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I posted this story on the internet before under the name Cimon.

One Friday my friend Paul, a young Swedish Protestant priest invited me to accompany him to Northern Finland to attend church services on Sunday. I was a teacher teaching mathematics and physics at a Swedish high school close to Finnish border. On Sunday we started at 6 am and it took us three hours to reach the church. Finns are one hour ahead of Sweden and we reached a small town at 10 am (Finnish time). It has everything that a town requites, a post office, police station, fire brigade, a school, and a church. The church was located in wooded area and there were many cars parked around the church. As I stepped out of the car I noticed two caravans (camping vans) discreetly parked in the woods. They were positioned slightly away from the church. The church was already filled to capacity when we went in. On entering Paul was taken to the front as he was dressed in priest’s clothes. I was left at the entrance standing. As my view was obstructed by worshippers in front of me, I had to stand, often, on my toes to observe what was going at the front. I kept my both hands to my back and kept my right wrist imprisoned in my left palm. Often I kept opening and closing my right palm. I did not know why I did. Ten minutes later someone stood directly behind me. It was a young woman and her breasts pressed against my shoulders and my right hand came between her thighs. I knew at once she did that deliberately. She slowly moved her hips back and forth. I had an instant erection as she leaned on me and placed her hands on my hip. I too rested my shoulders on her soft breasts. Then she took my hand in her both hands and caressed it softly. A minute or two later she pulled my hand backwards. I was bit confused for a second and when she pulled them once again I understood her signal. She was already out of the church and moving towards the parked caravan when I turned to see how she looks. I was hesitant to follow her and watched her. When she reached the caravan she turned around waved her hand and smiled. She was tall, thin, buxom and blonde. She was dressed in a long light blue skirt with buttons at the front.
I stepped off the steps and looked around and saw that no one noticed my exit. I approached the caravan cautiously and noticed that the entrance of the caravan was not facing the church. I went around the caravan and door was kept open. I entered it and shut the door. She was sitting on the bed and said something in Finnish but I shook my head and said, "English!" She rushed forward smiling and bolted the door. Then with no warning she took me in her hug, pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed my lips. I opened my mouth and welcomed her eager tongue. I could hardly believe my luck. My last fuck was more than four years ago. No more I could wait. She laughed at my impatience when I fumbled with her skirt buttons. While undressing me she told me that her name was Helen.
I unbuttoned her skirt, took it off. She stood in her black panty and bra. Her large breasts were overflowing in her bra. For some reason (I found out later) the hooks were in front of her bra and not at the back. When I tried to unhook it she resisted and this surprised me. I am a breast man and I was excited when I looked at her huge tits imprisoned in the bra. I kissed the cleavage and she took my erect cock in her hand and caressed. We moved to the bed and she laid on it stretching her hand up. I took off her panty. What a beautiful sight! It was a shaven cunt. I was hungry for her. She whimpered and convulsed as I licked her lovely cunt and sucked her clitoris as if it was a nipple. I moved up and tried to remove her bra but she giggled and pushed me down. Down I slipped continued to suck her clitoris and lick her wet pussy. I was wondering how to say in Finnish I love breasts. Her eyes were partially closed and her hands were caressing my but she kept on the bra. I slowly moved up licking her legs, hips and stomach and reached her ample chest. She stopped my hands from further exploration and pushed me next to her. She smiled and put a finger on her lips and said "ush, ush!" My cock was stiff. She moved back a little and pulled up slightly and unhooked her front opening bra. What a sight when she released her large round firm breasts! It was much bigger than I imagined. The dark blue veins were clearly visible. Looking at those lovely breasts my mouth suddenly became dry and I was shivering with excitement. She is a lactating mother and her breasts were leaking! She smiled at me when I noticed her leaking tits. I am obsessed with mother’s milk and I enjoy sucking milk filled tits and fucking. I had my first sex when I was thirteen with a lactating mother in India. She breastfed me in secrecy and I fucked her and sucked her milk every alternate day for nearly seven months! I called her while fucking her, “you’re my mother, you’re my mother.”
As Helen took off her bra two round cotton pads (absorbing leaking milk from the breast) fell from the bra. She threw it on the floor and fell back on the bed. She pushed the leaking pink nipple into my mouth and I sucked eagerly and the sweet, warm milk flowed into my mouth. She took my cock into her hand and caressed. I was excited and I sucked hard. She was nursing me like a baby. The flow of milk was continuous. I went on sucking greedily for ten or twelve minutes. Suddenly Helen thrust her pelvis towards me and began to say, um! uhh! um! While nursing I put his one hand on her right breast and caressed it. It was heavy and full. I took the nipple between my fingers and pressed. Suddenly milk sprayed. As I was sucking and caressing her tit, Helen caressed my erect cock continuously and moaned. We continued for more than for ten minutes. I felt wonderful. The milk was sweet and warm. Her nipples became erect and the tits were full of milk.
