The dressing room

This is a true experience I had a few years ago,

Several years ago, at the request of some friends, I was asked to help a girl with her portfolio. She wanted to get into modeling
and knew no photographers & was afraid they were all perverts, only wanting to get them naked. At first I suggested a few women I
knew that would help her to relax & get some good shots. Instead she enlisted our mutual friends to as ke to do it. She was the first
"model" I had ever worked with & fortunately it opened alot of doors for me. This is about 1 experience and to be honest, I have not
heard of this happening often, even though I'm sure it does, its just not bragged about.

It was the middle of summer, the normal hot we get here, no rain, no humidity, just the annoying heat. I had several stops to make
while running around this day & decided the mall would be a great place, have lunch, cool off & take care of some things. Now mind you
I'm in my mid 40's, receding hairline and a few extra pounds I just can't leave at the gym, something about "We're not miracle
workers!". I'm dressed for the weather, golf shirt, cargo shorts & my usual brand of athletic shoes. I'm average looking, but with
a receding hairline, I'm not the one women are looking for in a bar, but as I read one day, "you dont know whats inside until you
unwrap it" sort of refers to what I carry, 7" & thick as an average womans wrist. So to all those women who ignore me, if you only knew!

Anyways, I walking to the 1st store on my list & pass the Victorias Secret, lots of pretty women & a few that think they are, buying
stuff they'll wear for a boyfriend to get excited over & take off within 60 seconds. Hell just greet him at the door, naked &
on your knees, it will save you money! As I get in front of the next store I hear "Mike, Mike!" a womans voice, kinda young.
I keep walking, thinking they are not calling me when someone grabs my arm,

"Mike, didn't you hear me calling you?" It was Ashley a model worked with a couple of times, helped her update her portfolio
and do some Boudoir pictures for her boyfriend.

"Yea, I heard my name being called, but you know, its a common name" I said to her with a smile. Ashley is a very pretty girl,
about 5'7", 120 lbs, thin with very firm "B" breasts. Very nice I gotta say. She's wearing heels, bright red nails, and one of
those skin tight pull over dresses that if you wear ANY underwear in, its extremely noticable.

"How you been?"

"Good, busy, updated alot of portfolios for models, done a couple ads, a calender for Josi (her friend), usual stuff"

"Yea I heard about her calender, she's really excited about getting it released"

"How you been?, had any jobs?,,,"

"I've been good, not too busy, had a few sessions with promise, but waiting to hear, you know, wait, wait,"

"Yea, that part of the business sucks,,, out shopping with the BF?" I only asked, because she bragged about spending his money.

"No,,,,broke it off a few weeks ago,,,I've had a few offers to pose nude, and he did't want me to" she replied with a little excitment.

"Really,,thats great,,,good money I hope,"

"Yea, 1 in Detroit, another in Toledo, 2 in Columbus, all offering to pay my travel & hotel as well" now she showed the excitement
I was used to seeing when money was discussed. After her 2nd session with me, she had asked about what she should charge, if asked
to pose nude, I offered a few suggestions based on the style of posing & what the pictures would be used for.

"Wow, I'm happy for you!, so you gonna try & stay with this as a career?"

"For now,,,but I do need your help & I'm glad I ran into you, I need update my portfolio with more lingerie pictures, are you available
this weekend?"

"Sure, saturday, anywhere from noon to 4" I told her. Now dont get me wrong, I appreciate the female form, especially a beauty
like this one. And a chance to do some lingerie or more Boudoir pics with her would be great! Maintaining my composure is the
difficult part. I've never gotten an erection during a shoot, oh I've had 1 girl have a multiple orgasm during the shoot & not even
excuse herself or apologize, but it would be totally unprofessional of me. After all, I rely on them for my income, word spreads
I can't control myself, I might as well lock my doors!

"Do you have any suggestions for colors or styles of lingerie to wear?"

"No, that really is up to you, what kind of look do you want to do? Catalog, sensual, sexy, slut?" She giggled when I asked that.

"Well,,,no,,,,not really, no ideas,,,,wait,,Do you have to be someplace right now?" she said biting her lower lip,
seeking a specific response, and I knew what it was.

