OHGIRL: Day in the Park

Shawn was gone for a full week and I hadn't been able to get together with Mikey for nearly two weeks, because of his schedule. Luckily my work kept me fairly busy, but I had more spare time than usual and that meant trouble sometimes. I had never gotten high on my own before and only did it with Shawn and when I was in LA the summer before last, so it was awkward to light up a bong in my condo and smoke some of the mixture that Shawn had left in a bag hidden in one of my cabinets. I'm not sure what he had the pot laced with, but I was so horny after I got done smoking it. I went to my neighbor's place and knocked on his door, but no one answered. I was wearing a sexy silk Japanese robe with nothing on under it and I was so hoping that he would be there to see it. For some reason, most likely the d**gs, I wondered down the street from my condo and took a little walk through a local park. I'm sure that most of the people that saw me walking down the street in my robe and high heels thought that I was either crazy or pulling some kind of stunt. I got a few stares, but no one bothered me until I got to the park. I sat down on a bench and watched the fountain in a small pond as it sprayed upward. The weather was very nice and it was only noon, so the park was not as busy, since most people were at work.

I had stuck a pack of my cigarettes in my robe pocket, but I didn't have a lighter, so I sat there with my legs crossed and a cigarette dangling from my lips until I saw someone walking nearby. I waved a younger guy over while he walked along the pond and as he approached, he was caught by surprise when he looked down to see my short robe hiked up and my pussy out in the open. I asked him for a light and luckily he had a lighter with him. He sat down and lit my cigarette for me as I took a long puff and tilted my head back to blow out the smoke. I was still very high and my right breast popped out of my robbed as I leaned forward to thank him. His smile was huge and he asked me what I was doing in the park wearing only my robe and I told him that I was taking a walk. He told me that he wished more women walked in the park like me and I started to laugh, as I realized how I must have been looking to him. I leaned in close to him and confided that I was a little high and horny and he told me that he guessed the high part right away. He was so funny and my hand found it's way to his leg and I began to rub it. He reached over and pulled my robe open a little more and told me that I looked much better with both of my breasts out. "Well, I think you'd look better with your cock out." I giggled and whispered to him. I put my cigarette in my mouth and used both of my hands to begin undoing his pants. He stopped me and said that as much as he'd like me to pull his dick out, that maybe we'd better leave that for private.

I frowned a little, then gave him a wink and stood up, grabbing him by his hand and leading him to a small copse of pine trees that would hopefully provide a little privacy.Once we got behind one of the trees and looked around, he opened my robe and I began to unzip his pants. He was playing with my breasts as I stroked his hard cock and then he pushed me down into the grass on my knees. I removed the cigarette from my mouth and his stiff cock vanished between my lips as I began to suck his rigid, white cock. He held onto my head with a handful of my hair and began to move his hips as I bobbed my head.His pole was wet with my spit and I sat back on the ground, opened my robe and spread my legs, while I took one final drag on my cigarette and flicked it away. My park stranger got down on his knees and slid between my legs, his hard missile making its way quickly into my wet hole. He slid in with ease and began to rapidly fuck me on the park lawn. I wrapped my legs around him and began bucking my hips upwards, feeling his erections as it pressed against my hard clit on each stroke. I began to cum and moaned out as my nails dug into his butt cheeks while I pulled him deeper into my gaping pit of a pussy. "I want to cum in your mouth." he said into my ear and he soon pulled his cock from my dripping cunt and I sat up and took him into my mouth, while he stood over me. No sooner had I began to suck his throbbing prick, when he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed his warm jizz and licked the tip of his cock teasingly, while I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy with my other hand. I was still so horny and I was already finished with my new friend.

