OHGirl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

My daughter had graduated from high school and had turned 18 all in the span of a month. She was so much like me that I had never really noticed until now. She was my height, at about 5’3” tall, and she had curves just like her mom too. She had been a cheerleader and ran track while in school, so she kept her body in great shape and had an athletic build that supported a natural 32DD-24-35 frame that had a lot of men looking at her. She and I attracted quite a few cat-calls and stares when we were out shopping or at the gym. I had maintained my body over the years, despite the rough times in life that I had gone through. I had endured my bout with d**gs, had spent a total of 15 years as a hooker, fucking nearly 6,000 different men, and I had given birth to 5 c***dren. My body was surprisingly still toned and fit for a woman in her late 40’s and even though I had added a breast enhancement to my assets, I was proud to stand next to my daughter showing off my 32DDD-27-37 build. My daughter had graduated in the top 10 of her class and was entering college in the fall, so she would also be following in my footsteps as a college graduate. She had been very popular girl in school, with her intelligence, open minded way of thinking and her beauty. As the biological c***d of my white husband, Mikey, she had a mixed heritage that had gifted her with a very lovely skin tone and the looks of a glamour model. I was so proud of her and was worried when I learned that she had also inherited my sexual addiction.

Over the last year, my c***dren had learned of my past and had accepted my return to being an e****t, so when I found my daughter having sex with my lover and the father of one of my c***dren, Shawn, I was worried. After a long discussion, she had revealed her sexual cravings to me and I fully understood, trying to explain to her how I had made a lot of mistakes trying to satiate my own desires. After a long talk with her father and myself, we had decided to allow her to enter into another set of my footsteps. She was going to work with me, under my tutelage, as an e****t, making money for her future and learning the profession with my guidance. According to her, she had been fucking her b*****r’s father for 2 months and had endured his huge black cock, so I knew that she was prepared for any other penis that she might encounter. Shawn had one of the top 5 biggest cocks that I had ever taken and he could fuck for hours, so I knew that she could take it. I would just have to teach her how to handle her clients and the situations that could potentially arise. She took on the name of Velvet and she began working with me out of my downtown condo. Luckily we were the same size, so she was able to share many of my sexy outfits and costumes that I had entertained in over the years. This was the first time we had scheduled a couple of men that wanted to share us together and I laid on my back, with my legs wrapped around my current lover, watching my daughter get fucked from behind by an older man’s hard, white cock.

We had blown both of our clients when they had arrived and each of them took turns in both of our mouths. I had given quite a few tips to Velvet on how to suck a cock and she had learned quickly, being able to deep throat much better than I ever could. My tongue was attached closely at the tip, at the base of my mouth, not allowing it to protrude too far out of my mouth when I used it to give pleasure, but Velvet had inherited her father’s long tongue. He had given me years of orgasms licking and stuffing his long, fat tongue into my pussy and now I watched while Velvet deep throated her client, using her long, pierced tongue to lick his balls when she had him deep in her throat. She was a natural porn star and soon both of our clients were fucking her at both ends, spit roasting her between them, while she sucked and slid on both of their stiff poles. I crawled over to the client fucking my daughter and he pulled his cock from her wet cunt and stuffed it into my mouth. I felt strange tasting her pussy on his rigid tool, but I continued to suck him until he came in my mouth and then stuffed his still hard cock back into Velvet. His limp cock slipped from her dripping pussy and our other client was soon holding on to her hips as he continued pounding her 18 year old tight twat. I remembered when my moist hole was the target for so many men and even though I still fucked 7 or 8 different men a week (a huge decrease from my previous schedule), Velvet had increased her workload to 3 or 4 men a day over the first two months of work. Her referrals were unbelievable and they would only increase as long as she continued to get better at what she did. I heard her client moan out and watched as his spunk poured from her slit while he kept driving his dick into her. Velvet had also fallen in love with another one of my vices, the taste and texture of fresh, hot cum. She was a bareback whore just like her mom.

