In the closet with Lisa,

This is a follow up to the story "My First Time"
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It was the middle of summer, I was bored & decided to walk over to a friends house near the park to see what he was up to.
Steve was my age, we had similar interests and he had a smokin hot older s****r, I was always looking to steal a peek at her
whenever I could. I got to his house a little before noon, his mother answered the door,

"Steve home?"

"No, he's across the street at Vic's house" his mother said, pointing to the house.

"Thanks!" I said, running off of the porch to Vic's.

Now Vic was a friend of mine also, but he was a bit of an asshole at times, today some would consider him a bully. I knocked on the door, Vic answered,

"What!" he blasted at me, opening the door,

"Looking for Steve, what you guys doing?" I asked. I heard girls laughing, the TV, Steve laughing.

"Just hangin out, nothin much, come on in,," he said, a little reluctantly,

Upon entering I seen why, it was him & Steve with 3 girls, all I knew from school, Tammy, a tomboy with a reputation of being a slut, Jenny, a blond, kinda cute, sits near me in Art class & Lisa from stage crew. They were sitting in the kitchen, around the table, and I don't think his parents were home, because the TV was on, no one was watching it & other than
them, the house was quiet, I said "Hi" to everyone.

"What you guys doing??" I asked.

"Playin a few games," replied Steve.

"And drinking!" added Jenny, raising a can of Pabst from under the table,

"Want one??" asked Tammy.

Not even waiting on my response was Vic, opening a can & handing it to me, now I've never had a beer before, so I knew this
would be interesting to say the least. I sat down next to Lisa as Vic sat down by Tammy. Not knowing what they were doing,
I knew Vic was trying to get a girl d***k & try to fuck her, knowing Tammy was easy, I assumed Steve was hitting on Jenny,
and without a plan I was set with Lisa. At this point all Lisa did was nod at me, barely acknowledging I was there, let
alone sitting next to her at the kitchen table. But I did notice her, tight yellow shorts, a Van Halen concert T Shirt &
I think a bra, yea, she was wearing one. Jenny looked like she was feeling the effects of the beer & Steve was pulling
her close to him when ever he could. She was wearing a red tube top that showed off her perky breasts & has her hair
in a pony tail. Tammy was sipping her beer, letting Vic put his arm around her, but not letting him get close. I took
a few sips of my beer, not bad, I could enjoy this.

"Now that we have even numbers, lets play a game!" said Vic, like it was planned, me showing up.

"Sure, what do you girls wanna play??" asked Steve, I knew exactly where this was going, Steve always has a plan.

"Spin the bottle!" yelled Jenny,

"Twister!" added Tammy,

"Truth or Dare" added Lisa, I gave Lisa a look, and whispered in her ear,

"What are you thinking????"

She just smiled at me. Now since that time in the back of the stage with her, there has been no mention of it, no comments,
NOTHING. Since I've known her for so long I was expecting something, but her silence over the last few months left me to
believe that either she was embarrassed, or waiting for me to bring it up. And I didn't. We talked on stage crew,
in class & even on the phone, but it was always school related.

Vic decides on Twister & lays out the mat on the living room floor,

"Rules!, a guy vs a girl, the winner gets a point for they're team, the loser drinks!" says Vic.

Knowing the guys would win, he's getting the girls d***k,

"Winning team, picks the next game!" Vic adds, "Jenny call it," & flips a coin in the air.

"Tails never fails!" yells Jenny,

Vic lets it fall to the mat, Heads, guys pick the girl, Steve you choose!" he tells us,

"Jenny" as Steve picks her & walks over to the mat, Jenny takes a position on the oposite side of Steve.

Vic has the spinner, "Right hand blue" telling them, as I get up to go to the bathroom. I close the door behind me to take a pee,
I hear laughing, as I unzip my shorts to pee, theres more laughing & a knock on the bathroom door,

"You ok in there??" asks Lisa.

"Yea, be right out" I respond, flushing the toilet, putting my dick away & zipping my pants & opening the door,

"What are you doing in there??" asks Lisa, "You weren't doing anything nasty were you??"

"Had to go to the bathroom!, is that ok??" I asked,

"Yep" she replies as she rubs against me as she goes in the bathroom. Now I did not think she had that much to drink,
so I ignored it.

Walking back into the living room, just in time to see Jenny collapse on the mat, dragging Steve down with her. Laughing all the
way, she pushes Steve off of her as she gets up, Steve smacks her in the ass & she squeels from the slap.

"Ouch, you asshole, that hurt!" she says rubbing her ass,

"Steve, you should kiss it & make it feel better!" adds Vic

"No way!" says Jenny, still rubbing her ass.

Steve gets up, takes the spinner from Vic, "Vic You're next!"

"Tammy! come on, its your turn!" He yells to her & takes a spot on one side of the mat. Steve sits down in the chair & pulls
Jenny onto his lap, she's laughing & takes the spinner from him as he hands her a beer,

"You lost!" he tells Jenny & she finishes off the beer, must not have been much in it, it went down fast.