He thanked me before we exited the privacy of our pine trees and gave me another light, as I placed another cigarette into my mouth. I decided to walk through the park and around the pond as I smoked, my robe now tied around me, but barely covering the lower part of my butt and showing off a lot of cleavage. I didn't walk too far before I came upon the sports area and saw a group of four young black men playing basketball. I sauntered up and sat with my legs spread wide on a nearby picnic table to watch them play. They were soon taking a break and joining me, their muscular bodies covered in sweat, wearing only their long, baggy shorts and sneakers. I finished my cigarette as they asked me a myriad of questions and soon I found myself in the backseat of one of the young guy's car. They had taken a competitive series of shots on the court and came up with the sequence that each one of them would take with me as we drove to the other side of the parking lot to have some fun. They told me that no one would see us on the far side of the lot, since it was the farthest part of the park and a good distance from any hiking or biking paths. My face was buried in the first guy's lap as we slowly drove to their destination and I soon had his black cock as hard as a lead pipe. By the time the car backed into the space, I was on my knees and getting pounded from behind. All four of the young men were very tall, athletic looking and muscular, so I knew I was going to enjoy my little romp.

The rear car door opened and one of the other guys pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth as their one friend continued to fuck my pussy. His cock grew quickly and soon I had two big black cocks to play with. "Don't be cummin' in her and fuckin' it up for the rest of us." one of them said. The guy with the thick cock that was fucking me said that he got first dibs for a reason and laughed as he kept long stroking me and driving his pole deep into my wet crack. He pulled out some time later and he and the guy I was sucking traded places. I felt his long dark hose sink quickly into my wide slit and he shoved his thumb into my ass as he fucked me. His friend grabbed my hair and pulled my head and mouth down onto his erection and he filled my mouth with a series of creamy blasts. I groaned out as I swallowed his load and then the next six pack was staring me in the face.

I was getting seriously fucked my the long cock in my pussy. He was really grinding me good and I soon shuddered with an orgasm as I pumped the cock currently in my mouth. He wanted me on my back, so I rolled over and spread my legs to let him mount me. His friends stood back and watched while he drove his stiff black pole deep into my quivering cunt. He was sweating profusely and it was dripping onto my breasts as he held himself above me and his pelvis smacked against mine in rapid sequence. His friends seemed to be getting a little impatient as they waited, but he told them "I'm tearing this shit up, so ya'll just finna wait."He continued to fuck me for quite a while while I laid on my back and moved my hips up to meet him with each thrust. His hands found my sweaty breasts and he began squeezing and pinching my nipples while his cock drove into me over and over. I started to tense up and I was soon having another orgasm. I reached back to one of the other guys and told them to stick their cock in my mouth. I tilted my head back and soon had a shaft pumping my throat.

My pussy was soaked and there was quite a bit of white froth building up between the two of us. His cock was covered in my cream and my pussy was oozing his precum as he slid easily and quickly in me. He spread my legs farther apart and pushed them back toward my chest. I kept sucking his friend's ebony meat pole as I felt him pull out and then guide his cock to my asshole. He pressed hard and soon my naturally lubed bull was buried deep in my asshole. His friends congratulated him on his move and he smiled as he began to fuck my tight opening. I looked up at him, taking a break from suckng the black prick hanging over my face and he arrogantly said "I know you like this shit bitch." Of course I did and leaned my head back to continue with my blow job, while his black snake spent time exploring my back door. Five more minutes proved to be his limit and I felt him fill my rectum as he buried himself as deep as he could into my behind. He moaned out loudly and let me know that he was giving me all the spunk he had. Soon he was out of my ass and the cock that I had been sucking was in my pussy.

the last two guys took their time, working together to fuck me in as many different positions as they could. They weren't happy with their friend's cum that was leaking from my asshole, but they got over it and at one point had me leaning over the trunk of the car and were bravely fucking me out in the open. That seemed to get them more excited and their huge black cocks were as stiff as they could get while they drove them into me, hard from behind. I was spun around by the third guy and shoved to my knees, as he stuffed his fat cock in my mouth to suck him off. My pussy cream had covered his penis and I tasted myself as well as his warm spunk while he fed me his gusher. I swallowed it quickly before the last guy stuffed his dick into me from behind. He pulled me back to the trunk and I was soon laying flat against it, my wet breasts leaving their imprints on it's dusty surface, while I was held down by the back of my neck and fucked roughly. I heard a car door open on the other side of me and soon heard more voices as my cunt was speared by the large black cock from behind. I tried to turn my head, but I couldn't and the second guy, who had had cum in my ass,let me know that he had called a couple of friends to join them.

