First time for a country boy

Growing up in rural Indiana I didn’t have many friends since everyone lived far away. Sure I had friends at school but after class I wouldn’t hang out with anyone after getting off the bus. For my twelth birthday mom got me a dog and we quickly became best friends. I had no idea just how close we’d become, but he and I had a great time together.

Blackfoot was a German Shepard that mom got from our neighbor as a puppy. The neighbor guy, Mr Clark raised and sold dogs as a side business and there were always tons of dogs running around his property. As Blackfoot grew older he was an absolute terror around the house. I had no idea how to train him so he just did whatever he pleased. As a puppy it was cute, but as he got bigger and stronger mom told me that he’d either need behavioral training or he’d have to be kept outside. I built him a pretty nice bedding area in the corner of our shed but he just tore it all up the first night he was kept outside and then broke broke through the shed door. Mom told me to take him down to Mr Clarks place and ask for some advice.

So Saturday morning me and Blackfoot walked the two miles over to the Clark place and knocked at the door. Mr Clark was a older man in his 60’s and he lived here alone since his wife had passed away. He came outside and we talked on the porch for a few minutes. He asked me if my mom was well and I told him she was mad at Blackfoot because he was so out of control. He laughed and told me that he already knew how to calm him down. He told me to bring Blackfoot around to the side yard and wait out there. A few minutes later Mr Clark entered the yard from the back with one of his dogs and Black took off toward them. The two dogs did the usual sniffing around and then ran around the yard for awhile. Mr Clark called his dog over and sprayed her tail with some milky mixture in a spray bottle. He said her name was Princess and she was also a Shepard. When I asked what he sprayed on her he told me that she wasn’t in heat right now so Black might need a little encouragement. As a stupid f******n year old, I had no idea what he was talking about.

Mr Clark told me that Blacks problem was that he needed to mate. He told me to stay out here on the side yard and watch the dogs and that he had to run to the market for some supplies. As he left he laughed and told me to pay attention and that I might just learn somethin’! I sat there and watched the dogs and was amazed by what I saw. Of course I had seem Black get a boner before but I never saw his red cock look quite so big. Princess just stood there in the middle of the yard while Black looked confused and crazy walking around her in circle and humping the air. While I watched him it was obvious that he had no idea what to do. This went on for several minutes until Black finally just let instinct take over and he mounted the female. I didn’t know why at the time but I guess watching the dogs mate, and the fact that I was alone started getting me aroused too. I had been playing with myself for a couple years so it seemed natural to take off my shirt and pull out my hardening cock. I looked around to make sure Mr Clarks truck was still gone and I laid on my back in the grass under the shade of the house. After a few minutes of stroking I kicked off my shoes and jeans so I was now naked in Mr Clarks yard, watching two dogs humping.

I was wacking away at my young stiff cock and getting all worked up when I looked over and saw that Black was stuck inside Princess. He was off her back but still inside her somehow. I watched as it seemed like minutes until his doggy cock plopped out of her and she walked away with liquid pouring out from under her tail. She walked over to me and lay down so I took my hand off my cock and petted her head. She smelled my precum on my hand so I let her lick. Black came over and sat on his hindlegs on the other side of me and I found myself just staring at his still hard and wet red doggy cock. Ya, I’d seen it a bunch of times but I never thought of it while jacking off. Now I was feeling all a****listic I guess, laying on my back naked on the grass with two dogs licking at my hands. I quickly discovered that both dogs liked the taste of liquid that leaked from my cock. I raised my arms above my head and let the dogs find the source of the tasty clear precum. I remember closing my eyes and feeling rough tongues lapping at the head of my dick and making me rock hard and ready to explode. Those were the first tongues I had ever felt and I’m sure I was imagining that some pretty young girl from school was using her mouth on me. It felt sooo good but my cockhead was getting very sensitive so I would reach down and squeeze my juice out and rub it into my balls to entice the tongues to go lower. Spreading my legs apart I realized that they were now trying to get at my ass so I instinctively moved to my hands and knees.

