Kiran's public sex

This all started when an xham member sent me a link to a video of a women flashing the plumber she called in to fix her sink. I found the video very arousing, to the point I wanted to do something similar and a few days later whilst window shopping I noticed a women in a bicycle shop testing out a bike. What caught my eye was how the sales rep was looking at her ass as she mounted the bike. It gave me an idea, I was coming back the next day for a bike!

Like any normal human being, I of course fantasized about random sexual liaisons with various fantasy men. But fantasy and reality are tried to my up-most to keep separate.
Since that video, I don't know what it was, but from that point I became consciously aware that I was open to an encounter with someone in similar situation. It wasn't, as far as I could see, any fault of my hubby's. He's a good man. I have no complaints with him in bed and I do love him. It wasn't that I wanted to flash any one particular guy either. Of course, there are guys I find attractive. But I had no plan to try to get any of them into bed or throw myself upon them. This would just be a bit of fun, that should the right opportunity come along with the right situation, I’d go for it. It was just some fun that I could easily keep as a secret and not feel guilty or let it impact my marriage.

Now in an Indian relationship, it's not the kind of thing you discuss. So my hubby didn’t need to have any idea of this new urge I had. And really, I had no reservations about it. Hubby and I had good sex every time we could. So it wasn’t obvious or It wasn't like I was actively hunting for a sex mate to make him suspicious. I felt no guilt on this issue, because I wasn't planning on cheating and I felt it was no reflection on the state of my marriage. This desire was totally separate from my commitment to my hubby.

That evening, I soon stopped thinking too far ahead and convinced myself that there was no reason to think that this desire for "flashing" would be any great sin once it happened. I didn't want to change my life or lifestyle or impact my hubby. I wasn't going to suddenly be leaving my hubby and take up a career in public nudity. My then conscious decision was to just do it.

The next day morning I relegated most of my normal Indian clothes and opted for a tight V-neck white top with a short denim flurry skirt. (No bra or knickers.) Its been lovely few days of early summer and generally the weather is good. I'm feeling very attractive – long golden legs, straight long black hair, flat stomach, tight perfect butt and firm breasts all on show. I also have a large wardrobe and I'm not ashamed to be prerogative. The idea is sexy, but not slutty.

I made my way to the bike store on foot and noticed a lot of drivers ogling me as the white top is not leaving much to the imagination in the sunlight. Once there, although its normally a busy store, they were not so today. I slowly walked past all the k**s bikes and stopped at the adult ones. Not long after, a salesman appeared. He was about six feet tall, quite young, maybe in his mid 20‘s and very handsome with just a trace of baby fat on his face.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, please. I'd like to buy a bike but unsure which one. I just know the colour, in red if you have them?"

"I'm sure we do. Let's just see, follow me. They all differ slightly, as you can see."

He took one off the stands the bikes stay up on and rolled it towards me. Telling me to get a feel for it. I grabbed the handles, lifted my right leg over the centre of the bike and stood there with both my feet on ground. The seat was too high for me so I didn’t attempt to sit on it.

"So what do you want to use the bike for, I mean what style of bike you looking for?" He asked.

"Just a general one for day to day trips round the park, local shops and ability to go up and down steep roads…"

"Yes, okay. Leisure type, lets look at some nice mountain bikes?"

"Okay, then I'll wait here."

I stood waiting over the bike, Thinking about how to flash him and what his reaction might be, I got lost in my own world. When suddenly I realized what I’d been doing in reality all this time! I’ve been on tip toes and managed to get the phallic portion of the bike seat up against my pussy. I’ve been humping this bike for the past few minutes and got it all wet! ‘Damn it!’ I awkwardly bring one leg back over the violated bike while pulling down my skirt and inevitably try to wipe the seat with my hands. I battled with drying the seat for what felt like an eternity and finally got it reasonable, in time.

He came back few minutes after with another bike and a booklet in his hand. For some reason I looked at the seat first to see what shape it was. This time the seat was lower, Still excited when asked to try it. I again put one leg over the bike and held the handles, slightly rolling the bike back and forth. I spread my legs just a little and poked my ass out. I could feel the seat bumping my ass from behind and I wanted to get it under the hem of my skirt. His eyes flickered back towards my ass, but only briefly as I tried lifting my ass. When he started explaining how gears work, what the bike weighs and how it benefit’s the ride. I leant forward resting my forearms across the handle bars of the bike. As he read from the booklet his eyes again flickered now towards my cleavage and this time remained there for a bit longer. He seemed to be squinting as if to get a better view. I smiled to myself and thought that this might turn out to be interesting at last.

Soon I raised my ass enough, sat on the bike seat, putting my left leg on the peddle and said, "This feels okay. What you think?"

