First time with a older woman

It was not long after I graduated from High School, I started working at a chain shoe store, a popular one at the time & sales were always good, I hustled, made lots of money for a k** my age, and worked my way up the company ladder to assistant manager. Though it meant more hours, it also meant more pay, and at 21, more drinking money! I had moved out on my own & and shared a
apartment with another guy from work who was in the same position, only another store. Oh the late noght parties, girls, sex, damn it
was nice!

One night about an hour before closing, I got a call from a woman wanting to know if I was interested in a private fitting, to those who don't know this was a after hours 1 on 1 shoe trying on & purchasing time, usually it was good for a 6-8 pair sale, with plenty of add ons (handbags, hose, shoe care products, the works) as well as a extra fee. At the time I would charge $20.
Now thats not much, but 30 years ago, I could get d***k on that! No matter what I drank!

So Phyllis, the woman who called, asked if I was available either Wednesday or Thursday night, I told her thursday was better, and she said, "I'll see you at 9" pm, when we closed. I thought nothing of it at this point, made a note as a reminder, made sure I had no other plans and closed up for the night & went to the bar for a few.

Thursday afternoon I went to work, told my boss I had a private session that night, he gave me a goal of $400 & said if I met the goal, he'd throw in $20 more for my hard work! I was excited now, 8:30 rolled around, I made sure the displays were perfect, my crew did a little extra cleaning & I was just about to close the gate at 9:10 when this older lady walked around the corner in a short skirt & hi heels, a white silk blouse, kind of loose fitting and from what I could see, no bra. Now to me at this age, older was 35-37, so besides being hot, she was outta my range for anything. I was so use to girls my age dressed like that giving me an instant hard on but her, I barely budged. I just did not look at her as my having a chance.

She asked if I was Bobby, I said yes, she introduced herself as Phyllis and gently shook my hand. Now I'm thinking, this is a classy lady and a $400 sale is no problem! I closed the gate behind us, walked around the displays making small talk, getting an idea of what she's looking for,

"something elegant, in multiple colors, at least a 3 inch heel and then some summer flats, I'm going on a cruise to the Carribean with my girl friends in spring" she said with a smile.

I asked her for her size & had a few ideas of what she would like. I had her sit with her back to the gate, near the back of the store right near all of the handbags & hosiery. While I was in the back room, I heard her tell several people that the store was already closed. Which was nice of her, most people just ignore them during sessions like this. I came back out with 6 pair, laid out the boxes in front of her, opened each, giving one at a time to her to look over while I told her about them. Took a seat on the floor when a security guard came to the gate and asked if everything was "OK" I told Jeff everything was fine & went back to Phyllis, by now she had slipped a pair of white ones on & was walking around, looking in the mirror at them, she came over, sat back down & told me those were nice and asked

"which other colors?"

I told her the variety & she immediately tried on another style, while at the same time eliminating a few she did not like. This was typical, I took those back & heard her again tell 2 more people thet the store was closed, with the second one she told, she sid not sound too happy. Taking matters into my own, I set up an area in the back room, found a floor mirror & set up the next few in back. I returned to her and apologized for the interruptions,

"this does not always happen, not on a thursday night"

and invited her to the back room for more privacy. She agreed that it was starting to frustrate her because it only happened when I was gone. I picked up the ones she liked and moved to the back, had her sit down & displayed for her the new choices I offered. Feeling this was probably a good time for better service, I started putting on the shoes for her, with these black ones, she walked around, decided those were perfect, showed her the colors they were available in, since they were right there, & turned my back to get some flats for her cruise. Mind you I think i've got her sold on 8 pair right now, before we even looked at anything else. I was pumped! I brought her 2 more pair to try, setting the shoe on the top of my thigh & had her bring her foot to me, I was pretty close, making sure she would not need to move, she hiked up her skirt a little & slid the shoe on, and being the 21 year old I was, took a glance up her skirt. Was I surprised, no panties & shaved smooth like a baby! Damn, lucky dog! I took my time strapping that one on, then grabbed the other, letting her know having both on would feel better, she did the same thing & there I was again, staring, discreetly at her shaved pussy, it even looked like it had a glistening sheen to it, like she was a little wet.

"take a walk in those, let me know how they feel" I said.

She strolled around & bent down at the waist to adjust her straps, with her ass to the mirror, I got another look at her pussy, this time from behind, as my dick started to stur a little, I came to the conclusion she was doing it on purpose, teasing me.

