OHGIRL: Porn Star 2

My summer vacation was nearly half way over and I was finally getting quite a few offers to do movies. Whether it was the parties that John threw, to get his contract girl’s names and faces out there to the directors and porn executives, or the connections I made at the events we attended. I had been hired to shoot 20 different scenes over the last 35 days. John explained to me that many of the films I would start out in would be low budget and he was right. He had told me that it was hard for a woman of color to break into the higher budget mainstream porn films and that I would have to make a name for myself in the Black on Black industry. Most of my scenes were very stereotypical, but I gave it my all and hoped that I would soon be getting a few better offers. Two of the directors for whom I had recently shot scenes did quite a few high budget films, so I gladly accepted both of their date offers, after filming had finished. I knew what they wanted and as long as it got me recognized ,I was going to do what it took. They were both older men, probably each of them in their early 50’s and our dates involved me being picked up in a limo and driven to hotels to see them. Our meetings involved some small talk, maybe room service and some wine, but the majority of the time was spent fucking me. I just hoped that I would eventually make a little leeway into the mainstream porn world.

Two days had passed since my last film shoot and I was making out with Sabrina by the pool. John had a few friends over one afternoon and we were putting on a show for them. We had started drinking early that morning and were sitting by the pool smoking when John told us that his friends would be over shortly. I can’t believe I had taken up smoking while I was in LA, but it seemed like all the girls did….I’m just not sure why. Maybe I was just bored, but when I was d***k I seemed to smoke more and just lately I was beginning to smoke even when I was sober. I had also been smoking pot during many of the parties. It was so prevalent that it was impossible to turn down when everyone was doing it. It wasn’t the only d**g I had experimented with while I was out in LA, but it was more common than the others. I found it much easier to enjoy the sex when I was high, especially when so many people were involved. The orgies would go on forever and when you had multiple partners, it all seemed to go by in a haze when you were buzzing. That was the case that afternoon.

I had been used to having sex with individual clients before I came to LA. Don’t get me wrong, I had quite a few occasions where I had multiple partners and had taken part in quite a few orgies, gangbangs and group sex activities over the previous 4 years, but they were far and in between my usual customers. I may have had sex with 3 or 4 men a day on some days, but not all at one time. Since I had been in LA, every day and night was a sexual frenzy of orgies, gangbangs, and multiple partners. I longed for the days where I would go to shoot a sex scene and just have to fuck one or maybe two guys. On three of my shoots I had been fucked by 4 or 5 guys, but those were still easy days compared to hanging out at the mansion. John’s friends were standing in front of Sabrina and I as we took turns sucking all of their cocks. There were 7 of them and just two of us, but we were actually used to this. Sabrina had been a contract girl for 3 years and had lived in the mansion for the entire time. It’s no wonder she was always d***k and on d**gs. We sucked their cocks for about 20 minutes and then the guys finally decided who they wanted to fuck and most of them chose the new girl. I was led off to the far corner of the pool, to a large cabana area with a 10 foot square pool bed. Once they got me on the bed it was open season. All 5 of them began pawing, touching , rubbing and squeezing me as they vied for my attention and to determine the pecking order in which they would fuck me. It wasn’t long before my body was being contorted as they each tried to get their cocks into one of my orifices. Two of them were just going to have to wait their turn as the other three had me totally filled up at the moment.

I was walking back to my room, totally naked and still covered with warm sticky cum, when John stopped me and told me about my new film scene scheduled for tomorrow. He said that I could take the night off and relax, since my scene was to be a morning shoot. I was going to be doing a threesome with two white guys in a low budget film, but at least it wasn’t another Black Production film. Hopefully this would be the huge break to get me noticed. I soaked in the tub that evening and relaxed with a glass of wine and a cigarette while I watched the other girls leave for the current party. The next morning I arrived on the set and shooting began quickly. The film was a civil war theme and I was a black slave caught between a yankee and a confederate soldier. They called a truce and they both fucked me at the same time. It was an outdoor shoot and both of them fucked me in the back of a horse pulled buckboard prop wagon. The shoot included oral, anal and double penetration. Most of the films I had done, since I had arrived in LA, had involved a lot of anal sex. It seemed that many of the black films of that time included the word Bootie in the title, so most of my scenes were hard anal sex scenes. I performed oral and some vaginal penetration, but they almost all ended with long anal scenes and some kind of cum shot, on the asshole, butt, breasts or face. The director I was shooting for today was actually one of the men that I had fucked before, so I tried to impress him as I took on his two stars. After the shoot, he invited me on another date and that night I spent the whole night at his hotel with him.

