cock. It didn’t hurt that he ended up fucking me and cumming in me three times that night and leaving me very well satisfied.
I flicked my last cigarette out of my car window, as I drove down the road to my house, blowing out my lungful of smoke and placing a piece of chewing gum in my mouth before turning down my drive way. I had smoked an entire pack over the last 24 hours after fucking 8 different guys, including my former lover and the father of my 1 year old. It was hard to believe that I had a c***d with a 24 year old college student, but his huge, white cock kept me happy, when I was able to get it and it had been some time since I had made love to him. Mikey and Velvet were already up with the k**s and the nannies were working hard when I came into the house and made my way to the shower to clean up and take a nap. I still needed some sl**p, since I had been awake all night getting stuffed by my lover’s, long, thick pole. I’m sure they all knew what I had been up to, since I had spent the entire night out.
The next three days were spent at home with my f****y and k**s, before it was nearly time for Velvet to leave once again. She was only home for one week, this time around, before she had to return to shoot another film and begin her feature tour. She was going to be promoting her movies on a strip club tour and hoped that it would garner more votes for her award nominations. I truly hoped she won something. She had done well in the European porn awards ceremonies and if she did well in the US, that would put her on the map as one of the best upcoming stars. She was still young, but she was probably still much more experienced than many, if not all, of her competitors. My daughter was a bigger whore than I had been at her age and I was an extreme sex addict when I was a young stripper and e****t. She had inherited my genes for sure and had always wanted to be an adult actress since she was younger. Of course, I hadn’t found that out until about 4 years ago, but I had known about some of her secretive sexual exploits that she had tried to keep hidden. I had been a hooker for most of my life, so I picked up on some of her hidden hook ups. It didn’t help her cause either, when our neighbor Gerald was whispering in my ear, about how much he liked fucking my daughter, while he was ramming me with his stiff prick. I let her do her own thing though and hoped for the best.
Mikey and I made love every day and I wish I could have spent more time home, but the time was shortened by my schedule and by the upcoming adult movie awards. I would be on the road for two weeks after my shoot and then I would return to Vegas for another week to set up my club schedule and spend some time with my boyfriend. When I did go home during my next visit, he was going to go home with me to meet my f****y and my daughter. I was falling in love with him too and it would be hard to have two men whom I cared about, especially when one of them was the father of my c***d. Nelson knew about my situation and understood my love for Mikey, so I didn’t expect any problem from him or Mikey. If I was lucky, I could keep them both and still continue to fuck others for a living. That was my win/win scenario. Hopefully it worked.
While I was home, Mikey and I once again discussed having another c***d. He wasn’t positive that it was something we should do at this point in our lives or in my career, but in the end, he let me make the decision. I was torn with my love for him, my new boyfriend, Nelson, and for my porn career. I was already a mother and loved it, but I didn’t spend much time at home and it bothered me. But I still craved the normal life of a mother and wife. That day, as I felt Mikey fill me with his hot cum, I decided to once again go off of my birth control. I knew I could be a good mother and still do porn. Rudy had given me a choice to use condoms in my shoots. Once I returned to LA, I would change my contract to include condoms for all vaginal intercourse. I would still do bareback anal and creampies and I definitely couldn’t give up cumfacials and swallowing, so only Mikey and Nelson would be allowed to cum in my pussy and I was going to have to get used to it. Of course, being a sex addict, the more that I thought about it, the more that I fantasized about fucking strangers and letting them ejaculate inside of me. My choices were always difficult when it came to love and sex. I truly hoped that I could control my impulsive sexual behavior.

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