"I like these, let me try on the others," she said,

walking back to the chair, not even adjusting her skirt that had ridden
up as she sat down. By now, I'm re adjusting my semi hard dick, I'm not used to this teasing, not by any girl, especially by a older woman with probably
the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen! Well, I think she seen my discomfort & adjusting, the right one went on with the same flash of pussy,
but the left one, just as I'm strapping it on, slipped off my thigh and between my legs, right on my now totally hard cock!

"Opps, Sorry, " she said, but did not move it very fast.
"its ok, happens alot" I told her,

With that she got up, walked around again, I excused myself by putting away the styles she was not interested in. Had my back to her when I
realized she was right behind me!

"Never seen a shaved pussy before?" she whispered in my ear softly,
Holy crap, I thought to myself, Busted!
"yes, I've seen one before (Liar!) but never on a older woman" I said, with my back still to her as I know I was turning 10 shades of red!
"How old do you think I am?" she asked on that same soft sexy voice,
"30?" I said, nervously,

She put both hands on my hips & said "thank you, but I'm a little older, 35,"

"Very beautiful for 35," I said, "your husband must be very proud of you!"

"no husband, no boyfriend," she replied.

as she said that she lowered her right hand to my raging hard on and boldly grabbed it with a slow stroking action through my pants. Not ready for that, I lurched back into her which she responded to by grabbing my balls with her left hand.

"mmmmm big boy!, I like that" all she time breathing in my ear,

massaging my balls. Now I know I'm not big, 7" fully erect, John Holmes I'm not, but I can make the ladies happy.

I was enjoying the attention as her right hand was unbuckling my belt & her left was working my zipper down, with my belt now open, she unsnapped my pants, which dropped to my ankles immediately!
"mmmmm" she moaned in my ear as she pulled my boxers down,
freeing my swollen cock.

"nice," she said & had not even seen it yet, but with her right thumb, whiped the pre-cum off the head & brought it to her lips. I just about lost it, all of the girls I knew were not this bold, or forward about tasting or swallowing my jizz, she seemed like it was part of her regular diet!

"uhhhhhh," I moaned to her, turning around & pushing her to sit down in the chair, now it was my turn, I kicked off my shoes, pants & boxers, pulled her skirt up & slid her ass to the edge of the chair.

"ooooow, f***eful, I like that," she purred as I put her right leg on my shoulder and moved in to taste this pussy that was now totally drenched and making my dick ache to be in.

I licked her from ass hole to clit, nibbled on her lips, sucked each one into my mouth, causing her to shudder in orgasm,

"mmmmmm" I moaned as I licked up all that sweet juice, she was hot!

I went back to licking her again from ass hole to clit, spending more time on that little nub, causing her to shreek in pleasure, she grabbed my head, ran her fingers through my hair, telling me,

"thats it, I like that, more, MORE, Uhhhhh yea, thats it, uhhhh, I'm cuming, aaaaaagain!" and with that she flodded my mouth with more of that sweet juice, she was not done yet, by no means!

She pushed me away, unzipped her skirt & threw it away from her, took off the shoes, unbuttoned her blouse & showed me the firmest natural breasts I had ever seen, wow!

"beautiful!" I moaned to her,

She cupped each breast, squeezed them a little,

"you like?"
as she toyed with me, sitting bare assed on the floor with the biggest hard on of my life!

Getting the hint, I took off my coat, shirt and tie, tossed them aside & stood up,

"now its your turn!" she stated,

grabbing & stroking my cock, taking my arm & pushing me into the chair.

She got on her knees in front of me, grabbing my dick, and licking up one side then down the other, slowly stoking it before kissing the head & swirling her tongue around it. I was in heaven, as she opened her mouth and took a couple of inches, before backing off and letting it pop out of her mouth, she sucked so hard before letting go, I thought the suction was going to lift my ass off the chair!

She did the same thing again, without a word, only those eyes, staring into mine as she took half of it in her mouth & performed the same suction! She was a pro, the girls my age would have been quick and done by now, kind of, "lets get it over with!" but she had other ideas! Grabbing my cock at the base she again got it nice n wet, licking every inch, only this time she continued
licking down to my balls. Taking first one, then the other in her mouth, she stuffed it in, swirled her tongue around it, savoring the taste, before giving both a tongue bath. Grabbing my hips, she slid my ass to the edge of the chair, licked my balls one more time, then she reached under my ass with her left hand & put my right foot on her shoulder with her right & rimmed my ass hole! Whoa! this was new to me, felt kinda nice, but definitly different! She licked there for a couple of minutes flicking her tongue around it & occasionally in it, who was I to complain, after all, she said it was my turn!