He looked straight at my upper legs but couldn’t see anything as the skirt folded in-between the gap of my legs and covered my pussy. I knew that I was going to give him a better view soon but I was in no hurry. I was enjoying watching his suspense. He showed me a pair of black mudguards that come free with this bike. I didn't like them but asked him to put the front one on to try them, parting my legs a little bit more than I had before. This time I think he could just about make out my pussy lips and this seemed to be enough to make him excited as I could see a noticeable bulge forming in his shorts. I must admit, I enjoyed looking at it.

Whilst he was fiddling with screws and taking quick glimpses. I lifted my skirt a little higher, opening my legs abit more and letting more light under my skirt. Now I was certain that he would be able to see my naked, hairless pussy. I was right. He glanced up and his eyes immediately widened perceptibly. His mouth fell open and he froze for several minutes before he realized what he was doing. He quickly averted his eyes and finished putting the mudguard on the bike. I looked down at his shorts and saw that his erection was full blown now and very impressive. I decided that I wanted to see how far I could take it. I leaned forward again making sure of giving him another nice view of my cleavage whilst asking him to put the rear mudguard on too. (This in a very slow seductive tone.)

Next I put both my feet on ground, spreading them further apart to lower my pussy enough so when I rolled the bike back and forth, the seat would rub on my clit and it did. I don’t know what view he was getting from behind me but I was loving the sensation of the hard, long narrow bit of the seat parting my pussy lips and stroking my clit.

The moisture caused by my excitement was dripping from my pussy, covering the bike seat and then down my legs. I'm sure he could see that too, as he was behind me. I wondered if he would make any comments but he seemed to be so transfixed that he barely mumbled anything. I knew that if anything was to be said, I would have to start it. I slowly stood up straight, looked back at the glistening wet seat and said.

"Oh, I’m so sorry. Feel so embarrassed, I forgot my knickers this morning and the friction is….. You know what I mean."

"Don’t worry, its fine. Infact, its made my day."

"Yes I can see that." I giggled looking at the bulge in his shorts.

"Do you want to test the bike in our car park?" He muttered somewhat nervously.

I knew he was planning something, but what? So I replied. "Sure, I think we need some fresh air."

"I suppose so. Come on." He laughed.

I followed him out to the car park. When we were outside I did a lap of the car park but something kept squeaking.

"Well, Its okay but something squeaks." I said.

"Where does it squeak?" He asked looking down at the bike.

I frowned and said, "It just squeaks, not sure." Thinking you’re the expert.

"Huh, do the tires squeak? Or the chain?" he asked wanting to pin point the problem area.

Again I was perplexed and pointed to areas I thought it might be squeaking from. As I bent, stretched over and pointed to various parts of the bike. I could tell he wasn't listening but watching carefully as I bent over and tried to show him the places I thought the problems were from. I played along for few minutes too, bending further then needed or pulling down my top to reveal more breast flesh.

"Now could it be your seat that squeaks?" He asked.

Could be, so I lifted myself up onto the bicycle seat and wiggled my naked ass on it, causing it to wiggle back and forth. His eyes were transfixed on my ass meeting the seat. As I noticed his stare, I gently gyrated on the seat making it wetter. His cock looked like it was throbbing as he smiled and watched me. I looked down between my legs at the seat as I wiggled the loose bike seat up and down and then from side to side too.

"Wow, it is your seat," He said.

I smiled and nodded.

"Well you are in luck, I’ve got the spanner with me."

"Alright, stay on the bike so to steady it," He added.

As he bent down, I held onto the handlebars and lifted my ass up over the seat. I was steadying the bike by holding the handlebars and staying over the bike. My legs were stretched to the ground as I stood on tip-toes and my ass hovering just inches over the seat. A silence fell over us again as he began tightening the nuts. I lowered myself alittle on the edge of the seat to balance myself and then felt his hand between the seat and my pussy. It was like an electric shock when I first felt it.

I looked over my shoulder as he looked up at me the same time with a massive grin on his face. He then slowly whilst locking his eyes to mine, raised his index finger and slid it along my pussy lips.

"Ooh, Mmmmm" I moaned helplessly.

"How does it feel?" he whispered, in a devilish tone.

"I got to get up." I quipped and moved to get up feeling a little self-conscious in a public area.

"No, don't get up yet," he replied, "Try to see if the seat wiggles from side to side."

I was looking over my shoulder at him as my chest heaved to catch my breath and recollect myself. I could also feel my face flush as his finger pressed against my clit.

"Ahhhhh…..hmmmm" I gasped as I felt him push his finger in. I was having a hard time staying on the seat as my legs twitched with sexual anticipation. I grabbed onto the handles hard and could feel a strong orgasm building when suddenly a car started turning into the car park.

We quickly stopped and managed to compose ourselves best we could. After the people got out and walked off to the front of the store. The salesman asked me if I wanted to go into the storage area through the back door. I was still holding the handlebars with a blank stare, I don’t know what I was thinking. Its then that he noticed my wedding ring and commented on it. Saying we don’t have to go all the way if I’m worried about my husband.

