My bro-in-law's second dip

As Indian’s do, after marriage, we all lived together as a f****y the first year, It’s so I got to know everyone at my in-laws. My both b*****r-in-laws and I became close friends and f****y. Few months after marriage I learnt from the older one that the younger one had a crush on me, which was cute I thought. As the years went on hubby and I moved out from his parents, the younger B*****r-in-law was growing up and his little crush on me either disappeared or maybe he just got better at hiding it. He was still sweet to me and on a few occasions I caught him stealing a glance here and there. But then again at that age boys are all full of hormones and will look at any women.

In July 2012 my hubby and I were now good few years into our marriage, my youngest B*****r-in-law had gotten accepted to a great university at the last minute near where we lived but hadn't sort any accommodation as he didn’t think he‘d get that place. As soon as my hubby heard he offered our guest bedroom as a place to stay during the first few week at least. My B*****r-in-law had visited us many times before but felt bad, as this was a big imposition in his mind.

My hubby of course dismissed his b*****rs concern’s saying, that's what f****y is for and wouldn't take no for a answer, he also mentioned that my B*****r-in-law could be a help since I was alone often during the times he travelled on work trips. After some back and forth between my hubby, his parents and his b*****r, it was agreed that my B*****r-in-law would stay with us and look for a place on weekends or even stay with us if it suited him.

University started at the end of September so B*****r-in-law moved in a good few weeks before to get settled. It was fun having him around to chat with, those first few days as he and I got on great and enjoyed each others company. The house was lively but even though we had two bathrooms, my room one and the f****y bathroom/shower in the hall way. The communal living came with some loss of privacy, my hubby and I could no longer spontaneously have sex around the house. It also was not uncommon for all three of us to bump into each other exiting or entering room’s in a towel and in a few cases even be seen in only our underwear. The best I did was I made sure that he never saw me in anything less then a respectable bra and knickers and even then only briefly. Not that having a 19-year-old handsome guy take a glance at my mature body was such a distasteful experience but as an Indian women, we have a strong tradition in modesty.

On the second week of my B*****r-in-law being with us my hubby went out of town for two nights with his mates. B*****r-in-law was great while hubby was away, helping me get dinner ready and doing chores around the house. We had dinner and while he watched a little TV, I decided to go for a shower.

There was two water pipes running from the ceiling to the shower, at the top of the pipes was a stop valve or something. Nearing to the end of my shower it fell off, which up until that day used to only happen to my hubby. Anyway water started spraying everywhere. In the moment of panic I screamed and shouted for my b*****r-in-law. Just before he rushed in, I realised I was naked and quickly wrapped my towel around me. When he came in and I told him what happened, he found the bit and tried putting it back on but couldn’t reach. Not thinking it through I told him to lift me so I can do it since he will be too heavy for me to lift, Saying that I rushed over to him. What I should also mention is the towel wrapped around me ended just below my ass. So when he grabbed both my legs and lifted me from behind his nose sort of rested in-between my ass cheeks, very close to my pussy.

It was when I felt his face on my ass, that I realised what I’ve landed myself into. I became very uncomfortable because of this and worse I couldn’t even reach out to the pipes in case my towel fell off when I stretched out. I turned around to look down at him and say can you please lift me a little higher? Thinking the situation might improve as his face would have to move away. But guess what? In effort to get me higher he put both his hands on my ass cheeks to push me up, but both his thumbs were meeting in the middle, at the entrance of my love tunnel! The bathroom was all tiled so every time he pushed up I’d soon slide back down. It took about good 8-10 minuets to screw the valve back on while getting accidental double thumb-fuck by my b*****r-in-law. When he let me down I looked at his thumbs and they were glistening with my juices, we both just quickly went to our own rooms without a word. I put it down to it being accidental and went to sl**p with a few naughty thoughts.

The second night I got home from shopping to a surprised prepared dinner. After dinner I was in my pj's on my bed doing my toes and B*****r-in-law came in. He said There wasn't anything on TV so we sat on my bed and played a few board games and stayed up till almost 1am. At which point I was dead tired, so I said "That's it I am going to sl**p."

I then offered my B*****r-in-law to sl**p in my bed when he got tired, feeling sorry for leaving him awake and going to sl**p. Also thought he could get a better night’s sl**p. I didn't think anything sexual about it, I had a nice king bed so we wouldn't be on top of each other and I would keep my pj's on. He looked very embarrassed about it but after I offered a second time before nodding off he said, "Sure, bhabi."

