OHGIRL: Bar Whore

Many of my clients began meeting me at my condo for our appointments as the weeks passed. I was spending so many nights getting high with Shawn and staying up so late, that it became nearly impossible for me to keep my appointments. It was easier for them to come to my place and it allowed me to get ready shortly before they arrived. I felt bad about breaking my own rules, but I was still buzzing during many of my appointments and would have been hard pressed to drive to my destination. I was beginning to get more looks from my neighbors, as I had anywhere from 1 to 3 different men stopping by each day. On a couple of occasions, I had even engaged in some sort of sexual activity with some of them on my balcony. I had a little game going on with my neighbor and when I knew he was home for the afternoon, I would fuck or suck off one of my clients so that he could see me. I knew it made him horny, since it made me hot too. If I was finished for the day, I would clean up and stop at his place to visit, often knocking on his door nude or in a robe with nothing under it. I was getting used to his rough behavior and it barely phased me when he would reach out to grab me by my hair and drag me into his place to fuck me. Sometimes his front door would barely be closed before he had me down on my knees with his cock in my mouth, or if we made it into the living room, before he had his dick stuffed in one of my holes, while I was bent over some piece of furniture. I tried to wear a robe when I could, so that I had something to wear back on the walk to my place. Luckily, one day I did have my short robe on, because a nearby neighbor saw me leave and stopped me to make small talk. I stood there as politely as I could, smoking a cigarette and hoping to get back into my condo, but her 50 questions routine kept me standing there long enough for Paul's sticky jizz to start running down my leg. I'm sure that she saw it, since it stood out against my dark skin and after a couple of downward glances, she abrubtly ended our conversation.

It probably didn't help that I had an athletic looking black boyfriend that visited on most evenings and a wide variety of white men that stopped by at all hours of the morning and afternoon. I guess the fact that I was always coming out of my neighbor's place didn't help either. My constant state of being high didn't help with my decision making, but it did increase my sexual urges and that helped with my current business. I had been having sex with men for money for over six years, since I had turned 18 and became a stripper, and during that time my sexual addiction had become apparent, but it wasn't something I admitted. Now, as I looked back on my career and adventures in the adult industry, I realized that a normal woman couldn't have had sex or been with as many men as I had on a daily basis. I also remembered that the times when I had the most sex, or took part in the orgies, gangbangs or was with multiple sexual partners in one day, was when I was drinking or high. Of course, I didn't count the time I had become pregnant and my hormones were raging. I was just hoping that my addiction to either sex or my current over use of d**gs didn't cause me any problems.

Mikey had enrolled back into classes at college and the plan was for me to do so also, but I decided to take another quarter off. I was pretty busy lately and I knew my attention span was minimal in my current state. I was going to have to inquire what Shawn was mixing into the pot that I thought we were smoking all the time, because I was just getting out of control....even for me. Since Mikey was spending less time with me, I ended up spending more time with Shawn. He began borrowing money and my car on a pretty frequent basis, but as long as it didn't get too out of hand, I guess it was alright. I somehow had the feeling that he was a d**g dealer when I first got to know him, but I tried not to delve into his work and he let me do mine. It's hard to find a man who doesn't mind if you make a living as a prostitute, and Shawn didn't seem to mind. Our relationship was based on our own instant gratification. I thought long and hard on that philosophical subject as Shawn slammed his huge cock into me from behind.He slowed his thrusting hips long enough to hand the joint we had been smoking over my shoulder and I took a long drag on it and handed it back. I held in the smoke and when I was ready to exhale, he pulled my head and neck backwards and leaned over to kiss me, as I blew the smoke into his lungs. We made getting high part of our sex and it added a bit of variety. He began to pump me again and all I could think about was how I'd love to have 2 or 3 more guys joining in to really fuck me good. His long cock did feel good though and when I felt him cum deep in my pussy, I knew he was going to keep on fucking me. That was my allure to Shawn, his ability to take care of my urges.

