My first MFM (part 2)

All of us drenched in each others' cum, I leaned forward and kissed Sally, tasting my own cum on her lips and tongue. Sally reached down and began stroking my cock, now hard again.
"No, it's your turn now Sally." I said as I grabbed her by the hips and rolled her on to her back. I slid off the bed and knelt as I pulled her to the edge. I rubbed her inner thighs gently for a moment and then spread her legs open, revealing her beautiful, tight shaved pussy. I began kissing her thighs and I could feel the moist warmth from her pussy on my face. She was already dripping wet with excitement and the little moaning sounds she was already beginning to make told me she was ready for all I could give her.
I began running the tip of my index finger lightly into her slit, breathing warm breathe on her wet red pussy lips as she moaned and began bucking her hips instinctually.
"Stop teasing me k** and eat that pussy!" Sandy moaned through heavy breaths. Happy to oblige, I began to work her clit with my tongue, making slow circles around it as I kept running my finger into her slit, but with each pass inserting it a little bit deeper. I felt her juices begin to flow more liberally and I fully inserted my finger, quickening the pace of my tongue around her throbbing clit. Sally began bucking her hips wildly around my face, her thighs squeezing tightly around my head now.
Suddenly, I felt a hand grasp my cock, and then the warmth of an eager mouth. I didn't want to stop devouring Sally's pussy, so I kept going. I felt Hank's hands begin to massage my nuts as he throated my cock.
"Oh my God, I'm going to cum!" Sally screamed, breating fast and heavy, and I instantly felt her legs wrap tighter around my head. Her pussy emitted a hot, gushing wet heat as I felt Sally's body writhe and contort from orgasm. She suddenly froze, still squeezing my head tightly with her thighs, as I heard her breathing begin to relax.
Sally began running her hands through my hair and I heard Hank make a sudden groan, as I felt the splatter of a load of his cum spray Sally's legs and my face.
"Oh God that was hot!" Hank said through heavy breaths as Sally nodded her head in agreement.
"Was it good for you sweetie?" Sally asked me.
"No." I replied. "I still have a raging erection, and I'm still just getting started on this amazing pussy."
The look on Sally's face suddenly turned -at once- intense, inviting, and more lustful than I have ever seen from a woman. As she reached out and pulled my face back between her legs I thought to myself "This is exactly what I was hoping for! Now I get to see what a more experienced couple can do that people my age don't even know about. This is going to be fun!"

More to cum...
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