I sat smoking a cigarette on my condo balcony as I listened to the moaning from down the hallway. I had finished with my last client of the day around 4 pm and had waited for my daughter until she was finished with her current client. This was her 4th partner today and it was nearly 9pm when she led him from the room by his hand, walking nude and sexy in her stilettos, just like her mom taught her. He handed her a cash tip and she closed the door behind him as she walked back down the hall to join me on the balcony. Cum was still on her chin and breasts, where it had sprayed her, and we sat there talking about our day before she showered and we returned home to my husband. It felt good to be back in control of my life and I was happy to be leading my daughter into the right direction of a profession that usually was rough on it’s workers. She seemed to be keeping her sexual urges under control with her current work schedule and when we discussed how she felt, she expressed a true joy for sex, regardless of the fact that men were paying her for it. She seemed to get excited, just as I did, by the thought of fucking a large number of strangers and letting them cum in her. I’m not sure why we both were turned on by such a thought, but it drove our appetites and allowed us to do what we did for a living. I had booked my daughter’s first bachelor party for this coming week, so I was going to be her chaperone as she took another step deeper into being a prostitute, by providing sexual pleasures to a large group of men. She had experienced a couple of menage-a-trois, in the last couple of months, but this was going to be her first foray into having sex with multiple men. This would be the experience that she needed to be able to handle a group of men at one time.

We arrived at the downtown hotel at around 10pm and were greeted by the d***ken best man who ushered us into the room. Music was blaring and beer cans and bottles were strewn all around the room as about 10 or 12 guys stood staring as we both walked in and were introduced. Pizza boxes were stacked on a nearby table and someone yelled out that the party had just begun. I had dressed sexy, but not to entertain, as Velvet was to be the main girl at the party this night. The guys were mesmerized by her beauty as she smiled and dropped her full length coat to reveal her naked body and thigh high fishnet stockings. She stood tall in her 8 inch heels and had practiced dancing as a stripper for the last month, courtesy of her mother’s teaching, so she began to dance around the room like a pro, her long hair, to the middle of her back, whipping back and forth to tease the guys as they encircled her in the middle of the room. I plugged in our Ipad and began playing her songs and she organized the guys with very firm directions, so that she could begin entertaining the bachelor as quickly as possible. Soon the guys were all sitting on the chairs and couches as Velvet gave a lap dance to the soon to be married groom. She stripped him down to his boxers while his friends gave shouts of encouragement and his cock was soon filling her mouth while she blew him in front of his entourage.

My daughter had learned well and the crowd of d***ken guys were following every movement she made as she sucked their friend and then rode him to a creamy finish. When she left the room to get cleaned up, they all began vying for position to be the next lucky man. Velvet returned to the room wearing a different outfit, this time dressed as a sexy nurse, knowing that the bachelor and his friends were all in the health profession. That had definitely gotten their attention and a handful of the guys encircled her as she began to dance, groping and touching her as she moved from one guy to another, teasing with her body, mouth and tongue. One of the guys grabbed her and she was soon bent over the back of the couch as she was fucked from behind. The other men lined up and her mouth was fucked as each guy used her lips while she was nailed from behind by the best man. Her hands stroked their cocks and her tongue and mouth worked their hard poles. The look in her eyes let me know that she was in heaven as she sucked each man in order. Soon they began to take turns fucking my daughter and it wasn’t long before she had taken each and every guy into her cunt and mouth. I envied her and my pussy dripped with excitement as I watched her work the group of guys, whom were soon filling her mouth and cunt with large loads of sticky spunk.

Two of the guys who were waiting for Velvet to clean up, after she had taken a couple of cum shots, began looking my way and walked over to ask if I’d like to join. I explained that I was just the chaperone, but they were d***k and they continued to encourage me to join the fun, telling me how hot I was and how they liked older women, complimenting my body and sandwiching me between them as they tried to get me to dance with them. The other horny men in the room were now turning their attention to me and chanting for me to dance. I began to grind with the two men near me and soon they were kissing me and sliding my tight fitting dress off of my body. I was extremely horny and gave no resistance as they undressed me. When Velvet returned to the room, the guys cheered and made their way to her, while three or four stayed near me as the original two men fondled my breasts and began rubbing their nude bodies on me. Velvet smiled over at me as she went down on one of the men and another shoved his cock into her while she laid on the couch. I was pulled to a chair and found myself sitting on a stiff, fat cock as it was thrust up into my slippery hole. The other guy wasn’t going to wait and he was soon pressing up against me from behind, pushing the head of his cock between my butt cheeks and trying to enter my ass. I spit on my hand and reached back, stroking his cock with my saliva and guiding him back to my opening. It had been a while since I had been DP’d, but it felt so good to feel two cocks in me once again. The others watched and the idea to fuck Velvet the same way emerged as a handful of the guys carried her to the bed and were soon stuffing their cocks into her pussy and asshole at the same time. I heard her moaning out loudly as they fucked her and I wondered if this was her first time taking a cock in each hole at the same time. She had experienced anal sex with a dozen or more men during her short time as an e****t, but she was now getting all of her holes filled, as I looked through the doorway to see her surrounded, sandwiched between two well built young men while another stood on the bed and fed her his long, white cock. The apple surely didn’t fall far from the tree.

