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My stomach was really getting bigger and it was growing rapidly. I was only 5 months pregnant with triplets, from an invitro fertilization procedure, that my husband and I had gone through, and I already looked like I was 9 months pregnant. My tits were huge and I was lactating constantly, since my nipples were so sensitive and hard, on a consistent basis. My cunt was wet and my clit was erect while I laid on my back and let Mikey rub my baby belly with oil. I wanted to fuck him so bad and he was teasing me with his cock as he kept putting it in my face while he knelt over me and moisturized my abdomen. I hadn’t engaged in sex for nearly 24 hours, since I had done a cam show the day before, and had been fucked and facialized by 5 different, young college guys. It was difficult to find younger guys to fuck me, so I had been sucking a lot of cock and doing fetish shows, eating cum and blowing a handful of guys whom I knew would at least fuck me in the ass. I was so horny that I was willing to take any cock that I could if it was available, but Marvin had been working hard at setting up shows and I still had fans that wanted a shot. I finally reached up and took Mikey into my mouth and began to blow him. His dick found my needy hole a short time later and my hubby humped his prego wife to at least 3 orgasms, before he fed me his warm cream. I had such a sexual appetite that I was going crazy.

I was still breast feeding my little girl, even though she was almost 7 months old. My breasts were engorged with milk and it seemed to pacify her and keep her well fed and happy. It also kept my sensitive nipples engaged in suckling and prevented me from lactating nearly as much as I would have, if I hadn’t been feeding both my daughter and my little granddaughter. Mikey and I had been taking care of her and our daughter’s c***d, since she had been gone, off and on, for the last 3 months. My tits were gigantic, well into a 36 double J cup, not that I was wearing a bra. Both girls enjoyed feeding and sometimes did so at the same time, while they napped in my arms. My nipples were the size of my husband’s thumbs and my areolas had grown nearly twice their diameter and were dark black. My body was going through tremendous changes as I carried my triplets through my first multiple pregnancy. Of course, the biggest change was that my libido was now three times what it had been during my other six pregnancies and back then I thought I would explode. Now I was just suffering and found myself masturbating all the time, since it was difficult to find men to fuck me when I looked 9 months pregnant. I knew that I could get any street thug to do it, but I hadn’t gone that far yet.

Mikey had left for work, I had fed the girls and they were napping when Gerald showed up. He had been coming over on a regular basis and I had been letting him fuck me when ever he wanted. He had fucked me for years, even during my pregnancies with my other c***dren, so he was up for anything. Mikey and I had enjoyed a great round of sex before he left, but I just had to have more. Gerald’s hard shaft was pumping my wet pussy roughly and for quite a while when I came for the first time and I soaked his dick. I squirted on his long pole two more times before he dumped his cum load into my gaping hole and then let me suck him clean. The girls were waking up just as we finished, so I walked my neighbor out and went down to their nursery to take care of my sweet little babies. If only they knew that their mother and their grandma were such easy whores. One day they would, but until then, I was their loving mom/nanna.


I was impaled on two cocks, one in my ass and one in my wet twat, as they pumped me hard for the camera. Two other guys worked my mouth as I was gangbanged by 5 different guys, in the last scene from my newest film. I bent forward, over top of the guy beneath me, while another actor squeezed between me and my two current sex partners, stuffing his cock into my already filled hole. Two cocks in my 21 year old cunt and one in my ass stroked me until fluid poured from my gaping slit. I kept sucking and moaning until the scene ended with all of them double penetrating me in each opening and then filling my mouth with cum. I swallowed it for the camera and then lit up a cigarette before showering. I was spent, after nearly two hours of shooting, and on my way to my hotel when I noticed a large wet spot forming between my legs. I reached down and felt my wetness before I looked at my hand and saw bl**d. I nearly panicked, but I held it together and drove to a nearby emergency room.

The doctors told me that I had had a miscarriage, but that there were no complications. I spent the rest of the night at the hospital and was released early the next morning. I was very sad and wanted to call Mikey, but I decided not to do so, until I returned home in a couple of weeks. The doctors told me to hold off on sex for at least a week, but I had a film starting in three days, so I hoped that it would be long enough. Rudy was calling me every 5 minutes before I returned his messages and told him that I was going back to Vegas until the movie was ready to shoot. I needed rest and I wanted to contemplate what had just occurred. The doctors had told me that my pregnancy had aborted on its own and that my career had nothing to do with it, but it made me ponder my choice of sexual activity when I was nearly 5 months pregnant.