"Left hand green!" yells Jenny, As Vic & Tammy begin the game.

Lisa comes back from the bathroom, sits near me and hands me my beer.

"Did I miss anything??"

"Just Jenny getting Steve's hand print on her ass," I replied in between drinks.

"Left foot Blue!" is Jenny's next instruction, as I look over at her n Steve, he's got his hand under her shirt, fumbling with her bra.
Now as I see it, this game is gonna get interesting fast, Tammy has her back to Vic & He's in no position to fall no matter what.

"Right hand Yellow" Jenny yells as she's squirming to keep Steve from unhooking her bra, she's not complaining or fighting,
but not making it easy for him. Looking at Tammy, she is facing the ceiling with both hands behind her, holding her up & Vic,
well Vic's next move could be on top of her to get her to fall or rub against her.

"You know if you fall, we get to pick the next game" he playfully tells her with a shit eatin grin on his face. Tammy just smiles at him
and looks at his crotch, I can't see it, but I think he has a hard on & she noticed it. He puts his right hand on a yellow spot,
on the other side of her, just so he can law on top of her. Thinking to myself, he must have a hard on, she's pushing up on him
and he's not moving.

"Right foot Red!" is Jenny's next call, looking at her, I dont think she spun it, she wants to see whats gonna happen. As Tammy
stretches to get her foot on a red spot, she slips & falls, taking Vic with her, she's laughing & so is vic, but the only think
as they lay there thats moving are his hips. He's grinding down on her. Tammy stops laughing & pushes him off,

"Damn it, what do you think you are doing???" she asks him with a scowl on her face.

"Just getting comfortable, you pulled me down, I might as well enjoy it!!" he replied.

We're all laughing now as Tammy downs half a beer.

Vic quickly jumps up & pulls Tammy onto his lap,

"Next game since the guys won,,,," Yells Steve, he still can't get her bra unhooked.

"7 Minutes in the dark" I yelled, as I got a punch in the shoulder from Lisa,

Before anyone responded, Jenny & Steve were heading to the basement, "Basement" Steve yells pulling Jenny behind him as she slams
the door. Vic without a word, grabbed Tammy's hand & takes her to his bedroom. This leaves Lisa & I without a place, I've only been
to Vic's house once before & I remembered the closet, under the stairs that go up to his parents room. Grabbing Lisa's hand,,

"Where do you think we are going??" she asks,

"Follow me, you'll like it" I told her with a grin on my face.

As I opened the door, it was perfect, not alot of space to come between us & no where for her to hide.
I pushed her in first, she faked resistance, but as soon as I got my body against hers, pushing her in with my hips, pulling
her hands off the doorway, she was in. I closed the door behind us & it was pitch blank. With her back still against my chest,

"Now what??" She asked, but I knew she was familiar with the game.

I put my hands on her hips, slipped my thumbs under her t shirt & slid my way up. She flinched a little as she giggled,

"Stop that, you know I'm ticklish," she quietly said.

I didn't say anything, I put my head on her shoulder & started tickling her, as she fought back laughing, she was pushing her hips
back into my crotch, making my growing hard on, very uncomfortable, I'd have to straighten it out before it hurt. As I tried to
push her away a little so I could make myself a little more comfortable, she broke free. Now I could not see her, but she spun
around to face me as my left hand went to straighten out my dick and my right hand to adjust my jeans, she put both her hands
on my hips to tickle me, only she found my hands instead on my dick and jeans, but to her, both hands were on my dick.

"Having problems?" she whispered,,

"No,,, just,,," was all I could say as she pushed my hands aside & unzipped my pants, pulling them down, leaving me standing
there in in my tidy whities. I reached out for her, and grabbed her t shirt, pulling her closer, reaching around for the
clasp on her bra. Now I could have given Steve lessons, I had it open in 5 seconds with only 1 hand.

"ooow, you've done this before" she whispered, as I reached around the from to play with her breasts & nipples,,

"mmmmm" was all she said as she pulled the elastic down on my underwear, freeing my hard on to the open air.

"Just as I remember it" she whispers, " you know I've had dreams about us, ever since that day back stage"

"really?" I replied, "me too"

For some reason, like it was natural for me, for us, I lifted her T shirt & bra over her head, dropping it to the floor, and
kicked off my shoes, pants & underwear. She lifted my shirt over my head & now I was naked, except for my socks.
I lowered my mouth to her right breast, taking her nipple in my mouth. Not sure what to do, I just licked it, flicked
my tongue over it several times and cupped it in my hand, gently squeezing it. Moaning her approval, I moved to the other
one, I was a little more aggressive, I pinched her nipple in my fingers, massaged her breast some more, this got her moaning
even more. She was running her hands through my hair, pushing her chest against my face as my tongue continued to play
with her nipple.

"That feels great" she whispered between moans.

