texting, sexting then sex...

Monday evening my hubby rang me asking if I could prepare dinner for three as he has a trainee agent who was coming with him from work and he would be staying with us for two weeks. His name was Kevin, he’d be going to work each morning and coming back to our house for the next twelve days.

That night they came and we got to know Kevin more over dinner, he was medium built guy, looked in his late 20’s and had ginger curly hair. After we ate I fixed him up in the guest room and showed him where the bathroom was because he was dying for a shower. Next few days went similar, showing him around, getting to know him and keeping him from being home sick. I don’t know what it was, maybe a motherly instinct but I felt like I had to look after him. In the space of five days we became really close, we’d joke about and one ongoing joke was to compare my hubby to Mr. bean in that movie Johnny English and Kevin as his sidekick.

On the following Sunday at 4am I woke from an innocent dream. Well, I guess it wasn't that innocent. It was the first erotic dream I had about my hobby’s trainee, Kevin. It was a very basic dream. I was looking for him when I walked in on him taking a shower, Soaping his body and his cock dangling between his legs. He wasn't startled by my intrusion; rather, invited me into the frosted glass cubical with him and I proceeded to give him a blowjob as water ran down my face. That was it. Nothing too fancy, just a fit naked guy in my shower dream, but I woke up dripping wet and could not go back to sl**p until I relieved myself.

I debated all Sunday afternoon if I should tell him about the dream. It wasn't difficult to recall, in fact, I could remember every detail of the dream. I knew that whenever anyone tries to tell someone else about how weird or exciting a dream was, it never comes off as weird or exciting to the listener. I was nervous that if I told him face to face, it would come off as pervy, so I decided an text was the way to go since I did get his number the other day. Nothing too forward, just a, "Hey wanna hear something funny? I had a weird dream about you where you ended up naked in shower with me!", type of text. I wasn't worried that he would be offended, he had the same kind of perverse sense of humour I did. I totally expected a good laugh and perhaps some fun at my expense. Instead he replied asking for details! I gave him a decent description of the dream and not only did he reply that he thought it was hot, but apparently I put some thoughts into his mind and he would be thinking about it at night!

On Monday afternoon around 2pm, my phone buzzed. A text from Kevin saying he’s had a pleasant dream too, His involved him pressing me against the kitchen counter and having his way with me. It was rather explicit, but I laughed it off. Over the course of the next few days we would occasionally share some harmless, passive flirting…

We never would talk about the texts or flirt in person because of my hubby being around too. We acted all civil and proper around hubby but we grew bolder and bolder each day this went on through text. The text flirting continued for days and I can think of one night in particular where it got real interesting. On this nights, around midnight, I was in bed waiting for hubby and Kevin to get home from the local bar. When my phone buzzed with a text. Its Kevin saying that he was bored with my hobby’s mates talking about football world cup. We chatting for a bit and it didn't take long to get around to the flirting.

I told him about the costume party hubby and I attended. How revealing I was. We were both into animations and the topic was what comic/cartoon characters costumes we could pull off. He had a few suggestions on my long and athletic stature. He had mentioned that I could totally do a wonder woman costume with my breasts half out and tight hot pants. I debated this argument saying my boobs weren't good enough for that. We went back and forth on the issue, until I got so frustrated and without thinking sent him a text saying "We could never settle this issue until you saw them for yourself."

Kevin. "Ok, take off your top and send me a picture of them then. ;-D"

Me. "Huh? No I didn’t mean that. >:-/

Kevin. "C’mon, I would have done a fully naked one if you asked me?"

Me. "yeah righttttttt."

It’d been like fifteen minutes since my text, I thought maybe his battery has died. I was waiting for ages when suddenly my phone buzzed again. It was a picture message from the chest to knees of Kevin in his boxers. It looked like he had just taken it in the toilet mirror of the bar they are at. His chest looked beautiful, broad shoulders and firm stomach, with gorgeously toned thighs. I could only imagine what they would feel like in my hands and his cock in my mouth.

I guess I didn't realize how long I had spent staring at the pic when I got a text saying "Well?"