I sat on my condo balcony and smoked a cigarette in my robe. I had slept all night and taken the medication that I was prescribed. I had my laptop and was working on my website and watching my mom on her cam site. She had done a show the night before and it was amazing to see how large her belly was. She was 5 months pregnant with triplets, that she had had implanted invitro with help from my lover and the father of my baby. She was still sucking multiple young men and getting fucked by 8 guys and she looked like she could have birth at anytime while she squeezed milk from her nipples and swallowed the cum for the camera. Her face was covered in jizz and she just kept sucking more out of the long, hard dicks waiting in line. I was getting horny watching, so I turned it off and went back to answering fan mail.

I finally returned to LA after three days of recovering from my miscarriage and I believed that maybe I needed to immerse myself into my career. I had 4 scenes to shoot this week and I was going to be busy. I was double penetrated in my first scene and took two internal cumshots in my asshole and then the next day I fucked one of my co-stars and got a huge facial. Rudy drove over after my second day of filming and we spent the night together at my hotel and fucked until the next morning. I had a day off and decided to go to the beach and relax until my next day of shooting. While on the beach, I met a really buff surfer and after talking for nearly two hours and a lunch of fish tacos, at a nearby eatery, I let my new friend fuck me under a nearby ocean boardwalk. I had begun sucking his long, white cock as the sun began to set that evening, and then he led me under the pier and slid into me from behind, while I leaned on a wooden support beam. His cock felt so good and when he filled my wet slit with his creamy seed my cunt gush fluid as I came. He loved my sexual aggressiveness and he invited me back to his apartment where I spent the night fucking him again. I left in the early morning, to make it to the set in time, but I promised to meet him on the beach again later in the day.


My lit cigarette dangle from between my lips while I balanced on my knees naked with both hands gripping the metal frame of the headboard on the bed. One of my fans had wanted a smoking blow job, so I had sucked his cock for a while before I leaned forward and let him enter me from behind. His cock rammed my cunt and his pelvis slapped against my ass as I inhaled and blew out smoke while I was fucked hard. I had been granting more cam show requests and in the last month I had fucked over 34 of my fans during my cam shows, many showing up to fuck me during planned gangbangs. Len was a middle aged, teacher from Illinois and his fantasy was to let me smoke his cock and to cum in my pussy. Tonight he would get his wish as he unloaded a huge wad of jizz deep in my well used hole. I kept pushing back and his erection lingered before he grabbed my hips and began pounding me hard once again. I was getting a bonus tonight and feeling him cum twice in my cunt drove me over the edge and I came on his cock. When he pulled his long prick out of my cream-dripping crack, I began fingering my pussy for the camera and licking up his sperm as I did so.

I was two weeks into my 5th month of pregnancy and I knew my daughter was coming home the next day, so I tried to hurry as I stroked the hard, black cock in my mouth. I had been driving to my condo that afternoon when I had seen a man pushing a cart down an alley way, so I pulled my car down the road and let my window down to inquire if he needed any help with his shopping cart full of his stuff. I knew he was homeless and I offered to let him load his gear into my car and to drive him to a shelter or friend’s house. He thanked me but said that he was fine, so I offered him a few dollars and then asked if he’d like a blow job. He looked at me like I was crazy, but after a bit of explaining, he was soon sitting on my trunk while I leaned over his lap and sucked his dick. He wasn’t the most unhygienic person I had ever been with, but I had been with much worse in my younger years, when I had fucked plenty of homeless men during many of my d**g and sex binges. He had filled my mouth rather quickly with semen and I swallowed it down as he held onto my hair and bobbed my head on his black shaft. After about five more minutes of sucking, I let him mount me from behind and he pumped my pussy like a wild man. I was grunting with each stroke of his stiff pole and after one rapid and careless thrust, his cock slid from my wet slit and pressed into my asshole. I let him keep stroking and he knew full well he was fucking my ass. He was about to cum when I went to my knees and began stroking him off in my mouth. I kept stroking until he came again and he was still erect after I had swallowed his second massive load of cum.