Innocently I got under the covers and went to sl**p. I slept like a log until morning when I woke up a few minutes before my alarm clock to find that he had stayed, plus I had shifted over to his side of the bed and our legs somewhat intertwined. I am not exactly sure how much we were intertwined because I was so startled by this that I quickly rolled over waking him up. I wasn't sure if he realized so I didn't say anything and in reality it wasn't all that of a big deal, so we cuddled while sl**ping, not exactly a major sin.

My hubby came home that day and things continued pretty much as before.
One more weeks had passed and B*****r-in-law had now been with us for weeks but seemed like he was getting close to a flat as he was called by the state agent. I was happy for him, my hubby and I looked forward to our privacy again. However I also knew I would miss him in many ways. He had become a great friend, person to talk to and our late night board game wars had become addictive as we were constantly playing and wagering who went first in the shower, who cooked etc…

At the time I wouldn't admit it but I would also miss his youthful attention. My hubby's next trip was upon us again as he was leaving on Thursday and returning on the following Saturday morning. My B*****r-in-law decided we was going to have a relaxing movie night on the day hubby left. That day we had dinner then cleaned up, he picked up a movie called Scarface and we agreed that we would play a few board games before bed too. After the movie I put on a pyjama pants with a light tank top and didn’t bother with a bra as I don’t like sl**ping with one on. B*****r-in-law met me in the bedroom in a pair of loose shorts and t-shirt. We talked about what game to play, it was too late for monopoly so we thought and then finalised on Ludo. But to make it a little bit more entertaining we decided on a wager, The wager was that the winner would get a full massage on the new massage bench hubby brought for me, last Christmas.

Highest roller of the dice goes first. I threw the one dice on the board and got a five. B*****r-in-law rolled a six, so he got his counter going first. The game moved slowly at first as both of us were fighting to get all our counters home. We had finally gotten three counters each home and he was close to winning as he only had four spaces till home.

B*****r-in-law commented that he was really starting to like this game, with a cheeky grin as I picked up the dice and needed at least two more throws to get home. I was eleven spaces away, as I shook the dice in my hand. I noticed his eyes were glued to my breasts, hidden only by an almost sheer tank top. I looked down to see that you could easily make out the dark shadows of my nipples through the flimsy material and it was worse when I shook the dice as my breasts would wildly jiggle side to side. I held my breasts with my left arm and threw the dice with right, smiling at him in a way indicating that I caught him peeping. Anyway my dice landed a six, wow now I only need a five to finish. It was his turn and I was praying he doesn’t get a four. He shook the small square dice and tossed it on the board, landing a two.

Laughing at him I put out my hand for the dice. He gently moved his counter two steps closer to home and placed the little dice in my upturned awaiting palm. Tensed, I just need a five to win, I slowly allowed the dice to roll from my hand onto the board and saw it stop with five black dots on top!!!

"YESSSSS, HA, HA." I jumped up and started celebrating like I won a world cup, I was so excited, jumping about that I hadn’t realised I had on a tank top, no bra and my breasts were bouncing like crazy. I had to quickly stop as I saw my left breast pop out the top, he laughed and I calmed down so not to have anymore incidents.

Then without wasting much time I handed him the lotion and said, "massage please loser and don’t try taking advantage like last time!" laughing.

I made him turn around and when he did I took off my tank top and used it to cover my breasts as I laid face down on the massage bench at the far end of my room. B*****r-in-law turned back and straddles my ass to massage my back. I jolted feeling slightly alarmed but he reassured me saying he just wanted to make sure he got the small of my back properly. He then nervously and very gently brought my pj’s down ever so slightly but enough to actually catch a peek at the top of my ass. He then starts with the lotion and quickly reminds me what a very nice touch he had. He slowly worked my back, sides and shoulders ending each time on my lower back. He would go from firm to a softer touch as he spent a good 10 minutes on my back. I was in heaven and totally lost in the moment.

I asked him to do my legs next. He said, "Okay" and shifted location, he tried pulling up my pyjama legs but could not and without even giving it a thought I said,
"Take them off, just make sure you don't pull my knickers down with them."

I must have been too relaxed cause I couldn't believe I said that, but before I changed anything he grabbed the band and slowly removed them all the way off my legs leaving me in only knickers. I then made light of the situation by joking that it was the night of his dreams. My B*****r-in-law laughed and agreed thanking me.
So after the excitement of seeing me in my knickers B*****r-in-law proceeds to massage my legs like a pro. As he does my legs, calves and thighs I cant help but think about how damn good it was last time we was like this and wondered if his cock has grown with age. He then slowly went all the way up my thighs but kept a respectable distance from my private area. After about 10 minutes he finishes my back legs and proceeds rather causally asking me "turn over bhabi."

