A saturday night break up,,

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This is a continuation of a previous story, "My s****r,,,"

This day sucks! Saturday night, had a night out planned with my GF April, dinner, movie & maybe back to my house since no one would be home for a little fun. You see m y mom is out of town visiting f****y,
dad's at work, Sara is at another girls house, probably the usual, a party.
It sucks because we never made it to dinner!!! She dumped me! No reasons, just excuses, "Its me, its not you" CRAP! Total bull shit lies! While she was beautiful, good in bed, she was not easy to trust. My friends
warned me, but when she's the hottest girl on the volleyball team, you tend to hope its not true.
So I came home, only after stopping by a friends house & having him pick me up a 6 pack. I figured why not
have a few if I'm gonna be alone on a saturday night! I got home just after 8, turned on the usual friday
night soft core porn on HBO, (If you have not read anything previous, this takes place in the late 70's,
when HBO was a after 4 pm satelite channel, and soft core porn after 10pm) A couple of beers and a pizza
later, and still dwelling on getting dumped, I was getting more pissed, even with the distractions on TV.
The 3rd & 4th beer went down pretty easy and it was now almost 11, a new movie was just starting that from
the previews looked hot. A blond with big tits, a brunette with a killer body, and another blond with the
biggest tits I've ever seen outside of the lady at the clothing store my mom likes. Hers were so big, I did
not understand how she could stand up straight!
Anyway, this movie had its usual humping, moaning and bad angle blow jobs, until 2 of the women were shown
watching the couple getting it on while they were in the kitchen, they peeked through the shutters at them
and started getting hot themselves, they started kissing, undressing each other, and continued to the floor
pleasuring each other! By this time I finished my 5th beer and had a raging hard on from the lesbians going at
it on TV. I was opening my last beer when I heard someone fumbling with the keys to the front door, not thinking
I did not touch the empty cans, or try to clean up or change channels. I was still pissed off & just did not care
if my parents caught me! Just then the door popped open, it was not locked, and in the front door fell Sara.
Apparently a little d***k and dumped off at home by one of her friends.
"Oppps!" she said falling to the floor with a thud, laughing all the while.

"What are you doing home!" I yelled to her,

"Oh,, your home! I thought you were going out with,,whats her name!" she said with her d***ken slurring,,

"I was supposed to, the bitch dumped me tonite!" I responded with anger.

"Sorry to hear that, you deserve better," she said, trying to be nice,

"Yea, fuck her, fuck'm all," I was too pissed to be nice, the beer was making me an angry d***k.

"Whatcha watching,??" she asked as she dropped her stuff by the door & came over to sit by me on the couch.

"Nothin, just something on HBO,,"

"Ahhh,, the stuff you watch in your room, those dirty movies,,that get you all horny,,so you can,,"

"Fuck off!" I said interrupting her, "You watch them too!"

"No I dont, I dont need them like you do" she said as I pushed her away from me on the couch.

"Fuck you, dont act like a bitch" I said, she was beginning to get on my nerves,

"Its ok, I know you play with yourself when you watch them,," she replied as she slid closer to me on the couch.

Now Sara at this point was really starting to piss me off, it did not matter that she was dressed like a hot little 16
year old that she was, a short jean skirt, tank top with a flowered blouse on over it, her hair in a pony tail and
her toe nails painted wearing flip flops. She was still my s****r & was pushing the wrong buttons.

"Fuck OFF!" I said, giving her a shove to the other side of the couch again, trying to get her to knock it off &
just leave me alone!

"Its ok, really" she said sliding over to me on the couch again, "I like it when you get all horny, then theres a chance
you might think about walking in on me,, and give me that big cock of yours again,, oooowww I get wet just thinking,,"

"Damn it!" I said, shoving her hand away as she started rubbing my dick through my jeans.

"Are you that fucking horny?, Just go to your room and fuck yourself, leave me alone!" I yelled at her, but she
just was not getting it! I stood up, started to clean up my pizza & beer can mess when she jumped up,

"I'm sorry, when I see what you are watching, knowing you have a big hard on, I just get soooo wet" She says with
a soft seductive voice.

Now I'm really getting pissed, I put my hand on her chest & shove her back down on the couch, for being 18, I'm not
a big body builder type, but a d***ken girl can easily be pushed around.

"Why the fuck dont you just go to your room, leave me alone!" I said. Even in her d***ken state, she
jumped back up pretty quickly.

"You asshole!, you said you would take care of me, you said you would teach me stuff!" and with that she slapped
me in the face. I was shocked, its been several years since she did anything like that.

"Just dont fuck with me tonite!, I'm not in the mood!" and with that she slapped me again.

"Fuck you!, I dont care that your little tramp dumped you,,," she yelled back at me. Without thinking,
I slapped her face, I grabbed her arm & threw her down on the couch, I saw a tear in her eye, but did not care,
I was pissed, she slapped me twice, and called April a tramp, I was mad! I straddled her body at the waist,
I grabbed her chin as she fought me back,

"Is this what you wanted?? you want me pissed?" and with that I grabbed both side of her blouse and
ripped it open, with buttons flying in the air, I did not even think. She was punching me in the chest and arms,
I grabbed the collar of her tank top and pulled on it, exposing her breasts, she got a good punch and hit me
in the chin. With that I ripped her tank top, it was now split down the middle, I wrestled with her to take
off her blouse and tank top, as she fought back at me I was able to get them off. I reached behind me with
my right hand and grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled, they moved a little, so I yanked again.
Tearing them and breaking the elastic, her wet pussy was now exposed. Her skirt was still on, that did
not matter since I had access to all of her I wanted. If she wanted to get fucked, tonite it would be rough.
I had no interest in fucking her, but the anger and everything that happened today, just got the best of me.