At this point she came back up to my dick, pumping it in her hand & licking the head, then opening her lips & taking all of it in her mouth, her nose was touching my belly & I hit the back of her throat without her gagging! She stuck out her tongue, licking my balls again, all without letting my dick out of her mouth. Coming up for air, she did it again, and again, getting quicker
and pumping it in and out of her mouth like it was a pussy, I think instinct took over at this time & I started fucking her mouth, and she kept pace with me, not gagging once! As I lifted my hips off of the chair to stuff more of my dick in her, I could see in her eyes, she was enjoying this, I told her that I was close to cuming, she just moaned back at me, not missing a beat.
Then out of the clear blue, she stuck a finger in my ass & I blew my load in her mouth & down her throat, I seen nothing come out of her lips and she just held me there, not letting me out of her mouth and not removing her finger from my ass!

I just collapsed in the chair, sweat rolling off my forehead, off my chest, and my dick getting limp in her mouth, she was still sucking, making sure not to miss a drop. As I sat there, catching my breath, she just looked me in the eyes, moaning, or humming? What ever it was, I was starting to get harder, she just smiled up at me and continued, this was incredible!

Finally letting my dick drop out of her mouth and not saying a word, she got up, turned around and sat on my lap, my legs between hers. Grabbing my dick,

she said, "just sit back"

and rubbed the head around her pussy, before stuffing it in. She slowly started
grinding her hips on me, wiggling my dick around, making sure every spot inside her was touched by me, and slowly started fucking me as her pussy clenched, squeezed and massaged my dick inside of her! I was not about to let this end and let her ride as long as I could before grabbing her hips and standing up, I bent her over at the waist,

"Oh yea, thats it, take charge, give it to me" she said.

I pushed her shoulders down, so her ass was sticking up in the air, she spread her legs a little more & I just pounded away, she squeeled with delight as I rammed my cock in and out of her, I could hear my balls slapping her pussy with each thrust.

"Oh my fucking god! Yes, thats it, thats the spot, keep going, give me more" she told me & I dont know what made me do it, but I slapped her ass,

"owww, YES, oh YES, again" I slapped her ass on the other side, "Harder! give it to me stud, fuck me with that dick, (smack I slapped her ass again) YES, YES, come on, fuck me, hard, pound me with that dick!"

Never had a vocal girl, this was kind of a turn on! My balls still slapping her pussy, pounding that cunt like there was no tommorrow!

"oh my god, I gonna cum! fuck me, fuck me hard, slam that dick in meeeeeeeeeee!"

and with that she squirted cum all over my dick, which triggered my explosion, I just grabbed her hips, slammed it home, 1 more time, and ground my hips in her ass, my dick in her pussy and feeling her walls clutching my dick again, milking every last drop as her juices are running down her legs, dripping off my balls in a puddle at my feet.

Spent, exausted, I dropped my ass in the chair, sweat dripping off me, like I had just run a marathon. She stood up, sweat pouring off her face and chest, she ran a finger up the inside of her thigh to her pussy, and brought it to her mouth & sucked every drop, purring at me and smiling,

"that was incredible," I told her,

"you were pretty good yourself, taking charge, I like that, you spank
a little hard, but we'll work on that later!"

What? Later? She had this devilish smile as she dropped to her knees one more time taking my cock in her mouth and made sure she got all of my jizz in her mouth, that wasn't dripping out of her pussy.

"Where's the bathroom?" she asked as she stood up,

I pointed towards the back of the stockroom, as she walked away, shaking that ass at me.

Damn! no one will believe this I thought as I got some paper towels to clean up the floor & straighten the boxes we left there.
I could not believe I fucked that woman, in the store, at my age! All I know is it was FUCKING GREAT! By now shes walking back to me,

"getting dressed?"

"yea, after I clean up a little,"

"good, I still need to pay for my shoes,"

as she pulls up her skirt & zips it, grabbing her blouse as she checks her hair in the mirror. Seeing I still was not starting to get dressed, she came over & slapped me in the ass,

"you gonna get dressed?"\

I quickly got dressed, she pointed out which shoes she wanted, 11 pair, $570 worth,

"here, this is for ALL of your help," as she hands me a $100 bill.

"you interested in some private fittings for some of my friends?"
Still excited after seeing the Benjamin,

"yes, definitley!" I told her as she handed me a business card with her name and number on it.

I grabbed her packages & walked out to her car with them for her,
put them in the truck, took her in my arms, gave her a kiss,
"we'll have to do this again another time" she said,

as she got in her car & drove away.

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good story!
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Great story!
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that was hot
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very good so hot
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got me hard
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I have a long one, waiting to post, 5 parts
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Great story! Encore!
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I'm hoping that you have other stories to tell because this was was good.