“Baby, you just too damn good lookin’ and my cock is gonna stay hard all day for you.” he said, as I kept pumping and sucking his rock hard prick. I spit on his dick and rubbed in my saliva before I guided him back into my asshole and then let him fuck me some more. Fucking a stranger in an alley like a dirty whore felt so good and knowing that he was going to cum for a third time made me even hornier. I fingered my clit and wet opening until I felt him blast my rectum with a series of cum jet streams. Over and over he ejaculated and I felt each warm shot as it filled my asshole. He pulled out again and I licked him clean, sucking his pungent sack as I pumped his semi-erect pole. He remained hard enough to guide him into my slippery, gaping hole and soon he was fucking me for another round. I had hit the jackpot with my new lover and I moaned out as he reached around to squeeze my tits, causing me to soak my already wet shirt. We spent nearly an hour in the alley before his filled my vagina with his spunk. I sucked him once again, but this time he remained spent. “I got a couple of friends that would die to have as much fun as you just gave me.” he told me, as he tucked in his ebony penis and zipped up his pants. Maybe my day had just gotten much better.

My head bobbed on one cock as the other fucked my pussy from behind. I was on a torn, mildewed couch, on all fours, in the basement of an abandoned industrial building. There was no electricity in the building and the only light was a small candle burning in the corner of the cinderblock basement. My homeless lover, William, had led me back to where he lived and had introduced me to his two roommates, Lucas and a guy who called himself “The Great Gazoo”. Lucas was an older white male, who was a Vietnam vet in his late 60’s and “Gazoo” was their crazy, black friend who was probably in his late 20’s and was certifiably nuts. I was just as crazy, of course, since I had entered their abode and was now getting fucked by all three of them. The body odor in the room was nearly unbearable, but the candle helped a little as I sucked on Lucas’s hard cock and “The Great Gazoo” pumped my gaping hole from behind. William was stroking his cock and watching and was already hard and waiting for his fifth turn inside of one of my welcoming holes.

I didn’t get home until nearly 1 am and Mikey was up with the two girls and worried. All three men had fucked me twice, filling me with multiple loads as I let them use me like a cheap whore. They didn’t care if I was pregnant or not and had stripped me totally naked while they worked their cocks in any opening that was available. I came three or four times as they slammed their cocks into me in various positions and combinations, but I really came hard when I felt them unload their seed inside of me. I swallowed one of their ejaculations, but had let them all cum in my pussy and ass at least once. I was a little sore when I left, but they thanked me for the sex and “The Great Gazoo” thanked me for letting him breast feed. He had gotten off on sucking on my tits while we fucked and had probably d***k a good quart of my milk before the evening had ended. My boobs were a little sore too, from the squeezing, sucking and biting that he had done on my overly, large, thick and sensitive nipples. I had lit up a cigarette and they joined me in smoking, after we had finished fucking. I was sitting naked, with my legs spread and cum oozing from my gash, when Gazoo had gone down on me and licked me to an extreme, squirting orgasm. His friends looked at him like he was crazy, as he licked and sucked on my cream filled hole. He didn’t care and just kept tonguing me and finger fucking me until I screamed out for more. Even though he was crazy, I had left there well fucked and satiated, promising to return in the near future if I could.


I flew home after shooting my movie and saying goodbye to my surfer boyfriend. We had spent three nights together before I left for home, to see my baby girl and lover. I missed Mikey and my daughter terribly and I knew that I had to let him know about losing our c***d. I felt a bit better as I met him at the airport, while he stood there with Denise in his arms, waiting for me. She was sl**py and once she fell asl**p in the car, I would have my lover’s cock in my mouth for the ride home. I couldn’t wait to make love to Mikey and I told him so as we hugged.

My mouth flooded with jizz as Mikey came while I jerked and sucked his stiff white dick on our drive back to our country home. His spunk was so tasty and I knew I could work up more once we got to bed that night. In the mean time, I met my mom and baby s****r, Neesha, at the door as I entered the house. My mom was so radiant and her belly was humongous. She looked ready to burst and so did her giant breasts. She kissed my dad as we entered and I saw her tongue enter his mouth as she did. She was horny, I could tell, and I told her to join me in the master suite as I unpacked. Once we were all there, I told my mom and dad about my miscarriage. They were upset, but relieved to know that I was alright. Their hugs became kisses and soon we were all in bed together and I was licking my mom’s cunt as Mikey’s long, stiff cock slid in and out of her parted lips. She came and soon Mikey was in my wet pussy as my mom returned the favor. Back and forth we went until Mikey came in my pussy and my mom licked it out, causing me to arch my back and scream to the ceiling as I came. We all fell asl**p and when I awoke, I joined my mom downstairs where we fed our c***dren and then took them onto the deck to enjoy the nice weather. They played in their playpen while we each worked on our websites and smoked. It was like old times, except that we shared the same lover, both had newborns and my mom was pregnant with triplets. How times had changed.


