A note to the readers: This is the continuation of SEX WITH LACTATING MOTHER. Please read part 1 and 2 before you read this part. The final part will appear soon. Sorry for the delay. Comments appreciated. Enjoy reading.

By 1 pm I felt very sl**py. The previous night I spent very few hours in the bed. Helen suggested that I should sl**p for some hours and she would wake me up in the evening. She tucked me into the bed and kissed me saying “äiti rakastaa sinua” (mom loves you). I fell asl**p the moment I closed my eyes. When I woke up after three hours of sl**p I did not realize that I was at Helen’s home. My thoughts turned to her husband. In about ten days the same bed will be occupied by Helen’s husband fucking her but avoiding her breasts. Helen told that she emptied her breasts with a breast pump before she screwed him. He was put off by Helen’s lactation and breastfeeding. It did not surprise me at his revulsion on seeing Helen’s leaking breasts.
I got up and called for Helen as I came out of the bedroom. She was reading the newspaper fully dressed. She said that she would be out for about two hours on some errand and asked me to look after the baby. Also she asked me to prepare salad for dinner and boil some eggs. Before she left she warned me not to see the films alone and not to masturbate. I smiled and when she got up to go I hugged her. “When I come back you can empty my breasts and fuck mommy.”She gave a kiss and left.
I slipped into my pyjamas and wore her husband’s dressing gown which was much bigger. I went into the kitchen, made some coffee and added some Helen’s breastmilk that was stored in the fridge in small bottles and drank it. It tasted delicious. Then I fixed the small projector and the Angel Cash film. I planned to see the film with Helen. As I was making salad the baby woke up and started whimpering. I knew. She soiled her diaper. When I lived with Maria (she died in the hospital in a botched up operation) I learnt how to change diapers. Her daughter who had a baby daughter (I will write about them later) taught me how to change them. In less than three minutes I changed her soiled diaper. I warmed the milk by holding under tap and ran the hot water over it. When it was sufficiently warm I fed the baby. Then I took her on my shoulder and made her burp. Once again she fell asl**p and I gently put her in her crib.
Helen returned at 5 pm and burst into laughter when she saw me in her husband’s dressing-gown and my erection in my pyjamas. I told her I hate to wear underwear when I’m alone with a woman. She was highly pleased when she noticed the new diaper on her baby and the empty milk bottle. I hugged her from behind and felt her breasts. “You’ve pleased mommy and you’ll be rewarded,” she said and led me to the bed.
Helen removed the dressing- gown and pulled my pyjamas down. My cock rose in salutation to her pussy. I bent down and pulled down her trouser along with her lacy mauve coloured panty. When it fell around her ankles she stepped out of it and held me tight pressed against her thighs. She felt my erect, throbbing cock and said, “Don’t your prick ever get tired?” I put my left hand between her thighs and felt her moistened cunt and said, “No, äiti. When he sees äiti’s milky tits, he wants to go inside her cunt.” We were locked closely in embrace and our mutual fondling began to have its effect on us. Her milk filled breasts began to leak involuntarily wetting her bra made of thin fabric. Then she made me to lie down on the bed. I was on my back and my cock was erect and waiting to get into its warm shelter. She slowly took off her shirt. My mouth became dry and I felt my body became liquid honey when I saw her large leaking breasts in the bra. All the time she had a wonderful and mischievous smile. She lay down next to me, turned to her side and now my mouth was under her tits. She lifted herself a little higher and with a snap she opened her bra. Her imprisoned tits were released from the bra. I took the pink nipple into my mouth and sucked. She was bursting with milk. Helen went on nursing me, caressing me, kissing my forehead now and then and encouraging me to suck and drink. My vigorous sucking and my caressing and fingering her wet pussy made her groan and moan. We both were excited. She caught my cock and whispered, “You want to fuck äiti?” I shook my head and said, “Äiti dearest, open your thighs I want to eat your pussy,” and went down. She opened her thighs mechanically and my mouth commenced licking her bald juicy cunt and the already excited clitoris. It set her on fire and showed the reaction by the convulsive twitching of her buttocks. I was nearly mad with the desire. She sensed my restlessness and said, “Poikani, poikani, put it inside mommy’s cunt. I want it now.” I leant forward, put my hands under her shoulders. Helen took my cock in her left hand and guided it into her slippery cunt. As I pushed it into her I screamed, “äiti, darling, äiti darling.” I did not ignore her breasts. As I fucked her I sucked her breasts swallowing her warm, sweet milk. It's most extraordinary wonderful experience. Soon her convulsive movements showed her approaching climax. She was about to spend. She tightened me in her arms, and at the moment of ejaculating involuntarily lifted her bottom. This was the very moment I was with difficulty waiting for. As she spent with repeated moans, I gasped for breath and then a gush of hot liquid ejected from my stiffened cock into her cunt. My cock still buried in her soaking cunt as I rested my head between her breasts. We were in a trance for some minutes. Slowly our convulsions subsided. Then I withdrew my wet cock and rolled down next to her. I turned my head and nestled it between her arm and her breast. "Poor baby, you need a mom,” Helen whispered and stroked my hair affectionately and held me protectively in her arms.