Velvet and I both had a cigarette hanging from our mouths as we got into the car that early morning. She had taken up smoking with me when we began working together and we both inhaled deeply and blew out a huge puff of smoke before we drove off. We discussed the nights events like two little girls who just learned about boys. Even though she admitted to being a little sore from the fucking she had received, Velvet went on and on about the 9 different men that had exploded in her mouth, pussy and ass. She was like a k** in a candy store and could barely contain herself as I watched her hand slide under her dress in the darkness. I looked forward as I drove, but I knew my daughter was masturbating as she rehashed the night’s events. I felt the same way, but I tried to show some control, until I got home to ride my hubby’s big cock. My daughter truly was an addict just like me and at the same age, just like when I was younger, I knew that she would want more. I wanted her to feel better and I knew what always made me feel good, so I pulled into a gas station, next to a car with three young guys filling their vehicle and ending their night of drinking, just like we had ended our night of whoring. The guy pumping the gas was staring at me as I got out to say hi to him and his friends. I had on my tight sexy dress once again , standing next to him in my stilettos and asked if they all wanted to continue their party at my condo. The guys were staring out their windows, one of them really fucked up, but still slurring his approval. My daughter got out to come say hi and when they saw her in her net dress, her large breasts and pussy wide open for their viewing, they were more than eager.

We spent the rest of the morning sharing all three of the guys, from the gas station, in my bed at the condo. They were all college students and had spent all night at a local bar before getting lucky with the mother and daughter combo at the Pilot Gas station. All five of us were entwined on my bed as each of the guys got to fuck us both and they were more than happy that we had provided them with blow jobs and sex for free that day. We showered when they left and sat on my balcony, deciding to forgo the drive home, since it was already 9am. We were like best friends as we sat smoking and talking about how we both felt and what we each liked. My daughter was a whore like me, a cum slut just like her mom and she was now talking me into calling Shawn over, to share him, before our first clients came over at 1 pm that day. My self control was not good that morning and Shawn accepted the early morning call and brought his black mamba over to use on both of us for the next couple of hours. Velvet took his huge black cock in her ass and screamed out when he pumped it full of cum and I barely waited before I was sitting on it myself and riding him for another orgasm. We were both cleaned up and ready when our clients did arrive that afternoon and soon the team of Brandy and Velvet were once again starting another day of debauchery for money. Our day ended early and we both drove home in my car, tired and satiated, smoking and discussing our futures as partners in prostitution.

I loved my mom, but she didn’t know the entire truth. I wanted to tell her, but somehow she was enjoying the role of being my mentor and I did like the fun we were having together. I hadn’t really lost my virginity to Shawn. It was true that we had been fucking for a couple of months, when my mom had caught us together at her condo, but in reality, I had lost my cherry when I was 13, to one of my b*****r’s friends. Since that time, I had been having sex on a regular basis, with many of the guys at school and that I had met elsewhere. When I was 15, I had an affair with one of the teachers at school. The rumors had run rampant about me and my science teacher, so in order to draw the attention away from him and to prevent any possible legal problems for the man whom I had such a crush, I began fooling around with a few other guys. In hindsight, I was just fucking more guys because that is what I craved, but at the time, I told myself that I was doing it to protect Mr. Martin.

I don’t remember how it all began, but I had finished with my cheerleading and went back to the classroom to get my backpack with my books. All of the girls in school loved Mr. Martin and so did I, so when I found that he was in the room doing some work, I decided to stay and talk to him for a while. My body had gotten me a lot of attention at school and my hormones wanted me to have more. One thing led to another and I found myself sucking my teacher’s cock and I was in heaven. I had to have more and when I felt him in my wet pussy, I was hooked. He pumped me with his long, white cock until he exploded inside of me and the feeling was ecstasy. I tried to catch his semen before it ran out of me and onto his desk, when he pulled his cock from my vagina, and my hand was full of his warmth when I pulled it from between my legs. The feel and smell guided it to my mouth where I tasted his sperm and I knew right away that I had to have more. We began an affair, but when the rumors started, we called it off and I took up my reign as the class slut.