Enjoying the massage way to much to stop, I hold my tank top close to my breasts and flip over thinking shall I bother hiding them since he has seen me naked once before. As I turn around my B*****r-in-law looks at me disappointed. I say what’s the matter, as I was unsure of what he was annoyed at.

He laughs saying that I moved way to quick for him to catch a glimpse and he had hoped for a flash. I laughed, you little rascal maybe you should call your b*****r and tell him you are massaging his wife on his massage bench in her knickers and was wondering if his wife could put on a Indian girls gone wild breast show for you. He stopped laughing for a moment as he realized how bad this looked and didn't know if I was k**ding.

I noticed he looked rather worried so I threw caution to the wind and pointed my finger at him saying, "Our secret right?" with that I throw the tank top that covered my breasts off. Giggling as I did.

I then tell him he can enjoy the view while he massages my legs and by the way at this point a compliment would be nice. He of course responds with great enthusiasm saying that they are amazing. He is totally shocked and overwhelmed by his luck tonight but gets a hold of himself and gets back to massaging my legs taking glances at my perky nipples.

As before he is very good with his hands and slowly massages my feet, ankles and my legs. Very slowly he comes up my outer leg and thigh all the way up to my knickers. On the inner thigh he also comes up but to a respectable distance. Lying there in nothing more then a white cotton knickers with my young b*****r-in-law massaging me and enjoying the site of my body is pretty amazing and sexy. Something about being in power, like a queen. Suddenly he asked if it was possible for me to remove my knickers as it would be a hindrance in the massage. I was shocked to hear that and told him “No!” (knowing once I’m turned on, I let anyone have there way with me and then I feel guilty). but he insisted as I still protested a little less each time. I was getting annoyed with all this talking and no massage. So I hooked my thumbs in the elastic of my knickers and lifted my bum a bit to pull away and drop the knickers on the floor.

Then my B*****r-in-law started stripping his shorts and t-shirt, I was gob smacked to see he was only in boxers. I asked him why and he said he spotted few splodges of the lotion on his clothes, he doesn’t want to ruin them. I just nodded till he then started massaged my stomach, sides and then slowly worked to my breasts. My nipples were already hard and then once he touched my breasts, I couldn’t help but let out a small moan closing my eyes. He really worked me gently, playing with the nipples. Then he went back to my stomach and slowly inched towards my pubic area, edging centimetre by centimetre towards my pussy. I was beginning to anticipating his touches now.

When he was massaging the area right above my clit, pubic bone. He asked me if he should carry on. Surprisingly, I heard myself say “YES”. I was in a complete intoxication. He did my pubic area, slowly teasing my clit without touching it and then worked down to the upper thighs. He then worked on the inner thighs and by doing so, slowly spread open my legs. Then inch by inch he came close to my pussy and finally touched it. I let out another moan of pleasure and my eyes closed tight. He poured a lot more of lotion and then his hands moved down my chest to the sides of my breast. When I looked up at him with dowry eyes, I saw he was very pleased with my body's reaction. Also noticing that his boxers were doing all they could to hold back his hard cock. He continued to massage me, As one hand stroked my belly his other hand slid down my bald pussy area. I tensed up for a moment as I felt his fingers opening my pussy lips while they caressed my clit. My mind wanted to stop him but my body wanted something else. I watched as he moved to the foot of the bench caressing my leg with both hands. Once he was in position he rubbed his hands back up my leg to spread over my hips. He slipped his palms up under my arched back, massaged my lower back for a few seconds before locking on to my hips and pulling me down the to the edge of the bench.

The plastic oily sheet allowed my body to easily slide down the bench until my butt was about 4 inches from my feet. His hands loosened their grip on my hips and slid down my ass and up to pussy. I didn't take my eyes off of him as he stared at how dripping wet I had become. I then noticed that his cock became so hard that it freed it self through the opening at the front of his boxers, releasing the hardness he had been ignoring for the last hour or so. I watched his breathing speed up as he slid my body closer, stopping inches from his hard cock head. With his thumbs hooked on my hips he slowly and steadily pulled me down until all of his cock was buried in my wet pussy. My mouth opened and a moan escaped Ohhh, the feeling of fullness…. He didn't move his hips for a moment. The only movement was his fingers massaging my hips. I started to pinch my nipples as he slowly pushed himself completely out of me and back in. Each time he pulled me back onto his cock it was a little faster and a little harder until we had a smooth rhythm. I started having multiple orgasms. He unhooked his thumbs from my hips, now I was fucking him as much as he was me.