Shawn took my car and left early that night, so I made my way down to the pool. I rarely hung out there, but my condo had a lovely outdoor area. It was past 10 pm when it closed, but adults were still allowed to congregate there if they liked. It was warm that summer night and I just sat there with my feet and legs hanging in the water while I smoked a cigarette and enjoyed the quiet time with a glass of wine. Two young guys, most likely two or three years younger than me, entered the pool area and struck up a conversation. I was still buzzing from the pot I had smoked and they were drinking, since they had brought in a small cooler with beer. I found out that they were visiting their grandparents, whom lived in my condo, and they asked me who I was there to see. I told them that I lived there and had my own place and they could hardly believe it. They were having a few drinks and considering going out for the evening and they asked me if I wanted to join them. It was different than my usual routine, so I told them to pick me up at my place in about a half hour, so that I could get ready. It had been some time since I had gone out and it sounded like fun.

They showed up at my condo a short while later and I was wearing a sexy and revealing miniskirt and cropped t-shirt. They were both tall, good looking guys and my high heels made me nearly as tall as them. They had brought a bottle of schnaaps and wanted to do some shots before we left, so after giving them a brief tour of my place, we started passing around a shot glass and chugging down a few drinks. We were flirting as they came up with reasons to drink for fun and each time I lifted my glass and threw back a shot, the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra became pretty evident with my cropped shirt. I knew they were staring, so I flashed them a few times and each time I did, they had another reason to drink. By the time we called a cab to take us out, we were already pretty d***k. Greg was the brown haired athletic one and Kyle was the slightly red headed, freckle-faced thin guy. They were a lot of fun and actually very attractive young guys. I found out that they were each 22 years old and had just graduated from college in late spring. I told them that I was taking time off from classes and they thought that it was cool to know an older, successful girl that was still going to school. They asked me a few times what I did for a living and how I afforded to live as I did, but I never really answered them and it gave me another reason to flash my breasts and get them to drink.

The cab dropped us off at the club and we immediately made it to the dance floor. They were pretty d***k and so was I, so I danced and gyrated in the middle as they sandwiched me between them. It was a crowded night at the club and the dance floor was hot from all of the people squeezed together. The accommodations were cramped, but that just made it easier for Greg and Kyle to get in their feels and gropes as I moved between them. Greg was a little more brave and his hand found its way under my miniskirt first. I think he was happy to know that I wasn't wearing panties. He began rubbing my bald pussy as Kyle moved up behind me and began grinding into me from behind. Kyle's hands would adventure up under my shirt on occasions to squeeze and rub my breasts. During one of our dance breaks we did a few more shots and Greg pulled out a bag of pills. He gave one to me and Kyle and then took one himself as he did a shot. We followed suit and it wasn't long before we were back on the dance floor moving to the beat, with me being turned back and forth, as I made out with each of them. They were touching me and kissing on my neck and my mouth. I felt each of their hard cocks pressing against me and my hands rubbed out the shape and outline of each of their hard poles through their tight jeans. I was so horny and I knew they wanted to fuck me. "I want to fuck." I told each of them over the loud music. They both smiled and took me by my hand to lead me off of the dance floor.

You could barely move as we squeezed our way through the crowd to the back of the bar and the restrooms. Greg was in front of me leading me by my hand and Kyle had my other hand as he followed me. They pulled me into the men's room and there were two other guys in there who just watched us as we went into one of the three stalls. It was cramped and not the best of places to have sex, but we were all d***k and high, so we didn't care. I fumbled with Kyle's zipper and had his cock out pretty quickly as Greg lifted my skirt and shoved his finger into my pussy from behind. I bent over as much as I could and began to suck Kyle's long white cock and I could feel Greg slip another two fingers into my wet hole as he pumped my slit with three of his long digits. Greg turned me toward him and I worked on his pants as Kyle maneuvered himself behind me and slid his cock easily into my cunt. He began pumping me while Greg played with my tits and I finally got him into my mouth. I heard a commotion outside of the stall and when I peeked through the crack in the door, there must have been 15 guys outside of our closed door, trying to look through the thin opening between the door and frame. Kyle,s cock slid out of my twat and then Greg spun me around and was soon stroking my pussy with his rod. It was starting to get louder as more guys crowded the stall and squeezed into the bathroom. Many were shouting and yelling out either congratulations to the two guys fucking me or suggestions about what to do or how they wanted to be next. Greg and Kyle each got to fuck me for a short while, before the pounding on the door and the attention got to be too much. We decided to go back to my place, so I pulled down my shirt and my skirt and the guys put away their hard tools and we tried to escape the restroom.