My mother and father had always thought that I was popular in school because I was the head cheerleader and because I was such a good student, and some of that was true, but I was popular amongst the boys because I was a slut. I couldn’t control my behavior because my instincts led me to sex every time I tried to logically take command of my brain. I don’t remember ever saying no, fucking every boy whether he was a jock, nerd or burnout. I enjoyed the variety and I loved the feeling I got when I had a cock in me and when it burst to fill me with its warm cream. I began going to parties and fucking more than one guy a night. I was getting out of control as my senior year came near and I had nearly fucked every guy in our school. I began hooking up with guys from other schools, after cheering at a ball game, and soon I was getting well known throughout the league. I began watching porn with some of my guy friends and learned a lot about what they liked and how they liked it. I would imitate what I saw and soon I was getting good. I was taking on small groups of guys at parties, letting them fuck me in the ass and pussy just like in the films and I was loving the attention. At about that time, my mom and dad opened up to us about her past and that was when I understood my urges. I was just like my mom and I recognized it when she was caught with my principal and a couple of other guys with whom my b*****r and I had seen her have sex. That truly ignited the fires at school, as everyone began calling my mom and I the Mad Sluts (Mother and Daughter Sluts). I lived with the harassment and continued to also live up to my reputation, as I began to visit colleges that I wanted to possibly attend, and began fucking a bunch of the college guys that I had met during my trips.

My parents had always given us our privacy and allowed us to come and go at will, as long as we were responsible, so it was easy for me to hook up with all of the guys that I did. I wanted to open up to my mom about all of my past history, but I just couldn’t. I had a feeling that she would understand, since I had known about her promiscuity well before they had told us. My mom had 5 c***dren, all by different men and she continued to fuck the fathers of two of my siblings. We k**s had seen things over the years and I had watched my mom fuck and give blow jobs to many other men, without her knowledge. I didn’t want her to feel as if she wasn’t helping me. We had bonded, all be it with a strange type of bond, but she had allowed me to become an e****t, like herself, and that made it so much easier for me to sl**p with as many men as I could, to subdue my sexual urges and to make a lot of money doing it. I was having fun with my mom now and although I called her Brandy, I fully understood how she felt, especially when I got to watch her having sex. My mom was awesome at what she did and I wanted to be just as good or better. I nearly came when she had told me how many men she had been with over the years, as the thought of fucking over 6000 different men raced through my mind. I had been sexually active for 5 years now and I knew, at my current rate, that I was on my way to reaching her accomplishments.

Unbeknownst to my mother, I had been going by the name of Velvet for the last year and a half, coming up with my alias when I had gotten into watching porn with my male friends. There were quite a few guys that knew me by that name and I had stayed rather busy during my last year at school, using the internet to meet up with unknown men to fuck for money. I had a profile set up and was fucking men on a regular basis after classes and on the weekends, while my father and mother dealt with her problems over the last year or so. Velvet had been a busy girl, although I hadn’t been making the money I was now, and I didn’t want to let my mom know that I had experienced quite a bit already in my young life. Even my graduation trip to Jamaica had allowed me to fuck nearly 25 different, well hung, black men on the island oasis. Maybe my mom would be proud to know that I had been very promiscuous and had been hooking for a while and that I had fucked nearly 750 different guys since I had become sexually active. I was so addicted to my sexual urges that I had kept marks on a calendar to list the dates, guys and number of times that I had engaged in sex, since my first time, and my calendar was getting filled up as I began working full time with my mom. Unfortunately, I hadn’t charged much for sex, when I had begun selling my services on the internet, often only charging $5 or $10 dollars for a blow job and no more than $25 to $50 for men to fuck me, so I didn’t have as much money to show for my slutty behavior as I did now.

I began my menstrual cycle when I was younger and my mother had gotten me on birth control to provide with a more regular flow. Had it not been for her insight, I may have gotten pregnant quite some time ago. Yes, there was a lot that my mom didn’t know and it worried me to keep it from her. I slowly shared some of my similarities with her, lighting up a cigarette to join her after my first client. She hadn’t known at the time, but I had been smoking since I was a freshman in high school, mostly at parties and after school, so I felt more comfortable now when we smoked together. I had truly found my niche and I loved my mother dearly, even if she was the well known local hooker known as Brandy. I was now the woman that I had dreamed of being when I had watched porn with my friends. I was now known as Velvet, and together, my mother and I really were the Mad Sluts.

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1 year ago
Great story. So...how much for an old Vet for Velvet?
1 year ago
Keep an eye on her though just to be safe, it would break my heart to learn that she follows your footsteps exactly.
1 year ago
awesome!! Mad Sluts! dream of evry man...
1 year ago
Love your stories, avidly following the twists and turns... thank you!