OHGirl & Velvet: Expecting Sex Addicts


Warm spunk filled my mouth in large blasts as I swallowed down each sticky gulp quickly, making room for more, while I kept my lips tightly wrapped around my current sex partner’s throbbing shaft. I was rubbing his balls with one hand as I stroked his long, brown cock with the other and milked him for more warm nectar. I had no idea who he was, but he had been staring at me while I shopped for croissants that morning and I led him to an alley where I offered my services. He had paid me 80 Argentine pesos, which was equivalent to $12 US. That was all he had after purchasing his coffee and breakfast, so I accepted it and sucked him off while I knelt below him behind a large dumpster. I pulled back his foreskin and licked the remaining cum from the tip of his still hard cock while he continued to play with my large breasts, which he had pulled out while I was blowing him. I looked up into his eyes as I continued to pump and lick his shiny, wet prick, my mind racing with fantasies as he pinched my nipples.

I was only 9 weeks pregnant but I was so horny. My breasts had began to swell and I had been going braless, since my 32DDD bras were too tight already. Wearing a half shirt and a bikini bottom while I went out to get breakfast for Hondo and I was very casual, but teased a lot of the men that saw me strutting around the area that I lived and shopped. My large nipples were nearly poking out from under my shirt as I reached for my change and grabbed my bag from the cashier. I could tell that my new friend was watching me, so I smiled at him before turning to leave the bakery. He had caught up with me quickly and before you know it, I was taking his pesos and sucking his cock. He was the fourth guy that I had sucked off in the alley in the last 3 days, while out shopping or walking on my own, all the while trying to find something to do to keep my sexual urges under control. Surprisingly this was good, since I could have fucked 8 or 10 guys every day if I had wanted. I reached down to pull my bikini bottoms aside and began to finger my pussy while I smiled up at him and kept sucking the tip of his cock, pulling on the excess foreskin with my lips and running my tongue down to his balls, where I took them into my mouth to suck. He was loving it, so I sat back on my ass and pulled him down between my legs and on top of me, guiding his still stiff pole into my wet cunt. He began to pump me and my legs wrapped around him as my ass was driven into the hard, rocky alley.

My body shook when he came in me and I began to gush on his dick as I thrust up to ride him. My legs wrapped around him tighter and I moaned in ecstasy. It felt so good to feel another man’s cum in me and his was the first, since I had remained monogamous for nearly 2 months. I felt bad as he helped me up and I pulled my bikini bottoms into place and he shoved his limp cock back into his shorts. He gave me a quick and courteous goodbye while I grabbed my croissants and made my way back to my apartment to wake Hondo for breakfast. I needed a cigarette so bad, but I was trying to be good, since I knew I was pregnant. Becoming a cheap hooker in Argentina wasn’t probably the best idea either, but I had made a total of $27 US from my last four pickups, so it did make me feel like I was at least earning my money. That’s probably why I had let the last guy fuck me, since he had paid me more than my other three customers. Of course, it could have been because he had such a long, uncut tool and I just had to have it in my dripping hole. I cleaned up before waking Hondo and we enjoyed breakfast before I joined him in the shower for an wet and soapy morning ass fucking.