"Nope, no place special, no appointments this afternoon, just running errands & keeping ccol"

"Great!" she said with all the enthusiasm of a k** dragging they're dad to see Santa. Taking my hand & pulling me to the
direction of one of the major department stores.

"Come on, I have a card for here, you can help me pick some stuff out!" and with that I was following her into the store,
towards the back, the ladies underwear department. As she's looking grabbing stuff, looking for her size. I look around at my company,
hmmm, no guys, older women, some my age, and the youngest is picking out her stuff, with me! I hope I do not get asked if she's my

"What do you think of these?" she holds up a pair of black lacy boy shorts.

"Nice,,red would look good on you too." I replied, knowing she tans year round & has no tan lines. She holds up a few thongs,
other styles of panties, all lacy. A red babydoll outfit, and a white one, several lacy push up bras that with her size,
wont even cover her nipples.

"I need to try some of these on!" she says as she walks back to the fitting rooms, the ones in the back corner of the womens department.

"Ok" I replied, leaning on the rack, looking around.

"You gotta tell me how they look!"

"Ok" I was a little reluctant, but thought, what the hell.

The girl, unlocks the dressing room area, shows us in & leaves the door open, its really quiet back here & no one but the clerk was
within 40 feet of the rooms. So we've got some privacy, if I was half my age, she would have never left. As she walk down past the open
dressing rooms, probably 8-9 of them, goes into the last & furthest one, I'm thinking to myself, she's not supposed to be trying
on underwear, without having any on! That thought got a little response from below the belt, thought I had to control, since I was
going commando. There was a area with a couple of chairs, a corner with 3 large wing mirrors, I took a chair & waited.
It was not long before she came out, still in her heels, she put on the red lace babydoll, and I was right, she was wearing no
underwear, because she had none on under the red lace panties.

"Will this work?" she asked as she strutted past me, towards the entrance to the dressing rooms, spun around, flashing me her breasts
by accident (and not covering up), stopping in front of the mirrors. She looked herself over, ran her hands up n down her sides,
tugged a little on the red panties, pulling them high on her hips, forcing the back to ride between her cheeks, and from the
reflection in the mirror, tightly over her clean shaved mound. With her back to me, she arched her back, stuck her ass out to me,
and looking for my reaction in the mirror,,, "So?"

"Yea,,,that will work,,," I told her with a lump in my throat.

"Good,," as she paraded back to the dressing room. She wasn't gone 5 seconds when she returned, still in the red babydoll top, but with
a white lace thong that left absolutely nothing to the imagination in front. I swear, if it covered her clit, it was amazing! Again
she walked past me, checked the entrance area again (almost like she was looking to flash someone out there) stopped in front of me
& the mirrors, only this time, pulled the thong up high on her hips while facing me, looking over her shoulder at her ass in the mirror.
When she pulled it high on her hips, the string from the thong, split her pussy lips and slid right up the middle. Now all composure
was about to go flying out the fucking window! If she was teasing me, it was working!

"How are these?" she asked without even looking at me,

"Those are nice too,,," Again with a lump in my throat, and a growing one in my shorts.

"Yea, another pair,," she said, walking away, swaying her ass in a sexy, seductive way.

I decided I had to get up and adjust my dick, it was almost pitching a tent, I walked towards the door, and out of the corner of my eye
I see Ashley changing, without even closing the door. I straightened myself, spun away & went back to the chair. Hoping she did
not see me. A few seconds later, she comes back with the white lacey babydoll & the black lace boy shorts. Again parades towards
the entrance before spinning & coming to me by the mirrors. She reaches under the lace babydoll, cups each breasts & admires them
in the mirror,

"Do you think I need larger breasts?,,,,," She asks with curiosity and innocence,,as she turns towards me with both hands still on them.

"No,,,,I think they are perfect, not too big & not too small"

"I know, more than a mouthful is a waste! Vince used to say that all of the time about them"

"I agree, larger ones will be trouble with your petite body"

No teasing with the panties this time, I think showing me her b**sts was her goal here. I've seen them before, every model, doing implied
or artistic nudes, always flashes. They are comfortable with they're bodies & some very comfortable being nude in front of the camera
to the point they dont even put on a robe, to and from the changing room in the studio.