Hearing that, I was immediately aware that I could accept on my own rules. Or, I could decline and go home for some self pleasuring. But I was horny NOW!

I thought that some oral relief suited me best at that time, so I agreed telling him oral ONLY and walked to the back door leading to the storage room. Once in I leaned up against a wall and lifted my skirt, baring my naked ass, bold pussy which was by now very moist and warm. He moved his hand tentatively toward me and put it onto my pussy. He mumbled that it felt really nice and then thrust his fingers upwards inside me again. The storage area was cold, dark and smelt of old engine oil. I was so excited it didn't really matter to me. I reached down behind me, he had the strings tied of his shorts which I tugged at for a bit until I could free his cock. I was a little surprised that he wasn't circumcised as most of the men I have known have been. His cock felt nice in my grasp, as I rubbed it up and down. I could feel the bulb of his cock come in and out of his skin as I stroked it. He put his arm around my waist and drew my ass towards him causing me to let go of his cock and hold onto the wall. He fumbled for several minutes, I thought he was trying to wank over my ass. At times I’d feel his hand, then his cock bumping against me, I didn’t have a clue what he was doing. I just wanted him to make me CUM. Finally he asked me to help him. I don’t know why, but I stuck my ass out more, sliding my hand down the wall and almost in a doggie position. He took his cock and pushed it into my pussy so quickly and easily. I just gasped in shock and he thrust his hips forward to push it deeper into me, I tried to stop him but didn’t want to cause to much commotion. When he started going in and out, which I greatly enjoyed. I remember thinking its too late to stop now.

I began moving my hips back and forth in time with his thrusts. I knew he was young and suspected I wouldn't have much time but it turned out that he had much better staying power than I had expected. It was almost fifteen minutes before my eyes closed, I bit my bottom lip and allowed the feelings to take over my body. Then he pulled my top down by the V-cut, causing one of my breasts to fall out and he grabbed it. At that point I just managed to utter, "Ohhh ffffuck, yeahhhh." as a strong wave hit me and I sucked on my lip. His hands fondled my hanging udder so hungrily.

"Ohhh Yesss, ohhh Mmmmm," I heard myself say in a voice that seemed to be coming from outside my body.

I loved the strong sensations that waned through to my tender pussy.
"Yes, that’s what I wanted." I smiled, referring to my orgasm as I glowed in the aftermath.

I came, clung to the wall. I had just barely managed not to cry out too laud. Then I encouraged him to resume moving and I started thrusting my hips back again. I came one more time and then he did as well, filling my pussy with his warm cream. I’m guessing more than thirty minutes after he had put his erection inside me. His cock receded in size almost instantly and slid out of me in no time at all. He quickly pulled up his shorts, I dropped my skirt, tucked my breast back into my top and brushed it down. I told him I decided I would take the mountain bike but with a discount since he got more then what we agreed on. He just nodded and I left the storage room. I waited near the till for him to come out and when he did I paid for the bike with a 40% discount and arranged the delivery date. As I walked out the store, I could feel his cum oozing out of me and down my legs with every step I took. All the way home where I took a shower and thought about the day. He was a lucky find, seeing as he possessed such a good body and a very decent cock to match. Plus finding and using the storage room, so intelligently gets him extra marks. After shower smoothing some body lotion into my natural golden skin, I removed my jewellery then carefully slipped inside my bed covers, I placed my head on the soft downy pillow and drifted into a well deserved, wonderful and satisfying evening nap.

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What a delicious little story, might be fun to swap.
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Excellent story made me wet while reading it
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I am going to have to try this! Great idea! Thanks!
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such a sexy story, I would have lick your juices off the seat ,then look you in the eye , love to have taken you in public , MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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damn i knew i should have been a bike salesman
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Enjoyable story
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Thanks guys. X
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Excellent as always
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Awesome!Your so SEXY!
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Oooh fuck, i had a constant erection while reading. Got me so aroused...Perfect.
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Another Sexy scenario and so well written. Had a little trouble keeping stroke and scrolling through but got there in the end. Thanks for the taking the time to write your story's Mrs khan.
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VERY well written... great story!
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Thank you, I'm glad it helped you.
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Very erotic story. Got arise out of me.
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an old fan after a long time got refreshed
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I am looking for just the right thing for
It's hard to find perfection..... x But then I started reading your hot stories babes xxx
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Thanks a lot guys, loving the feedbacks.
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Instant fan!
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Fucking awesome Loved it as always
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Hahaha, was waiting for your comments. Yes find
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Another great story Kiran xxx must see if I can find any more videos you xx
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I do so enjoy your writing and look forward to every installation! Thank you.
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Another great story, and a fantasy that I have had, a woman flashing her tits and ass at me that is. A gentleman never stares, but my goodness, you paint such a picture that I think I would stare!!
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Thanks guys, love you all...
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lucky salesman
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Great tale Obi I love the description of your excitement, and anticipation