Mikey had been just as happy as me when I told him I was pregnant, but he was still concerned with ruining my career and plans for a career in the adult entertainment business. I could still be in porn, I just wanted some time off. I was not even 21 years old yet and had plenty of time to get back into the industry if I wanted. I still hadn’t broken the news to Rudy, who was still leaving messages for me, or anyone else for that matter, so we just kept it to ourselves and enjoyed another two weeks in Tahoe before we returned to Vegas. I had been on Hiatus for nearly two months and I felt bad for blowing off Rudy, so I called and told him that I wanted to speak with him and that I would fly to LA if he wanted. He arranged a flight and had a limo pick me up and bring to his house, where we met. A party was going on around the pool when I arrived and Rudy rushed me into the bedroom to get into a tiny string bikini. He explained how he was setting up a deal for me to do 5 new films, 3 gangbang orgy flicks and 2 mainstream porn shoots. He told me that his new graphics showed that I had fans in both genres and that he wanted to feature me in both, this way we could maximize the profit by catering to all of my fans. It sounded great, but I still needed to tell him about my situation and my plans. His fast talking kept me from interrupting and soon he was showing me off to three different directors that wanted to meet me. I shook all of their hands and tried to get a word in, but Rudy kept cutting me off as he continued to push for his plan to begin within the next week. “Look how hot you are baby. That time off did you wonders. You look better than ever and your tits even look bigger and perkier. “ he said while he reached up to untie my string bikini top, letting it fall off to expose my growing breasts. I was only eight weeks pregnant, but my tits were swelling up and even Mikey noticed it and loved it. “Feel these young, awesome breasts gentleman. They are spectacular and my girl is one of the best performers of the year, as you already know.” he kept talking as two of the directors reached over to squeeze my breasts. “You’ve seen her many films and she is the ultimate professional, always going above and beyond to get the shot or shots, if you know what I mean. Hehehe.” Rudy joked. “This girl can be a cum slut or a virginal teenager. She has so many looks and she can suck and fuck like any of the top girls in the business today. Ain’t that right sweetie?” he asked me as he waited for my answer, his arms going around my waist, pressing his crotch against my ass while he hugged me from behind. “We know she’s a pro Rudy.” one of the directors said, “She’s one of the hottest, young, upcoming stars in the business, but we don’t have a lot of time to talk about it, she needs to make a decision. “ the director said as he looked at me for my answer.

Rudy’s cock was erect with excitement as it pressed against my ass and I found myself struggling not to press back against it while he held me in his arms. I failed miserably as I clenched my butt cheeks against his shaft and leaned forward over the table to look at the contract lying on the table, leaving my breasts to hang in front of the three directors. Rudy reached under me to squeeze them, grinding me as I looked over the details and urging me to accept the shoot dates so that we could get started. My pussy was wet and I knew that they could all tell as a large spot formed on the sheer material between my legs, for the three men in front of me to see. I was excited, by the contract to get back into mainstream porn and by Rudy’s stiff cock and tit fondling. I said yes and picked up the pen to sign the contract, knowing full well that I shouldn’t have done it. “We need to celebrate.” Rudy said as I stood up and he turned me around to kiss him. Our lips met and he kissed me deeply before the directors left and then Rudy stripped off my bikini bottoms. He pushed me up onto the wooden table and spread my legs wide, pulling out his cock to slide easily into my wet, gaping slit. Then he proceeded to pound me hard for the next hour before filling me with hot streams of jizz. I felt bad while I stood in the warm shower afterwards, but obviously not bad enough, since Rudy was in there with me and I ended up stroking his soaping cock to erection and then sucking it off until he filled my mouth with cum. I swallowed it down, my eyes closing as I savored the taste. I hadn’t tasted another man’s cum, other than Mikey’s, in nearly two months and it was so good.

I called my dad and told him what I had done, specifically, signing the contract to do 5 movies. He understood and told me that I could still proceed with my acting if I wanted, but I really didn’t want to, at least not mentally. Physically, I wanted to get fucked so bad. I explained that I would be in LA for the next week and then return to Vegas after finishing the shooting for my first film. It was a hardcore gangbang flick titled Velvet gets Crushed. I would begin shooting in two days with over 45 different actors who would fuck me over the span of 4 different scenes. My lips swelled and got moist when I read the script details while I laid in bed with Rudy, sucking his penis and going over my lines in between mouthfuls of hard cock. I ended up riding his rigid tool afterwards until he filled me with another blast of spunk.

