" Lois Comes Home Early " with Lois, Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey

The favourite past time of the boys after they come home from school is watching television. Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey glue their eyes to the TV screen and their asses to the couch wasting the time away with Cartoon Network and Monster Trucks. As a responsible and good mother I wished they'd quietly read books or at least clean around the house. Well that afternoon I had a plan which would make sure that my lovely k**s (yes, even Reese) clean the house to a sparkle and prepare a dinner worthy to gorge upon. As a modern m,o,m, I knew they'd do anything for a quick buck and do their chores when threatened to be grounded for a week with no media entertainment. However I needed a cheap solution and one which does not require physical f***e and getting riled. As a woman I knew exactly what that solution was. Hal my hubby was neglecting his conjugal rights. And there are two things I really love - taking a long, bubbly, flower-scented baths and a,n,a,l stimulation. My fingers, small dildos, and assorted veggies all give my great pleasure. My mind had planned everything and I was hopping to enjoy my evening without having to do anything at all.

Get your lazy bottoms of my couch! You can't spend the entire day playing video games. [Lois]
Just watch us do it, m,o,m,. [Reese]
Yeah, we're done with school so now we can do whatever we like. [Malcolm]
m,o,m,m,y I'm hungry, what's for dinner? [Dewey]
Nothing is, Dewey honey. You'll have to make something for yourselves. [Lois]
Now listen to me you damn k**s. Tonight I'm going to kick back and relax.
I am going to take a hot steamy bath and when I return to the living room, I want you to have licked the house clean and made a tasty lasagne. [Lois]

There was sudden deafening silence, as if time had stood still. A mere m,o,m,ent afterwards, all three ungrateful dummies started laughing like crazy. They were whole heartedly laughing and rolling on the floor as if they had heard a Steve Martin joke from the 80s. I had to act fast or else I would have lost it and beat their asses in a row. I was still wearing my job's tasteless blueish uniform with buttons on the backside and hemline slightly above the knee. I decided to very slowly pull up my dress, my hands sliding lethargically from my knee caps, firmly pushing my palms upwards. When I was finished my legs had a pink tint caused by my fingernails scratching my tender flesh. My skirt was up, Malcolm was looking at me like science experiment about to go wrong, Dewey's eyes appeared dilated and large like headlights and Reese had the delightful smirk of teenage boy that had just groped a schoolgirl from his class. They were not laughing any more, their sight was fixated on their moommy's white cottons with girly patterns on the edges and pale yellow stain on the front. I am not going to lie, it was a very warm day and sweat covered my body from head to toes. Knowing full well what would really get their attention, I called up to Reese.

- Reese, come here right away! Good, now I want you to knee down and put your hands behind your back. [Lois]

He was obeying my order without even thinking of a sneering comment or annoying response. The poor boy was dumb as rock but this situation really took him off guard. The rest of the boys were immobile, testosterone flooding their bodies.

- Now close your eyes, put your face against m,u,m,'s dirty panties, and take a good sniff. Now I want you to tell my whether you like it or love it? [Lois]

I should have known better than to trust Reese for a foreplay. He swiftly straightened his hands, grabbed my ass cheeks as if holding for dear life, and jabbed his whole face in my private parts, breading heavily and licking my sweat and pee soiled underwear. The f****y's brainiac Malcolm had probably lost all the bl**d in his frontal lobe, with little left for his sight, rhinesthesia, and penis. Dewey looked like he had seen a ghost. Most certainly not like Casper but like naked Princess Leia hologram projection. Most evident by the fact that he was stroking his tiny pee-pee. My slap wasn't hard, I didn't want to make Reese cry, just take his mind away from the sweet smell of my pussy. He now lay on his side on the floor.

m,o,m,! Why did you hit me so hard. [Reese]
Did I tell you to grab my ass like that you little punk? I don't think so! [Lois]
But it smelled so good. I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted! [Reese]
Well if you don't want another smack across the face, you'd better join your b*****rs on the couch. [Lois]

He complied reluctantly, dragging his feet, and massaging his face away from the heavy sting of my slap. Now I could clearly see they all had an erection. I pushed the left side of my cottons. Then I pushed down the right side. With one swift move I took my panties into my hand. Now they had a clear view of my bush. I was old fashioned and didn't bother to clean shave. Besides Hal preferred a walk in the park rather than ice skating if you catch my drift. It was glistening with sweat. Reese's face rubbing against my body, poking around with his nose, had certainly gotten me exited.