After caressing and kissing each other for about ten minutes, I suggested viewing the films but she preferred to see them the next day. We got up from the bed and showered together. While showering I went down on my knees and eat her pussy and slurped the juices. Still she had some milk in her breasts and I sucked them as I came inside her. Then we dried ourselves, dressed and headed to the kitchen. I helped Helen preparing the meal. On her way back from the shopping trip she bought a bottle of white wine and we drank it as we ate our meal. When I was placing the dirty dishes in the dish washer Helen dropped a bombshell. She put my mouth "off limits" to her tits for the entire night. I am not going to sl**p that night with her and she forbade me to masturbate and fondle her breasts. I was stunned hearing her decision. She was serious. Women in Nordic countries are independent and strong. I respected her decision. When she saw my downcast face she hugged me, kissed me and said that the next day after 10 am I can nurse at her breasts. We spent the next four hours seeing the TV and telling about each others life.
The next day morning we had breakfast together. When she saw me looking at the watch she laughed and said, “I know you want mommy’s breast. You can milk me after two hours.” No more I could sit tight. When I stood up she commanded me, “Sit tight. You’re not going to touch mommy.” Just as I opened my mouth to reply the telephone rang. Helen excused herself and rushed into the drawing-room and picked up.
Helen spent about twenty minutes talking with someone in Finnish punctuated with peels of laughter. After finishing her talk we both examined the loops of Angel Cash. She did not have any preference and told me to show those films as I wished. Once again she went back into the kitchen telling me she doesn’t need my help. I then took out two erotic magazines Milk and read them.
At ten minutes past ten Helen came with a broad, thick black ribbon measuring three inches in width and twenty inches in length. She suggested playing hide-and-seek game. She said that I’ll be blindfolded and I should find her hiding in the same room. Also my hands will be tied behind my back. I was taken aback to this suggestion and I wasn't prepared. I laughed and said OK. She undressed me, hugged me, teased my cock and kissed me. When I tried to caress her breasts she gently removed my hands and tied them behind me with a ribbon. Then she undressed herself very provocatively. I was overcome with desire and moved close to her. I begged her to take off her bra but she refused. A moment later she tied the blindfold tightly and I could see no more. Suddenly we heard the buzzer and I froze in fear. Her husband? Helen whispered, ‘ush!’ and shut the bedroom door and went out to investigate. I heard a woman talking to Helen in a loud voice. Then I heard something being lifted and pushed into other room with utmost care. I thought it was a cycle. Ten minutes passed and their talking continued in drawing-room. The waiting was torture. I could not remove my blindfold as my hands were tied behind my back.