My ankles and wrists were wrapped in leather bands which were tied tightly to the four corners of the poster bed upon which I laid. I was totally naked as three men kneeled around my head feeding me their cocks while my pussy was licked by two or three other men. The bed was surrounded by 8 other men and once the director gave his nod, I was to be fucked hard by all of the men, who would take turns between my legs before releasing me and then double and triple teaming me for the remainder of the scene. I would then get a few creampies and a huge facial from the group as I was fucked hard for this particular scene. Afterwards, I broke down and smoked a cigarette while I relaxed from my afternoon of rough, hard sex. Rudy congratulated me that night with a nice dinner and then I was off to shoot the rest of my three scenes for the movie over the next 4 days. I took on another 31 long, hard pricks and came at least a dozen times while I was fucked hard for all three of the scenes. I swallowed a large portion of the cumshots on the second scene and took all of the 8 guys in the third scene anally, before shooting my final scene with 12 different guys on my last day. My cunt and ass took a beating, but I survived and flew back to Vegas the next day and hoped to see my lover and my future baby’s daddy. I would make sure to see my OBGYN this week to explain my job requirement and to see if they worked out for my up coming pregnancy. I fell asl**p in Mikey’s arms on my return and dreamed, not only of his cock and spewing well of cum, but about a large crowd of men that surrounded me, all of them waiting to fuck me and to give me their cum to swallow. These were my favorite types of dreams.


Dr. Perez was sliding easily in and out of my lubed asshole as I leaned over the examination table and pinched my own nipples with one hand while fingering my dripping cunt with the other. It felt so good and was the third time in as many weeks that I had met him for a supposed check up. His hard cock felt so great in my ass and I came instantly when I felt his shaft begin to throb and deposit his load deep in my rectum. I slid off of his pole and went to my knees to lick him clean, savoring and sucking on his uncut prick. I was extremely horny and the doctor said that there was nothing to do but to satiate my urges and I tried as much as I could, without Hondo knowing. He didn’t want to share me anymore, especially now that I was carrying his baby, but even his huge cock, up to three times a day, was not enough. I was a professional whore who had fucked over 10,000 different men in my life. I had fucked over 200 men in one day during a video bukakke and for two years, while being pimped out by my other baby daddy, Shawn, had fucked upwards of 12 or 15 men a day. One man and one cock, no matter how big and well versed at hitting my g-spot, was going to satisfy my sexual cravings. I was a sex addict and being a hooker was how I dealt with it. Unknown to Hondo, I had been hooking on the street of Argentina for nearly 4 weeks.

My breasts were engorged and were now 32F’s, but my tummy was still not showing during my third month, so I was able to look hot in my little fuck me dresses and skimpy outfits that I often wore during my supposed walks, shopping trips and appointments. I often caught a bus to the more seedy part of town, where I walked the streets for sex. I didn’t need the work by any means, but I did need the sex and it was well worth the risk in my mind. Street gangs, thugs, d**g dealers and bums were a daily threat and obstacle for a hooker on the bad streets of any South American city, but I learned the in and outs quickly as I found a local pimp to work with and provide my protection. I didn’t have a regular clientele here and I didn’t want to offend the local rulers, so I found a territory and I worked for Raul. He controlled the territory where I worked the street and I had gone to him after chatting with a few other local hookers that pointed me in his direction. I definitely needed the protection because during my first week of hooking, I had been robbed twice, of a total of $35 US, since I didn’t get paid much for being a prostitute in the slums of Argentina. On one other occasion, two men had fucked me and not paid and on the last and most dangerous event, I was smacked around and held down with a knife to my throat while a group of 4 thugs ass fucked me in an alley. This was definitely not America and I needed all of the help I could get. Since Raul was acting as my pimp, I had run into no problems.

I was currently turning tricks 4 or 5 days a week, when ever I was able to get away from the apartment and Hondo. I took most of my Johns to a nearby slum hotel or Argentina brothel, known as a puterias, owned by Raul, where I would suck them off or let them fuck me how ever they wanted. Raul kept most of my earnings, so I would barely get paid anywhere from $1 or $2 per blow job and maybe $4 or $5 to let someone fuck me. I didn’t really care about the money, since I just wanted the sex, but it was worth the safety that I required to do so. The humiliating amount also made me feel like a dirty slut and that was kind of a turn on too. Having sex in the hotel also gave me somewhere to engage with my clients and still clean up before my next one. Some days I would fuck and suck 8 or 10 different guys and some days just 1 or 2. Being an American was a novelty for the local men for the first 3 weeks and I often found myself getting laid on a constant basis. Raul sat in the lobby and sent men up for me to service, collecting their money before they came up to ride me and fill me with their cum. They enjoyed my bareback sex and my swallowing blow jobs, but after doing nearly 100 men in the first couple of weeks, the numbers had begun to decline, especially since other hookers spread rumors about their competition and the recent word on the street was that I had one or another disease. Of course, Argentina was a sexual destination for many foreigners and tourists flocked to the area to fuck the local latina girls and the rare black American MILF, when they were on vacation. I would definitely have to have Dr. Perez run his weekly tests to make sure that I was clean, since I did worry about my level of clients and their health. Having an STD as a hooker was terrible for business, let alone my own health and I had taken huge risks in my life due to my habit of letting my clients cum in and on me for their pleasure and mine. I loved the feeling and taste and found it difficult to change my ways, even when I was working in the slums.

