Teaching her, my s****r learns to give Blow Jobs

This is a continuation of 1st, "My s****rs sl**pover" and then "At Home One Night".

A saga of a 18 year old boy and his coming of age 16 year old s****r,

This was a weekend unlike most, I actually had the house to myself! My parents went to a class reunion of my dad's and they
were going to spend the night there. My s*s was spending the night at Linda's after the basketball game and me, well I got stood
up by a girl at school for a date to see a movie. She wanted to see this, but claimed something came up & she had to stay home.
Oh well, her loss! So here I am, its saturday night & I'm about to go to bed, bored! Ahh but wait, theres always HBO & those titty
movies! Eh, why not I thought to myself, I got settled in my bed, had the kleenex on the night stand, incase I needed them, and
since no one was home, crawled in bed, nude! Hell even at 8 in the morning, no one was supposed to be home, I'd just close my door
before I got sl**py. Tonight was no different, lots of bare breasts, no close ups of the pussies & soft core porn. Short of
going to a adult theatre, this is all I had! My dad did not read or collect Playboy or Penthouse, so I had none of his stash to
read or beat off to, only late night HBO!

I must have dozed off before I releived myself, no used kleenex, but still had the morning wood! I threw on some boxers & headed
to the kitchen for something to eat. Bagels & cream cheese sounded good, maybe some bacon, eggs, hmmm. As I was walking down
the steps, I thought again about that sl**p over, it was almost like everytime I walked by the basement door, I could still
smell the sex in the air. Enjoying the quiet while I ate was nice, no parents, no s****r, it was like I lived alone!

And of course it was all about to end, the front door opened in its usual creaky fashion, and by the way it did, it was almost
like someone was sneaking in. So I peeked my head out of the kitchen to see Sara, closing the door as quietly as possible.

"Did you forget, they are not home!" I yelled to her.

She about hit the ceiling and pissed her pants at the same time. I about pissed myself laughing at the site.

"Why did you do that? she slurred at me. You see her sl**p overs were increasingly involving booze & she was still d***k.

"You were sneaking in the house like mom n dad were sl**ping & you didn't want to wake them, BUT THEY"RE NOT HOME!" I yelled,
still laughing as I went back to eating.

"I knew they're not home, I didn't want to wake you, my wonderful b*****r!" As she came over to me to give me a hug & a kiss
on the cheek. And it was then she noticed I was dressed only in my boxers. I never walk around in those when everyone is home,
if I get a hard on, it wil simply poke out of the slit in front and my dad would not like it, probably whip my ass.

"Would you look at that, no ones home & you parade around in your boxers! Aren't you afraid of getting caught with a woodie!"
she said teasingly to me.

"Hell no, until you walked in, remember I WAS ALONE!" I told her.

She just giggled, set down her stuff, grabbed my ass with both hands, "Lori said you've got a nice ass!"

"Oh, so you girls had another d***ken sex party?" I asked with curiosity,

"Nope, nothing like here, no guys to satisfy our insatiable lust!" she slurred with a big smile on her face. Boy was she still d***k.

"You want something to eat?" asking politely,

"I'm not hungry, yet" was another slurred response.

"Ok, suit yourself, you'll soon wish you did!" I added, remembering what my dad said about d***keness on an empty, or almost empty
stomach. I assumed she did not eat, or she drank, ALOT! But if she was going to puke, I refused to clean it up!

"I'm heading to the shower, if you're gonna puke, be sure its in the toilet!" I told her as I ran upstairs.
Once there I heard a muffled, "OK" from Sara. I grabbed a clean towel & clean boxers & headed towards the bathroom, no concern for
her being a sloppy d***k, only happy my parents were not due back until later in the evening so it should give her a chance to
get cleaned up. I closed the bathroom door, turned on the shower, dropped my boxers & stopped to take a pee. Over the noise of
the shower I heard Sara coming up the stairs, stumble, giggle & stumble again. I just rolled my eyes & opened the glass door on
the shower. As I was washing my hair I heard her crank up her stereo with "Kiss' Destroyer" album. I soaped myself up, spent a
little too much time washing my dick, only because of the memories of Lori grabbing & telling me "You've got a nice ass".
The hot water felt great on my back & my dick was coming to life in my hands, I thought, what the hell, make up for nothing last
night! Soaping my stiffening cock, I paid extra attention to my balls, making sure my equipment was squeeky clean. Washing soon
turned to stroking my hard on & everything just felt great, I was pumping away when that tingle in my balls started to boil up
and spurt all over the glass on the door of the shower. Globs of jizz were running down the glass and off my hand as I shook through
the waves of this orgasm. Ahhh, much better! I finished the shower, cleaned up after myself in it & got out to towel off, my still
semi stiff dick, bobbing in the air, dripping water & a little cum. Only then did I notice Sara was sitting on the toilet, nude.
She made no attempt to cover up, or explain why she was naked. Her cute little body, sitting there with her firm breasts, perky
and stiff nipples, which made me wonder, did she see what I did?