I was finally let up and pushed down onto my knees as the last of the four guys fed me a huge, warm creamy load. Three new guys were standing nearby, rubbing their crotches and I could see the outline of their large black erections as they gripped their hard cocks. My robe was long gone, probably in the car and both of my shoes had come off when I had been leaned over the car. I was totally nude as one of the new guys grabbed my hand and pulled me up from my knees. Him and his two other friends surrounded me and were soon grabbing and rubbing my breasts, ass and pussy. One of them pulled their cock out and placed my hand on it. I was turned around and bent over to suck him and I felt another cock slide into me. I was standing barefood on the grass as both of them took me from each end. The third newbie soon told his friends that they should get me into the car and after a few minutes of squabbling, I was pushed into the back seat and mounted by one of the three. The car began to move and soon they were driving away from the park as the two in the back seat shared me between them.

There were many stops, as each guy took turns driving and they all took turns fucking me in the back seat. Their cocks stayed hard for quite a while and my pussy took a pounding as they returned to their neighborhood with me. I didn't know where we were, but one of the guys finally came in my mouth when the car came to a stop in what looked to be a really bad part of town. I was f***ed up on all fours and soon felt one of them trying to shove his cock in my ass. After a bit of pushing he finally sunk into my butt and it wasn't much later when I felt another load in my ass. A couple of knocks on the window drew my attention to a few more faces as I saw my recent sex partners talking to another couple of young men. The third guy was pumping me on my back when he came in my pussy and the door opened to admit one of the newcomers. This was more than I had bargained for when I went out high and half naked and now I was in the hood and who knows how many guys were lined up outside the car to fuck me.

A long, black cock was smacked against my lips when I felt another slip into my cum filled cunt. Obviously he didn't care about his sloppy fuck and he began to pump his dark shaft into my gaping, cum filled hole. I sucked the cock on my lips and felt the premature ejaculation of the guy who had just entered me. I could feel the pulsing of his ejaculation as one burst after another blasted my cervix. He must have not had sex for weeks and soon my cunt was overflowing with white, sticky jizz. The guy in my mouth pulled out and came on my breasts and had me licking his cock afterwards. I sat up, when he got out of the car, and one of the three men from the park was still there, watching me as I looked around in my silent buzz. "Don't worry baby, we gonna treat you good." he said, then he started the car with me in the back seat and pulled away. I had nothing to cover up with and was covered in cum. A few minutes later he was pulling into an alley behind a tattoo shop. He came around and helped me out of the car and then led me into the shop through the back door. I entered a room with a table and about 5 guys all playing cards. The game stopped as I entered and soon the driver was negotiating with a big, black guy covered in tats. He handed the driver a $20 bill and a bag of weed and then he left me standing there naked and sticky with 5 rough looking strangers.

About 2 hours went by as all five of them took turns fucking me on the table. Some wanted my ass, some my pussy and all of them wanted my mouth. My high was slowly going away after they had all filled me with their dark seed. The tatted guy led me into a dirty bathroom and I cleaned up. He gave me an old smelly blanket and so I had something to cover myself with as I left the shop and walked barefoot through the neighborhood. It was nearly dark and I finally recognized where I was and tried to make my way in the right direction. An older black man pulled up in a beat up Lincoln and asked if I needed a ride and I took his offer. After I told him where I lived, he negotiated with me for a blow job in order to drive me to the other side of town. I sucked him off as he drove and luckily he took me straight to my condo. At least I wasn't horny any more and after a nice long shower, I sat out on my balcony and smoked a cigarette to relax and ponder all of the big black cocks I had that day. It actually started to make me horny again and when I saw a light come on in my neighbor's place, I knew exactly where my next trip was going to be. Of course, I didn't have my robe to wear this time or my really nice high heels.
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Wow,,dam where was I when I should be in the park,,,thanks