I controlled my excitement and gave him my comment, Saying "Nice, but a bit ‘camp.’ LOL"

His reply threw me abit. "I showed you something of mine, now let's see yours"

I played with him and texted, "You've seen me in clothes, I‘m sure your imagination can do the rest".

He replied, "Your not playing fair. I didn’t say naked, keep the bra on and take a selffie."

I was stunned. He really wanted me to send him something?!

Me. "Emm, Ok, but you have to delete it straight away."

Kevin. "Deal. L"

Me. "LOL, Ok Fine, give me few minutes".

Taking a decent picture of me took longer than I thought it would. I ended up with about a dozen pictures of my breasts in various bra’s on my phone and chose the one that seemed the most flattering to look at. Nervously I pressed send. It seemed to take forever as I waited for the reply.

Kevin. "You have a beautiful pair!" was the reply I got.

My head swelled with pride. It felt good to get this compliment.

Me. "Thank you. Now it's your turn."

After what seemed like an eternity the phone finally buzzed with a new message and I couldn't open it fast enough.
Oh gosh. Kevin had really sent me a picture of his cock, but the picture was such a beautiful close up shot, that you could easily see his ginger pubes. He had one hand holding the camera, while the other was holding down his boxers. It was a nice cock and even looked like it was semi hard and had some pre cum on tip. Perhaps he was as excited as I was about what we were doing? Looking at the picture again, I couldn't help but think how tight fit it would be in my pussy. I could just imagine what it would feel like as It slid in my pussy, how my virgina walls would wrap around and squeeze his shaft as it slid into me. A new noise broke me out of my fantasy, it’s the door! They are home, I quickly put my phone under my pillow and pretend to be asl**p before hubby starts asking questions.

After hubby had fallen asl**p, I got up, hid in my bathroom and looked at the picture sat on the toilet seat with legs apart, one hand holding the phone and the other stroking my wet slit. Once I came, I deleted the pic and regretted it immediately. I don’t know why, I just wished I still had it to look at when need be.

Next day morning around 8am I got a text from Kevin while he was going to work in my hubby‘s car!

It simply said, "What did you think? Bet you was wet all night."

Me. "OMG, I cant believe you sent me a pic of your cock!"

Kevin. "Hahahah, I’m sure you liked it tho. Bet it got you all moist between the legs?."

Me. "LOL, Wouldn’t you have liked to smell the sweet aroma of my wet pussy wafting up from between my legs?"

Kevin. "Yes, please…"

Me. "How badly do you want to slip a hand inside my knickers, then bring the finger to your lips and taste me?"

Kevin. "Very bad..."

Me. "Is your cock really hard in your trousers? Does it want to go in your boss‘s wife’s pussy?"

Kevin. "It's so swollen it hurts. Throbbing and pleading for you."

Me. "Can you think of anything other than your cock inside me?"

Kevin. "No, I mean... Yes, my tongue. Tasting you."

Me. "Mmm, Like that thought mate."

Kevin. "May I be cheeky and ask for a nice pic of yours to get me through the day at work?"

Me. "If you promise to delete at 5pm.."

Kevin. "I Promise, Promise, Promise.."

I was so excited at the thought of sending him a naughty pic of me, my hands were shaking while standing at the bathroom sink washing. I looked down at myself and I only had on a pink bra and knickers. Slowly picking my phone up, I started taking pictures of my upper half. My bra covered my nipples, so it wasn’t like I was showing anything much more then I already had shown before. I took few pictures till I got it right and deleted the others. Before I sent anything I just stopped to think, I could not believe how this texting or sexting has turned out, I was now suddenly in its grasp. I probably should have thought of the possible consequences of indulging in such activity.

After I hit send I put my phone down and finished cleaning up. My phone had an incoming message alert. There was so much praises and our texting became more explicit and suggestive with Kevin asking me to take pictures in various poses. Instinctively I felt that this was a bad idea. I wouldn’t want to take it too far but at the same time, this was so much fun. So he did get a few more pics of my neckline, legs, side boobs and cleavage over the next day or so.

Kevin’s last weekend was coming up and I knew he’d be leaving us soon. I had no idea what to do, I had originally planned of giving him a treat before he left but I was so nervous as in to WHAT?. It started with me being afraid of what I would do. The suspense of what I could do, or might do made me restless so I ended up doing more than maybe I should have. I did some more inappropriate texting with Kevin Friday night.

