My s****rs sl**pover -part 2

"Linda, truth or dare" asked Sara

"truth" was her reply,

"have you ever held a dick in your hand? and who's was it? Asked Sara

"Yes, it was Tommy" she replied,

Tommy was one of my friends, I knew he had a few girls, even thought his current GF was pregnant, but
as it turned out, wasn't.

"tell us about it" Asked Denise.

" what is there to tell, it was about this long" was her reply.

"did you ever put it in your mouth, or suck it?" Asked Sara, Sara? this was getting interesting.

Just then my mother kncked on the door, I must have been in there a long time,

"Are you OK?" she asked.

"yea, just finishing up", I replied & turned on the water to wash my hands,

I flushed the toilet, & went back to the living room to watch TV. I had to lay on the floor with my back to her because of my raging
hard on I had from listening to the girls. Damn I thought, imagining what they were talking about, I never thought of my s****r like
that or Denise for that matter. This was better than any wet dream I had ever had!

It was now after 11 & my mom decided it was her bed time, she went to the basement door & told the girls "good night & behave!"
"we will," they replied in unison.
She told me good night & went upstairs to bed, I knew I could move when I heard her bedroom door close.
Laying there on the floor Thinking about the girls downstairs, I started rubbing my cock through my shorts, I had nylon running shorts
on that had the underwear built in & it felt great! In slid on the floor, closer to the vent to listen to them & was startled by
the basement door opening, it was Lori, I quickly rolled on my stomach & made it look like I was watching TV.

"do you know where your parents keep the shot glasses?" she asked.

"above the sink, left door" I replied, shot glasses, what the hell do they need those for?

She walked to the kitchen, grabbed a chair to reach them & I heard her push the chair back, as she walked back to the door.

"what do you need those for?" I asked,

"to mix drinks dumbass!" she retorted, she was d***k, maybe only a little, but she was buzzin'.

She closed the door behind her & it got real quiet down stairs, I think I got busted! Then there was alot of laughing.

"Ok, lets raise the stakes, Truth you take a drink of your drink after you answer,
Dare, you drink from someone elses drink after the dare!" said Cindy

"Steph, truth or dare!" asked Cindy,

"Truth" she replied,

"Would you let Bobby fuck you if we brought him down here!" said Cindy

"What, I'm not answering that, DARE!" was her response.

"ok, french kiss Lori and let her feel your titties" I couldn't believe I heard that from Cindy, what a dare!

She must have said yes, because it got quiet again, "drink!" I heard a couple of the girls tell her.

"Cindy, Truth or dare!" declared Stephanie.

"dare," she replied, not even hearing what the truth was going to be.

"Take off Denise's shorts & underwear & lick her pussy" Steph said in a bold move.

I dont know about you, but I had to see this! I knew if I went out the front door quietly, I could sneak around to the back
yard & look in the basement window to see what was going on! I got up, making as little noise as possible & went outside.
I crept up to the window, commando army man style, and looked down, Denise was on her back, nothing on but a T shirt & Cindy
was feasting on her pussy! I thought I would cum in my shorts right there! The big problem with now being outside, was
no sound. This lasted only a few seconds & Cindy downed Lori's drink. They all clapped & laughed, Denise did not put her
shorts back on, I could tell she was d***k, she just sat up indian style & picked who was next. She picked Sara and
she must have taken the dare, she pulled her nightgown over her head, removed her panties & sat on a chair, one of the girls
had a dildo in her stuff that she brought & gave it to Sara, the other girls sat around her in a circle, and of course
her leg was in the way of me seeing anything. Lori must have told her she needed to lick it first, because she put it
in her mouth, about 3 inches of it & pulled it out, licking it like a ice cream cone & put it at her lips, she worked
it slowly in her pussy, a little at first, then pulling it out before pushing it farther. I dont think it was in far enough
for Steph because she pushed in in deeper, causing my s****r to jump back in her chair before sitting back down. The girls
were all laughing even Sara, Steph grabbed the b**st again from her hand and worked it in and out real fast before taking it
away & putting it on the table. Sara grabbed a beer & finished it off, never putting on her nightgown. This was when I seen her
tits & bald pussy for the first time since I was 8 & had to take her into the bath tube with me. She looked good! I never
thought of her that way before & my dick was aching to be stroked at this point.

It was Sara's turn to pick someone & I think the girls were having more fun with this, because this one was a dare too. I saw
Cindy take off her pajama pants & bend over the table, ass sticking right out at me, then Denise spit on her ass hole & whiped
it off with a napkin, what I saw next caused me to blow my load in the grass as I layed there, she stuck out her tongue & licked
her ass hole! Flicking it around & giving it long licks from the back of her pussy, up to the top of her butt crack!

DAMN! I thought to myself as I took off my shirt to wipe up my cum from my belly. I left the rest in the grass as kind of a
historical marker for this occasion, I squeezed the rest of the cum from my dick into my shirt looked one last time in the window
and the only one of her friends that still had anything on was Lori, and I crept slowly back inside.

I threw my shirt down the laundry shute without even thinking, I heard someone scream & a bunch of laughing. I got comfortable
on the floor, Midnight Special was coming on & they were showing who the bands were going to be tonight, when the basement door
opened. It was Lori,

"does your mother have any dip for the chips?" she asked,

"yea in the kitchen, to the left of the sink, bottom cabinet" I replied

She walked in the kitchen, fumbled with the doors, shelves,

"I can't find it" she said,

"Be quiet, my mother is sl**ping!" I said as I walked in the kitchen, she just smiled & moved out of my way.

I bent over, it was right there and as I grabbed it, she grabbed my ass, I jumped a little at the surprise attack.

"I always thought you had a nice ass" she said, not removing her hand,

"here it is, are you that d***k?" I asked her turning around.

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This is great
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very good continuation
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This is getting interesting.