The director was actually quite good in bed and I didn’t mind having sex with him. When we had finished, we talked about the movie and my scenes. He said that he was working on an idea for a series of films that included me as the star. According to him, a lot of the smaller name mainstream girls were starting to do gangbang films. Putting their names out there to draw attention to themselves for doing large numbers of men in one film. There were a couple that did upwards to 400 and 500 men in a 24 hr period. He said that they were able to get a little attention, since some of them were known to be moderate stars, but that it drew the wrong kind of attention and would eventually end their careers and wasn’t the way to become a big name porn star. He said that in order for me to get my name out there, that I needed to do something on a smaller scale. He wanted me to star in a series of 5 films which would see me do only white men and in differing themes that would draw the attention of mainstream porn fans, but not be too radical or extreme. His first movie would be about a young black girl that is trying to make it in the business world and finds herself sl**ping with a lot of white men to get to the top. In the film I would do 7 scenes, six of them with individual male actors and then in the end I would take on 8 different men in a gangbang scene to show the difficulty of trying to sl**p my way to the top. In the second film it would be a similar set up, but the plot would different as I took part in anal sex with all of my white partners. The director wanted to play on the black bootie theme and the anal fetish that was growing rapidly. The third film would be a facial theme, since swallowing cum was a big turn on in porn films and the fourth film would be a DP theme. The director said that the final film in the series would be a huge gangbang film. He said that by the end of the series, my new fans would want to see me with a large number of white men, to show my struggle and to cater to the interracial fetish of white men dominating black women sexually. He said that I would do a smaller version of the current trend of large gangbang flicks. He said that 40 sounded like a reasonable, yet large number to show off my skills and let fans know that I was a sexual f***e in the porn industry. He asked me if I was interested and I immediately said yes.

When I got back to the mansion the next day, I told John about the director’s plans to make me the star in his new films and he seemed very happy. He didn’t think it should be the route that I went, but he said that maybe a series of movies would get me some recognition. The production of the 5 series of films weren’t supposed to start for another three weeks and I still had contracts to shoot 7 more scenes for a few more movies being made. I was very excited and it didn’t bother me that my first scene was to be in another anal Black Bootie film. I arrived on the set with my two co-stars and began the scene by sucking both of their long black cocks. I was really getting into my part as they easily stuffed my ass and cunt with their 9 inch black monsters. And they had to bring in a stunt dick to help with my ending facial, since the one actor had inadvertently cum in my ass during the shoot. I was sitting on his lap, with his cock in my ass, while the other star fucked my pussy. He got overly excited and couldn’t move out of his position to prevent his cum shot. I felt each blast as his huge dong filled me with his hot spunk. One of the film crew employees jumped into the fray and he ended up cumming on my face with the other actor in the end.

Over the next two weeks I shot 5 more scenes and hung out at the mansion and partied. One of the parties included a few mainstream movie actors that were friends of Johns. There must have been at least 50 people at the party and most were A and B list movie and TV stars. It was really exciting and we were told to act sexy, but not as slutty as we did for the porn parties. I got introduced to a handful of stars that I had actually seen in movies and on television. It was nice to talk with them as a normal person and they even had questions for me regarding the porn movies I made. Halfway through the evening I was sitting with two A list movie actors, having a drink and smoking a cigarette while we laughed and joked. One of them asked if I partied and I told him yes, then all three of us went into a private room where we smoked some pot and one of the stars pulled out a vial of cocaine. We were really having fun and it wasn’t to long after we had begun our little private party that I was naked and dancing with them. They were very handsome guys and at the time, pretty big stars. Both of them had done a couple of major action movies and after a few stoned promises of making me their next female co-star, I was sucking both of their cocks as each of them took turns fucking me. I was really turned on to be with such famous actors and let both of them have their way with me. They seemed eager to try out each of my holes and my buzzing mind reeled at the thought that I was getting fucked in the ass and pussy by such well know actors. One of them came in my pussy and one in my mouth before they left me lying in my bed alone. My roommate Sabrina came in and saw me smoking a cigarette as I laid in the bed, still nude and full of their cum. I told her the story and she was excited too, then we both smoked a joint and I got cleaned up to return to the party. There were still a few star actors left for us to have more fun with we had a determined. Later that night I retuned to my room with a young stand up comedian, named Pauly, who had made a couple of low budget comedy films. He ended up fucking me that night, but as time went by, I didn’t brag about my time with him as much as the other two actors.

I was on pins and needles the week before my movie production started. I had spent a couple of dates with the director, Felix, and we had gone over some of the details of the film and the scenes. We had been dating on a semi-regular basis since he had made me the job offer and twice a week we got together to fuck and talk about the film. It was a nice escape from the parties at John’s house and it felt good to just lie in his arms after sex and to share a glass of wine and a cigarette as we talked late into the night. He loved when I sucked his cock and he had plans to incorporate my skill in all of my movies. I often ended the evening by sucking him off and swallowing his sticky load before I was driven back to John’s mansion. John threw a party for me two days before my filming began and it was a wild and unbelievable party. All of his contract girls were there and the mansion was filled to capacity with guests that included athletes, actors, porn insiders and friends of John. He let everyone know about my upcoming film series and everybody congratulated me. The party went on until well past the early morning and I had spent all night going from one room to another getting high and having sex with many of the men that I met. Some of them I had met at previous parties and others I had never seen before, but after bragging about my director saying that I gave great head, it became an evening of proving my skills. Due to the alcohol and the d**gs, I lost count on the number of blow jobs I had given after about 15. I woke up out of my stupor in the early morning, lying in bed naked. I was in a bed with 4 or 5 men having an orgy that had apparently been going on for hours. I was lying on my stomach and when they saw me wake up, one of the guys mounted me and pounded their cock into my pussy from behind. I wasn’t sure whom it was, but my wakefulness prompted another person to put their cock in my mouth. From that point on I continued my sexual marathon until nearly noon, fucking at least another half dozen men from the party. That afternoon I spent resting by the pool with Sabrina, as we enjoyed the sun, another bottle of wine and multiple cigarettes, while we recounted what we knew of our previous evening and I looked forward to my new movie.

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