Me. "Bcoz you’ve been such a sweetheart, I was thinking of giving you a leaving treat"

Kevin. "Really, wow. I’d luv that."

Me. "Maybe I’d run you a bath with some bath salt tomorrow night."

Kevin. "Is that it?L"

Me. "LOL, we’ll see if we can add more to it then."

Next night after dinner Kevin, my hubby and I sat in front of telly for about half an hour when suddenly Kevin asked out loud "Kiran can you please help me run a bath like those lovely smelling ones you have, Please if you don’t mind? At which point hubby interrupts say "Kevin, that’s soo camp!" adding "go’ on Kiran, sort him out with a girly bath love."

I laughed and made my way up the stairs thinking clever bastard, he pulled it off though. As soon as I got upstairs Kevin texted me.

Kevin. "Did you see the genius at work?"

Me. "Oh its nothing special, most probably lucky. LOL"

Kevin. "No, I’m hoping luck is waiting for me in the bathroom."

Shortly after Kevin came almost running into the bathroom, I heard him gasp, then slowly walk up behind me as I was bent over the bath tub checking the water. I was pretending not to have heard him. One of my hand was just soaking in the water and the other on the edge of the bath tub for support. Kevin slipped his arms around me and I instinctively gasped then he put one hand over my mouth and said "My treat remember?" I then brought my hand out of the water to prevent his left hand from grabbing my breasts. I just couldn’t go that far now. As he hugged me I felt his cock gently stiffen up on my left ass cheek. I stood up, pushing him off me then went downstairs to watch TV with my hubby. When sometime later hubby and I headed up for bed I heard Kevin walk out the bathroom and into his room. So I went to the bathroom to I text him.

Me. "I’m sorry, it was too sudden, I got scared."

Kevin. "No I‘m sorry, I was expecting more then what I should have."

Me. "Correct, I’m in the bathroom, you can bring your phone for a pics."

Kevin got the hint. He crept back to the bathroom as I left the door ajar, I pretended not to notice him again. I slowly opened my robe, exposing my breasts, not looking at him I heard him snapping picture of my breasts I pushed my breasts up and together for a cleavage shot. He gave a gasp and snapped away, I covered myself and could tell he was looking at the image on his phone. I tied up my robe, then we left the bathroom him first as he seemed in a rush to get out most likely to go masturbate.

On Sunday being the last day, he would be leaving tomorrow morning and I might never see him again. For some reason last nights treat didn’t seem good enough to me. I had to make up for it. I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew that I would have to do something better for Kevin today, I just didn’t know how far I would take it. I was still in bed when Kevin sent a text.

Kevin. "What are you wearing"

Me. "Just sheer Knickers."

Kevin. "WOW, can I see?"

Just then I got a call, its my hubby saying he’s had breakfast, he’s on his way to London, something’s come up and he will be home for lunch with Kevin and I.
KEVIN AND I?!!! That means we are alone, if I was to do anything special for Kevin, it was now or never.

Kevin. "Helloo, did you know its just you and I in the house? What’s the plans?"

Me. "I just heard, I‘ll come make breakfast for us in a sec. "

Kevin. "Okay after that What we’re doing?"

Me. "We‘ll see."

Kevin. "Just not another bath, please. lol"

Me. "LMAO"

I washed and slipped into a t-shirt. I came out of my room feeling a little under dressed as I just had a t-shirt and noting else underneath. The hem of the t-shirt just about covered my ass and pussy, but if I bent or stretched up you would easily see everything. I needed time to adjust to the idea of walking around basically naked with another man in my house rather then hubby. But at the same time there was this weird feeling of excitement too.

Feeling naked, sexy and vulnerable I started quietly walking downstairs to the kitchen. I thought I shouldn’t let Kevin catch me walking around like this, but I couldn’t stop. I wanted to do this and didn’t at the same time. I went in the kitchen with my phone and put it down on the counter, thinking of what to make. Kevin must have heard me from the living room, I heard his feet prodding towards the kitchen. I panicked and ran to the sink area, I don’t know why. Then heard his breath as he gasped behind me. I was so nervous, I froze and my feet stayed planted on the floor. Kevin moved closer. I grabbed my phone from the worktop and texted, stopping him in his tracks.