I stood sideways staring at the mirror, wondering if that was a baby bump or just my imagination. I was nearly into my fourth month and I worried about showing when I was fucking my clients. I didn’t want them to know that I was pregnant and I kept sucking in my stomach as I peered at the reflection of the fully nude, huge breasted, ebony women smoking a cigarette while she stood in front of the mirror. Cum began to run down my leg, so I pulled myself away from the view and sat on the toilet in the next room, to let my previous client’s jizz drip from my well used, gaping cunt. I had broken down, about a week prior, and began smoking again as the sex became more intense with my raging hormones. I was nearly smoking 2 packs a day while I was hooking, often smoking after a good fucking or while I walked the alleys and streets looking for my next John. Hondo was still oblivious to my activity and the video games that I had bought for him kept him busy and preoccupied while I worked to get my fix. Raul and some of his friends began fucking me regularly too as I soon became the top hooker in his harem. Not many women could fuck and suck off as many men as I could per day and still enjoy it as much as I did. That alone kept clients wanting to spend a few dollars on the American whore and I always gave them the choice of hole and the ability to fill me with their sperm.

Raul held onto a fistful of my hair as he held my head in place and fucked my throat in front of three of his business associates. He had stopped by after my last John and introduced me as his best whore. He often told that to his friends and business partners when he brought them by to fuck me or for me to blow them. “este es mi mejor puta, Brandy.” he would smile and say before I let him and his friends have their way with me, often creaming on their thick, latino shafts while I rode them. Tonight was a little different though and I was on my knees as all three of his friends fucked my mouth and then bent me over on the bed to anally gangbang me. They pounded my booty with abandon as they sodomized me for nearly 2 hours before filling me with spunk. Spit was their only lubricant and I gritted my teeth until one of them came first and his cum became the slippery substance needed to keep their cocks sliding smoothly. My ass was a little sore as I slid back into my tight, black dress before I walked back home. It was much later than I had told Hondo that I would be back and I worried that he would be angry and become suspicious. I broke down and smoked another cigarette during my walk and when I arrived to my apartment, Hondo was gone. All of his belongings were gone and all that was left was a note on the kitchen table. “I can’t live and love a woman that is committed to nothing but being a whore for the rest of her life. I wanted more. I wanted you and I wanted a f****y. I will still love our c***d, but I can’t stay with you and suffer through your lifestyle. Please let me know if you ever want to change, until then, I will contact you about our c***d and it’s needs once they are born. I’m going back to college and getting my life back. I will remember all of the loving moments and of course the unbelievable sex. I truly did Love You, Hondo” I broke down crying and spent the night in my bed, feeling sorry for myself and lamenting all of the lovers that I had lost and alienated recently. I truly wished that I could change things. Now I had to determine whether I would stay in South America or head back to Ohio. I inhaled deeply on my cigarette and blew it toward the dark ceiling as more tears ran down my face.