"What are you doing?" I asked,

"what does it look like, peeeeeing!" she replied with a slurred giggle.

"Is it too much to ask for a little privacy?"

"Why you gonna beat off?, or did you do that in the shower?"

"No!" I said, starting to dry my hair, no longer caring she was there. She just sat there quietly, I'm sure staring. I made no
attempt to cover up, or hide my half hard dick, which was slowly getting a mind of its own. So I turned my back to her, dried
my chest, cock & balls, which made it stiffen more, dried my back. I bent over to dry my right leg, but it did not feel good,
the stretch on my leg hurt a little, so I put my foot on the vanity & finished drying my leg. In this position I had to face
the mirror and seen her staring at the reflection of my dick in the mirror. I switched legs, putting my left foot on the vanity,
giving her full view of my hard on, I made no attempt again to hide it, I figured, why? I put my foot back on the floor, bent
over to grab my clean boxers when Sara grabbed them,

"Nope, mine!" she declared, standing up from the toilet & putting them behind her back.

I moved towards her to get them & stopped.

"Now what?" I asked her, as she looked in my eyes & at my dick.

"Teach me something, you've had a few girls, I could tell by the other night!" she said.

"Like what?" I asked, totally unsure where she was taking this.

"How do I give a 'blow job'?" she asked,

Not sure of my respose, like I knew how to suck a dick! All the while thinking she would use the dildo or vibrator of my Moms.

"ok, I'll try, but I can only tell you about how it was done to me!"

"Thats what I'd like to know, if you enjoyed it, then they must have done it right!"

"First you gotta get Moms Dildo!" I told her.

"ok" and with that she opened the door & ran to my moms dresser and got her toys & ran in my room. She brought the 6"
vibrator dick and the 10" double header. Me, with my dick still bouncing in front of me uncovered, walked in my room,
to see her sitting indian style on my bed. Her nipples were still stiff like pencil erasers, and like a eager student, waiting on
my next words.

"First, you lick it, getting it wet, slippery, from the tip, to the bottom" I told her as she licked it slowly,

"Is this right?" she asked,

"In the beginning, treat it like a popsicle, make sure you miss nothing" I told her as I was thinking about stroking my newest hard on.

"Then, put the tip, or head, in your mouth and suck a little, and swirl your tongue around it, like you are french kissing"

She moaned a little, not sure if it was to add to the effect, or if she was really enjoying it.

"After a little more of that, lick it all over again, get it wet and slippery again" I instructed her, but as any willing student, she
seemed to know what she was doing, maybe instinct, or maybe,,,I was getting played. After all, she was d***k, grabbed my ass down stairs,
walked in and stayed while in the shower & then drying off. Not sure, as she seemed to be getting into it, she pushed the rather thick
dildo too far in her stretched lips and hit her gag reflex, pulling it out, coughing and gagging. I thought this was it, she's gonna
throw up!

"I think that was too far!" she said, gagging, coughing, with spit, running down her chin & on her belly.

My hard on, rock solid still because I was enjoying teaching her how to give a blow job, but also because of the 4 I got that night,
while instructing her, I tried remembering what, Cindy, Lisa, Lori and Steph had done to me. As Sara took the dildo and started pushing
it back in her mouth, she gagged again, but it was not in as far as the last time.

"Yuk, what ever this is made of, its starting to taste bad & gag me, I hate to ask, but can I practice on you?" she said looking at
me with those big puppy dog eyes, the same ones she gives my dad to get what she wants.

"I dont know,,," I said as I faked my aprehension, without waiting on my response, she jumped off of my bed, and got on her knees
in front of me in the chair, like any star pupil, started working on my dick the same way I was instructing her with that dildo.
She licked from the base on the right, slowly up to the base of the head, and licked back down the other side, all the time,
looking up at me.

"Is that right?, " she asked, awaiting my approval,

"yes" I said, looking down at my s****r, my dick in her right hand, bathing it with her tongue. Slowly licking up the underside, again
not licking the head, pulling my dick down to lick the top half, down to the base. It was feeling incredible!
As she let go of it, she used all of her tongue to push between my balls, wiggle her tongue from side to side, causing my balls to shake
in they're sack, and licked, slowly, back up the underside, before putting a semi firm grip on the base & follow her mouth up to the tip.
Assured it was slick enough, the started slowly stroking it, causing me to moan my approval.

"MMMmmmm, thats it, you are doing good" I told her in a state of uphoria,

"Soooo, I'm doing good?" she asked coyly,

"yess, very good,"

With that she took the head in her mouth, sucked a little hard and took about half of it in her mouth, she kept the suction going,
licking as much of it as she could, before slowly releasing the pressure and pumping the shaft with her hand. It was UN fucking
believable! It was then that I knew I was set up, she was just a horny little bitch wanting my dick. There was not a thing I could,
or as great as it felt, would do! I conceded to just sit back and enjoy.

She pulled away, releasing my dick from the suction of her mouth with a pop!