She walks slowly back to the dressing room. We've been back here for almost 20 minutes & no one has come in, must be a slow day,
or the clerk has been busy. About a minute later, she returns with a pink lace bra, the one that barely, or in her case, does not
cover her nipples & a pink thong, the same style as the white one, nothing really there, but string & a small patch of fabric to
cover her clit. Walking slowly, smiling at me, walks to the entrance & spends a second looking around & comes back to me & the mirrors.
Its now I see, she is enjoying this, a little exhibitionism, for anyone out there & me, because her aereolas are swollen, no nipple
to speak of, just two puffed out cherry tomatoes. Her chest is flushed red, I think she may have had an orgasm. I Can't really tell
other than those 2 signs,,,,

"Will this do,,?"

"Yes,,,very pretty" I stammered, nervously, reaaaaally trying hard to maintain my composure.

Again she faces the mirror, pulls the pink thong strings at her sides, slowly up her hips, pulling the string tight between her cheeks
and arches her back slowly, sticking her butt back at me, and with a shudder, like you make when you get a chill, pulls the strings
up the front, causing the spot where the 3 strings are joined by her tail bone, to slowly slide down her butt crack. Now I know she came!
I could still not see how wet she was, but I knew. When that string rubbed accross her clit, she came! I was froze, I could not,
or would not move! She stood, walked back to the dressing room,

"Mike!" she called from down the hall, I stood, tried as best I could to hide my hard on, and there she was, only in a smile & heels.
"These are too big, can you get a small!" as she throws me the pink thong she just had on. I catch it & sure enough, that string
that covers her pussy, really was between her lips, was soaked! I looked at her as she's sliding on another thong like this one, only
royal blue. And she's got this big cheashire cat grin. She's into this! I turned started towards the door & thought to myself,
do I put these back & let some lady find these?, find a garbage can & throw them in, or put them in my pocket. Hmmmmm, the last idea
got my cock sturring, as soon as I was sure she could not see me, I put them to my nose, damn, DAMN she smelled sweet! I looked up &
I could see my composure running for the door! Fuck! now what?

"Did you get a small?" I hear with a soft touch on my shoulder, I turned left to face her & stuffed the panties in my right pocket.

"None, she said they were out" I murmered to her, knowing I'd been caught.

"Its ok, I'll go to another store" she says, standing less than 2 feet away from me in the exact same outfit as the pink,
only royal blue. And the same puffy nipples pointing up at me, I could smell her essence, on her face, she must have fingered herself
& licked her fingers clean. Now I'm with my back to the store & she is facing full front out to the store.

"How are these?" she asks, walking towards the mirrors, looking at my crotch, seeing my reaction to her.

"I'm not sure if these fit ok,," as she bends at the waist and grabs her ankles, offering a glorious look at her pussy, the blue
string a darker shade of blue between her lips, and the insides of her thighs, glistening from her juices. Smiling back at me
as she opens her stance a little more, slowly stands up, pulling the strings forward as she comes up, and squirts, not alot,
but enough to get my attention. She's a quiet squirter, as she shot back about a foot behind her on the floor. She's got her eyes
closed now, her arm accross her breasts, her right hand over her mound with a finger, past the string, massaging her clit.
Not saying anything, starts walking back to the dressing room & bumps into a door, shes still coming down from that orgasm and
having a hard time walking. I race to her incase the falls,,,

"You are quite an exhibitionist,,,you do this often?" I whisper to her.

"Only when I haven't had it in a while, Vince started me doing it, and I fell in love with it, my strongest orgasms and best sex
have been right after I either got caught or nearly caught" she whispered, falling back into my arms. Half carrying her while
walking back to the room, she stops, bumping her hips into my crotch & rubbing her ass on my dick.