I was sandwiched between to black actors, held between them and hanging in the air, my legs around one as I rode his long, thick cock and the other standing behind me, ramming his hard, ebony cock into my ass. They fucked me like that for a few minutes and then passed me off to another two male porn stars who impaled my openings in the same manner. I was being dp’d by six different men in the final scene of my second gangbang video. The director kept the guys busy with a change up of weird positions as they worked their cocks into my holes in different combinations, sometimes stuffing both my ass and pussy with two cocks. I was loving the sex and came 5 or 6 times as my cunt was stretched to it’s max by their large organs. My hormones had really begun to race as I reached my 8th week of pregnancy and only my dad and I knew of my condition. Rudy was oblivious as he sat in the corner with an erection and watched his actors fuck his star like a little rag doll before they finally filled my orifices with sticky, hot jizz. I licked my lips for the camera and ate as much of their sperm as I could for the camera while the director ended the shoot and called a wrap. One of the actors was still erect and I led him by his cock to the prop bed and let him fuck me until he ejaculated once again, in my gaping cunt, before I finally cleaned up and left with Rudy. He took me to dinner and then fed me his built up spunk bomb that night ,,while we fucked at his place. I had another film to begin shooting next week and I was going to return to Vegas and my lover Mikey the next morning.

Mikey’s cum filled me deeply when he ejaculated, driving me into an immense orgasm as tears ran from my eyes and I shook uncontrollably. He always made me feel so good and licking my pussy until I had screamed for him to stop and then fucking me until I squirmed in ecstasy had nearly worn me out. He was such a great lover and not even the 6 man orgy from the day before could top my dad in bed. My mom had lost a wonderful man and I was going to keep him for my own. I knew he wasn’t really my biological father and that made our relationship much more socially acceptable, but I still had a difficult time not calling him dad or thinking of him like that, even when we made love. I’m still not sure how my mom would take the news of us being together and having a c***d or what she would do when she found out the truth, that Mikey wasn’t my father. He had kept it from her for nearly 21 years and it would devastate her if she knew. I laid in his arms for a while and then went down on him to suck his cock to another erection. I was going to ride my man all day if I could and if not, I would try to contain my actions with toys….for as long as I could.

I had spent three days in Vegas before I had flown back to LA to begin shooting one of my new mainstream porn films. I was glad to be back into what I wanted to do and spent the next 3 days shooting 4 scenes for my feature movie. I did two girl-boy scenes, two MMF scenes and one GG scene before the shoot wrapped. My co-stars were all a lot of fun and a few of us got together for a party after the last day of filming. Rudy threw it at his house and it turned into an orgy as me and two of my female co-stars took on Rudy and 5 of the male stars from the film. It felt good to hang out and connect with people close to my age, who did what I did for a living. I was the youngest, but they all seemed to like me, especially two of the males from the movie, who spent a good deal of the evening boning me with their large white cocks. I loved it and let them each spend the night with me in a guest room, at Rudy’s, while he spent the night with one of the other starlets. I woke up with two cocks and I let them use their porn star skills on me as they wore out both of my holes before breakfast and left me a quivering mass of spent flesh. I sat with them at the table and ate a large portion of food, that was served to us by Rudy’s house maid, and they knew that they had rocked my world that night and morning. I spent the day by the pool with them afterwards and worked their cocks with my mouth until they took me on for round 2 and I fell asl**p until dinner. Rudy had sent all of the guest on their way before I awoke and I spent the day with him before I began shooting the third gangbang film for my most recent contract.

I was late for the first scene, but I blamed Rudy, since he had woken up with a boner that he just had to fuck me with. He knew that I was filming that day but demanded that I take his cock in my ass before I left. He spent nearly 45 minutes slamming my behind before he ejaculated and I was able to clean up and prep for my shoot. I was the center for a 10 man gangbang and bukakke, so I was already loosened up when the first cock slid into my ass and then another joined it for a double ass penetration. I moaned out as my asshole was stretched and then squirted and came on the shaft of the cock that slid into my pussy not long afterward. I took a good ass pounding that afternoon, but it felt good to be used like a whore and the part that I was playing in this film fit the title: “Black Butt Sluts”. For the next three days I shot a scene each day where I was rectally penetrated by multiple men, the most being 17 on the final day of the shoot. Their internal cumshots and facials left me drenched with cum from the top of my head to my knees as the actors either drilled my ass and came in it multiple times or fed me their ass lubed dicks to suck until they spewed all over my face and in my mouth. I felt like a whore and snuck a cigarette, my first one in a couple of weeks, into the bathroom and smoked it before I showered. I definitely needed and earned it from the last scene. I flew back to Vegas that night and then spent 4 days with Mickey before I shot my 5th film for my contract. “Velvet Unleashed” was to be an erotic, fetish film and it would include a lot of leather, latex and bondage, but it would still maintain a mainstream porn appearance as I shot 5 different scenes, with a variety of different men in a wide array of costumes and backgrounds. I was looking forward to doing the film and according to Rudy, if the production went well, would be a potential award winning movie. Until then, I was home with my man. I laid naked in bed with him and he rubbed what seemed to be a small baby bump, that was not noticeable unless you knew me well. I just hoped that it didn’t grow anymore until my shoot started. My breasts had already gone from a double D to a triple E in the last 11 weeks. No one said anything, but I had gotten a lot of compliments during my shoots from my co-stars and I could tell that they liked them when they were sucking on them or titty-fucking me for a scene.

