OHGIRL: Back To Work

I was bent over the side of my bed as the neighbor, from down the road, pumped his cock hard into my cunt, from behind. It had been two weeks since my youngest daughter had caught me fucking two men in my bedroom and here I was again, high on weed and letting my neighbor fuck me. It had all started when Shawn had gotten me to smoke a joint with him as a prelude to an awesome fuck session that commemorated our 20 years as lovers. Even though he had been a downfall in part of my early life, he was the father of one of my c***dren and we still had a fairly stable sexual relationship. I hadn’t done any sort of d**gs for almost 15 years, since I had quit my life as a prostitute, so smoking one joint seemed innocent enough. The buzz came on strong and really revved up my libido that day, so I got a bag and kept it hidden in one of my closet dresser drawers, right next to a pack of Winston cigarettes that I had started smoking again.

I had told my husband Mikey about the incident with the two young guys and we seemed to have straightened it out with our daughter, but I hadn’t told him about me getting high or even smoking again. My younger son had caught me smoking a cigarette out on the deck one day, but I explained it away as an experiment with a cigarette left behind by our neighbor. Our neighbor did indeed smoke, but he rarely came to our house, unless he was mowing our yard. Since we had moved into the country to raise our c***dren, mowing six acres in the summer and plowing a 300 ft long driveway in the winter wasn’t something that Mikey had wanted to take upon as a chore, so he had hired a neighbor, that lived two homes down, to do it for us. Jerald made a living and supported his f****y doing lawn care and snow removal as seasonal work, so he gave us a great deal, since he lived so close and he took care of our needs year around. At the moment, he was taking care of mine with his hard, white cock.

Jerald wasn’t a guy that I would normally have fucked, even though I had known him for quite a few years. He and his wife and three k**s were very nice people, but Jerald was a hard and rough looking guy, whose sense of humor and personality matched. He had a quirky sense of humor and even though some of his jokes bordered on being sexual and flirtatious, I never once thought about fucking him until today. I had smoked a joint while I was home alone and when his truck pulled into our driveway with his industrial sized mower, my pussy was already wet. I had been fingering my clit and my swollen lips were tingling for a stiff dick as I sat on my patio and smoked a cigarette. Jerald was surprised to see me smoking when he came around the corner, all sweaty and dirty from the previous four homes that he had mowed, but he seemed just as surprised to see me with my finger in my slippery hole. He wasn’t very shy and he immediately made a joke to make me aware that he had just caught me masturbating. “I always thought that you smoked afterwards, not during.” he said with a laugh. I jumped up out of my chair, startled by his presence, my cigarette still in my mouth as I stood there nude in front of him. Being a former stripper and hooker, I was hardly worried about him seeing me naked.

“Wow, I was always hoping to run into one of my customers like this.” he said with a grin. Sweat covered his brow under the rim of his baseball cap and grime coated his dark suntanned neck and arms as he pulled out and lit up his own cigarette, telling me that maybe he’d try it out himself. His shirt and jeans were covered in dust and grass, and I’m sure that the heat of the mid day sun had made his day of mowing much harder. I asked him if he was thirsty and he followed me into the house for some water. We both walked in with out cigarettes lit, something that I had never allowed in my home, but it seemed so natural as I handed him his glass of ice water that I had produced from my refrigerator. I stood there naked, smoking , as he took a drink and then took a deep drag on his own cig. I didn’t say anything as I went down on my knees in front of him and began to unfasten his dirty jeans. He stood there and continued to smoke, looking down at me as if it was something that occurred regularly. His cock was stiff as I wrapped my lips around it and it grew more as I began to deep throat his musky pole. He had been out in the sun all morning and afternoon, so his pubic hair was soaked and matted to his body with sweat. His cock had a salty taste as I sucked on it and his hand found the back of my head as I looked up at him and he took another puff. My cigarette was still in my one hand as I stroked his cock in my mouth with the other. I leaned back and took a puff and then told him that maybe we should find a more comfortable place for our fun.