"You know,,,you need to do something about that wet spot on your shorts and that BIG thing before I'm done back here" she whispered as
she reached the room where her dress was in a heap on the floor. Reaching back & unhooking the bra, letting it fall to the floor.
All I could think of was, go for it! She's over 21, now she's pulling the thong down, it gets hooked on her shoes and I take my chance.
As she dropped to her knees to pull off the panties that are stuck to the buckle on her shoe, I unzip & unsnap my shorts, letting them
fall to the floor, looking up, she gasps, wide eyed,

"You are much thicker than any guy I've ever had, I hope,,," and not wanting to hear another cliche' push my dick in her open mouth.
"MmMMpph" was all I heard,
Initially she was a sloppy cock sucker, but licked all of the saliva she put on my dick & balls. Stroking it & sucking the head
in and out of her mouth at the same speed her hand was working me.
"You are such a cock tease,," I whispered at her as I looked towards the door for any company.
She could work a cock like a pro, squeezing, sucking, pressure, suction, everything in just the right amount, at just the right times.
Unable to fit more than half of my dick in her mouth, she kept stroking,

"After that pink outfit, I could see how big you were, I came 4 times while trying this stuff on, and I knew I had to try,,,,"

"Yea, you succeeded, now keep sucking, earn this shoot you want!" I whispered as I shoved my cock in her mouth, far enough causing
her to gag, I pulled out "breath" I told her and shoved it in again, she gagged, not as bad as the 1st time. Pulling out, spit
running down her chin, I shoved it in again, holding it there, while she gagged again. Pushing me back, coughing,

"Is that how you like it?,,,rough?,," she said, looking up at me with tears running down her cheeks.

"Hang on!" she replied as she grabbed my hips, I put my hands on the back of her head & let her pull my hips pounding my dick in
her face. There was no gagging now, just a wet sloppy girl, determined on making me cum! All of this was really working for me today,
the teasing, the smell of her panties, her lips and how well she could suck a cock while not even able to get more than half in her
mouth. I looked up at the door, sure I heard something which triggered that feeling in my balls, ready to blow, I pulled out of
her mouth and started stroking my dick, she, like it or not, was getting a facial. If she wanted to risk getting caught,
what better way! Pumping away on my dick,

"uhhh, ahhhh, g g onna, cum, ahhh, uhhh, yea, this is, ahhh," and with that shot a couple of streams in the air over her head,
and then aiming at her mouth, put a stream on her forehead, another on her cheek, in her nose & let her suck the head back
in her mouth, to finish me off.

"uhhh,,,damn,,,that,,,ahhh,,, shit was great!" I blurted out at her, with my cock still in her mouth, looking up at me, smiling.

"I think I came 2 more times," looking at the floor, between her legs, "Yep" she said, giggling,

As she stood up, wiping the cum from her face & swallowing it off of her fingers, drying her tears. I pulled up my shorts,
I moved out of her way, so she could get her dress on,

"Here, put these in your pocket too,," she said, handing me the blue thong she squirted in.

"what,, you dont want to try & pay for these?" I said jokingly.

"You can pay for them if you want, I'm not" she giggled.

As she pulled her dress over her head, I noticed she had 2 globs of jizz in her hair, pearly white on her brunette hair, impressive.
She gathered herself, straightened her dress. I could see the insides of her thighs were soaked, she made no attempt to clean that.
I straigtened my half limp dick, that was really enjoying the look she was about to take out in public. She stopped in front of
the mirror, with all the underwear & lingerie she took in.

"You trying to expose yourself, " she says to me, looking in the mirror. Not sure of what she was talking about, as she reached out
to the bottom of my shorts leg & swatted my dick head, causing it to bounce around in the opening, and a drop of sperm to fly off
onto the floor.

"You can,,,,I can" I said, thinking what the fuck! She never noticed the sperm in her hair as we walked up to the cashier.

"Find everything alright?" she asked, and a look of shock hit her face as she seen the glob in her hair, blushing and turning away,
"Will that be on your store card" she said, not even looking away from the register. I just laughed to myself.

"Yes" she replied, handing her the card, signing the receipt, putting everything in the bag & handing the card back to her,

"Have a nice day" she said,

Walking away, I stopped her, ran my fingers in her hair & offered it to her, a look of shock was now on her face as she licked
my finger clean,

"Is that all?"

"Yes,,," I told her, "See you at noon on Saturday?"

"Yep!,,,,I want alot of pictures, so I might need to bring some more stuff with me" she said as she turned the opposite way
of my car.

"Thats fine, we've got the studio for 4 hours" I told her as she walked away, I just had to smile at the guy who walking past her
and seen my other glob of sperm in her hair.

She never made it to that shoot, never replied to my emails or texts, doesn't matter. I still have those thongs, somewhere.
Anyways something like that will probably never happen to me ever again.

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