I flew to New York for the shoot and it would be 5 long days worth of work as they set up a different set and lighting for each scene. I was excited and ended up meeting a really cute guy during my first night in town, when I had gone out for dinner by myself. I ended up at his place that night and spent most of it sucking his long, white cock and letting him sample each of my holes. It was enjoyable to spend some time with a guy around my age. Of course, he didn’t know that I was pregnant by my father or that I was a porn star. I left his place early that morning and arrived on the set to get my makeup and wardrobe for my first scene. I would end up meeting him again for dinner that evening and we spent another night together at his place. My first scene didn’t start shooting until noon, so I stayed in bed with him for a while and sucked him off before I let him know that I had to leave for work again. “What do you do for a living.” he asked me, as I got dressed. “I’m a porn star.” I told him matter-of-factly, while I pulled my shirt on over my head and then tugged on my skin tight jeans. “Really?” he asked with a surprised look on his face. “Look me up online at my website today.” I told him, as I scribbled the link on a piece of scrap paper. “I was wondering why you were so easy.” he jokingly said as he smiled at me. “Yeah, not many regular girls will do the things that I did to you on the first two dates, unless they’re whores or in the porn industry and I’m both.” I told him as I giggled and left. “I’ll see you tonight for dinner if you still want to hang with a porn star.” I yelled to him as I left and arrived on set to get ready for my second day of shooting.

My second scene took a couple of hours to shoot with all of the wardrobe, make up and lighting effects, but in the end my well hung, male co-star fucked my ass good and came in my mouth. My new friend, Jeff, met up with me again and we talked for quite a while, as I answered a lot of his questions. He must have been satisfied, since he ended up coming back to my hotel for sex that night. I hated to let a free suite at an upscale NYC hotel go unused and he agreed as he fucked me on each chair, couch, desk, table and even the bed. He came deep in my pussy twice that night and when I woke in the morning we showered together in the large bathroom and I sucked him off before we left together. I told him that I needed the practice for my job and then asked if he wanted to come watch a shoot on the following day. He seemed really interested and excited and so was I. It carried over into my scene that afternoon, as I took on two guys at once and came three times while they drove their cocks into my ass and cunt at the same time. I was so horny that after one of the guys popped on my face for the final shot, I guided him back into my gaping cunt to continue fucking me. The director and crew stood by to watch as he pumped me in a variety of positions before blowing another load in my vagina. It felt so good and for some reason I wanted more. The crew was into it now as a few of the guys began to play along with my teasing and I got two of them to drop their drawers for blowjobs. I sucked one of them off until he filled my mouth and I let the other fuck me from behind. My day of being a whore ended after that and I went back to my hotel to clean up and rest, before going out to meet Jeff for dinner.