"Am I doing good?" she asked innocently, with those big eyes, looking for my approval,

"You are doing great!" was all I could muster to say, and even that took alot of effort, I was past the point of bliss, she was
putting me way beyond any blow job I had ever gotten before!

She sucked me back in her mouth, slowly bobbing up n down, and stroking my dick at the same time, taking a third, half, then just
the tip in her mouth. All the while stroking it & turning her wrist, twisting her hand around the shaft of my dick, giving me a
new sensation all together! Wow! Picking up the pace, bobbing her head up and down, with my dick going in her mouth and back out
like a piston, the suction, this supposed virgin territory of hers, all slick, wet. My dick hard as a rock, and now her left hand
massaging my balls! Uhhhh, it was too much to take.

"You are doing fucking Grrrrreeat," I told her, running both hands through her hair as her head continued bobbing up n down on my dick.
"MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm" she moaned, Uhhhhhhh, adding another sensation to this incredible blow job! No girl had ever moaned before!
Not while sucking my dick!

"Moan for me, moan some more, it feels,,,, uhhh, DAMN!" Not much I could say, this was the best! As she increased her speed, moaning,
I was feeling that familiar tingling in my balls as she was still massaging them.

Not sure what came over me at this point, my eyes were closed, my hands holding her head,

"I'm gonna blow, uhhh, gonna cum in your mouth, ugggghhhh,,,,," Both hands still on her head, I could feel the head of my dick swelling
in her mouth, knowing I was close, I held her head tight and started fucking her mouth, my balls were slapping her chin, she put her hands
on my hips, kind of pushing me back.

"Oh no, isn't this what you wanted, huh? my dick in your mouth, huh? big b*****rs dick?,,,,uhhh?" Not sure where this was coming from,
but she was now moaning a little approval, and not pushing away as much. My balls still slapping her chin, I could feel my dick hitting
the back of her throat, still holding firmly on her head, pounding my dick in and out of her mouth, spit running down her chin,
tears running down her cheeks. But I was in control now.

"Here it comes, gonna cum, uhhh, ahhhhh, in your mouth, ahhh, UHHHHH!" and with that, I held her head still, my dick as far as it
would go in her mouth. She was gagging now, spitting my cum and spit all over my dick, but I would not release her head, till my
orgasm subsided. She was looking up at me, tears on her cheeks, a mix of spit and my cum running out of her mouth. It was only
then that I let go, I took both thumbs and wiped away her tears, she licked and cleaned my dick, which after this, was not getting soft.
Without saying a word, licked my balls, wiped the cum from her chin & put it in her mouth, wiped the mix off of her breasts, even
the glob that was hanging off of her stiff nipple, put her 1 finger in her mouth and sucked every molecule off of it.
Swallowing every drop.

"Did I do good?" she asked, looking for my approval,

"Yes you did, but you really knew what you were doing, didn't you? I asked, I had to know.

"Kinda, yea,,,, the girls, uh, Lori, had a dildo and this black leather holder thing, that we took turns wearing, while we watched
a porno that was nothing but girls giving blow jobs" she admitted,

"Oh, I bet that was a sight,," those images running through my head, hmmm!

"Yea, I was so damn horny, I had to come home early and try it out!"

"On your big b*****r!"

"Yea,,,was that ok?"

"Yea,,,but you know, you are getting to be my little sex buddy, our secret time, must be a secret, no one would approve of this & Dad
would KILL me!"

"I know,,,," she said with a look of shame and sadness. "As long as you teach me and let me practice, I'll be your sex slave,,OK?"
Again with those puppy dog eyes, perky nipples, shaved pussy, cute ass, uhhh, what was I getting myself into!

"I dont want to ever hear you are a slut! I dont ever want anyone in school to ever talk about you as a slut, I dont want you
dressing like it, or acting like it. What you do with a guy, must not be when he wants it, it must be on your terms, when you say!
Otherwise those guys will spread the rumor that you are a slut! Do you understand!" I said, scolding her

"Yes,,,," again with those eyes,

"I'm gonna hop in the shower, wanna join me?" she said looking over her shoulder, walking away, shaking her ass.

"No,,, you go ahead!" I yelled to her as she entered the bathroom, I need a nap! I slumped on my bed, naked, still with a half limp
dick, enjoying the sensation of what could possibly be my best blow job of all time, and with of all people, My s****r!

From that day, we became quite close, I heard all about her sexual escapades, getting a raging hard on each time. And told her
about all of my conquests during my senior year, all the while her telling me how hot that was getting her.

I look forward to passing along more, later!

99% (72/1)
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1 year ago
Great story. Thanks.
2 years ago
god,wish I coulda had a sister like that !!
3 years ago
nice I liked the story...
3 years ago
What fun!
3 years ago
how old is your sister?
3 years ago
great story.
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excellent series so far & yes please more did the 6 girls have a sleep over again?
4 years ago
Fantastic set of stories- I'm looking forward to more.
4 years ago
there is much more to come
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Well written. That goes for the whole story, not just this section. Will there be more??
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nice got me hornie
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loved it
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very hot!