I let go of her breasts & got on my knees to pull her shorts & underwear down, and just like before, she was soaking wet.
She did not lift her leg to step out of her underwear & shorts, so I had to get lower & left her foot, I was so close
to her pussy, I could smell that sweet fragrence of her juices. And in doing this she held my head where it was & I
could feel her tense up as I think she came with my nose that close to her pussy, and again as if it was instinct,
I stuck out my tongue & licked the inside of her thigh, gently at first, not sure what she would do. Well her
actions told me it was OK, she opened her legs a little more for me. With that I licked a little higher, I took both hands
& grabbed her ass cheeks & pulled them apart, she took this as a sign her legs were not far apart enough & opened them more.

Now I've never gone down on a girl, but this just felt so natural, all the while I put one finger from each hand in her pussy.
She pushed her mound towards my face & I just stuck out my tongue, I parted her lips with my fingers and stuck my tongue inside

"Oh My!" she said, getting a little louder,

I flicked my tongue in and out a few times, thinking this is what you do, and on one of them she flinched, pushing my tongue
towards the front. Well not being familiar with anything I just wiggled it from side to side & thats when I discovered her
Clit. And from her reaction, I was in the right spot. She grabbed my head tightly, holding it in place as I licked & wiggled
some more around that little nub that was causing her to moan, alot & I mean alot. And like before she tensed up & shot her
juices all over my tongue and down my chest.

"Ohhh,, damn,,, ohhhhhhhhhh,,,shit!" she said, as she hend my head still as her orgasm subsided.

"That was incredible,,where did you learn to do that!!" she whispered, I did not answer.

Standing up, I pulled her close, my hard on now straight out, between her legs, getting wet from her juices. I grabbed her ass cheeks
and kissed her on the lips.

"MMMmmm, is that what I taste like??" she whispered,

"Yep," I replied,

"My turn,,, I only hope I can do as good as you did", and with that, she put a little gap between us & took my dick in her hands,
her right hand around my dick at the base, her left on my balls.

"I seen my parents one night, she was doing this to him, I hope you like it" she said in a soft sexy voice.

And with that, she dropped to her knees, started stroking my dick with her right hand, then kissed the tip of it, gently at first.
Then a little more aggressive, all the while massaging my balls with her left hand. Still stroking & kissing the tip, she stuck
out her tongue, right at the hole, causing me to flinch a little. She pulled me back to her & stuck out her tongue, swirling
around the tip & around the head, causing me to moan a little. Her stroking my dick increased in speed as she opened her mouth
and put my dick inside, I about lost it right there. Her stroking slowed & was replaced by her head, bobbing up and down
on my cock, she had a good amount of spit on it & was starting to make sloppy slobbering sounds, but what I liked was the moaning.
She was moaning as she was sucking my cock. With her left hand on my ass cheek, I think her right hand was on her pussy,
causing her to moan. Hell I didn't care, it felt great!! She was doing such a great job I lost track of my concentration,
Moaning to her,,

"Oh Shit, uggghhh damn,,,,arrggghhh" I moaned as I came in her mouth, and like this was something she had practiced, keep
as much as she could in her mouth, and with a big gulp and a gag, I think she swallowed it. She let my dick slip out of her mouth
as she stood up,,

"Was that ok??" she asked, looking for approval,

"Fuck YES!" I replied,, "Have you done that before??"

"No, like I said, I watched my parents one night & copied what my mom did" as she kissed me on the cheek, a little jizz or maybe spit
on her lips, I couldn't tell in the dark.

I pulled her close to me, grabbing her my the ass cheeks & kissed her on the mouth, her lips were dry, but she opened her mouth &
let my tongue slid into hers, kissing me back, she started grinding her hips on my limp dick as she too grabbed my ass cheeks
pulling me closer.

"You know what we gotta do next,,,dont you,," I told her,

"Yea, another time, when you've got a condom" she said.

"How do you know I don't have one??" I asked her.

"Because, before I decided on giving you a blow job, I checked your pockets, I wanted you to be my first, but you did not come prepared!"

"Hell I didn't even know you were here!" I told her,

"Theres always next time" she said and with that moved away from me, allowing my now hard dick to stand tall.

"Just be ready, cuz I wont tell you when!" she said, turning on the closet light.

"Ohhh,, too bad you dont have that condom, you look ready!" she said, reaching out to give my dick a little squeeze.

As she pulled her close on, I waited, till she was dressed, then I got dressed. I just wanted to see her naked body in the light, and
add that to my memories of her, and this day. She turned, smiled at me, gave me a kiss on the cheek & opened the door,
before I had my underwear on!! Fortunately, no one was out there, I got dressed, went into the kitchen to get a drink of water,
thats when I heard the front door close, Lisa Left, without saying anything. Standing there I heard noise from Vic's room,
I think he was screwing Tammy. Alot of creaking & headboard pounding, just then the basement door opened, it was Jenny,
naked. I got a great look at her before she seen me, & jumped back behind the door. Nice tits!!

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8 months ago
What a great story!
8 months ago
What a great story!
3 years ago
Nice story. I remember those days..What fun we all had..
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Great Story. When is the next part?
4 years ago
Another great story!