I leaned against the wall with a cigarette in my mouth, smoking while I talked to my next potential John. I had been busy today and I had tried to stay busy for the last week, since Hondo had left me. I was fucking and sucking between 12 to 15 men daily and I let my fantasies run wild as they mounted me or I knelt in front of them to swallow their loads. Dreaming of the men I had lost and imagining that it was them who were stuffing my openings and feeding me their jizz. I came every time I had sex, not just from my fantasies, but because my clit was throbbing and swollen from my hormone surge since I had become pregnant. I loved the feeling and taste of every cock I did each day, regardless if the sex lasted 2 minutes or 15 minutes. I licked each dick clean when they were done with me and savored every flavor of prick I could get into my eager mouth. “So baby, you gonna fuck me?” the John asked as he looked around. I took a drag off my cig and blew out the smoke, “Sure sweetie, as soon as you pay my boyfriend, Raul, you can put your cock anywhere you want to.” I said as I put my cigarette back into my mouth and used both hands to lift up the front of my short dress to reveal my bald slit. 14 different cocks had fucked me during my entire day of work and this would be 15 if he liked what I offered. “That’s sweet baby. You going to let poppy cum in you?” I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “You want to cum in my pussy poppy?. I squeezed my legs together and teased him with my pursed lips as I blew out some smoke and blew him a kiss. He was hooked and I knew it as he told me that he liked my ass and wondered if I’d let him have some fun back there. “Baby, you can shove your cock deep in my culo if you want, or anywhere else that you desire.” I teased him as I sucked on my cig and looked around before pulling the top of my dress down to show him my big titties. They seemed to be growing every day and nearly spilled from my tight dress as I shoved them back in. He smiled and walked across the street with me as we entered the motel and Raul took his money. I led him up to my room on the 3rd floor, in a small elevator and played with his cock until we stopped on my floor and went to my room.

He pulled my dress down and had my nipples in his mouth as he sucked my tits and squeezed my ass. I undressed him and soon I was on my back as his cock penetrated my pussy. He pumped me for about 5 minutes before rolling me onto my stomach and entering my ass with a little lube that I had on the bedside stand. I arched my back and moaned while his cock drove deep into my behind while he squeezed and spread my butt cheeks. He came within 5 more minutes and fell on top of me, his spent tool still buried in my ass. “Oooo, poppy, you fucked my ass good baby.” I squealed to him as his tongue licked my neck from behind and he pulled my hair to continue pumping his cock in me. Eventually, his limp prick fell from my cum filled ass and he left while I laid there and lit up a cig. I pulled my small purse from a secret area in the mattress and tossed the $1080 pesos onto the table to look at it while I smoked. I had fucked and sucked 15 different men so far today and only had the equivalent of $72 US dollars to show for it. Being a prostitute in Argentina was not very profitable, but I was managing and the sex helped me to cope. I cleaned up and went to get something to eat before I returned to work in the evening. I would make another $38 dollars that night as I pleasured another 10 clients for Raul. I was very tired when I finally fell into bed at my apartment and dreamed of being with Mikey. I missed him so.

“Is it mine baby?” Raul asked me as he lay beside me, his limp cock pressed against my ass while his sticky cum ran from my pussy, down my thigh and onto the bed sheets. I looked down at his hand as he rubbed my stomach. Another month and a half had passed and I was now 5 months pregnant, my stomach had begun to show about a week or two before and Raul had just noticed it after he had fucked me. “You’ve fucked a lot of men since you came to work for me. I guess it could belong to anyone.” he told me as his hand ran up to my 34 G breasts to squeeze them and pinch my long, hard nipples. My tatas had exploded in size over the last month and I didn’t even bother to wear a bra anymore as more men flocked to fuck me each day. They played with my tits while they pumped their cocks in me or titty fucked me before they sprayed my face and breasts with hot, sticky jizz. I actually loved it and had let a few of the local men begin fucking me for free when I wasn’t working. Raul had sex with me when ever he wanted and afterwards we would smoke a cigar in bed together, before I went home or returned to work. “Do you want it to be poppy?” I asked him as he began slapping my tit and flicking my nipple with his fingers. “I got 12 k**s baby, I don’t need no more.” he laughed as he began to rub his cock on my ass. I rubbed back against his reawakening prick until he was fully erect and then turned around to crawl down between his legs to suck his dick. “This will be number 6 for me poppy.” I told him between mouthfuls of thick, brown, uncut cock. “Maybe you should quit until you have the baby. I don’t know if you should keep fucking so many men each day when you’re pregnant.” he told me as I deep throated him and then moved up to mount his rock hard tool.