Me. "What you want for breakfast?"

Kevin. "You."

Me. "Very funny, no seriously?"

I heard him walk back to the dinning table and sit down, texting me.
Kevin. "Tea and toast. You know your husband isn’t here we can talk."

Me. "No talking. It feels awkward"

Kevin. "Fine by me, lets not talk."

I heard his feet slowly shuffling towards me. I took a deep breath and sent another text without looking back.

Me. "What you doing?"

He left his phone on the table, I heard it vibrate. I had noting near me other then the sink. He walked up behind me, putting his arms around my waist and got his cock out and under the hem of my t-shirt. Then began rubbing the head of his cock against my bare ass. I heard him quietly groan when he had direct skin contact with me. I could feel his cock trying to push between my legs and I stood straight, clinching my ass cheeks tight. I reached back and grabbed his cock with the intensions of making him cum by rubbing it. This worked for some time until he stopped, lifted up and removed my t-shirt completely and now I was totally naked and helpless in my own kitchen. For some reason I did not say or do anything to stop him. He then pushed my head down towards the sink, I automatically spread my legs and pouted my bare ass out to him knowing that this is it. He guided his cock closer to me from behind and his cock felt so hard. Once in line he thrust up inside and began grunting and thrusting as he pushed inside me. I could feel the head of his cock push through my tunnel inside of me. When he pulled out, I pushed back into him and grunted out
"Umphhhhh, yeahhh."

I didn’t want to waste one second, his cock thudded each time his body made contact with mine and he was off. I could hardly get my breath, he thrashed me and he told me later that all he had been thinking about the whole week was me. I got the best fucking I had for long time. He was all over me, there was just no stopping him as he banged his way in and out of me. I managed after taking in a deep breath to say, "Kevin, we must be careful, keep a ear out for the door." then I went with the flow, his cock was ravaging my pussy beautifully. He just kept going until he mumbled behind clenched teeth.

"I'm cumming Kiran, I'm cumming!" And So he did, I felt the strength of it hitting me right at the top of my pussy. The heat from it spread though me as if it was a creeping larva going through my body. The feeling of his sperm unleashed inside of me like that, took me over the edge. I grabbed onto the sink taps tight and started coming on his cock as he was unloading his ball sack inside of me. Holding onto the water taps during this, only made my orgasm more intense. I collapsed forward into the sink, legs shaking in the aftermath. Kevin held on and continued pumping his sperm into me. I finished feeling wasted, but a very, very satisfied feeling.

After that I decided to the have a shower before hubby came home and caught us. just when i got out shower, Soon enough Hubby came home and when he ask about lunch I said I was in bed till late. So we all went out for lunch…

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1 month ago
love this, read it likee 10 times
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Delectable. :)
3 months ago
I know it's just a fantasy but the story was beautifully written. Your writing skills are amazing and got my cock hard
5 months ago
hey Kiran ... even if you do not have good looks and figure ... you have the best sexual mind out here amongst the few (we) Indian women here.... Pls put one of your real pics ( even faceless Like mine ) with your next story for the satisfaction of my Lesbo inclonations for you....
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Very delightful story. I will be back to read more. You have a very delicious, naughty mind.
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Wow, one of the best narrations. For the first time, I was wishing that I was ginger ;)
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hot hot hot!!!
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very hot.loved it
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Love the story Kiran, naughty, sexy, cheating wife .....
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Love the story Kiran .... naughty, slutty wife .... ;)
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Thanks guys. X
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Fantastic as always!!!!!!!
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love it.. love you...
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mmm very good hope to read more from you
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Very well written story!
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Thanks hun, I'm glad it's been a good read for you.
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Again. A home run. The build up and finally success. Well told. Well written.
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What an erotic story mmmmm
6 months ago
And to all those who have given feedbacks, thought and appreciation for my stories. A massive thank you, luv you all. XxX
6 months ago
I don't appreciate people using my comments column for advertising there own post without atleast saying something about mine or asking permission first. I find that rude! :/
6 months ago
Another hot story. You didn't overdo it, and I know there is more to cum. Thanks.