I invited Velvet to go with me to my cam show and she arrived with great fanfare when she entered. It had been a while since many of the guys there had seen her and they were all wondering if she would join me. Being a contract girl for a porn company made that nearly impossible, but she did sit and watch my show as I fucked two different fans that day. Both of the guys fucked me and came on my face and my daughter jumped in afterward to kiss me and lick some of it off of my face. Both of the guys also got to enjoy her mouth for a few minutes as she licked and sucked their limp cocks. Marvin tried to keep the cam from directly filming her face, but she didn’t seem to care as one of my fan’s cocks grew once again while she stroked him and soon he was pumping a real porn star from behind. He fucked Velvet for nearly 15 minutes before he came in her dripping twat and I licked her pussy clean. She joined me for a cigarette and my fan chat afterward and soon we were heading back home.

Mikey and our daughter shared our bed and each other for the next week as we all stayed at the house and led a somewhat normal life. The babies were excited to have us both there and we kept them busy playing and we took them shopping for new clothes and toys on a couple of the days. Mikey seemed to be enjoying us both together and since we shared, the tension was much less than before. I was still insatiable and made sure to shoot a cam show every day and still see regular customers on some of those days. Velvet seemed content to stay home and she did join me for another cam show later in the week and we both shared a mouthful of cum from one of my 4 fans that had been in a group that had gangbanged me. I was approaching my sixth month and my doctor told me to slow down on the sex, but I just couldn’t. It was getting more difficult to get into certain positions, but that didn’t keep me from fucking doggy style or riding a cock. It also didn’t prevent me from sucking cock, which I did relentlessly, often blowing my camera crew before the filming and afterward too. At the end of the week, two days before Velvet was to fly back to Las Vegas, I was so horny that I made another visit to my homeless lovers that I had fucked nearly two weeks prior. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best decision I had ever made.


My mom had gone to do her last cam show for the week and I decided to stay at home with Mikey and the k**s. We were having fun relaxing and after feeding both girls, we put them down to sl**p and went to bed to make love. I was leaving on Sunday and I only had a day and a half left to be with my lover. We had fucked two times and he had filled my pussy with his seed both times when we were awoken with a phone call from the hospital. It was nearly 4 am when Mikey answered the call and woke me. I gathered up the c***dren and we both drove into town as Mikey explained to me what was going on. My mom was in the ER and they thought that she was in early labor. She had been found near her car by the police, in a vacant parking lot and the doctors were trying to stop her from delivering early.


I had arrived at the old, vacant industrial building in the bottoms of the city and yelled down the steps into the basement for William, Lucas or Gazoo. It seemed weird yelling out the name Gazoo for their crazy friend, but I wanted someone to know that I was coming down. It was not quite dark out, but still around 7 pm when I arrived. I knew the area was dangerous and filled with homeless people, d**g addicts and criminals, but my sexual urges had led me back to the three men that had fucked me so well on my last visit. No one answered, so I crept further down the stairs and made my way back to their small section of the basement. I saw some light from another area and looked in as I whispered their names. There was a fire in a can in the corner of the room and about 4 guys were sitting around the room. They all looked at me like I was a ghost. That is when someone grabbed me from behind and d**g me into the room as I stood in the doorway. Two of the guys got up and they helped the person behind me to drag me to the ground while the other two watched. “She’s pregnant man and ready to pop.” one of them said. “Fuck that, I’ll pop that pussy of hers good.” the guy behind me said as the three of them began ripping my clothes off. I was only wearing a skirt with no panties and a button down sheer shirt, so I was naked and on my back, lying on the hard cement within a minute. One of the guys held my arms as the ring leader, the man who had d**g me into the room, slid between my legs and pulled out his cock. He was on top of me and had his dick in me within seconds before he began fucking me like a rabbit. The other two stood up to watch as they looked over his shoulders while he held my legs up and pounded my cunt with his long, black cock.