"You mother fucker" she said, catching me off balance & knocking me to the floor. She jumped up & started
running towards the stairs. I jumped up as she got next to me & tackled her, landing on her face on the floor
I jumped on her back. Using my left hand in her back I held her down,

"Shut the fuck up, this is what you wanted," I said, unsnapping my pants, pulling the zipper down, and
pulling my pants and underwear as low as I could, freeing my cock. I pressed my waist hard on her ass,
her skirt was the only thing allowing my dick to settle between her ass cheeks. As she tried adjusting
herself to get away I grabbed her left and right wrists and pulled them to the lower part of her back
& held them there with my left hand. All the time she was swearing at me and fighting back at me as
best she could. With my right hand I hiked up her skirt, exposing her cute little ass. I stuck my
hand down to play with her pussy, she was already wet and needed no help getting started. I played with
her clit as she settled down and started to enjoy what was about to happen. I was too pissed though.
I stuck 1, then 2, then 3 fingers in her soaking wet pussy and pounded them into her, in and out as fast
as I could. She was not moaning, but she was not happy with this being so rough.

"Just fuck me, dont be so mean and rough!" she begged.

"Fuck you!" and with that I shoved all 3 fingers in her ass. She tried to jump at my penetration, but I had her
held down pretty good.

"OWWW!, you asshole! Fuck my pussy, not my ass!" she was begging again.

"Fuck you, you'll get what I want to give you" I told her as I spit on my hand to lube my cock, I wasn't even
gentle, I just shoved every inch of my dick in her ass.

"God DAMMIT! I said no!!" she yelled & tried in vain to fight me.

I was now balls deep in her ass, I started slowly, but picked up the pace, I was gonna make her pay for
slapping me. She was now wimpering in between "Ouch"'s. I just kept pounding away, I had her hands in my left
hand, so I grabbed her pony tail with my right, to keep her from getting away. She was trying to bring her knees
in closer, to raise her ass off the floor. I kept pounding her down, it was tight at first, but it was getting
more comfortable. Her wimpering was starting to subside and become moans. She stopped swearing, I think
to enjoy it more. She wanted to get fucked, I was gonna do it my way tonite. I was getting that feeling
in my balls, like I was ready to come, I let go of her pony tail and wrists. I pulled my dick out of
her asshole, I was not gonna come in her, I was made enough tonite, I was gonna come on her.

I grabbed her legs and flipped her over on her back, I positioned myself over her face, I sat on her chest
and started stroking my dick, she knew what I was thinking,,

"Get off me,,!" she yelled, but I had her arms pinned under my legs,

"Fuck you! Take it like the bitch you acted like tonite!" I told her as I started to come on her face,
fighting back, turning her head from side to side only made it worse, cum in her hair, face, ears,
nose, all over. And the last of it, I pushed my dick in her mouth, making her suck out what was left.

"Come on, suck it all out, get all that stuff, come on, suck it like a good girl!" I said.

She did, as I eased up on her arms, she grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling my dick closer to her mouth.
When I thought she was done, I rolled off of her chest, sweating, spent, and looked at her,
clothes torn, panties ripped open. My little s****r had pissed me off enough to practically **** her.

"Thats not how I wanted it, but it will do, I'm sorry, if I pissed you off,,,," she said, rolling over
my leg, resting on her chest, looking up at me from between my legs. As if trying to apologize,
she started licking my softening dick, caressing my balls, licking each one with care. I just
ran my fingers through her hair, not sure what to say, (Sorry I ****d you and ass fucked you?)

"Its ok,,, but when I ask you, please, please leave me alone" I said, trying to kindly reassure her.

"As much as it did hurt, it felt great, just not as rough next time,,ok?" she begged

"Go turn on the shower, get washed up, you've got it in your hair, ears, all over,," I told her,
and with that she let my dick fall out of her mouth, she let her torn blouse and tank top
fall to the floor, unzipped her skirt & let that fall as well. Removing her torn panties
she turned to me and smiled, caressing her ass,,

"You gonna join me??" with that come fuck me look on her face,

"Maybe, I'm gonna clean up here first" I said as I pulled up my underwear & pants, pushing my
hardening dick back inside my underwear. Just thinking about what just happened was giving
me another hard on. But the beers were also starting to work on me as well. I cleaned everything
up, buried her torn clothing so my parents did not find them, turned off the TV & walking up
the stars and past the open bathroom door, I could hear her in the shower. I went in my room,
stripped off my clothes and crawled under the sheets. I'll just have to save this hard on for
another time, and dozed off to sl**p before she was even out of the shower,,,

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3 years ago
You write with great detail. Thanx for sharing.
3 years ago
very good