I took his cigarette from him as he undressed and I threw both of them in the toilet in my master bath, flushing them as I walked back to find him standing nude, his hard pole pointing up at my ceiling above my bed. I walked up to Jerald and he grabbed me by my arms and spun me around, pushing me over onto the edge of the bed. I spread my legs as I bent over the mattress and Jerald grabbed my hips as he moved up behind me. He reached down and guided his swollen head to my wet lips, rubbing it on them before he slid it deep into my moist hole in one fell swoop. I moaned out and then he began to pound me from behind. I was gripping my comforter in my hands as I push back against his quick thrusts and he grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head back, making my back arch as his prick sunk into me over and over again. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” he said while he pumped me. “I’ve never fucked a black woman before, but you were definitely on my bucket list.” he stated with a laugh and a grunt as I pushed back hard and felt his sweaty balls smack against my ass and thighs.

I was pleasantly surprised as Jerald fucked me for the next hour, mounting me on my back and eventually letting me ride him until he filled my hole with a huge gob of spunk. I held my hand under my just fucked cunt as I slid off of his semi-erect organ, catching his jizz before it stained my bed covers. Jerald seemed very turned on and surprised when my hand made its way to my mouth and I licked his cum from my fingers. “Damn!” he exclaimed and then I bent over him as he sat on the side of the bed and licked his cock clean. He began to grow erect again, but I walked away and told him that he was going to have to finish the yard first. He mowed all 6 acres in 45 minutes as I sat naked on my upper deck, above my patio, smoking another cigarette and lying on a lounge chair still naked. My mind was still buzzing and racing with the thought of my afternoon sex, the pot that I had smoked earlier and the nicotine flowing into my system from the 3 cigarettes I had smoked. I had lost track of the time and when Jerald had climbed the stairs to the deck, I thought nothing of it as he stood next to me and I sat on the lounge chair giving him a smoking blow job. I heard the sliding glass doors from the kitchen slide open and looked over, this time to see my youngest son watching his mother not only smoking again, but sucking the neighbor’s dick as she did so. Jerald looked down at me surprised and I jumped up to run nude, into the house to calm my son’s worries. I left him pulling up his pants, as I entered the house, and even though I had more pressing issues to take care of, all I could think of was finishing my session with Jerald.

My son’s door was closed to his bedroom and I knew that I would have to handle this gently, but instead, I made my way down the hall and out the front door of the house to meet Jerald as he was getting into his truck. I was barefoot and nude as I stood by his open door on our asphalt driveway. He seemed to be rather upset and I told him that it would be fine and before he could begin to say anything else, I reached into the top of his pants and grabbed his tool as he sat in his drivers seat. His truck sat high off the ground and I stepped up onto the running rail of his truck and leaned over, once again pulling him out and taking him into my mouth. He sat there as I sucked him and my head bobbed up an down in his lap for the next 15 minutes before he filled my mouth with his hot cum. I swallowed him down and then reassured him that all was well as I made my way back into the house, still naked and now sweating from blowing our neighbor in the opening of his hot truck. All I could think about was having another cigarette, so I went back to my lounge chair and lit up.

I sat there smoking until I heard my son say something next to me. He was staring at me strangely, as if he had never seen me before. My son was 15 and he knew what oral sex was, so I couldn’t tell him that what he saw, was something other than what it truly was. My mind was still a little foggy, so I told him that it was best if his father and I discussed it with him privately, later in the evening. I felt bad knowing that my son had seen me sucking another man’s cock, but it was time to let our c***dren know about our lifestyle and hope that they understood. I sat and finished my cigarette in the sun as my son asked a myriad of questions. He had seen me nude before, so I wasn’t worried about lying in the sun naked in front of him. I answered as many of his questions as I could and when Mikey came home, I told him what had happened. He figured out my d**g use again when my son told him that I was smoking. He was a bit irate, but it was more important to him that we set our c***dren straight on the matter of our sexual lifestyle.