The alcohol and the testosterone were flowing and I felt lots of hands grabbing and feeling me up as we tried to make it to the door. Greg shoved one of the guys and then a big fight broke out. I was lost in the crowd and was soon d**g over to a corner by unknown hands. My skirt was pulled up to my waist and my shirt was nearly torn off as hands reached around a large group of bodies to get a feel. A pair of hands turned me around and some guy knelt down to start sucking on my breasts. I tried to push him away, but failed, due to the closeness of the crowd. A pair of arms went around my waist and pulled my hips back. I felt a hard cock that was trying to squeeze between my thighs from behind and I couldn't move while I was being held. My slippery pussy had no defense as I felt it slide into me. The cock began to pump me quickly before someone pulled me by my shirt and it tore in half, but not before it pulled me from the guy's grasp and off of his cock. I was spun around and bent over the sink, as I grabbed a hold of it to keep from falling. My breasts were hanging freely and 4 or 5 hands were reaching to squeeze and pull on them. I felt another cock slide into me and I was soon being fucked again from behind. The room was made for maybe 10 people at most and there must have been over 30 guys and me in there, as the pushing and fighting continued.

I held on to the sink as someone else pushed their way to a turn and one cock replaced another. I heard guys bargaining for a turn and soon I felt another cock slide into me. Someone slid up between the sink and their cock was pointing up at me as they pushed my head down to their crotch. I was already bent over and being held in place by a number of hands while multiple unknown guys took turns fucking me and now my head was being guided just a short distance away to suck a hard cock. I'm not sure if it was the alcohol, the pill that Greg gave me or the whore that I had always been, but I opened my mouth and let the stranger slip his long dick between my lips. I began sucking him as I glanced back to see that some order had come over the room and now those that weren't fighting near the door were all waiting patiently to get a turn. A cock would slide into me and pump me for a quick burst before it pulled out to be replaced by another. Guys began to slide up to the area between the sink and soon my head was moving back and forth to take turns sucking different cocks on each side of the sink. I looked over and caught a glance of Kyle and Greg still scuffling with a few guys. They were trying to get out of the bathroom door and Greg looked over to see me being fucked.In the span of about 3 or 4 minutes I had sucked on 7 or 8 different cocks and been fucked by at least 10 or 12 before the door burst back open and Greg and Kyle led in a few bouncers and a cop. I glanced over to see them point my way, watching me as I held onto a long, hard cock, while another was being pulled hastily from my wet twat. I moved into the corner as the guys in the room all swarmed to run out. I pulled down my mini skirt and tried my best to tie my torn crop top around my breasts. The room was nearly empty when the bouncers, the cop and Greg and Kyle made it back to me. I was trying to fix my hair and look a bit presentable as they huddled around me to see if I was alright. I told them that I was fine and that my shirt was torn, but other than that, I would be ok. The cop asked if I wanted to point out any guys or press any charges and I said no.

Greg and Kyle walked me out of the club with assistance from the staff and it felt good to be away from the crowd when we finally made it outside. I told the guys that we should take our party back to my place and they agreed, but only if I was feeling up to it. I knew that they had seen me getting fucked and sucking the various guys when they came into the restroom with help, but they never mentioned it. I teased them and got their minds off of the event on our cab ride back and once we were back to my place we began our shot game again and soon they had me sandwiched between them once more. Little did they know how horny it had made me to get a taste and feel of all of the different guys at the club. I rode each of their young, hard white cocks that night and felt them fill me with their cum. The next morning, after they left and I had cleaned up, I knocked on my neighbor's door with my little white robe on again. He stood there looking at me, blank faced as usual. "Thanks for leaving the curtain open on your sliding doors last night." he said. He reached over and yanked me into his place, then closed and locked the door. Tearing off my robe and tying my hands behind my back with the robe belt. "I got to watch you be a real slut with two guys and you seemed to like it a lot." he softly and calmly stated and he bent my arm behind me and used it and my hair to lift me into the general direction of his room, as I walked on my tiptoes to our destination. He threw me on his bed and I looked back to watch him pull down his boxers to reveal his erect cock, it's foreskin pulled back to uncover his thick, swollen head. He grabbed a bottle of lube from his dresser as I bit my lip and tried not to smile. He was definitely going to give me a good, hard, ass fucking for being such a slut and I was going to love it. An hour and a half later, as I leaned against the wall outside of his condo, lighting up a cigarette and feeling his hot cum run down my leg again, I wondered what kind of fun I could have next to get more of the same punishment.
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