She understood how eager I was. Helen did not stop her groans. Uhh!.... Uhh!.... suck hard! suck me hard, uhh!... suck me! Uhh! Uhh! my ... suck hard! I wanted her hand on my cock but it was not there. I heard her whispering, "Come on me, move on me." I climbed on her and put my hands under her shoulders and mouthed her tit. Her body was soft and smooth. Her breasts were full. Helen took my erect cock into her hand and slowly rubbed it on her cunt. I felt it was sticky and slippery. All this time I never left her boobs. I switched right breast to left breast and back to right breast. I heard her saying push and I pushed. I was slipping into a slippery tunnel. I felt giddy. She tightened me with her legs. I heard whispering. "move slowly!" uhh...uhhh.... oh, suck my tits....oh! She was shaking her head sideways and her eyes were closed. I was in a delirium. I continued to suck her milk filled tits and at the same time fucking her. I felt her cunt tighten and my cock stiffened. Suddenly I exploded into her. As I ejaculated I jabbered, “Mamma, mamma, my mommy!” Helen took my tongue into her and sucked hard. I gasped for air. She hugged me tightly and said, “Kiss mommy”. I kissed her saying, “mommy, mommy.”
After ejaculation my cock became limp and sticky. I stayed on top of her for sometime and felt weak. I rolled down and Helen got up, took a tissue and wiped my cock. Then sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at me. Her smooth, silk back excited me and my cock regained erection. I put my both hands under her shoulders and cupped her tits. They were big and my palm covered one fourth of her breast. I said "Helen," feeling her breasts, "I want to suck your tits."
She smiled and said, “You are mother fixated. Come to mommy!” I moved and placed my head on her lap. She cradled me like a baby and I began to nurse and played with her other tit. She caressed my cock while I sucked her tits. But it was too much to both of us. I could not speak to her properly as I was in a highly excited state. This nursing and screwing was a beautiful experience. She asked me. "Do you like my breasts?" "Yes!" I said, "with full of milk." She laughed and held me tightly to her. A moment later she whispered, “You want to fuck mommy?” I said yes. She fell on the bed and I mounted. I began to feel giddy out of pure joy and approaching climax. In few minutes my sperm rushed out of my cock into her tight cunt. As it poured, I sucked hard Helen's tits. Helen too came at the same time gasping, twisting her body and holding me tightly. I kissed her saying "mamma, mamma.” She was in the height of her sexual excitement. We spent an hour and half together in the bed sucking and licking. She gave her address and telephone number and told me to visit her in two weeks. She told that her husband would be away the week end. She warned me before I leave home to call her on the phone to find out whether her husband has left. Then we dressed each other and she went back to the church. Five minutes later I also went in.
The priests were busy with their prayers. I tried to locate Helen but I could not find her. I was bored and my cock and mouth wanted more. Half an hour later I heard a small baby cry. I stood on his toes and saw something that made me to smile. Helen stood next to her husband and a close relative of theirs was holding the baby as it's being baptized by the priest. In about twenty minutes the whole ceremony finished and the worshippers began to leave. I stopped Helen’s husband and shook hands with him. He smiled and moved on carrying the baby. Helen smiled when she noticed my eyes on her breasts! On the way Paul asked me how did I liked the ceremony? I said that I thoroughly enjoyed.
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4 months ago
I am so into sex with lactating women too. Too bad they are not often readily available. I am not sure it is always a mommy fixation. Women feeding their milky breast to the horny male soon enjoy a strong orgasm that comes again and again until your cock can not get up again for awhile.
1 year ago
GREAT story. Very well written.
1 year ago
Lucky man.
2 years ago
2 years ago
thts me... a thirsty boy!! waiting for my second mommy
2 years ago
Wow that was amazing!
2 years ago
Great story, I'd go to church more often if I got that kind of service
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story. i can't wait to have huge milk filled breasts and experience a warm wet mouth suckling from me while fucking me
4 years ago
excellent story
4 years ago
Lovely story. I've long fixated over breast milk and would still love to taste it whilst fucking a woman.
4 years ago
i enjoyed this very,very much i'm fixated with sucking nipples and have had an experience with a lactating mother as well.

thanx again!
4 years ago
thatd be hott if a guy did that to me
4 years ago
wow love lactating ladies getting it
4 years ago
itwas verry tasty