All 5 of our k**s came to the house that weekend and we had a big discussion about what had happened and why. It was a huge question and answer meeting, but it was also a way to show the love we shared and explain the lifestyle we took part in. I wanted my c***dren to be very open minded in their relationships, so we wanted to be as truthful as possible with them all. When all was said and done, my c***dren finally knew the entire truth about my younger years, not in sexually graphic detail, but how I lived my life and why. They learned why two of them had unknown fathers and why three of them had different fathers that were still in my life. We explained our open lifestyle and we hoped that they understood. It was a lot of pressure off of us when they all finally knew and lucky for us, our well educated and intelligent k**s took our news as well as could be expected. A couple of the older k**s already had their suspicions and knew a few details, but now they all knew everything and we hoped that any further indiscretions would be understood. Mikey and I privately discussed my d**g use again, but I told him that it would never get as bad as it had been years ago. The pot had been more than enough to reignite my sexual addiction though and I soon found myself engaging in sex with more men than just the father’s of three of my c***dren and my occasional swing club hook up.

I was a stay at home mom and it seemed so easy for me to invite the men over to my house during the day. I would just have to make sure that it was early and that I did not lose track of the time. Times were different now and I had access to a computer to advertise my services. In the past, my e****t work depended upon stripping in a club or word of mouth, but now the internet made it much easier. It took me about two weeks to set up a site and soon I was working from home. I hated giving out my address, but it was cheaper and less time consuming than meeting elsewhere. I would have to be very picky and choose my new clients well. Apparently, I should have thought of that before taking on my first client, after smoking a bong full of weed.

I met my first client at the front door and led him into the guest room, where I had planned to fuck all of my future customers from my online encounters. He said that his name was Rolando and the photos of his large white cock had drawn my attention, when I answered his email about hiring me. He looked around, but I didn’t give him much time to check out my house as I led him to the bedroom. I had barely shut the door when he grabbed me from behind and pushed me onto the bed. He was on top of my back, tearing at my dress and pulling up the bottom of it as he f***ed my hands behind me. He gripped my wrists with his large hand and tugged his cock from his pants with his other. He was a really big man, at least 6’7” and weighing well over 300 lbs. He had said that he was a former football player and he looked the part, when I opened the door to my house and he filled the frame. He slapped his cock on my ass a few times before he f***ed himself between my legs from behind and slid into my pussy. He finally let go of my hands and he held them above my head as he laid on my back and fucked me. His thick cock was stretching my pussy wide as he ground his crotch into my ass.

The bed was bouncing with his motion as he pressed heavily on top of me. I could barely breath as the full weight of his chest bore down on my back. His hand slid under my chest and he began squeezing my right breast as he fucked me. I couldn’t even grunt or moan out while my head was buried into the pillows on the bed. He stayed on top of me as he spoke dirty to me in my ear and called me derogatory names. “How’s that feel you dirty, black whore?” he asked as he drove his cock into me deep and hard. It actually felt good and I would have told him so if I could have. He pushed my face deeper into the pillows and mattress as he held himself up with his one arm and began to press his cock farther into me, using his weight and his angle of entry. His giant, white cock was pressing into my cervix and it actually hurt as he rode me like a bucking bronco. He finally let up off of my head and I was able to breath a bit easier, but soon he had me on my back and my legs were under his chest, and my knees were up behind my ears while he fucked me. His cock was sunk to the hilt and I was bent up like an acrobat in a Cirque du Soleil show. He held me by the ankles, my legs spread as wide as they could go and my knees pressing against the mattress. I didn’t think that I was that limber, but his body size and weight bore me into the bed and his cock penetrated me deeper than Shawn ever had. “I’ve never had a slut that could take my cock like you.” he told me in my ear, then he open mouth kissed me and drilled me deep and hard for the next 20 minutes.