A cock was then stuffed into my mouth and soon they were all taking turns in my pussy and mouth. I didn’t struggle as I tried to remain submissive and avoid any harm. I even began to stroke one of the men’s cocks while I sucked him. They seemed to notice my approval and were then less aggressive as they each mounted me and fucked me hard. All of them came inside of me, but as they fucked me, more of the homeless that lived in the building were drawn to the room from the noises and occasional whoops by one of the guys when they came. More men joined in the orgy and soon I was getting fucked my at least a dozen different men. I was fucked on my back and doggy style and my knees were sc****d and bleeding as I held myself up on all fours and took a pounding in my pussy and soon my ass. The surge of newcomers didn’t seem to stop as night approached and I found myself being ridden hard by each guy that slid his dick inside of me. I was moaning and grunting and that seemed to draw more attention as people came and went, passing on the story of the pregnant whore giving it up to everyone.

William, Lucas and their crazy friend arrived late and watched, but they joined in as soon as they saw more men coming to see what was going on. My tits were sore from being squeezed and sucked and my cunt and ass were sore from being fucked hard by so many different men, many of them reeking with body odor and dirty from weeks without a bath. I swallowed nearly 10 cum shots, but had another 15 or 20 pumped into my pussy and ass before they were finished. I slid up onto my butt and leaned back against the wall, worn out from my recent gangbang. Cum oozed from my gaping holes and I needed a cigarette. My purse was gone and my shirt was ripped and lying on the floor. I couldn’t see my skirt anywhere and I put my hand up to William who stood over me. He pulled me to my feet and wrapped my shirt around me then led me to his room where he laid me onto a pile of rags and fucked me again. Lucas and Gazoo watched him and then they took their turns, filling me once again with another load each. It was late and I could barely walk up the stairs as I made my way to my car. I was naked and my keys were gone. I leaned against the side of the car and slid down to the ground. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there until one of the guys from the building came outside and saw me.

“You OK baby?” he asked nicely. I wasn’t sure, but I shook my head yes. “Let me help you up.” he said and he gave me a hand. He pulled me to my feet and leaned me against the hood of the car where he pulled his cock out and stuffed it into me from behind and then fucked me as I held on. I laid flat on the cold surface as his dick pumped my sloppy hole and then he exploded inside of me and I heard him say something. I looked back and soon another guy was there, his erection finding my asshole where he stroked his pole until he pulled out and slid it into my cunt to cum.

My breasts were freezing on the metal of the car and I laid there motionless as another three men fucked me again. After the 5th guy blew a load in me, a spotlight lit up the area and I looked up to see a police car pull into the lot and drive to my car. The other 7 or 8 men who were lined up waiting to fuck me again, s**ttered and ran as I slid to the ground, full of jizz that poured from my sore pussy and asshole. I didn’t know what time it was, but they loaded me into the cruiser and drove me to the local emergency room where I was admitted and told that I was in labor. I gave the doctors and police the number for my husband and I was told that they were on the way. My pediatrician arrived and after speaking with me privately, assured me that he would try to stop my labor. He was fully aware of my lifestyle and knew that I was a prostitute, so he didn’t seem to concern himself with the fact that I had just been fucked and cum in by over 20 different men, multiple times over the course of 5 or 6 hours. I was stable when my daughter and husband arrived and they asked a few questions after the police had spoken with them. They knew me well and didn’t bother to pry into my dealings for the evening. I was going to be ok and after receiving medication to treat me for possible STD’s and other treatments to relieve my labor symptoms, I was ready to go home later the next day.

I relaxed at home with my f****y and let Mikey and Velvet spend time together alone, while I slept in the guest room once again. She was leaving the next day and I felt bad about how I had caused them to worry and ruined one of their evenings together. I listened to my daughter screaming out one orgasm after another that night while I nodded off, wondering if Mikey would want to fuck me after Velvet flew out of town the next evening. The sexual sounds were making me horny again and it didn’t matter that I had been brutally gangbanged the night before, I was ready for more cock.


Mikey fucked me like it was our last time and he filled me with two huge loads that night and when we awoke the next day, we made love in the shower before he drove me and our daughter, Denise, to the airport. I was flying back to film two feature videos in LA and would be gone another two weeks. I was ready to dive into my porn career again and even though I was a bit sad about losing my baby, I knew that I was still young and had plenty of time to have more c***dren with Mikey. I was only 21 and although I already had a baby, I had thought about having more in the future. Until then, I kissed my lover and our daughter goodbye before boarding the plane. When I arrived in LA, I jumped into the limo that Rudy had sent and was taken to his home for the night. My first scene was in the morning and I needed to get some sl**p. Of course, Rudy was going to have to fuck me first, but I always knew what he wanted.