About twenty minutes later I heard the door being shut and Helen walked in. She told me that it was her friend just dropped in. I told her she should be careful. Helen asked me to sit on the bed. I sat. A moment later Helen caught my erect cock in one hand and with another hand brought my head to her plump breast. I took the nipple and sucked eagerly and the warm, sweet warm milk flowed. My erect cock was being gently caressed. As I swallowed the milk I realized that her milk tasted slightly different. I thought it could be because of wine she drank last night. But I was in surprise. I gently bit the nipple and Helen groaned. It was not Helen’s groan. It was someone’s. This unseen woman gently withdrew her breast and moved back. There was heavy breathing in the room and I heard no whispers or talking. I was about to ask....then one hand once again brought my head to the same breast. Someone untied my hand. I was in great excitement realizing that I was nursing at the breast of a strange woman. I put my hands around her and stood up not leaving the breast. I felt her other breast and my joy no new bounds. Her breasts were larger than Helen’s but slightly sagging. Her cunt was soapy wet. Helen untied my blindfold and hugged me from behind pushing her leaking breasts. I lifted my head and noticed a very large breasted, dark haired beauty. She is Maarit, a lactating mother, and a very close friend of Helen. She is 33, mother of three c***dren, the youngest five months old. Helen told her before my arrival where she met me and my “lactating mother fixation” and my fantasy. Maarit was excited and showed interest in meeting me. Both planned to surprise me by blindfolding me and nurse at Maarit’s ample breasts. Helen said something in Finnish to Maarit and faced me. “Maarit speaks English and she wants to know more about you and your fetish. I will join you later,” she said and kissed my shoulder and left the room.
Maarit made me to lie down on the bed and moved next to me. The sight of her breasts was intoxicating. She held my erect cock in her right hand and said, “Tell me your fetish for lactating mothers and why you want to call them ‘mamma’ while having sex. You can call me ‘mamma’, you can suck my tits and finger my pussy while telling.” She pushed my head next to her breast and held me closely. She smiled broadly and said, "Go on, mommy wants to hear you.” I was excited and sucked her tit for about three minutes. I took break and told how it all started. (This narration is under work. I will soon post it.) I was in a feverish state and I took pause often while narrating the first incident. During those short breaks I nursed at her breasts and fingered her cunt. She was also very excited and responsive to my actions. As I narrated she went on caressing my cock, my stomach and head. When I finished telling her, she smiled and said, “I understand you. See how you made mommy’s cunt wet and slippery with your telling. Do you want to eat mommy’s pussy?” Without saying a word I went down and she widened her thighs. Her cunt was very smooth attesting that she shaved it an hour or two ago. I licked and sucked her clitoris, calling her repeatedly, my mother, my mother, I want to fuck you. The excitement of my i****tuous uttering inflamed her passion and said, “My baby, come up and fuck mommy. I want my son to fuck me. I can resist no more.” I moved up and her arms tightened my waist and I lifted my hip and held my painfully erect cock in my left hand. “Mommy, can I park my cock in your cunt?” She said, “Yes.”
I placed myself on her smooth, voluptuous body and pressed my eager prick against her bald cunt. With her long fingers she guided my throbbing cock – I was sick with excitement – into her warm, smooth, folds of her cunt and I gave a push. My cock slipped into that slippery delicious tunnel. She held me at my waist and I slipped my hands under her shoulders. “Say, mommy while you fuck me. You excite me, Suck mommy’s milky breasts” she whispered. My cock stiffened more with her encouragement and seeing her leaking breasts. I sucked milk as I slowly fucked her. “Mommy, I want Helen also.” She moaned loudly. “Your infantile expressions drive me mad. You’re going to milk us and fuck us later.” I gave a forcible push into her well-moistened cunt and squeezed her breasts. The milk sprayed on my face and I quickly mouthed her left breast and sucked the milk and swallowed it as if I was famished. Maarit screamed and I shut her mouth with my kisses and sucked her tongue. The active movements I was making inside her cunt with my cock brought convulsive squirming of her buttocks. I was furious with excitement and my every eager thrust was reciprocated by her eager thrust. These furious thrusts brought us to climax. “I’m coming,” she hissed clenching her teeth. “My baby, my son, come into mommy’s pussy.” I let out a sharp cry. “Mommy, I’m . . .” I exploded into her cunt. Maarit screamed and came flooding at the same time. A blissful expression radiated from her face as I withdrew my cock and rolled down and slipped next to her.
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fantastic !!
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So damn hot hope there is a part 4.
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Keep the story going! Terrific!
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Please continue your stories!!
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this set of stories is so fraking hot and your only on day 3 please tell us about all of it
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Another great story. Thanks for sharing.
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Great stories man. I hope there is more on the way.