I was out of breath and felt like I was going to pass out. I was groaning out rather loudly, as his hard thrusts f***ed the air from my lungs with each stroke. His long, thick cock plummeted to the depths of my well used hole and left my cunt gaping when he finally pulled out and left me lying there to catch my breath. He rolled me onto my side and began to fuck me as he held my leg up high. His jackrabbit motion left my pussy well worn and used looking when he finally finished drilling me in the scissor position. “Where’s the lube for that tight black ass?” he asked me roughly and I pointed to the bedside dresser. He was coating his long, pale pole with a good covering of slippery liquid when he told me that we were now going to find out how good of a whore I really was. He pulled me off of the bed and bent me over the edge, holding the bottle over my ass and liberally drizzling my asshole with half of the bottle. I turned my head to watch as he spread my butt cheeks and pushed his massive tool into my rectum. I bit my lower lip and began to moan out once again as his cock picked up speed and my asshole was fucked with a vengeance. Over and over he pumped me like an oil well gone mad. Telling me what a dirty bitch and whore I was while he fucked my asshole with his huge cock. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass while he fucked me, squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples from behind. When I finally didn’t think that I could take any more abuse in my ass, he finally pulled out and told me to suck his cock.

“Let’s see how this fucking black hooker sucks cock.” he said, as he held his long shaft out for my mouth. I held onto it with both hands as I pumped and sucked his monstrous member. “I can only imagine how many cocks you’ve had in your life you little cunt.” he told me while he smacked his hard tool on my lips and face. “Where do you want my hot, white cum…huh? “ he asked me. “I’m sure you‘ve had more than enough men pump you full of cum in the past.” he stated. “Come on you fuckin’ whore, tell me where you want me to cum.” he ordered me. “In my ass.” I told him before he stuffed my mouth full with his white behemoth. He began to moan and then he pulled me back up and pushed me onto the edge of the bed once again. “Maybe I’ll give it to you in both of your big black holes.” he said matter-of-factly, while he slid once again into my ass and began to pump his dick in me. He drove his cock deep into me when I felt him explode in my ass, then he gripped the base of his long, hard cock and pulled out before shoving it into my cunt and releasing another hot blast. Back and forth he went between my ass and pussy, filling my openings with his white, sticky spunk.

When he finished ejaculating, he continued to enter and pull out of both of my gaping, cum filled holes. Sliding his semi-erect penis into each opening and grinding it into me from behind. His jizz was running down my legs as he continued to fuck me. “Now lick my cock clean like all you black hookers do.” he ordered me, as he pushed me back to my knees and fed me his shrinking unit. It was still rather large and I spent some time sucking his cock and licking the cum from his hairy sack. When he was done, he pulled his wallet from his pants and threw my money down on the floor next to me. He tucked his dick into his pants and then buttoned his shirt as I picked up my payment and stood up. He stepped up to me and reached down, shoving two of his fingers into my creampie, stroking them in my hole and then pulling them out and placing them in front of my face to lick clean. He put his cum covered finger in my mouth and I sucked them as he leaned down and whispered, “The next time I’ll cum all over that black face of yours and make you look like the whore you really are.” I followed my first customer in many years back to the front door and he told me that he’d be in touch when he wanted me again. I smiled and stood looking at the trail of cum that had dripped onto my hardwood floors as I had followed behind him. It felt good to get fucked and paid like an e****t again and I hoped that Mikey wouldn’t mind. I now knew how I wanted to spend my afternoons and hoped that getting back into the business wouldn’t lead to any problems.

I was still very horny and the thought of being fucked like I had just been got my pussy really wet. The grass was looking rather long and it was due to be mowed this week, so I pulled out Jerald’s card and gave him a call. Lucky for me that he wasn’t on a current job and was done for the day, since that left us about 45 minutes before my k**s got home from school. I didn’t even bother to clean up, since I knew he was going to be dirty and sweaty. What better way to fuck a dirty little whore. Jerald filled my cunt with another load before he finally began mowing my yard. The k**s came home to find mom relaxing on the deck with a cigarette and sunbathing in the nude again. They yelled out the door to say hi, most likely knowing what had occurred before they came home, then went off to their rooms to study, while I laid there with my swollen labia and gaping pussy, oozing fresh cum and contemplating how many customers I could fit in each day.

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