I bounced on Raul’s dick until he filled me with cum and then we shared a cigarette as I told him that I would be fine, explaining how I had continued to be prostitute with my other c***dren when I was pregnant. He left my room afterward and I cleaned up before going back down to the street. I could still fit another two or three men in tonight and I was still very horny, even if I had been with 12 other men today. No one but Raul had noticed my baby bump so far and I hoped that it would remain that way for a little while longer. Some men loved fucking pregnant women, but many didn’t and I didn’t have any plans to quit just yet. At the rate I was fucking and sucking all of the different men in Argentina, I would break the 11,000 man mark within the next two months. I never thought that I would have reached that number and been with so many different men in my life, but the thought had turned me on as I got hornier by the day and it made me wet to think of taking so much cock. Had I not quit hooking after my last c***d and taken nearly 15 years off from working, I may have been pushing double the amount. I watched a guy stare at me from across the way and began to saunter over to him. He didn’t look like he had much money, but I’m sure he would pay me at least 5 or 6 pesos for a blow job. What was that again….oh yeah, 60 to 75 cents. What a cheap and nasty pregnant whore I had become.


I had spent another night with my new boy toy Jeff, sucking his cock and then riding it until he filled me with cum. He had accepted my offer to come watch me work the next day and I could tell he was excited as his dick got hard again and he slid back into my cum filled hole. Another load filled my vagina before we fell asl**p and then awoke the next morning and left for my video shoot. Jeff was talking during the entire trip to the set, asking one question after another. I answered all the questions I could and once we arrived, makeup got me ready for my sex scene with two well hung white actors. Jeff watched intently as the scene began and I knelt down to suck off both of the men. Once their cocks were erect, they each took turns in all three of my openings, double penetrating me in various positions. I couldn’t help but cum multiple times during the shoot and swallowed down both of their cum shots at the end of the scene. I looked over at Jeff, sticky jizz hanging from my chin as I licked it up for the camera. After I had cleaned up and I left the set with Jeff, we hadn’t been on the subway very long before his cock was in my hand and I was stroking it inconspicuously while we sat close to one another. We found an empty car, at a stop before the station near my hotel, and I made love on the NYC subway for the first time. Jeff unloaded inside of me after only 2 minutes, but I understood his excitement and he would cum in me another three times that evening before we fell asl**p in one another’s arms.

I spent the next 3 days with Jeff, while I filmed my last two scenes, and then bid him goodbye as I flew back to Las Vegas and my real lover, Mikey. I had enjoyed myself with him while I was filming in a different town, but I was now going back to be with the future father of my baby. I laid in Mikey’s arms after making love twice that evening and then fell into a deep sl**p from the multiple orgasms that he had given me. I awoke and spent the next week with him before getting a call from Rudy. He wanted me in LA for a meeting, so that we could set up my next series of films. He wasn’t going to like seeing my little baby bump, so I hid it with a loose fitting sweatshirt when I arrived. He had contracts for another four films and I signed them before he led me to his bed to have sex. I could have said no, but for some reason my libido was raging even worse and I was riding his cock within minutes as he tugged on my huge breasts and stared at my stomach. After he came in me, we took up the conversation about my pregnancy. He was a little upset, but Rudy was a businessman and immediately saw the possibility of using my condition to make money and to add to my fetish portfolio. He brought up the possibilities of doing pregnant video gangbangs and bukakkes, anal pregnant scenes and cum extravaganza films that would draw attention to my face and tits as my fellow actors covered me in sticky cum. All of his plans sounded awesome to me at the time and my pussy was dripping at the thought as I sucked on his dick and then spent the night with him.

I returned to Vegas and before going back to my condo, called my old friends Luiz and Poppy. It had been quite some time since I had seen them and for some reason I needed some wild sex with them and any of my other fellow gang members. They would enjoy hearing about my new upcoming movies and all of the ones that I shot in Europe, since they liked knowing that I was a porn star whom they could fuck. I didn’t get back to my condo until late that night, after spending the entire afternoon getting used, at a warehouse frequented by my gang. I took on 17 different guys at our little party and my cunt could have gone on for much longer had there been more members present. Needless to say, my pregnant tits were well liked as all of them wondered if they could have possibly been the father of my expected c***d. I didn’t tell them whom it was, so everyone wondered about the possibilities of being the baby daddy of their porn star, gang member, Putita.

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