I spent the first day of shooting doing a lesbian scene, with a really sexy, new black actress named Dasha Luv. We both spent a bit of time in the 69 position as we licked and fingered each other’s pussies until we both squirted in one another’s mouth. She was a squirter too and the camera caught the right moment as our cunts sprayed one another’s mouth and face with warm twat juice. I was extremely wet afterward and Dash fisted me for the camera before putting on a 12 inch, black, strap-on dildo and fucked me in the ass. The scene was more hardcore than I was expecting, but I came multiple times as I was slammed in the ass with the black, rubber phallus.

On the second day, I shot a Male-Female scene and took on a really well, hung older actor whom I sucked to erection and then rode him in both holes. He came on my face after fucking me and I licked him clean at the end of the scene, working my way down his shaft and sucking on his balls before I tongued his asshole. This new movie had a bit of kink in it and during the third scene that week, I was dressed in leather straps and hung from wires hooked to the ceiling. my hands were behind my back as both of my co-actors took turns in both of my holes, while I hung parallel to the ground. I was then bent over and strapped onto a bar, so that I was bent perpendicularly to the floor. Both of my actors fucked my ass and then came in my mouth for the camera. Cum dripped from my lips as I twisted my head back to look at the camera and lick it off. The director loved the shot and really let me know how well I had done, so far throughout the filming. This was the first time I had worked with him in a film and after the day ended, he took me out for dinner and I ended up at his place. He lived the kink lifestyle himself and that night he strapped me to his bed, using Velcro wrist and ankle cuffs, and then fucked each of my holes before cumming on my face. He filmed our sex that night and after jizzing on my face, he took up the camera and held his cock over my face to wash it off with his hot piss. I had only been with two customers in the past who had paid me to do watersports with them and it wasn’t my forte, but I had done it to make money. Now I was lying there as my new lover urinated on my face and there wasn’t much I could do or say about it. I tried not to let him know that I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but I hoped that he didn’t want to do it again in the future, at least not without asking. I spent the night with him and in the morning he fucked me in the ass and came in me before we left for the set to shoot my fourth scene for the film.

Melted wax was poured on my breasts and pussy by the two men who had been fucking me for most of the scene. It was hot and my sensitive nipples definitely felt it as the wax dripped on me and hardened. I was covered in different colors of wax when both of my co-stars double penetrated my ass with their cocks and stuffed a burning candle into my twat. The wax ran down onto my clit and left me moaning before both men filled my behind with a double anal creampie. I was spent for the day and returned to Rudy’s place after my last scene. He wasn’t home, so I called my surfer boyfriend and he drove over to pick me up. I spent the next three days with him, hanging on the beach, relaxing and fucking non-stop until it was time for my next film to begin. Rudy had tried to contact me each day, but I ignored his texts and calls while I hung out with my new lover. It was nice to finally hang out with someone nearer to my own age and he didn’t even mind that I was a porn star or that I had a c***d. He thought it was fun when I called home to talk with Mikey and to check up on my daughter, while he was fucking me or while I was blowing him. I was always good at multi tasking.

I began filming my second film and it went by quickly as it took only 4 days to shoot my scenes. The film was not as kinky as the last one and the sex was more mainstream as I fucked only one partner in my first three scenes and then had a MMF shoot for my final shoot. I took a massive facial during my final part and enjoyed this film much better than my last. I fucked the director of this film also and actually spent two of my four days filming with him at his apartment. He was really sweet and I was his first black lover, so he had fun enjoying every thing that I offered him. Lucky for him that I usually gave up what ever my lovers wanted. After finishing the film, I spent one day with my surfer boyfriend, Kyle, and we had a sexfest before I left for home. I met Mikey and Denise at the Airport and my mom had come along with my little s****r, Neesha. We all went out to eat and made our way back home that evening. I had a week to spend with Mikey and my daughter before I flew to Australia for a brand new film. Rudy had sent me the contract and I was to be in the outback of OZ for 2 weeks, taking part in the filming of an Aussie porn version of the Wizard of Oz. It was exciting and I rode Mikey’s cock with enthusiasm before he filled me with a huge load of spunk that night.

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