Now listed you little good for nothing turds! This is your incentive. Play with my panties, put them on your head, smell the front, the back, and the middle. If you want cum in them, I don't care. [Lois]
Now I am going to take a bath. I want to completely relax, soap, and rinse the perspiration off my body. Keep quiet, clean everything, and prepare the frozen lasagne. When I come back and see perfect results, I'll let you play with m,o,m,m,y in a way that you won't experience until your first d***ken college party. [Lois]
Malcolm you should really make an effort because you're going to remain virgin for a long, long time! [Lois]

I pulled my uniform down and took to the stairs. I was taking my time because I knew my boys are going to look up my skirt and see more than a hairy exterior. I hurried towards the bathroom on the second floor of the house. I needed to drop the k**s of at the pool if you know what I mean. I slammed my sticky with sweat ass on the toilet. There was no effort needed, the release was quick,
pleasant, and effortless. It is true what people say peeing and shitting when you're full to the brim does make you feel pleasure comparable to sex. The fast food and frozen dinner meals had enlarged my ass. I was no more skinny and bonny just married wife. I was middle aged curvy mother of four, with round belly, medium fat breasts, and generally very soft to the touch due to the fat under my skin. I rose upright and proceeded to wipe my ass when I heard some ruckus down stairs. It was probably the boys cleaning up and messing up at the same time, I thought at the time. The white tissue was mostly clear, I guess it was one of those clean blessed dumps. I looked down to pull my panties up and realised that I had just showed my boys my hairy pussy and pleasantly round ass, promising them "fun times". I wasn't thinking straight, mother son sex in looked down upon in modern society. Sure I didn't want deformed k**s but hey Lot had sex with his two daughters in a cave to continue the Hebrew lineage after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The clamor was nearer this time making me forget about the Bible. I decided to flush the toilet and see what's happening with those darn sons of mine.

I hadn't the time to react, they had decided to surprise me first.

They busted the door open, storming in the small space there was in the rest room. Malcolm and Reese pinned me down to the toilet seat holding my arms with a tight grip and bending them. Then Dewey scurried in with duct tape roll in his small hands. I knew what was going to happen but my other two boys had more strength than expected. In a m,o,m,ent my arms were bound with several rounds of tape. The boys let me go and before I had the chance to scream or yell at them Dewey fetched my soiled panties. They were wet because of my previous excitement and the 100F heat outside. Now they were drenched in semen, big chunks of gooey, stinky, yellow liquid. They f***efully gagged me with them and secured them against my throat with even more duct tape. The smell and taste of fresh cum in the heat was nasty and I couldn't do anything else but to swallow the semen liquid not absorbed by my cotton undies.

Did you really think we'll do our chores, m,o,m,? [Reese]
Yeah, I mean we're k**s but we're not that stupid. [Malcolm]
m,o,m,m,y, my b*****rs told me to help them and we'll have the best your warm body can offer. [Dewey]
Mhmhm! [Lois]

I wanted to say "Oh really! And what is that you little shit!?" but I was still gagged. There was silence before the storm as they say. My two older sons started to lick the two sides of my face while at the same time combing and pulling my hair roughly. Their style was sloppy and they were slobbering all over my face. You could tell they were passionate to savour their biological m,o,m,m,y's body because they were kissing and licking my cheeks, my nose, forehead, inside and around my ears, even my eye lids and brows. The little eye make-up I had was now smudged and running down my face due to the excess of saliva. Dewey was not wasting his time either. He was gently licking my feet. My toes and pinkies even in between. He was taking great care and was languidly caressing my calfs and quadriceps. I knew my older sons were rough boys but I was not expecting Dewey to be the one to say "let's make love" and mean it. Annoyed by Dewey's erotic technique they pushed him to the bathroom floor and started to pull my work uniform with anger. I was struggling to keep my balance as they tore the buttons on my dress. I fell on my left side with a thump. Struggling to take a breath through my nose I felt Reese's finger in my a,n,u,s. I wanted to scream, no woman wants to get fucked before she has taken a bath, especially in ass. My terror was inaudible because of my gag. I heard Reese's noisy spit and rub on his cock.

Now we're going to fuck the rest of the shit out of you, m,o,m,. [Reese]
I'll keep her steady, while you fuck her shit hole, Reese. [Malcolm]
All right then, help her up and position her for doggy style. [Reese]

Without any warning or further a,n,a,l foreplay, Reese jammed his stiff cock in my a,n,a,l opening. The pain was so intense, tears started flowing from my eyes. He was impetuous and fast paced. Within seconds the entire length of his penis was wedged inside my a,n,u,s. Using lots of energy he rammed his penis mercilessly in me. His balls flapping against my pussy making that familiar sound of sweat, flesh, and pounding coming together. Few minutes had passed which I hoped would have helped relax my rectum but with Reese's spit evaporated, his speed and vigour, the pain increased and my eye were bl**d shot from all the tears still streaming. I thought he would tear the tender flesh, it was so dry and painful. Before I could start crying again from the pain, he paused whilst his penis fully in me, grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them with such f***e I thought they were going to part.