Suddenly he stopped and rolled me over, pulling me down until I was bent over the bench edge, legs dangling. He slowly fucked me while rubbing more fresh lotion on me. Each gentle stroke slowly turned into a passionate thrust as I pushed back onto him, encouraging him to go deeper and quicken the pace. I felt his cock get even harder as he was ready to explode in me. I turned my head back to look at him and said "please don’t cum in me." (that’s my only defence against guilt). Then pushed him back so that I could turn, facing him. His disappointment didn't last long as I took his cock all in my mouth and tongued his balls. A few minutes later he came with such a load that I gagged and sneezed sperm out my nose.

He gave me a tissue to clean my face and thanked me with a great big hug, crushing my breasts against his chest. I walked back to bed, pulling the covers back and slipping in without putting anything on, I was exhausted. I soon closed my eyes and drifted off to sl**p. About 15 or 20 minuets later, I woke with feeling gentle squeezes on my breasts. I soon realised it was my B*****r-in-law, but I was too tired. So without opening my eyes I just lay on my back and let him enjoy my body and explore it. Soon my B*****r-in-law started to slowly kiss my lips, then trying to tongue kiss me and very softly caressing of my nipples and breasts. He advanced slowly with gentle wet kisses, softly touching my breasts and nipples. I could feel my breathing getting heavier and pussy getting wetter. He slowly lowered his hand down to my now wet again pussy, he softly rubbed my clit and lips.

After a little while he started to finger my pussy a bit more f***efully and I started to feel an orgasm building. I couldn't believe how quick I got to a orgasm mode. He alternated from fingering me to rubbing my clit directly; during one of those clit rubs my body spasmed and my arms wrapped around him as I came. Now he knew I was awake. So I began returning his kisses and even whispering his name as I came hard. He then grabbed hold of his cock head and furiously began searching for my love tunnel. My orgasm had subsided and I got a hold of myself. I covered my pussy with my left hand and gave him a playful slap on the head with my right, saying that the fun was over. I told him, we should not have done what we did tonight but at the same time I couldn't help a smile as I talked. Next I put on a fresh pair of knickers and my tank top so there wasn’t anymore easy access and climbed back into bed, he followed me in after putting some shorts on and I said, "Goodnight." I turned my back to him and thought that I’ve had to have better control over myself and with that thought went off to sl**p.

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1 month ago
is this a fantasy or a true story?
2 months ago
sexy, dreamy, desirable...very hot story! thank you for sharing
7 months ago
MMmmm made me expel some cream for my coffee
8 months ago
Thank you, all the comments are greatly appreciated.
8 months ago
Great story
8 months ago
After reading your story I went to the kitchen for resuming my breakfast but, with closed eyes, re-enacted it in my mind.
Today my wife will have a very special breakfast...
8 months ago
damn, awesome story !
9 months ago
Awesome - loved it - very hot & horny . Gonna dream about touching your skin - then your sweet pussy & watch it wrap around my weapon - wow
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Thank you, thank you, thank you... XXX
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out standing story :)
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What a fantastic fantasy. I love it!
9 months ago
amazing story as always xx
9 months ago
That's great.
9 months ago
amazing story as always xx made me shoot a BIG load ;)
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Another very sexy story, you have a very erotic imagination. Love it always hard after reading the stories just like the brother-in-law!!
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hot story but that's fucked get your rocks off and send him to bed rock
hard after finger fucking you..
9 months ago
As always, your stories are delightful.
9 months ago
what a very hott story just like the writer.
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Thank you very much. X
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Oh yes I do like when you lose control like that. Mmmm I sure would like to feel that hot wetness between your legs and see just how hard your nipples get too.
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Great story..
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so very erotic
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awsome story, it is like is a true story, wish I had a hot sister on law:D
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Love your imagination. Your scenarios are great!
9 months ago
Amazing story... always love them.. keep them coming.. would be lovely if we could chat 1 day.. you have a amazing mind....xxxxxx
9 months ago
Awesome story again, love it !!!
9 months ago
Thank you I enjoy the feed backs just as much as you enjoy the stories. X
9 months ago
another great story, love the massage scenario. you never fail to turn me on.x
9 months ago
That 10 minutes double thumb job almost made my pipes burst :)
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Lol, really?