With the rough tongues now lapping at my ass and nuzzling their noses in to taste my cock and balls I lost track of time. It just felt so good that I never heard the truck pull into the driveway. Thinking back now, I’m pretty sure Mr Clark came into the yard quietly hoping to find me in a compromising position. I didn’t even know he was standing in front of me until I opened my eyes and saw his boots. He cleared his throat and I looked up to see him with his cock sticking out of his jeans. Not knowing what to do I put my head down into my arms and let the dogs continue licking me. Mr Clark told me that I shouldn’t have be naked in his yard unless I wanted to be punished. He told me that he wouldn’t say anything to my mom about this if I did what he told me. I looked up and he pushed his fat cock into my mouth. I opened up and sucked it as deep as I could get it and he fucked my face gently. I started to like the feeling as he told me how good I looked and how good I was making his cock feel. He asked me if the tongues had gotten my ass wet and I then got a little worried that he was going to try to fuck me. I spit his cock out and told him that I wasn’t gay and that I should be getting home. He told me that when I was in his yard I was his property and that I could go home after he made me his bitch.

Mr Clark then reached down and put his wet finger into my hole and I instinctively pushed against it. As he entered me with a second finger it hurt a bit but we could both tell that I liked it. He got behind me while I was still on my hands & knees and rubbed the head of his cock against my hole. He pushed it in a little but I was way too tight. The dogs were getting all excited again and barking so Mr Clark stood up and gave me an option. He told me that I was a good k** and he didn’t want me to do anything against my will, he said that he was going to go inside and shower up and grab some lubricant for us if I wanted to stay, but that I could get dressed and leave if I thought that was best. He called the two dogs and they followed him into the house so I jumped up grabbed my jeans and started to put them on. My cock was so stiff though that I couldn’t even zip up, so I then realized that I liked being naked and that I was having more fun than I ever thought possible. Mr Clark let the dogs back into the yard and I saw that they both looked happy chewing on the bones he gave them. Blackfoot & Princess jogged off into the shade and sat down to enjoy their treat. Mr Clark looked at me and said, “ still here, huh? “ and walked back into the house. It all seemed so right, and I decided then that I was going to stay.

I kicked my jeans back off and got on my hands & knees in the middle of the yard. After a few minutes I heard the door open and looked over to see Mr Clark walking towards me wearing a towel. He didn’t say anything, just dropped the towel and got on his knees behind me. I felt the cool liquid fall on to my ass and his hand rubbing it in. I didn’t know what he put on me but it lubricated my ass well and allowed him to finger fuck me with ease. When I felt his penis enter me I loved it. It felt so right and I didn’t want it to stop. He fucked me for several minutes and then I felt him lay on my back with all his weight. He grunted and spasmed and I swear I could feel his sperm shoot into my body. After a few minutes he got off and called the dogs over. Their rough tongues licked up the sperm as it flowed out of me and I reached down and stroked my cock until shooting a huge load cum onto the grass. Blackfoot started to move toward it but Mr Clark pulled him away and told me that I had to clean up my own messes from now on. He said it was important that I learn to eat cum after I shot it. I didn’t really understand it then but I soon learned that I was up for just about anything sexually when I was horny, but after I shot my load I’d feel totally done and sometimes felt bad about what I just did. By learning to eat my cum after I shot it, I would enjoy sex more and not be a selfish lover.

I got cleaned up and hung out with the dogs for awhile, and Mr Clark of course told me to come back anytime. When I was ready to leave I asked him if now that Blackfoot got to fuck, if he’d behave better around the house. He laughed and handed me the bottle of liquid he had squirted on Princess’s tail. He said that Blackfoot has needs, and that he gets all crazy when he’s horny. If he gets to knot regularly he’ll be a happy dog . It all sounded good but then I realized I didn’t have a girl dog at my house, and I had no idea what he meant by knot. When I told that to Mr Clark, he said the liquid was for me. He told me that when my dog started to get unruly, just spray some of it on my ass and get on all fours. He told me not to worry, it isn’t gay to take care of your dogs needs. It all sounded pretty logical, and oh ya…….. I did find out later what a knot is. Ouch.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
great story, I read it after reading n02 but I got the story and now I'm waiting for no3!
1 year ago
good story..thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
great story. PLEASE continue. I WANT MORE!!!!!
1 year ago
sooo hot
1 year ago
when i was a kid,my aunts dog went with me to bathroom! he loved my cock!!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
loved the story
1 year ago
such an amazing story. i wish i could do the same thing.
1 year ago
good story

needs more details

I let my dog mount me and enter my knot though
1 year ago
Super story and it took me back to a time when I use to babysit. After the person I was babysitting for went to sleep I use to take their dog, which was a toy poodle, into the bathroom where I got naked. The dog would wrap his legs around one of my legs and while I would jack off the dog would hump himself off on my leg. I thought that was great fun. We did more later on.