Hey you losers, come and see how to gape a real woman's ass hole. [Reese]
Wow, Reese this looks so red, pink, and warm. Look at it. Look how it breathes with excitement. Do it again, I will make Dewey to stick his fist in there. Keep gaping her widely. [Malcolm]
Come here Dewey and put your fist in that lovely shit hole of m,o,m,'s. [Malcolm]
No! It probably hurts and it smells. [Dewey]
You're such a baby! Look and learn so you know how it's done. [Malcolm]

Malcolm's four fingers went into my a,n,a,l ca,n,a,l with no effort what so ever. Reese had gaped me so wide I felt open like a coffee cup. Malcolm continued to rummage in and out with 4 and later 5 fingers making my gape wider with every thrust. Suddenly he stopped. I sensed a shadow before me and opened my tearful eyes wide open. It was Reese who cum fountained all over my hair. He put his balls on my forehead and while rubbing them, milked the entire contents of his balls in my hair. Red hot with energy and sweat he helped me get up on my feet. Reese started to squish my tender full pearly white breasts with f***e like a crab. The pain moved from my ass to my breasts who were now getting sore to the touch.

Reese, stop fooling around and find things with significant girth so we can see how far we can stretch m,o,m,m,y's ass hole.
Prepare your ass for me mother! Oh, yes, tight grip, warmth and the smell of sweaty woman's ass. [Malcolm]

Reese stopped crushing and punching my tender breasts. I knew this was going to be worse because Malcolm didn't even bother to spit on his cock. He just inserted his cock in me struggling with his m,o,m,m,y's a,n,a,l muscles which were tight, dry, and tense. He won the struggle and was now fucking my arse with full f***e. Because of the brutal pushes he had to hold my belly so I wouldn't topple over and fall flat on my face. The pain was getting unbearable now and I had dried my tear reserve.

I opened my eyes again. Being upright I could see myself and Malcolm in the bathroom mirror. He had the expression of a brute stabbing a victim. Vicious and mercilessly stabbing my aching rectum. We locked eyes in the mirror's reflection. Sweat beads all over his face. My face was covered in saliva, smudged eye make-up, duct tape across my mouth, messy hair tangled and matted full of semen. I guess that look really made his bl**d boil. Looking at me, cheap whore, he blasted his semen in spurs filling my ass hole full of cum so hot I felt like it was burning. Or it may have been my sore rectum passage. While still looking at each other (I with intense tired look on my face), he took off the duct tape and my panties out of my mouth. I was hoping he would kiss his mother, a martyr of carnal burning desire, caress my bright red battered boobs, and say Thank You m,u,m,.

Do you want to taste something delicious, m,o,m,m,y dearest? [Malcolm]
I promise you that you won't forget the taste for a long long time. [Malcolm]
Yes, that's right whore! Moan like my m,o,m,m,y. I can tell you don't like a,n,a,l and you don't like to be fisted dry. Here taste my hand and tell me how that makes you fee? [Malcolm]

My mouth was gaping wide open and I was breathing heavily due to the intense pain of his exploring fist up my shit hole. Tears started flowing again. His hand was in my mouth pushing and gripping my tongue. The taste of semen and the liquid leftovers of my poop was awful. I felt utterly disgusted. He kept smearing a combination of saliva, semen, and brown liquid all over my hair which now had dried cum and poop smell. Malcolm pushed me on the floor and used the duct tape leftovers to tie my legs so I could not move, only moan of desire.

Okay dummies, I've collected Dewey's toys. Let's bet which one goes in and which one is to big even for m,u,m,. [Reese]
Give Dewey the honer, it's his toys. What should we start with Dewey? [Malcolm]
I really want to see how many sharpies with can stick up mama's butt. [Dewey]

They dragged me across the hall to their bedroom. The room where they had grown from babies. Suckling on their mother's nipples and now playing with and stretching m,o,m,m,y's a,n,a,l. I was laid on my back on Malcolm's bed. My hands and legs tied strong. Looking at the ceiling with my legs folded and pointing upwards exposing my heavily gaped and sore m,u,m,my's a,n,a,l.

I don't remember a lot afterwards. However I distinctly remember that there was a certain warmth engulfing my entire body. Knowing that my sons are “playing” with their mother made me more happy than ever. I knew that my sons will not abandon me in the future and forget to call me when they leave the f****y nest. Their sexual fantasies about the vagina that brought them to this world will haunt them, when they are having sex with a girlfriend, wife, intern, or prostitute. After many years of sexual experience they will realise that the best sex is not with a lewd looking girl. The best intercourse is between a mother and her son because of the unconditional love and spiritual bound from birth. Love which has no rules, love which has no boundaries, only the most heaven like pure bliss of pleasure.

"Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another."
- Madonna
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2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
I like your style of writing stories